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A collection of funny scenes from the roleplay group Roulette Rampage:

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     First Session 
  • Upon first meeting Ai, the first thing our nervous hitman Oten says is... "Nice cans!"
  • This inner thought in Chapter 1's trial:
    Ai Senzaki looks at Kouya, looks to Satan
    • The other reactions are just as funny:
    Misaki Asaihara: Her reflections shows who she is inside.
  • Everyone's legitimate concern over Ryouta during the first few chapters of the RP, due to his childlike appearance.
    Jinta: Who brought a child in here?!
  • The seemingly endless stream of inmates accidentally happening upon Atlas when he's without his mask (and the things he does to hide his face) in Chapter 2. Kaori's reaction to seeing his face as well, from the same stream of RPs.
  • It doesn't quite seem like it's Banri's day in Chapter 2.
    • When Oten is confronted and comforted by Banri in the wake of Chapter 1, he accidentally pulls down Banri's mask and kisses him. What makes it all the more embarrassing is that Banri admits he liked it afterwards.
    • He ends up touching Boa Hoa's breast while he's in her room, also completely by accident.
    • When trying to bond with her while making a snack of hamburgers, he spies a bug on the wall and hits it with superhuman strength and concentration. Boa is... surprised.
  • Monobear whooping when Jinta, Banri, and Atlas take off their shirts to check for wounds. Kaori barely manages to speak.
  • While the circumstances behind it are not quite as funny, Jinta following Misaki and Kaori around based on his suspicions that Misaki was a former SHSL Despair member was quite unusual but very funny for him.
  • Kaori in Chapter 4's trial. While she mostly has a handle on her badly timed jokes, she still provides extra hilarity by flubbing up the pronunciation of the word "turmeric" and accidentally calling it "tesmic". The whole courtroom follows in her footsteps not a second later.
    Kaori Natsume: (falls onto her hands and knees) GO ON WITHOUT ME!
    Misaki Asaihara: K-Kaori-chan?
    Junpei Nakagawa: Kaori-san... h-hang in there!
    Miwa Fujikawa: Girl down!
    Nabiki Kaname: Natsume-san...!
    Etsuko Reiki: (grips the podium) Satan, you will not take another in front of my eyes!
  • From the same trial, they realize that the victim and culprit would have had some of the turmeric on their shoes, so (thanks to a suggestion from Miwa) they decide to do handstands in order to find the offender, despite Etsuko's protests. And the worst part? They end up just simply taking off their shoes anyway.
  • After figuring out that The inmates have had the last three years' worth of memories taken away from them before the events of the Roleplay, the first thing Kaori does is check to see if she had... grown in certain areas.
  • Some of the roleplayers like to imagine what the charactes would do if they were actually in the afterlife after their deaths. Oten's takes the cake, since he's greeted by Banri with a simple "I told you so" after his outburst in the beginning of Chapter 3, and his subsequent confusion about how Banri and Ai were able to make peace with each other post-mortem.

  • Kyo has an entire text-based adventure of an anonymous inmate sneaking into his room. One can have the option of snooping around and finding a sickeningly sweet love letter, or check his bed post to find Nana's 65 kg studded bra hanging on top of it.
    • It gets even better when you find a letter from Yoshino, who sends him a photo and letter that's trying a bit too hard to be provocative:
    “Virtuoso? More like virtuo-so-hot!
    • The fact that Otonomiya even has the bra at all. He obtained it by chance while using the Monomono Machine, and simply never gave it to her. "He is burning" indeed.
    • When the inmate looks through Kyo's underwear drawer, they discover that he has... really clean and neatly bundled up underwear. The idea of taking one of Kyo's boxers is dismissed automatically, as "surely even you must have standards".
  • Everyone gets their time in the sun when they first meet Kiyoyuki:
    • When Nana recognizes Kiyoyuki from Ike Ikeman X, she tries to tell herself that she needs to prove that not all of his fans were rambling, perverted lunatics. First thing she asks him when she meets him? "Sign my bra."
      • The poor bastard tries to tell her that he's uncomfortable with it, but since it falls on deaf ears, he's pretty much talking into dead air. And boy, is that dead air ever lively.
    • A bit morbid, but as soon as Aiko meets Kiyoyuki in person for the very first time in Chapter 2, all she can think is "Tetsuo who?" and gushes about how attractive he is in her head.
    • Tetsuo, the rigid Closet Otaku, tries to voice his excitement by ordering him to shake his hand and refers to him as "civilian". He then slaps his cheeks, politely tells him that he'll "never speak to him again", and runs off at the speed of sound.
  • Kaitaro being excited about meeting Eiji for the sole fact that he's the only person that's shorter than them.
  • Ozu digging himself into a corner when he lies about having skydived before to Terumi. Since she'd never gone before, she asks him if he could take her one day, and he agrees to it even though he's pissing on himself inside.
  • After Irino checks up on Aiko after she collapses, the first thing she notices is his haircut, and how that makes him look even more attractive. She catches herself before she can finish that second statement.
  • A post-game doodle detailing a What If? situation, where the deaths of Tetsuo, Antionette, Kyo, and Gingie were just one long, elaborate prank on Ozu.
  • Despite the initial shock of Sumiko being the mastermind of the second session, Miya's immediate response to this revelation is to exclaim:
  • The final shot of the game is a picture of the survivors lying down together happily. Then one person points out that Nana is nowhere to be found on it... Cue jokes about her being dead and a much sillier picture with her included in it.
  • A little after the trial, Junpei's mun joking with Kaori's mun about finding the Reloaded cast:
    Junpei:are the kids we found in that ocean place HUGE NERDS OR WHAT
    Kaori: Hahaha! Aw, Junpei-kun they’re not so bad! I mean c’mon, one’s got a giant tv head!!


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