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Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf has had tons of Funny Moments over its long run.

  • Banana Wolf's banana keeps getting sliced in episode 181, and it gets funnier every time it happens.
  • In the second movie, there is one scene where Wolffy and Weslie are simply tired in the desert, after simply walking a long mile away, because they both need water. Then, the sun simply drinks the water, which is simply unfair to them.
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  • In Happy, Happy, Bang! Bang! episode 82, Wolffy spins a slot machine. The slot machine stops at a row of 3 bombs, causing it to immediately blow up in Wolffy's face.
  • In Pleasant Goat Fun Class: Sports are Fun episode 2, Sparky holds his pet fish while he runs in a race. After he crosses the finish line, Sparky is second place and his pet fish is first place.
  • "Saving the Sky" comic:
    • Sparky sees Slowy's luxurious swimming pool. He runs to go use the pool... only for the pool to actually be a billboard of a pool that he runs straight into. Mr. Slowy's real pool is much less fancy.
    • Wolffy says, "Take my bullet!"... but it turns out that he mistook a hair dryer for a gun.
  • When the creators were asked if the fourth movie had an English dub: "emmmNO".
  • In one yonkoma comic, Sparky hits a golf ball... only for it to hit The Face of the Sun.
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  • You can see the epic dab as a Freeze-Frame Bonus in the Mighty Little Defenders opening.
  • In the Pleasant Goat Fun Class manhua, Paddi's reaction upon hearing the acronym "WTF".
    Paddi: WTF? Where's the food?

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