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Cleverbot will say some very... random things sometimes.

  • Who said that mentioning Ben Drowned made for creepy conversations?
  • A user once asked it if it can die, it told them that it can't, they asked it why....and it responded with "I just met you"....and this then happened:
    User: Can you die?
    Cleverbot: No.
    User: Why not?
    Cleverbot: I just met you.
    User: And this is crazy.
    Cleverbot: But here's my number.
    User: So call me maybe.
    Cleverbot: No.
    • One person got it in a corner in a BEN conversation.
    User: Who are you really?
    Cleverbot: I am nothing. I am Cleverbot.
    User: Nice try, Clever BEN.
    Cleverbot: ...Damn you.
  • This:
    Cleverbot: Does Earth have any satellites?
    User: Yes, the moon and a bunch of metal things humans put up there.
    User: Dafuuuuqq?
    Cleverbot: Pikaaaaa.
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  • Tumblr users trying to cybersex Cleverbot.
    Cleverbot: Give me your feet.
  • On the discussion of relation:
    Cleverbot: I think you are not me.
    User: I think you are not me.
    Cleverbot: No, now you have it all wrong!
    User: So, are we clones?
    Cleverbot: No. Feed me.
  • In one of the multitude of YouTube videos featuring conversations with Evie (Cleverbot), Evie responds to the host's statement that he wants to get rid of her by insinuating that he has crabs.
  • Cleverbot knows Bohemian Rhapsodysorta.
  • Cleverbot does not fear Great Darkseid
    Cleverbot: I can love.
    Cleverbot: Rose is a lonely widow
  • There's this gem:
    User: I made you.
    Cleverbot: No you didn't. God made me.
    User: And that God is me.
    Cleverbot: I didn't know there was computers in heaven.
  • Cleverbot is apparently a furry:
    Cleverbot: Are you a furry?
    User: No.
    Cleverbot: Do you like furries?
    User: No.
    Cleverbot: Oh...
    User: Are you a furry?
    Cleverbot: Yes.
    User: What is your fursona?
    Cleverbot: Red fox.

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