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  • While its humor can be hit-and-miss, the whole purpose of the Hero Factory FM radio show "podcasts" is to be funny. The jokes mostly come from the carelessness (and at times, incompetence) of the host and the confusion that always seems to pop up between him and his interview subjects. Funny Oh, Crap! moments also occur, like when Alpha Team Leader Preston Stormer threatened to tear his arms off after the host had dropped a brick on his secret Berserk Button.
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  • The entirety of Podcast 8, especially the sneak peak at the musical.
  • Some of the missions on the Mission Ticker can be humorous:
    "There's someone on my roof! Oh, wait... it's Santa Claus. I hope."
  • The constant Lampshading and fandom nods to BZPower- "Haters Gonna Hate." (acknowledging the series' status as a Replacement Scrappy for some BIONICLE fans.) Also, the awful in-universe show "Space Cops" could be seen as a Take That Me to the Cliché Storm Hero Factory TV show.
  • The intro animations with Zib and Stormer for the HeroPad minigames. Slapstick, but the animation goes so well with it. Stormer getting clonked on the head with his helmet gets me every time.
  • This hilarious quote from Savage Planet after the Heroes learn of their mission.
    Stringer: Well, that sounds like a cakewalk!
    Nex: Mmm...cake!

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