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08:16:27 AM Aug 19th 2014
Re cut: That was a copypaste error; I left the namespace out. Please don't cut this article.
09:07:42 AM Apr 9th 2014
Considering that the trope is often misused (a great part of the examples are actually Alternate History) and that outside Tvtropes What If? and Alternate History are the same thing, should this trope be renamed to something less ambiguous ? (like "In-Universe Alternate History")
09:54:48 AM Apr 9th 2014
Eh, without some numerical evidence of misuse there prolly won't be a rename - it has lots of wicks.
11:13:53 PM Jan 7th 2013
We need a clearer image on the page. This is a mild JAFAAC because I can't read the speech bubbles in the image and I can't tell how it relates to the trope. Made if someone just finds a bigger version?
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