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This series takes place in the same universe as Wolverine and the X-Men (2009).
Let's look at the evidence. Nick Fury is voiced by the same voice actor who played him in the previous series. The M.R.D. is mentioned in one of the animated shorts, and this series was in production before the organization became part of the comics. Furthermore, Banner is fully aware that S.H.I.E.L.D. is up to no good with their dealings with gamma radiation and other experiments, which he could have become aware of in the W&TXM episode, "Wolverine vs. Hulk."

Finally, in "Breakout" parts 1 and 2, we see the Wendigo, the threat of the previously mentioned episode, inside the Raft, one of the supervillain prisons. "But," you say, "the Wendigoes were reverted back to normal in that same episode." Not necessarily - one, it can't be based off of the Wendigo from the comics, because that character can't exist outside of Canada. And two, whose to say that S.H.I.E.L.D. didn't create another one and then imprison it in the Raft in order to cover it up? The beast clearly went out of its way to desecrate a S.H.I.E.L.D. insignia, almost as if it were personal...

This show and Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) was an attempt to create a Marvel Animated Universe

There was a halfhearted attempt at this in the 1990s with Spider-Man: The Animated Series, X-Men: The Animated Series, Fantastic Four: The Animated Series, Iron Man: The Animated Series, and The Incredible Hulk (1996); but there were too many showrunners and production companies involved to pull it off then. Wolverine and the X-Men and Avengers share the same production team. With The DCAU effectively ended with the conclusion of Justice League, there is now an opening.

  • We'll have to wait and see, but if Ultimate Spider-Man ends up taking place in the same universe, this could be confirmed.
  • The idea that Ultimate Spider-Man will take place in the same universe as A:EMH has most likely been skunked, as USM apparently has a demonstrably different Nick Fury.
    • Fury in Avengers is different from Fury in Wolverine and the X-Men (2009), and yet they're confirmed to be one and the same. Maybe he got tired of the white hair and got a haircut. Also, no one said it has to take place at the same time, just in the same universe. Ultimate Spider-Man may even take place before Avengers.
      • The fact that Cap appears in Ultimate Spider-Man completely josses the idea that it takes place before Avengers. Why can't people just accept that they are NOT in the same universe?
    • Fury loves to use those Life Model Decoys as seen in " Breakout" so who's to say he wasn't using one in "Wolverine?"
  • Eric Loomis doesn't voice Iron Man in Ultimate Spiderman. Does this theory seem invalid now?
    • Tim Daly doesn't voice Superman in Justice League and yet it's still the same character in the same continuity.
    • Though Fury is voiced by someone different too(Chi McBride)
    • But Marvel Animation has pushed back the second season so it would coincide with the premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man even though season 2 is almost completed.
    • Also, the villain Blizzard seems to have the same look in Avengers:EMH and Ultimate Spider-Man, that could imply a connection.
      • Living Laser and Klaw, however, do not. Dr. Doom is also stated to be younger and not at his full Latverian power in USM, unlike in A:EMH. And even if USM takes place before Avengers, the fact that Klaw is in both and had his supervillain transformation in Avengers, invalidates this. Unless there's two sound-powered villains named Klaw.
  • What about Luke Cage and Iron Fist: adults in EMH and teens in USM
  • But Spidey himself is voiced by Drake Bell as he is in USM, and he seems to be a bit older than he is in his own show (it was even mentioned that he was operating before the Avengers formed).
    • He was originally voiced by Josh Keaton, so that doesn't really matter. Besides, the points about Klaw and Luke Cage/Iron Fist completely cut out any chance of them being in the same universe.
      • Well, he was supposed to be voiced by Josh Keaton but they couldn't get him, so that makes little difference, and it was mentioned before that it's still possible that Ultimate Spider-Man takes place before Avengers. Besides, there could be two super-villains named named Klaw (or that the android Klaw is the creation of the human Klaw).
      • Wrong, they did get Keaton back—he even admitted to doing recording for EMH, hence why the above person said "originally voiced" and why Keaton's listed as "The Other Marty" on the trivia page—but someone (generally believed to be Quesada and/or Loeb) decided to do redub with Bell.

This literally is the Marvel equivalent of the DC Animated Universe.
And if there were ever an animated version of JLA/Avengers, it would involve this Avengers meeting the DCAU's Justice League.
  • That would be AWESOME.
  • Tony hitting on Wonder Woman. You know it would be as hilarious as Flash hitting on Wasp.
    Flash: So your guy can control ants and shrink? Kinda lame.
    Wasp: He can also grow larger. You?
    Flash: I'm... really fast.
  • Hulk and Hawkgirl teaming up would be the best though.
    • It would be somewhat heartbreaking as Hulk would remind Shayera of Solomon Grundy.
  • Getting back to the original guess though, the idea of this show being a literal counterpoint to the DCAU seems kinda flat when you consider that they plan on shutting down the current series after 52 episodes, and the fact that DCAU lasted for 13 years (a very long time for TV shows, especially animated ones). I'd say this show is more of an equivalent to the first series of Justice League, with a little bit of Justice League Unlimited mixed in. Same number of episodes directly, built on conflicts both big and small, theoretical politics between the lines, guest heroes show up in certain episodes, villains coming together to defend themselves from the heroes, a growing universe and cosmos, well known heavy hitters being supported by other heroes that grow to be just as popular as the more obvious ones, and a sizable fanbase outside the target demographic with not as many reservations to pull intense punches. It's far from perfect in comparison, but it seems more appropriate given the situation.

Supervillain Breakout Theories
Judging from "Breakout", this is being set up as the overall arc for at least the first season, and the end of the episode makes it clear we don't know who did it. Ideas:

  • Graviton: Jossed. He didn't wake up until after everything was under way, and merely took advantage of the fact to wreak some havoc/revenge.
  • Loki: He definitely has a long-term plan going, and his "Nobody's ready for what comes next" makes it sound like he's got something big in the immediate works. He's also the Arch-Enemy of one of the major Avengers. Seems very possible.
    • Loki and HYDRA are the most likely choices. Loki was also responsible for unintentionally causing the Avengers to form in the comics.
    • Having Enchantress recruit Baron Zemo for his Masters of Evil seems to help support this.
    • It does Keep Thor out of Asgard
    • Confirmed as of "The Fall of Asgard". Loki set up both the breakout and the Masters of Evil to keep Thor busy until he was ready to deal with him.
  • The Leader: While a certified Chessmaster and Arch-Enemy of the Hulk, he gives the impression more of simply taking advantage of the breakout, rather than causing it. Besides, he was locked up.
    • It's probably not him, since he was pondering what caused it himself. That said, he is taking advantage of it and making the Cube his new base.
    • Not him: During the break out episode, the leader says something along the lines of It appears that whatever happened in the cube, is also happened in the big house and the vault, so he did not really know what was going on.
  • Mad Thinker: Seems unlikely- he just predicted the breakout, but didn't appear to cause it.
    • We know it wasn't Mad Thinker, but how exactly did he know it was coming? Especially considering who DID orcestrate it?
  • Kang: Possible, though from the micro-episodes it doesn't really seem like this version's style.
    • Kang isn't a saint however and if it would help his goals, he'd do it.
    • Jossed, most likely, by "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow". Kang didn't arrive in the present until long after the breakout, though with his being a time-traveller you can't be entirely sure.
  • Klaw: Admittedly I'm not at all familiar with the character from other media, but this version of him comes off as more of a (comparatively) small-time arms dealer. His pulling off something this big doesn't seem feasible.
    • He's highly intelligent, so he could pull it it off.He's not an arms dealer either. That said, it doesn't match his current goals, so it's probably not him. .
  • HYDRA: The micro-episodes built up HYDRA very clearly as one of the big threats out there, and if the Skull is still in charge behind the scenes, he's Captain America's Arch Enemy. Also, Black Widow's up to something with them. Likely suspect.
    • Considering she walked by Hill and Wasp a bit before the break out, it could be Widow. Strucker did say something would go down soon.
      • First off, Strucker didn't say anything, Nick inferred it from his silence. Second, I imagine that what was going down was the Grim Reaper's breakout attempt.
      • Except it seems Grim Reaper saw the breakout coming and it seems Strucker did as well. It's possible this was the back-up plan in case Reaper's first attempt to free him failed.
      • When do they ever hint that either of them saw the breakout coming? They're sitting in their cells reacting just like everyone else.
      • Most of the villains were confused when it happened, but quickly took it as a chance to escape. Reaper and Strucker reacted calmly, Reaper didn't look surprised and even smiled. Alternatively, it could have been the Red Skull.
      • This is an extremely strong candidate. After all, Hydra has the international and technological means, the motive for causing chaos before their rise, and the opportunity with moles and soldiers everywhere in S.H.I.E.L.D. The one problem with this theory is that Baron Strucker seemed mildly surprised that Baron Zemo escaped as well. If HYDRA was behind all 4 prisons failing, why would Strucker be surprised that his old boss would have the resilience to escape the raft? Although it could have been more of a, "Ah, so you made it out just like us."
  • Doom: He's got the smarts and resources to pull it off, and Iron Man just antagonized him, but he's mostly a Fantastic Four bad guy. Seems unlikely.
    • Mad Thinker and Red Ghost are F4 villains too, so it's not unlikely at all. Doom is also an Avengers villain anyway. Either way, Doom is making an appearance on the show eventually.
    • The Breakout episode begins with Iron Man stopping a AIM weapon sell out to Doom's Latveria and warns Doom's mook that he is going to chase whomever steals his weapons, including Doom. It is certainly strange that the same day Iron Man messes with Dr. Doom, the breakout happens.
      • I'd count that as evidence against it. Doom's good. Doom's damn good. But Doom isn't good enough to covertly arrange the break out of three of the most secure prisons in the world within a matter of hours. If it had happened the next day, maybe. But the same day? And besides, Doom would go for retribution on a much more personal level, and he'd want Stark to know it was him.
  • Wasp. She wanted to be a superhero so badly she wasn't afraid to cross a few lines to do it.
    • This troper thinks its the most possible answer, and an interesting twist. She may have also done it so Henry Pym would be a superhero with her, and show the futility in rehabilitating villains. She was in S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ when the breakout occurred. In "Some Assembly Required", she was bored with the Avengers just sitting around talking. And noticed that she interrupted them when one of them wonders what caused the breakout. Though she may not have done it all on her own...
    • But how would she have done it? All she could do is shrink and shoot wires with Bio-energy. She's not supersmart, not a super planner. She doesn't have godlike superpowers. How would the tiny wasp have stung S.H.I.E.L.D. so bad that they lost all 4 of their major prisons? Wouldn't one of them been enough?
      • Obfuscating Stupidity, Wasp is much smarter than she acts. She has a solid grasp on the basics of Hank's work (at least) and is savvy enough to be his financial handler and keep his research going (and do you really think Hank would fall for a woman that can't keep up with him intellectually anyway?). Hank helped build at least one of the prisons S.H.I.E.L.D. was using and was probably consulted for the others. It really wouldn't be that hard for her to find out how to take them out, especially if the prisons are networked in some way.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: ...For what reason, not sure.
    • Maybe to get rid of or distract his rivals?
  • Odin:
    • To teach Thor a lesson?
  • New theory: The Skrulls are behind it like in the comics.
  • Ultron
    • Seems unlikely, as Ultron (or his predecessors) was only used at the Big House and, unless they hacked the S.H.I.E.L.D. network, wouldn't have been able to affect the other prisons. Also, given that Pym is still seen upgrading Ultron later, it's very possible those early synthezoids weren't smart enough to go evil- now, on the other hand...
  • Yellow Jacket: Hank fell under the influence a year ago and programmed the prisons to open after exactly one year.
  • Maria Hill: Her actions as of late have her trying to snatch up as much power as possible, to the point of trying to forcibly conscript the Avengers into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own personal superhuman army. This is in direct contrast to Fury's tendency to work with the Avengers. Fury wanted full disclosure, but Hill wants absolute control. She is the mole attempting to play Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D against each other in an effort to seize power for herself.
  • Okay, I know we long know who did it and the show's been over fore years, but given that the whole Breakout origin is based on New Avengers serieious, is no one gonna mention Electro, the guy that did it in the comics?

Hulk will, at some point, be forced to allow himself to turn back into Banner
When Banner asked Hulk to help Thor, Hulk's price was that he would never turn back into Banner and stay Hulk forever. Ignoring the question of how that's supposed to work, eventually the Hulk will encounter a situation that only Banner can fix...
  • Yes,it will probably be something Gamma related. As for how letting Hulk be in control works, remember that Banner left him in control during the Planet Hulk story in the comics too.
    • Hulk can't maintain his form forever anyway according to the comics. Once sufficiently fatigued, he will revert to Banner, until the next time Banner Hulks out.
      • Of course , he has such a high stamina, getting fatigued probably won't be a problem. For most situations anyway.
      • The triggers for Banner's transformations both to and from the Hulk fall squarely under Depending on the Writer. That being said, post Gammaworld it's possible he transforms back offscreen every so often to help with the science stuff.
  • Yup, it happened in "Gammaworld".
    • Sort of a no brainer, Hulk demanded full control, so lets assume he does get fatigued, due to Banner's Deal with the Jerkass he has to re Hulk out off screen. Course now his willpower and focus is at a all time low as we saw in Gamma World.
    • In "Nightmare in Red" it's revealed that Hulk lets Banner out one day a month.

Wasp is a mutant
Her profile on the Disney XD site says that, while people assume Hank gave her her powers, she's actually keeping a lid on just where they came from. In the Ultimate Marvel universe, Wasp is a mutant, so there's precedent, and we know the show is willing to use them, as they've kept Whirlwind's origins. Being a wealthy socialite, Wasp would have plenty of reason to keep quiet about the real origin of her abilities, and would be content to let society assume that she got her abilities from Hank rather than face the stigma that comes from being a "mutie."
  • There is also when Lecturing Hank, she specifically mentions "our Abilities" and "your inventions" for Superheroics. The only way her abilities are good for Super heroics is if they are different from His inventions, giving more credence to this theory.
  • Oh wow. There's also the fact that Whirlwind, the only established mutant, seems to be her personal nemesis. She also calls him out on abusing his powers, which would be interesting if she gained her's in the same way.
    • Mind you Whirlwind was a mutant in the comics too, even though he is an Avengers villain.
  • Hank did mention, in Captain America's re-introductory episode, that Janet's energy blasts are bio-electric in nature, leaning more towards a confirmation of this guess.
    • And what about Wasp saying the origin of her abilities was "complicated"? Add that fuel to the fire too.
    • They were bio-electric in the regular universe too though. Saying the origin of her abilities were "complicated" is a good hint though.
    • To me though, having a special set of genes that allow you to size-shift seems a hell of a lot less "complicated" than being given powers via the Pym Particles... in fact, that was the whole reason Stan Lee created Mutants in the comic universe, was so he would have a far less complicated origin for a large group of characters.
    • She was saying that to get them off the topic.
    • Taking this further, Hank could have created Pym Particles from studying Wasp's powers. It would be interesting if the reason Hank and Janet are in a relationship is because Hank thought Janet's powers were cool and amazing and wanted to learn about them rather than shunning her for being a mutant. Hank in this universe seems like he would be very pro-mutant rights, so perhaps that endears him to Janet.
      • In their introductory Micro-Episode Janet mentions she's the one who makes it all possible. She then explains she manages his life, but....
      • Does it mean that one of the reasons why Hank is reluctant to use violence against mutant supervilains is because he knows thanks to her that all mutants are not evil?
  • Also, notice that whenever Hank uses his powers, he has to use the Pym Particles and he starts to glow Kirby Dots. Janet? She doesn't glow and no part of her costume hints that there are Pym Particles anywhere on her person.
  • Possibly CONFIRMED as of "Ultron-5", seeing as she grew to Giant-Man size to smash down Ultron.
    • She could go giant in the 616 universe too, just didn't do it often.
    • And noticed how the Pym Particles seemed to glow from inside her
  • Also, the Mutant Response Division is active in Avengers and their policy is to "register" mutants by detaining them in prison. This would give Jan a very good reason to claim her powers are Hank's doing. A possible story line in season two would be Jan being "outed" and having to deal with the backlash, maybe making for A Very Special Episode about tolerance.

  • Other possible factors:- while Jan can size shift, she doesn't do it to the same extent as Hank. Hank shrinks smaller than she does, and grows much larger for longer periods. When Jan grew large it hurt her. Possibly Jans abilities were useless (Well it did make her a great clothes horse) before Hank started going wow, and enhancing her abilities with technology. Jan has to rely on her internal store, whereas Hank has a much better - if artificial - battery. This also explains the Wasps varying blast strength, depending upon how charged she is,: and why Hank was so worried when she grew to normal size when she first fought whirlwind. He assumed Jan had run out of energy when in fact she was saving it, so she could release all of it, at once, in her blast.

Jossed in the tie-in comics.

We will see the Joe Fixit Hulk personality before this series concludes.
With Red Hulk being seen in the trailer for season two, what evidence is there against it? Plus, Joe Fixit is awesome.

There will be a Love Triangle between Thor, Sif, and Jane.
Sif is 616 Thor's canon Love Interest, while Jane was his back in the 60's. Plus, it would be kind of cool, since Jane makes Thor Adorkable and Sif and Thor would make a great Battle Couple.
  • Things could get even more complicated if we add Enchantress to the mix.
  • Noticed in the micro-episode "My Brother, My Enemy", Sif is apparently upset Thor decides to remain on Earth.
    • In "The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill", she overhears Thor missing Jane Foster. She looked heartbroken and bewildered by Thor's interest in mortals.

Black Widow will be a Mole after a Heel–Face Turn.
Because in 616 canon, she ditched HYDRA for the Avengers. It could totally happen here.
  • And then she, Hawkeye, and Agent Morse/Mockingbird will enter a Love Triangle. This troper really likes those, can you tell?
  • Actually, in the comics Black Widow was with the KGB before joining the Avengers as a spy, so it's not like the show in that case. That said, a love triangle with Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Mockingbird is likely; it did seem like Hawkeye had a crush on her.
  • This being the case, she was probably shocked when Hawkeye left her near the Gamma Dome when she wanted to help.
    • No, that would fit more with her being a mole the whole time- holy @$%#! If that becomes Canon, she could suddenly be a really interesting character. (Not that she wasn't already, but...) Question is, how would that work? How could her actions be explained into working for S.H.I.E.L.D.? Did Fury tell her to do anything necessary to maintain her role? What will Hawkeye's reaction be?!
      • This scenario seems much more plausible given the recent episode "Widow's Sting". Her saving Hawkeye at the end and lying to Strucker about it, and ESPECIALLY Nick Fury's dialogue practically scream "Fake Defector!" Conceivably, Fury and Widow have been purposefully playing Hawkeye all along to establish her cover (remember when Strucker told the Widow just before they attempted to escape "And to think I doubted your loyalty."?)
      • Hawkeye's reaction? He'll take his anger out on Fury for setting it all up, especially when Widow framed him.
  • CONFIRMED. As of "Hail Hydra" its confirmed that Black Widow is not a traitor but really a mole working for Fury AND she and Clint kiss as the end of the episode setting up a Love Triangle between them and Mockingbird.
    • Technically jossed by Hail Hydra: she was a mole all along, so there was no need for a Heel–Face Turn to ditch Hydra.

Nick Fury will try to lure Captain America away from the Avengers.
He wants super soldiers just like Cap, said so himself in the Breakout P2. Plus Tony and Hank are very much aware Nick is a Manipulative Bastard whose methods are ruthless and runs S.H.I.E.L.D. like a tyrant. Chills ran down my spin which Nick gave Cap his Bike because it was unsettling similar to how Tony welcomed Cap to the Avengers. Both their fathers knew Cap, gave him WW2 trinkets, said father and son "idolized him..." with things ending on a HAND SHAKE. Cap clearly doesn't feel at home with the Avengers and may leave because he feels S.H.I.E.L.D. offers a more military, familiar atmosphere... And with suspected Hydra agent Black Widow spinning that web of hers...
  • Cap will be upset at Nick Fury's methods. He'll tell him he's nothing like his father and chose to rejoin the Avengers.
    • Maybe because of him is what led Captain America to unknowingly betray his team in the upcoming Skrull-Kree war on Earth.

Jack Fury isn't Nick Fury's father.
He's Nick Fury himself. The Nick Fury from the regular continuity has been kept alive since WWII thanks to the Infinity Formula. This version seems obsessed with aquiring his own army of Super Soldiers like Cap and the Avengers and the Formula may have been an attempt to re-create the Super Soldier Serum, except all it did was extend his life. He doesn't seemed to have been slowed down at all despite the life-draining effects for Strucker's hand, and the white hair itself might fade after he gets his yearly booster shot.
  • Related to the WMG above, Nick Fury tells Caps he's "grown up" and tells him he should "get it."
  • Jossed. In "The Fall of Asgard", Cap sees the ghosts of the Howling Commandos in the Realm of the Dead, including Jack Fury.
    • It's unclear if this is actually Jack Fury or just an illusion cooked up to seduce Cap. Cap even states that the Jack Fury he knew would never encourage anyone to give up and/or surrender.
      • Except if it was an illusion, why didn't Hela's illusion include Bucky? The lack of Bucky seems to imply tha those were real spirits.
      • Because Bucky was Cap's sidekick while Jack Fury was his superior. He might have more inclination to listen to the seasoned veteran than he does the kid. Also the "Spirits" included James Howlett, AKA Wolverine and you know damn well that he isn't dead.
      • Yeah, because X-Men always stay alive, and if they die they always stay dead.
      • Bucky is Cap's best friend though. If the point was to convince him to stay, why not complete the whole set?
      • Because Bucky isn't dead anymore. Cap subconsciously brought him back when he touched the Cosmic Cube, even though all he really wanted to do was stop Strucker.
      • The "Howling Commando's are just an illusion" theory makes more sense when you remember that Nifelheim in Marvel Universe is for the dishonored dead, not heroes like them.
Bucky will return as The Winter Soldier
The question is, who is the one who brainwashes him, since they probably won't use the russians like in the comics.
  • Theory one, The Red Skull finds his body and brainwashes him himself. What better way to stick it to his Arch Enemy, than to use his old partner as a hired gun?
  • Theory two, Kang is the one that does it. He seems to have it out for Cap, since he belives he's does something that will put the future in danger.
  • Theory three, General Ross. He's not a fan or S.H.I.E.L.D. or (presumably) the Avengers and his own Super-Soldier would help even the odds.
  • To add fuel to the fire, they named dropped Lukin in the episode "Widow's sting". Lukin was introduced early on in Brubakers Captain America and he had the Winter Soldier working for him until Bucky broke free of the brainwashing.
  • This has become even more likely since "Hail Hydra" where it is shown that Bucky did die when the rocket exploded but that thanks to Caps wish with the cosmic cube he survived though with injuries very similar to the ones he had in the comics
  • Confirmed in the episode Winter Soldier.

Jane Foster will lift Mjolnir at some point.
Thor seems to really admire her, so maybe his hammer will too. And it would be pretty awesome.

Eventually they will add another woman.
Probably Mockingbird, since she was already 'mentioned.' Any other possibilities are yours to guess...but it's probably not Black Widow.
  • We shouldn't count Widow out, though it's probably not any time soon.
    • True. The above WMG about her being a good mole could be right.
  • Scarlett Witch, thus bringing this show and Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) closer together.
  • It probably is Mockingbird, since she's seen in some of the trailers.
    • Links, please!
    • Here! Pause it at 0:12. She's next to Hawkeye.
  • Carol Danvers seems to be on the road to becoming Ms. Marvel.
    • This has been pretty much confirmed by the writers in the DVD bonus features. Carol will become Ms. Marvel and she will join the Avengers at some point.

Enchantress's Lord is Dr. Doom.
Of course it could be Loki, sitting on a throne at the end of "Masters of Evil", but I see no good reason to hide him. Also Doom was mentioned (indirectly) in Breakout part 1. Silhouette in darkness is not very fitting but this still could be Fantastic 4 nemesis. May or may not be the same person responsible for breakout. The only problem for me is Enchantress calling a mortal "Lord".
  • It's Loki. If you look carefully, you can see the outline of his horns.
  • Yea, definitely Loki, though it is possible Doom is helping him out.
    • There's no possible way it couldn't be Loki. She's got an established connection to him, she freed him from the Isle of Silence. The whole nine yards. The reason he was in shadows is probably because Viewers Are Goldfish and they think it will be a dramatic reveal when Loki makes his move.
  • Jossed. It was confirmed as Loki in "This Hostage Earth" and "The Fall of Asgard".

The Black Widow is a good mole
This became a theory up in her Heel–Face Turn WMG. There is no evidence (yet) that this is true, aside from her still calling Hawkeye "Clint," but if it is, Hawkeye's reaction would be EPIC.
  • Apparently CONFIRMED in 'Hail Hydra', but then again, espionage is the game of deceit and death, so there may yet be twists in the tale.

There will be 12 Avengers.
Why? Because Iron Man goes out of his way to mention "12 bedrooms" in "Some Assembly Required." It may look like a throwaway gag about how friggin' huge the house is, but that could be excellent Foreshadowing for more characters.
  • And they will be War Machine (seeing as we've already met Rhodey), Mockingbird (in trailer), Mar-Vell, and She-Hulk (because she's awesome).
  • She-Hulk is unlikely, since we haven't even met Rick Jones or Betty Ross yet and Hulk obviously hasn't given her his blood yet. We probably won't see her this season.
  • Deadpool. Because Everything's better with Deadpool. And there is such thing as being a "honorary" member, isn't it?
  • Looks like they might be recruiting Ms. Marvel.
  • Mockingbird is showing up in the episode "Widow's sting".
  • Possibly Bucky if he survived WW2 turned into Winter Soldier then pulls a Heel–Face Turn to the heroes. Also hoping for Moon Knight or Spider-man.
  • Until now, we've met Mar-Vell, Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man(If he does a Heel–Face Turn), posibly the 12th could be Rhodey, but we'll see who we meet.
  • The Vision has been confirmed to appear in season 2, so he'll probably be in it.
  • Spider-Man. In the original comics, Spidey wanted to join the Avengers for some quick cash. It took about four tries before Ol' Web-head became an "honorary" Avenger, so he might appear (probably as a guest, in line with the "honorary" rank, but maybe Tony could probably hook Spidey up with some room in the mansion).
  • Wolverine. Due to his secret mutant superpower.
  • Ms. Marvel and Vision are definently confirmed to join the team in season 2. Rumors say that Black Widow, Mockingbird, and Falcon will also be joining. (Oh yeah, and someone will be leaving too. My guess is Hulk.)

Mutants are going to be play a big part down the line.
Besides the fact that it takes place in the same universe as Wolverine and the X-Men (2009), they've been dropping hints left and right. Mention of the Mutant Response Division, a newspaper article on a Secret School for mutants, and Mahr Vell's mention of an anomaly in humans that he's been studying as a Xenobiologist. Besides, they've already shown at least two actual mutants, three if the theory that The Wasp is a mutant holds true.
  • Logan's appeared already and was a friend of Cap's and has been an Avenger in the comics; come Season Two it wouldn't be a stretch to see him doing some time as part of the team. The creative team may even finish some of the storylines they wanted to do in Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) like Apocalypse taking over in the future.

Everything in this series is Loki's fault.
He's a trickster god. His power is lying. Who better to single-handedly control the Evil Plan of the series?
  • To go into more detail, he probably planned the breakout, possibly manipulating HYDRA into it. According to the Headscratchers page, he sent the Wrecking Crew to get the gamma emitter, which would have lead them to the Leader. He got Enchantress to form the Masters of Evil. He chose a mistress that is canonically head over heels for Thor, and thus would stop at nothing to make him hers. He may have twisted Baron Zemo's knowledge of Hawkeye and Black Panther to make them lose. Why? Perhaps because his brother is pissed off at his father and thus avoiding Asgard, and Loki wants him to stay that way so his plan can commence...
    • Which would make Jane Foster the Spanner in the Works...
      • Unless she's really the Enchantress....
    • Actually, The Wrecking Crew were already working for the Leader (They seem to be gamma villains in this show). Loki had nothing to do with that.
  • Partially confirmed in "The Fall of Asgard". He did cause the breakout and gather the Masters of Evil to keep Thor busy on Earth, while he took over Asgard.

Hank Pym will eventually become Yellowjacket.
The multiple personae are too much a part of his character for the writers to just leave out. Hank may start to feel that he's not masculine and badass enough compared to the likes of Thor or Captain America, and then something happens which creates his Yellowjacket personality like in the comics. The writers could use it as an opportunity to address the jerkass aspect of Hank that has plagued his comic counterpart. It could be interesting if it gave him something in common with the Hulk, and if Bruce Banner actually had to give him help, at least for an episode.
  • Or once Ultron inevitably runs amok he might take on the Yellowjacket name to try and distance himself from his past failure.
  • At least partially confirmed. Pym's actor has said that the Yellowjacket persona will be appearing in season two, but no official word yet on what will cause the identity change or whether a dissociative mental snap will be involved.
    • Perhaps out of the guilt he still carries for Ultron's corruption.
  • Yes, he reappears an Ax-Crazy Well-Intentioned Extremist who's a far more aggressive then his former persona.

There will be a stalker plot.
With most of the characters being distilled down to their most important characterizations, what do readers most remember about Whirlwind? He hates Hank Pym's guts and has stalked Janet van Dyne since the mid Sixties. He's already been set up as a villainous foil for them in the cartoon, albeit primarily for Wasp in this version, and has expressed his desires for revenge. It's not hard to add a little extra obsession in there, and with Ultron going evil being all but a sure thing now, and the future appearance of Yellowjacket confirmed, Whirlwind could very easily be positioned as another straw on the camel's back.
  • As of Ultron-5 and The Fall of Asgard, Janet's safety has become a definite Berserk Button for Pym, as it was in the comics. Possibly more fuel for the fire?

One of the pre-Avengers caused the breakout.
It would be an interesting twist. The most likely candidate is Wasp. As explained above, she did it to become a superhero. And wants Hank to get out of his lab and shows him what they can really do. Angry at Hank's reluctance, she went to S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ and caused the Breakout. Throughout the series, we see her moments of jerkass, especially the episode featuring Captain Mar-Vell. Later on, she was clearly upset that Henry chose to quit the team because of his refusal to fight. She'll set up an elaborate plan to get Hank to remain, a la Hank himself in the original comics. However, we'll all be led to believe Hank is doing this, much like he REALLY did in the comics, out of revenge for going against his beliefs. But soon they'll figure out its her, then she reveals everything and her reasons, a la Ozymandias. We learn that she grew up in a wealthy mansion, but eventually grew bored with it, and became a superhero for the excitement of it all. It turns out her powers (or mutation, if she's indeed a mutant) has a side-effect of giving her mental problems.
  • Except that any and every breakout who-dunnit WMG is jossed, because Word of God says that Loki did it.

The Breakout involved more prisons than currently shown...

Consider: We know all four S.H.I.E.L.D. prisons were involved, but what about the M.R.D. prisons?

The Masters of Evil will return with new members
Klaw and Whirlwind are the most likely.
  • They did return with new members, however instead of Klaw or Whirlwind, the team added Grey Gargoyle, Living Laser and Chemistro.

It will be revealed that one of the Avengers is a Skrull, the question is who will it be?
It seems that series will combine the Kree-Skrull War and Secret Invasion stories, probably for the season final. During this it will be reveled that one of the team is a Skrull infiltrator and was replaced some time ago. If they follow the comics this means Ant Man is or will soon be replaced by a Skrull but they could make it a different character just to mess with people. If they go with a different character is say its Wasp.
  • It's possible that none of them get replaced though. The Avengers in this show are still starting out and are probably not that well known to the Skrull empire.Their main enemies are still probably the Kree or the F4(if Super-Skrull has gotten his powers).
    • And now we know who it is Cap, who's replaced at the very end of the season by a Skrull agent.

The flying ant that Hank rides on is the same one every time.
Nothing to do with the plot, but it wouldn't be too hard to believe that Hank keeps this same pet drone ant with him in his belt at all times for easy transportation, or that said ant has been genetically altered to live a lot longer than a drone ant should.
  • And he calls it Hank Junior.
  • Or "Little Hank."
  • I thik only female ants have wing so, probably not "Little Hank". Besides, he doesn't have that kind of ego.

The series takes place in the same continuity as the animated movie, Western Animation Planet Hulk
The series will eventually feature the Civil War storyline. As a result, Hulk will be sent into space. "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow" is filled with references to the Civil War plot, from prison 42 to the philosophical conflicts between Captain America and Iron-Man. As noted in several places on this site, the main reason for the Planet Hulk story was to get the Hulk out of the picture for Civil War.
  • If this the case, than the upcoming show "Hulk: Agent of SMASH" will also be part of the same universe. Hulk and Caeira's son will show up from the get go. So will Red Hulk who is debuting on the Avengers second season.

Hank will be forced to turn all his Ultrons into an army to fight Kang.
Kang's army is huge, and the Avengers will have their work cut out for them fighting off the invasion. Seeing that they have a whole bunch of tough robots, Tony manages to convince Hank to arm all the Ultrons and reprogram them to fight back Kang. This will eventually lead to Ultron gaining his sentience and turning evil.
  • Confirmed! I Knew It!!
    • Especially since Ultron-5 seems to be the only Ultron left.

Odin will banish Thor from Asgard.
Odin is furious at Thor for questioning him and for caring more about the mortals (particularly Jane Foster) than his own people. The banishment will be some sort of "test" to get Thor to return to Asgard willingly.
  • As of "The Casket of Ancient Winters" Thor is unable to return to Asgard

Maria Hill will become supportive of the Avengers.
As we've been introduced to her, she's rather distrustful of the superheroes. Despite her loyalty to Nick Fury, she was unaware of the supervillain jails. She'll make more appearances on the series and begins to question Fury's integrity.
  • Jossed as of "Hail Hydra", where she's even more hostile and seems to be setting up the superhero registration plotline.
    • It's Still possible she'll eventually mellow out, like she did in the comics.

Betrayal of Captain America, that Kang was talking about, will be Civil War
War between the heroes of the Earth would undermine our defences and make Earth vulnerable to attack from Kree and Skrulls. Cap, as Kang said, has no place in XXI century. That includes his loyalty to American Dream and strong belief in individual liberty. With him Iron Man would convince other heroes, breaking their will, if necessary to register. He will succeed without clear leader of opposition. The result will be an army, which will push back invaders. But that will be just start - people will give up more and more freedom for their safety and in very long run it will lead to totalitarian rule of Kang.
  • The betrayal is more likely due to Cap being a Skrull now
  • Another crazy idea. There will be civil war but because Cap is a Skrull for now, he and Iron Man will be at diffrent sides. Iron Man will be fighting with S.H.I.E.L.D. and Government intervention (like he should, YMMV) and fake Cap will join registration side.
  • Another idea, that betrayal will be because of the "Cosmic Cube". Reality will start to break down. Everyone will tell Cap he has to undo his wish on the Cube (allowing Bucky to live) in order to save the world. But he won't be able to bring himself to kill his friend again. So to prevent the Bad Future from happening, Bucky/Winter Soldier will willingly use the Cube to set things right again, even at the cost of his own existance.
  • Jossed as of "Operation: Galactic Storm". Kang was talking about Cap deciding whether or not to save Panther.

Kang is actually a future version of Tony
Related to the WMG above, Tony eventually takes total control of the earth. It's been shown that although Kang's technology is far beyond his own Tony can still interface with it. This is because it is based on the tech Tony currently owns. The reason for Kang's drastically different appearence is because living as long as he has requrired ... modification to his body in order to keep things running throughout the centuries.
  • This seems unlikely, since he would then know Cap was in the 21st century without needing to check the historical records.
    • He just needed to refresh his memory. He's been alive for so long and bounced back and forth across the timestream so many times that things can get a little muddled.

The timeline has always been the same.
Captain America gets frozen, wakes up in the 21st century, indirectly causes Earth to be weakened, life on Earth gets wiped out in the Kree/Skrull war (excluding some survivors who weren't on Earth at the time). Said survivors are the ancestors of Kang's civilization. The universe later gets destroyed somehow (in some way caused by Captain America's Human Popsicle act), and Kang & co. escape by traveling back in time. The series exists in a Stable Time Loop.

The timeline changed because of Thor
In Kang's timeline, Thor never left Asgard and the enchantress never followed him and separated Hulk from the Avengers who then, in turn, never discovered Captain America. As for how Thor changed things? He's from Asgard, who's to say that time/space doesn't work weirdly when interacting with Midgard?
  • This actually makes sense. Thor was the original one who "provoked" hulk to leave the team, and subsequently Hulk unearthed Captain America. Because the Avengers Formed without Hulk in Kang's timeline (all screwy alternate history aside), his subsequent unearthing of Captain America changed something so that somehow the Captain caused the end of the world (possibly in conjunction with him fighting his skrull half)

The timeline changed because of Ultron
Wasp may of know about it but Cap made the choice, that is what destroys the future Weaponized Ultron. Without Kang they would have been Weaponized for the Kree/Skrull War. Kang actually accelerated the destruction by intervening. Doubles as Hoist by His Own Petard when Ultron goes bad and What Have I Done when Kang realizes this, and triples as a (temporary or permanent) Token Evil Teammate when Kang joins the Avengers to stop Ultron.

The betrayal Kang was talking about was Ultron.
Similar to the above the choice Captain America made that destroyed Kang's time line was the choice to weaponize Ultron, which he did in response to the Kree-Skrull invasion. This, predictably, led to Ultron going rogue and destroying the team and the world while they were still reeling from the war. However by going back in time Kang altered the past forcing the Avengers to reprogram Ultron early, not to mention arming them with Damocles base as a result eitherA) Ultron will go rogue PRIOR to the invasion orB)Damocles base will be used to end the Kree-Skrull invasion sooner and with less damage to the planet than in the future Kang is trying to avoid. Either way Ultron would be left facing the Avengers at full or at least close to full strength leading to a rehashing of the Ultron Unlimited from the comics.

Odin is a Skrull.
Only logical explanation for him having two eyes.
  • But how would the Skrulls replace him, or duplicate his power? How would they even get to Asgard in the first place? Most likely, Odin with two eyes is just because of Rule of Cool.

Maria Hill is a Skrull
Her efforts to forcibly conscript the Avengers into S.H.I.E.L.D. are to stymie them and build animosity between the two groups so when the invasion comes in force they will be so distrustful of each other they will be unable to work constructively together.
  • I thought this at first too, but when Ultron scanned her mind, he found out the security codes for the helicarrier, plus wouldn't he have seen that she was a Skrull by doing that? Although whether or not he would have cared is a question... But still, would a skrull know the codes for S.H.I.E.L.D.?
    • Yes, because at that time she was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Very true....
    • Or she's just stupid.
      • Have in mind that in the comic book invasion, the Skrulls did not aim to the characters at the top of the command lines, but to minor ones around them. Spider-woman or Jarvis were not exactly Iron Man or Nick Fury. Neither it happened during the Chitauri invasion in the Ultimates. So, if the skrulls are going to replace anyone, I would bet on Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, or some S.H.I.E.L.D. red shirts.
      • In the series, we've had Skrulls impersonating the Invisible Woman, Viper, and even Captain frigging America. The three of them hold some position of command or importance for their respective teams/organizations. So while the Skrulls' strategy of impersonating minor civilians and the like, it's not like they've refrained from replacing major characters or anything.

The timeline changed because of the cosmic cube.
More importantly, because Captain America used it to wish for Bucky to had lived.
  • This changed timeline may have been what caused Kang's timeline to be erased. After all, Kang said Captain America shouldn't be alive.
  • "Nightmare in Red" suggests the Cosmic Cube played a role in the disaster: Without Bucky, Ross wouldn't have gotten the Hulk blood, Red Hulk wouldn't have framed the Incredible Hulk of terrorizing S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Avengers wouldn't have lost the Incredible Hulk to the Hulkbusters. That loss will apparently advance the Skrulls' plans.

Hank will earn the name GiAnt-man
Probably from a typo
  • Captain America referred to Hank as Giant Man in "Come the Conqueror."
  • And again in the Asguard Arc.
  • The A wasn't capitalized in both instances
    • How do you capitalize a SPOKEN word?
      • Captions/Subtitles

The Skrull Captain America will help put an end to the Secret Invasion.
  • C'mon. If you go deep cover as Captain freaking America, you're gonna go good in time.
    • Of course they still have to deal with the Kree and Skrulls going at it.
    • There is something to this, as Skrull Cap did prevent the Avengers from completely breaking up. He could be just wanting to spy on them some more, but wouldn't it be more convenient to splinter them instead, make the heroes weaker? I think there's a possibility that there might be some Becoming the Mask moments coming up.
    • Technically, he went undercover as Ultimate Captain America, who's a complete jerk.

Cap has to talk his way out of Nifelheim again.
  • Skrull Cap had no reason to use the stun setting. Cap's dead. He has to convince Hela to let him go. "But he didn't die against Loki!", you say. Wanna bet Hela's not going to split that hair?
    • I had the same idea, besides Hela was reflected in his shield, a bad omen. But i have a feeling Thor and Uru Iron are going to "persuade" her, posibly with a REALLY BIG HAMMER and a OmniBeam, she will then proceed to Curbstomb them and Hank will difuse the situation with a diplomatic talk
      • A diplomatic talk with a giant fist to the face and lots of hungry ants. Hank's a lot less passive these days.
    • Then again, it looks like he was just KO'd. Cap was probably just captured, this does fit the Skrulls M.O.
      • It depends what kind of invasion they are basing it on. Secret Invasion Skrulls (that were perfectly undetectible, able to duplicate the powers and memories of their victims as well as fool mindreaders) needed to keep their victims alive to keep taking DNA samples from them to keep their complete disguise. Regular infiltration (where they just look like the person but don't have their powers, or knowledge and will be exposed to mind readers) wouldn't need that. But yes generally their MO is to take victims as prisoners.
    • None of this matters anyway because Exact Words matter when dealing with magical creatures, you just have to remember to invoke them. My guess is there will be a big battle against Hela before Cap remembers the precise terms of their deal and explain that it is now null and void anyway. It's not like she can even claim him if he goes down fighting the Masters of Evil again because even if they decided to still follow Enchantress (not bloody likely considering all the success they've had with her) She is no longer Loki's pawn to use. She is bound to her word by her own powers.

Loki DID NOT instigate the breakout.
  • Now, you may be thinking, "but he said that he did!". Nope. He never specifically said that he shut down the power in the prisons. He just said that he set up distractions for Thor, and they just so happened to be showing footage of Thor vs Graviton as he was saying this. He never said anything about the breakout. The distraction he was talking about was Enchantress and Executioner the first time the Avengers fought them. Now, maybe he had something to do with the breakout, but it's possible that he didn't. But then who did? I'll quote Iron Man: His name rhymes with 'Boom'.
  • If he didn't do it, then it must be the Skrulls, or the Kree (if Captain Mar'Vell wasn't the only Kree scout).
    • Maybe, but why would the Skrulls or Kree just release more super-powered earthlings for them to fight? Wouldn't they want to keep them imprisoned?
      • Maybe to distract the Avengers.
      • They release seventy some-odd super villains, some of which are both incredibly powerful and dangerously intelligent, to distract a team of less than a dozen heroes who only teamed up to deal with the seventy some-odd super villains they released to begin with? That's logic.
      • Well, they're aware of the superheroes and feared they would be the ones to stop them. But they didn't anticipate some of them forming a permanent team.
    • Jossedaccording to Joshua Fine, Loki did indeed cause the breakout.

Maria Hill caused Nick Fury to 'disappear'.
  • So that she could become director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and get rid of the Avengers.
    • In "Breakout, Part 2", she was shocked to learn there are more supervillain prisons than she's aware of. Plus, she's not pleased with Fury's methods of working alongside the Avengers and believes they should be working FOR them.
  • Jossed in "Who Do You Trust?". Nick Fury went undercover himself to dig deeper into the Skrull conspiracy.

Nick Fury is stranded in the Squadron Supreme universe.
While he finds a way back to his universe, we'll see a lot of DC Comics Shout Outs. He will even borrow Green Lantern-expy Doctor Spectrum's Power Prism, as an homage to John Stewart.
  • Given how heavily based on Kirby-era Avengers this series is, I wouldn't be surprised if the Squadron Supreme/Sinister appear at some point. Lawyer-Friendly Cameo and all that.

Episode 52 will end with a Title Drop.
  • I would also like it to end with someone camcording the Avengers in epic poses, to Bookend "Iron Man is Born" beginning with someone camcording Iron Man fighting a robot.

The Maestro will appear eventually
  • Possibly in a team up with Kang, the Maestro will appear to give a new freshness to the Hulk's angst, and to get to do a proper Hulk vs Avengers fight without having (their) Hulk actually be a bad guy.

Enchantress will return to kill Thor or make him suffer.
By endangering Jane Foster.

If Cap is dead, The Avengers will assault Nifelheim to rescue Cap's soul
And when they do, Skurge, who has become.....disenchanted with his mistress will join them. Only for someone to need to make a stand on the bridge to buy them time. Take a guess who?
  • That would be incredible beyond words.

General Ross will return to try and separate Hulk and the Avengers
Ross knows that with Hulk in the Avengers, he will be harder to attack without the public all coming to rip him to shreds. So lure them away from him and attempt to finish the job, possibly with some extra help.
  • He'll probably use his daughter and Rick Jones as baits.
    • Unless either or both are dead. Another reason why Ross is pursuing him.
Ross does try to separate the Hulk from the Avengers in "Nightmare in Red." He succeeds.

Wonderman will eventually have a Heel–Face Turn
Or at the very least, become a True Neutral force. Simon always was reluctant to be evil, and even viewed his role in the Masters of Evil as Necessarily Evil more than anything. Eventually, he'll have a rethink of his role in evil, and rebel against the Enchantress. Possibly could be tied to a technological breakthrough to preserve his Wonder body. The way I see it, this is especially likely after Black Panther gave an Armor-Piercing Question, "Do you truly believe there will be a world left for you to live in if you help Zemo?" and Simom then chose to abandon the battle rather be beaten like the other masters of evil.
  • Adding to this, Tony will reveal he's been studying Simon's energy signature or some Techno Babble during their previous encounters, and he's been working on way to stabilize and even turn Simon back. Then Tony will explain the whole thing with Simon's company, thus ending Wonderman's grudge against him, since that is likely the only thing that would prevent the aforementioned Heel–Face Turn.
  • My theory is Enchantress lied and Simon is keeping his body together all by himself. Naturally when he finds out the truth he won't take it very well and will come close to slaughtering all of the Masters of Evil before finally being talked down. After a bout of Anger Management therapy with Doc Samson he'll join the team full-time.
  • After all, we have years of comics as well to work with the fact that Simon was an avenger for years.
  • In "Acts of Vengeance" Enchantress goes after the Masters of Evil with the intent of taking revenge on Zemo. If her magic was what was truly keeping him alive why didn't she just undo the spell or revoke it when he started attacking her (or even at the very beginning)? Because she can't. Simon is keeping his body together all on his own and the Masters lied to him.

Season 2 will force an Enemy Mine situation between The Avengers and The Masters of Evil.
The cause: the Kree-Skrull war coming to earth. Why would Baron Zemo agree to work alongside his Arch-Enemy Captain America? To quote from Pragmatic Villainy, "There's no profit to be had in the end of the world."
  • there was an enemy mine, but against the Enchantress after she turned on all of them. Zemo still turned on the avengers, and he was defeated along with her.

Season 3 will open with the debut of the Thunderbolts
  • The preview of Season 2 has mentioned that it's going to be a look into the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, and with the Kree-Skrull war and the introduction of the Guardians of the Galaxy, it wouldn't be surprising if the Avengers spend a significant amount of time in space. Also consider that the Masters of Evil are getting one last hurrah or however it was said. It's hard to believe, however, that Zemo would just give up that easily (unless he's killed). Thus, with the Avengers out in space and no indication as to when or if they'll come back, Zemo will see an opening to create the Thunderbolts in their absence, and it'll work out about as well as it did in the comics...
    • Problem is , the Zemo in this show is Heinrich Zemo. Also, how would the shows line up be able to pose as heroes?( Especially Abomination).
    • In all likelyhood, they would introduce at least Screaming Mimi/Songbird and Moonstone/Meteorite before the end of season 2. They could also use the more "human" villains like Chemistro and Whirlwind.

Ultron will become a key player in the Kree/Skrull/Earth war
  • Ultron, being as notoriously hard to kill as he is in the comics, will show up toward the end of the war. Why will he be a major player? He'll be hoovering up every piece of alien technology he can find, making him a major threat to the now-weakened factions in the war.
    • He's certainly ruined things for Earth already, leaving them with no missles to defend themselves with.

General Ross will become the Red Hulk

  • We saw that his hatred of the Hulk is getting the better of him and the vial of Hulk Blood that Black Widow had is still missing. It's possible that Ross turns into the Red Hulk because of that vial.

Pym will form the Thunderbolts
  • Pym here is all about reforming Supervillains, The Thunderbolts are reformed (or reforming) Supervillains no brainer.

Successfully using the Cosmic Cube to retroactively alter history confuses extra-temporal observation.
  • We know that Kang thinks that Captain America is alive, yet should be died, but we haven't been given any evidence of time-travel or retroactive alteration of history making the Captain alive when he shouldn't be. What we do know is that at a point - admittedly a point after Kang's intervention, but time may work in mysterious ways, and events of a similar nature were liable to happen anyway - Rogers seemingly subconsciously used the Cube to make someone that should be dead living... which may have confused Kang's instruments into thinking the Captain is a temporal anomaly. Add to that a fake-Captain being an important part of Skrull infiltration, and Kang thinking that the Captain proper is responsible for the destruction of the Earth even if it is not so seems not entirely unlikely.

The success of the DVDs will lead to the Avengers starring in a Direct to Video movie
  • It seems likely that Disney will eventually release a Marvel DVD attracting the boys who won't watch Disney Fairies. Maybe this one could adapt Civil War (2006) or compile an arc's episodes.
    • Civil War is unlikely, at least for now. In the comics, with the full Marvel Universe at their disposal, they could organize both a huge group of pro-registration and anti-registration, and it made sense to deem their conflict a "Civil War". With just eight avengers and two agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we can not make a decent "civil war", just a mere internal conflict. It may be possible in the future, as the seasons keep introducing new characters.

Loki will return, more dangerous than ever.
His torture from the Midgard Serpent affected him psychologically.
  • .......He wasn't exactly playing with a full deck the last time we saw him.
    • But this will make him worse.
  • Confirmed. He will return in the episode "Powerless", with help from Enchantress.

Enchantress will pretend to be Jane Foster in one episode of season 2.
She'll try to manipulate Thor, or to kiss him, or both.
  • Now that would be interesting... and Jane and Amora even both have the same voice actress.
  • Jossed.

They'll get the real Cap back early into Season 2
The show is very good and condensing down stories into two or three episode arcs. Most likely the Skrulls have no idea how much trouble they're going to have trying to keep Captain America captured.
  • Possibly Jossed? It's episode 8 already, and the real Cap is still in skrull captivity.
    • Episode 10 is said to focus on Cap, so that'll probably be the one where he comes back.

Maria Hill is acting as a jerk because she's insecure/inexperienced
I just thought of this after re-watching episode 1. From her confusion on the existence of The Raft/serving as Mrs. exposition on the vault seems to indicate that perhaps she was a new hire/promotion to her position as deputy director. Hence how she keeps getting lectured by Fury on priorities and how S.H.I.E.L.D. really works. When Fury went missing to deal with the skrull problem, she must have felt that she had to prove that she was worthy of eventually taking Fury's mantle as S.H.I.E.L.D. head. Hence how she started taking a super hard line over crime and vigilantism with the avengers. "I'm not Nick Fury" stands out the most, as she's trying to show herself as the tough new leader of S.H.I.E.L.D., and always quick to point out how the avengers fell short/need to register/made mistakes. Perhaps with Nick Fury's return, there will be a moment/episode where she tries to explain herself to Fury over a controversial choice she made, only for Fury to say something along the lines of, "I appreciate what you were trying to do, but you don't have to worry about filling my role anytime soon." or something like that.
  • We'll see since Nick Fury will be returning in season 2.

Grey Gargoyle is still alive.
He wasn't killed onscrean. He may return in season 2.
  • But, on the other hand, he's a minor and inconsequential character, and so a perfect red shirt. Joker immunity only applies for villains as Kang, Ultron, Loki or Zemo, the Grey Gargoyle is not in their category.
    • The revealed cover for the second issue of the upcoming series of tie-in comics features Grey Gargoyle punching Iron Man. This could mean that this piece of WMG will come true, unless this issue takes place before This Hostage Earth.

Baron Zemo will be the last villain of The Breakout the Avengers defeat.
Why? Thematic significance. Graviton, prisoner of The Raft was the first villain the avengers collectively defeated. Zemo, other high profile prisoner of The Raft, will end up being the last. Fighting to the last, evading, upgrading his arsenal, but ultimately stripped of his Masters of Evil, and the last prisoner of The Breakout to be re-incarcerated, his defeat will be a Season Finale in all likelihood.
  • As a season finale, I doubt it. Zemo isn't that big of a threat; not by himself. I'd leave the Finale to a more powerful villain like Doom, Red Skull, Ultron, or someone new like Mandarin. But yeah, him being the last Breakout villain caught would be cool.
    • The Avengers arrested Zemo as of episode 29, but they probably still have more criminals to capture.

Eventually, Odin will lose an eye.
Because unless this is a serious case of artistic license, they're planning something.

Red Skull will return and get his hands on the Cosmic Cube.
I'm guessing he'll come back in one of the following ways. 1: He had some age-slowing serum, similar to Zemo. 2: He was put in suspended animation. or 3: Kang brings him back. If Kang so dearly wants to get rid of Cap, why not bring back the very guy who took him out, right? Seeing as how Red Skull is pure evil in most of his portrayels, and Kang is deep, deep, deep, deep down, an honorable guy, I think Kang will soon regret his decision. Especially when the Skull gets the cosmic cube (which you know will happen).

Later in season 2, Surtur will capture several of the Avengers' already-defeated enemies and transform them into more powerful beings.
In the newest trailer for season two, (the link is somewhere above) a few clips show that Surtur is going to be in it for sure. One clip shows his giant hand closing up on a terrified Enchantress, and a later brief clip shows a firey-themed villainess who is obviously a powered-up Enchantress, judging by the designs on her clothes. Now, it may only be limited to her, but I think it would be awesome if Surtur took a few other villains and powered them up too. The Grim Reaper comes to mind especially. That way they can incorporate the more powerful version of the comics with the far more awesome design and personality of this one.

There will be a Ragnarok arc based on the one from Simonson's run on Thor.
Surtur was in the previews for season two. He could possibly free Loki and try to get him to help destroy the worlds, only for Loki to pull a Heel–Face Turn and team up with the Avengers. Although seeing as how he's got a few screws loose at the moment, he might not want to stop Ragnarok...
  • Maybe he'll pull a Heroic Sacrifice like he did in Siege? Season two is a bit early to get rid of one of the series' main villans though. (On the other hand, animated kid!Loki would be awesome.)
    • What about staying true to that story, and have Odin making the heroic sacrifice? That would add even more tension to the thing of Thor staying in Midgard

Reality is going to get seriously screwed up in season 2.
One of the first images released for the second season is of Uatu the Watcher standing over a scene that includes (among other things) the X-men in Canadian Alpha Flight-inspired costumes. The Comi Con preview shows several characters with tweaked costumes that resemble either their Ultimate or modern-age costumes. Also from the preview Iron Man has the line "It got kind of crazy, but we pretty much saved all of reality."
  • Actually, according to the artist on his Deviantart account, that image is not for season 2. It's a What If? type picture, possibly foreshadowing season 3. So contrary to popular belief, Uatu and the X-men are (unfortunately) not confirmed for season 2. Also, the characters probably change their costumes without any reality-warping involved. And I'm pretty sure that Iron Man is referring to the whole thing with Loki, but maybe not.
    • Changing costumes is all well and good but why would they be wearing Alpha Flight uniforms in any case?
  • That image was just a gift to the staff, it has no impact on the show.

Doom will cause a second breakout
In a case of Here We Go Again!, Doom's assault on the baxter building isn't just to kill Reed Richards, but also to destroy his work. AKA, the destruction of Prison 42 and the freeing of all prisoners caught by the Avengers to date: Graviton, Strucker, The Leader, Wreckers, U-Foes, etc. That way, the writers can reuse some villains without compromising the internal security of Prison 42. Also, as Evil Is Petty, such an action would make some sense if Doom wanted to destroy everything Reed had ever touched.Now it's up to the season premiere to prove me wrong!
  • Actually, according to the first episode of season 2, destroying Richards is not Doom's motivation for attacking. He's looking into the Skrull plot as well, and he think that the Avengers and FF will provide him with clues.

The last episode wasn't the first time Loki was punished like that
Look at his eyes, look at the markings around them. They look like...burns or scars of some kind. And when its happening, he seems to be mumbling some terrified babble like its his worst fear...because he's lived it before and is deathly terrified of it. Loki hates Odin and Asgard because he did something wrong, was punished, and the punishment left him unhinged.
  • Although if you look closely, the Frost Giants have the same markings by their eyes. That's just the mark of a Frost Giant, and Loki is one after all.

At least one member will have a major storyarc in the midst of the Skrull Invasion if they make season 3
  • Iron Man will have the Skrulls subplot and he gets to get super space armor and team up with Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel.
  • Black Panther will reenact the Jason Aaron mini series of him going toe to toe with Skrulls.
  • Ant Man/Wasp could be espionage agents for the team gathering info.
  • Captain America could be leading a resistance of the Skrull prisoners.
  • Hulk will have his powers reversed as his Bruce Banner persona will have Hulk powers and his Hulk persona will have Bruce Banner mannerisms.
    • I'm pretty sure those could happen in season 2, as this season is dealing with the Skrull invasion. Heck, the Captain America one is almost confirmed to happen, as in the trailer there is a split-second scene of Cap with a torn up costume and no mask punching Super-Skrull in the face.

The Season 2 finale will feature...
All of Earth's heroes teaming up to fight back aaginst the Skrull invasion. This image here could be of Cap giving one of his classic rousing speeches to the assembled heroes to inspire them to fight on for Earth in the face of an oncoming invasion from beyond the stars. (Also, note that Cap here is wearing his regular outfit, and not the Ultimate-inspired costume we've seen in teasersnote .)
  • Except that Word of God says that the Skrull invasion plot will get wrapped up midway through the season. And I don't think that they would release a picture from the season finale before season 2 even starts.
    • True, indeed. Perhaps the pic is from the finale of the Skrull arc, when the heroes proceed to fight back the invasion.
    • The season finale will feature Surtur and Ragnarok.

Each superhero team (and possibly also supervillain teams) has a Skrull spy.
First Madame Hydra/Viper, then Captain America, and now Invisible Woman.

Other teams that may have a Skrull:

  • X-Men
  • Alpha Flight
  • X-Force
  • Brotherhood of Mutants
  • A.I.M.
  • Hellfire Club
  • S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Friends of Humanity
  • The Hand
  • Maggia
  • Hulkbusters

    • "Who Do You Trust?" confirms that Nick Fury's group, and by extension S.H.I.E.L.D., has been infiltrated by none other than the Skrull Queen herself, posing as Mockingbird.
    • And "Prisoner of War" confirms that S.H.I.E.L.D. was also infiltrated with a Skrull Clay Quartermain, AIM was infiltrated, and the Serpent Society was infiltrated with a Skrull King Cobra.

The real Captain America will fight his Skrull double.
Y'just know that this is more than a likelihood. Steve escapes his captivity and proceeds to school his double in a most satisfyingly wonderful manner.
  • Confirmed. Though personally I would've found it a bit more satisfying if he stayed in human form for a short part of the beating.

This version The Wrecking Crew got their powers because of Thunderball.

Thunderball is and expert on Gamma Radiation almost as good as Bruce Banner and this version of the Wrecking Crew are said to be Gamma Villains.

Episode 28 will show whether or not Tony Stark took Captain America's fighting classes to heart and demonstrate how worthy a leader he really is

This is going off some of the early images of Maria Hill visiting Stark and the episode summary about it being Tony VS Technovore. Caught without his armor, and against a machine eating monster, this will clearly demonstrate Captain America's point about needing to remember some basics and not always relying on his armor. Furthermore, if S.H.I.E.L.D. is somehow involved, this could also be a good point for Tony to show not his fighting credentials as a leader, since Hill already knows about how intelligent he is with machines and hacking. Furthermore, Technovore could also score some political points for Stark, since if S.H.I.E.L.D. ends up being ineffective in how they handle the former Vault monster, it could underscore any argument Stark makes for keeping The Avengers separate from direct S.H.I.E.L.D. control. It all depends on how well or poorly he handles the test, so it's exam time for Iron Man to show if he really is worthy to lead The Avengers.

  • Mostly Jossed, though it did lead to the premire of the mark IX and does show how Tony sees no need to register.

Skrull Cap already or will send a copy of the downloaded info of Stark Industries to the Skrulls
The opportunity to have info on some of the most advance tech on Earth fell right into his lap
  • The part of "Infiltration" where the Skrulls implant a virus into Tony's armor implies to me that the Skrulls got at least some of that data.

The thief who steals Hank's Ant-Man suit is Scott Lang.
This will spur Hank to create his Yellowjacket persona in an attempt to bring him to justice. Upon discovering that Scott stole the suit in order to help his sick daughter Hank will insist S.H.I.E.L.D. forgo jail time in favor of community service (and refuse to press charges) and let him keep the suit. As a bonus Hank will make sure Scott's daughter receives the care she needs.
  • Actually I'm pretty sure it's Crossfire, a villain whose business is to steal and resell superhero suits. That's the guy that Hank is punching in the trailer. This isn't to say that Scott Lang isn't involved though, as in the recently released season 2 group shot both Ant-Man and Yellowjacket are present, meaning that someone took up Hank's role.
    • Lang could be working with or for Crossfire in exchange for the funds needed to care for his daughter, or that particular shot could be from another episode entirely.

Everything here got Jossed, except for the subject line.

Each line in the second verse of "Fight as One" also references an Avenger.
Josh Fine confirmed this, but didn't say which line refers to who.Too small to turn the tide/too stubborn to give in/pushed by pain and pride/to face these fears and win/There's no one left to trust/it all comes down to us./AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!

Iron Man, Cap, Thor, and the Hulk already have lines in the normal version. I think the fifth line refers to Hawkeye, and Black Widow's betrayal. Line three might refer to Black Panther, and his father's death. Line one sounds like it refers to Ant-Man and/or Wasp. I can't figure out lines two and four; would anyone else like to try? Would you also let me know if you disagree with any of the interpretations I gave?

  • I think that the first line is for Wasp, since she is the smallest of them all (Ant-Man is also Giant Man). The second line is probably Hawkeye, since he's, well, stubborn. The third line is probably Black Panther. The fourth line is probably Hank Pym. The fifth line might be Hawkeye, but I think it's probably referring to the whole Skrull war in season 2. Those are my guesses. It seems like all these lines in both verses point out the flaws, problems, and fears of each Avenger. Hulk is constantly tormented and treated like a mindless monster. Cap is lost in a world that he doesn't know. Thor is (was) banished from Asgard and deemed disloyal. Iron Man is (was) all alone in his fight against evil. Wasp is put down because she seems too small to make a difference. Hawkeye is stubborn and hot-headed. Panther must cope with the pain of his father's death and the pride that he has in being a royal. Hank Pym is plagued with fears of giving in to violence and failing mankind. First season they all realized that they were not alone and needed to work together to overcome their flaws. Second season, this teamwork will be put to the test when it seems like they can't trust anyone.
    • Alternately, "Too small to turn the tide" could refer to how Ant-Man's tactics of talking things out with foes almost never work, and he gets mocked by others for having such tactics.
  • Where are these lyrics even coming from? there has yet to be a full version of the song released.
    • Josh Fine posted them on Twitter: [1]

Maria Hill has a crush on Tony Stark
  • not much of WMG as it can be seen fairly obvious from two scenes in the AIM episode. One is when she prattle Stark to hurry up with something, Stark retort by asking her if she has a date that night, to which she actually smiled (first time in the series) and replied yes (I take it as she was referring to Tony). The second hint is toward the end of episode where Tony hold Pepper in his arm, and Maria saw it and gave him a very angry glare.
    • So logically she's trying to get Tony to join S.H.I.E.L.D. since she doesn't have powers of skills to become an Avenger
Hela has the hots for Captain America
  • And is going to act kind of like a Clingy Jealous Girl next time we see them on screen together.

Next Avengers is the sequel to this show
It's the holographic shield that clinches it.
  • This will create a Continuity Snarl, however, in that Tony Stark did not invent Ultron in this continuity. They could try to handwave it, but maybe not.

Armin Zola is dead
  • The Enchantress advances menacingly on him, and she wasn't to impressed with him trying to kill her. Before that, she threatened to do to him what the executioner did to the Grey Gargoyle. His body is found stuck to Doughboy, but unlike the other defeated Masters of Evil, Iron Man doesn't say he survived.
    • Unlikely. Any time one of his bodies is damaged or destroyed, his minds moves to another of his bodies.
      • Does he have any other bodies? Would they change that with the adaptation?

Agent Phil Coulson will show up at some point this season.
Yes, he's in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but he seems to be at the center of being just about everywhere outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even appearing in comics now. I'd guess we'll have him appear as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and perhaps even become somewhat of a key player in the Skrull Infiltration arc (which would then become a great way to integrate Coulson's fanboy love of Captain America as a plot device for helping weed out Skrull!Cap.).

Being an Avenger is Making Hulk Weak.
  • Hulk hasn't been majorly successful since the first season in any fight, mainly only serving to take the brunt of the damage for the other characters, or to show how powerful some character is, Worf Barrage style. However this is actually intentional by the writers, Hulk's power level is decreasing because his life has been much easier as of late, not being hounded and hunted constantly, having friends in Hawkeye and the Wasp, he's calming down as a whole and that's making him weaker.
  • This will lead to an episode where Hulk's rage is forced through the roof by some threat causing a resurgence of his old power levels, perhaps at the skrull finale, which will lead to banishment, Planet Hulk and World War Hulk.

Paranoia about the Skrulls will push Tony into supporting registration
The recap in "Who Do You Trust?" might play clips of Maria Hill trying to make the Avengers register to raise the possibility that her act will somehow make it easier to tell the Skrulls apart from the real superheroes. Also note that Nick Fury didn't scold Maria's attempts to force registration, like so many viewers hoped.Becoming pro-registration would also give Tony a bigger chance of landing at least one date with Maria.

At least one Hero For Hire will team up with the Avengers.
I noticed Ant-Man's hand in this picture.
  • Jossed, at least for that episode. Turns out the Avengers in that picture are all Skrulls, save for Ms. Marvel.

Marvel Animation is re-dubbing episode 39, "Along Came a Spider," with Drake Bell.
They're already stretching out the Secret Invasion adaptation, planning some Marvel Universe blocks lacking new EMH episodes, and replacing the show with an overly silly Avengers cartoon after episode 52. What else would give Hell to this cartoon's fans?
  • Confirmed, unfortunately, according to this Josh Keaton was original VA for Spidey, but his audio was redubbed.

Wasp will have a Character Development.
Even though she wants to join the Avengers to make a difference, she acts like it's fun and exciting. But during the fight in "Who Do You Trust?", Ms. Marvel tells her its serious. She may have a personal crisis for trusting in imposter Captain America.

Also, she will fall out of love with Hank.

Spider-Man's first appearence will have him "summoning the spiders"
Cuz it'd be funny and awesome

The destroyed sun that caused Earth's apocalypse in the future that Kang showed was actually caused by Surtur, not the Kree-Skrull war.
The same fate happened to Beta Ray Bill's planet, after all. And who's to say that Kang was absolutely sure what caused the destruction of Earth's sun?

In "Prisoner Of War", Cap and the Red Skull will team up.
They'll do this to escape the Skrulls, and it will be amazing.
  • Probably not, since Red Skull shows up as Dell Rusk in Nightmare in Red as the one behind the Red Hulk.
  • Jossed. He did team up with some of his enemies, but not Red Skull.

The Season (and show) Finale will be Surtur and Ragnarok, and a lot of important stuff will happen, such as...
  • For starters, all of the other heroes that the Avengers have met over the course of the show will team-up with them to save the universe. S.H.I.E.L.D., the Fantastic Four, Heroes for Hire, the Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe the X-Men (at least Wolverine), Beta Ray Bill, and Spider-Man. And it will be awesome.
  • The Executioner will join them as well, as he wants to save Amora and, seeing as he's Asgardian, save Asgard as well. And just like in the comics, he will redeem himself by making a Heroic Sacrifice against Surtur's hordes, and will finally have a voice, with his first and last words being, "FOR ASGARD!" as he leaps into the swarms of fire demons. And it will be awesome.
  • Kang will play a big role in this as well. If my theory is correct, that Surtur is actually the cause of Kang's timeline being destroyed, he will most definitely want to prevent this by defeating Surtur and will join forces with the heroes to stop him. After beating Surtur, Ravonna will be healed and Kang will return to his restored timeline. And it will be awesome.
  • Finally, the last shot will be of all the heroes, with the Avengers (specifically the Big Three) in the forefront, with Cap raising his shield and shouting, "Avengers Assemble!". And it will be beyond awesome.
  • We'll have a really great title drop with one of the Avengers (likely one of the Big Three) referring to themselves as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes" in the final battle. And it will be awesome turned up to eleven.
  • Some villains will actually team up with the Avengers and the other heroes to help fight Surtur and his forces. We've already had at least two episodes where an Avenger (in this case Captain America in both instances) pulling an Enemy Mine with some villains, so why not a third time for added awesome?

The subject line got jossed. The real villain of the season finale is Galactus.

Annihilus is connected to Ultron
  • Perhaps he was sent to disrupt the prison and kill the visiting avengers, after all, they could only guess at his origins.
    • Most of this theory comes from the fact that Annihilus and Ultron look similiar, especially the head. And Ultron's attack comes immediately afterward.
      • They look similar because Ultron's head was designed to look like an ant's head and Annihilus is an insectoid. (And because that's how they look in the comics.) But I don't think this is possible for one main reason: Annihilus is a creature of chaos and disorder, and Ultron seeks to eliminate chaos, disorder, and imperfection. They just wouldn't mix. Annihilus is just the ruler of the Negative Zone and didn't like earthlings encroaching on his turf.
      • The Chaotic personality was one of the reasons I made the guess. I thought he might have been one of Ultron's creations, but some glitch or something made him everything Ultron hated, chaotic and such, so he was banished to the negative zone. The Avengers didn't know where he came from and could only guess. Also, the heads do look far too similiar for me, they have the same jaws, and the same antennae (Despite being based off a bug's head, I don't get why they were exactly the same, where they both based off ants?),they even have the same plasma-ish stuff coming from their mouths.
      • Annihilus isn't a robot. He's an insect-like alien.

Annihilus is the Lord of the Bottomless Pit.

From Revelations. Aka Abaddon, aka Apollyon. Commands a legion of alien locusts.

Blizzard, Whirlwind, and Radioactive Man are all still alive.

We saw the insect swarm push Blizzard to the groud and dogpile him. But Blizzard's costume must be pretty well insulated for him to use his powers and not be bodily affected by them. Maybe the swarm hadn't gotten to the man inside the costume before Annihilus lost control and the insects turned on him. Likewise, we saw Whirlwind get carried away by the swarm. But Whirlwind can fly, and once again, once Annihilus lost control, Whirlwind could have broken free and escaped. Finally, we saw Radioactive Man fall... but not land. And if there's no body...

  • It's possible that Blizzard survived, but they never showed him again and the Annihilation bugs can chew through solid metal, so I don't think his suit will be much of a problem. And even though Annihilus was controlling them, that doesn't mean that they would let their captives go; they're like the Mindless Ones, they live to destroy, and Annihilus was just controlling them to do his bidding.

Surtur will be defeated shortly before the season ends.
Okay, so it may turn out that Galactus is the true final villain. To make up for this, he will be the second to last guy defeated with the most agonising Karmic Death they can get away with.
  • Just for laughs.... We'll get the requisite set-up for the non-existent Season 3 with Surtur showing up at the end.....only to be defeated by the combined Avengers team in a most conclusive manner.

We'll see one major plot point (or perhaps more) left unresolved due to being Screwed by the Network.
This won't be the fault of the writers per say, but it's just something that happens with the shows that get screwed over.
  • The series isn't going to end, the rumors of season 2 ending the series are false. Created by fans, not the creators.
    • As much as we would like it not to, it is. Agent X of Marvel has confirmed it; they're focusing their efforts on the new show now, not this one. At any rate, it'll probably be the Surtur storyline that never gets resolved; Yost and Fine said that if they did do a third season it would be the "magic season", so they were probably setting the stage to have Surtur as a Big Bad in that, like they did with the Skrulls in season 1.
    • Sadly, Surtur is a Karma Houdini, and Amora is now unrescued.

The New Avengers
will get their own intro speech.I know this won't happen, but I decided to share the one I came up with, because it would feel really inappropriate to shill the Big Three and the Hulk at the beginning of an episode about one of Avengers' offshoots.
Nick Fury: And there came a day unlike any other, when Earth's Mightiest Heroes got trapped in another dimension, and their followers found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the New Avengers were born. The amazing Spider-Man, War Machine, an armored colonel, The Thing, with the strength of 1000 men, and Wolverine, the first New Avenger!
Just like the real season 2 intro, the two biggest big-screen moneymakers got top billing, and the oldest superhero got called "the first" for no other obvious reason.
  • Jossed. They do get their own intro screen at the end though.

Maria Hill obfuscated stupidity when she accused Hulk of Red Hulk's rampage.
I don't know if Nick Fury told her the Avengers have an infiltrator, but if he did, then she could have pretended to get the Hulks confused because she knew a Skrull would react differently than a normal Avenger would to the possibility of a teammate getting jailed.Alternatively, she planned to hold Hulk hostage until Iron Man registered.

Season 3 guesses
Ok, so with Avengers Assemble coming out next year, we probably won't get a season 3, but I saw something like this on the Transformers: Animated WMG, and this is Wild Guesses. So put any guesses for the (currently) nonexistent season 3 right here.
  • The show will get risque and actually do the "Yellowjacket goes crazy, builds a robot for him to destroy, and Hank Pym enacts his Never Live It Down moment", and it will be called Break and Build. However, with the help of some good writing, they'll actually manage to make it non-infamous. There will still be traces of Yellow jacket, but in a moment of clarity through My God, What Have I Done?, Hank Pym will reemerge the dominant personality and stay the dominant personality. This leads to my next plot point several episodes later in the season,
    • Hank does go crazy and ends the series in his Yellowjacket persona. He doesn't create a phony antagonist, but he does fake his own death and run around pretending to kill supervillains. No domestic abuse though, so progress?
  • The wedding of the Yellow Jacket and the Wasp. A rare boys wedding episode, but like all great weddings, it gets wrecked by a super villain. After their fight against the villain, and of course discussing if they can make their views of the avengers/life/fighting work with each other, the wedding will finish with the two as the team's only Official Couple. This will be immediately followed by..
  • Who are the Thunderbolts?: Hank Pym requests time off from the avengers for a secret government project he's been working on. Wasp, curious to know what has Hank leaving AGAIN, follows him with Stark's blessing due to his unease that "Yellowjacket" might reemerge in the time off. To her surprise, Wasp finds out that Hank has agreed to become the probation officer for the S.H.I.E.L.D./Government super villain team The Thunderbolts. Wasp is crazy argumentative saying that there's no way villains could make a Heel–Face Turn, leading to them separating in a huff due to that difference. The Thunderbolts start operating, and at first, there is much suspicion regarding the group's sincerity. Captain America in particular is suspicious that Hank allowed Baron Zemo to be a member (as a Mythology Gag to the original Thunderbolt Comic). In the end, the Thunderbolts do revolt, but some of them turn on Zemo, declaring their intention to become real heroes eventually, and with the Avengers's timely help (now seeing that Hank was partially right), the rebel thunderbolts are sent back to 42 and Hydra Base, while the true blue heroes start training "new recruits" in their own anti-heroic way.
  • Ragnarok. The season finale. After a seasonsworth of fighting, growing and changing, the avengers face Surtur, utilizing all the important plot points from the WMG above with Executioner fighting with them, Surtur recruiting some old villains, a great war of magic taking place, and as this is the true series finale, there will actually be some Killed Off for Real moments. A 3 or 4 parter for increased epicness and greater sacrifice.
  • Think! With a guest appearance from the Fantastic Four, the avengers attempt to capture the Mad Thinker.
  • Post more if you have ideas as well.
  • Squirrel Girl will eventually join the Avengers!
    • Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks that would be awesome.
  • Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver will be introduced, with the later two eventually joining the Avengers.
    • Dr. Strange will appear in at least one episode and will later help the Avengers to fight Surtur.
    • Doctor Doom will play a larger role throughout the season and will help fight Surtur.
    • The Superhero Registration Act will start, leading into a DTV movie about Civil War.
      • Alternatively, it'll become another arc in the season, paying off at the season finale. Unlike the original Civil War comic, it won't end in a needless superhero vs. superhero battle that destroys half of New York, or with Captain America surrendering to hammer home an anvilicious aesop. Instead, Cap & Iron Man drop the conflict when a larger threat, namely Surtur, shows up and forces the two sides to set aside their differences to stop the villain. Early on in the arc, Thor even leaves the Avengers, not impressed with the petty squabbling that really won't help against Surtur, thus making his return at the climax of the finale that much more satisfying. The arc (and season) ends with the SRA being repealed, Cap & Iron Man mending their formerly broken friendship, and the world safer once again.
    • Spider-Man will team up with a few other Avengers to take down the Doc Ock and the Sinister Six, similarly to the "Ends of the Earth" storyline.
      • He'll even become an Avenger when it's all said and done, though he won't show up in every episode.
    • Falcon and Mockingbird will actually join the Avengers.
    • The Mandarin will officially appear as an antagonist.
    • The Executioner will help fight Surtur and will make a heroic sacrifice to save Amora.
    • Surtur chooses the Grim Reaper as another thrall and gives him the necromancer powers from the comics, even furthering his awesomeness.
    • Deadpool will show up in at least one episode and will confuse everyone with his fourth-wall breaking ways.
    • Ultron will disguise as Crimson Cowl and assemble some former Masters of evil alongside new members as a new version of the team. When Zemo finds about this, he will assemble the remaining former members and more new ones as his own Masters of Evil. The teams will face each other until they find they goals match and the teams will merge into a Heroes Unlimited, I mean "Villains Unlimited" version of the Masters of Evil that will destroy the Avengers mansion.
    • Dormammu will appear as one of the main antagonists. Avengers will face Dormammu in epic 3 or 4 parter storyline during the middle of the season, similar how they faced the Skrulls in the middle of the season 2.
    • HYDRA will return, with Madame Viper as their new leader and HYDRA under Viper's control will be more effective and dangerous than it was under Strucker's control. HYDRA will play a large role throughout the season and might possibly help fight Surtur or Dormammu
    • There will be a storyline where Avengers will travel into Bad Future Alternate Universe, where one of their greatest enemies managed to take over the world and turned it into a living nightmare, similar to TMNT 2003 episode "Same As It Never Was". It may be Baron Strucker, who in that reality managed to get Cosmic Cube and wished that the world would belong to HYDRA, it could also be The Leader who managed to turn entire population of Earth into gamma creatures or it could be Red Skull who took over the world and turned it into hellhole or it could be Ultron, who wiped out most of the life on Earth and replaced it with his robots, but some humans survived and now are leading resistance against Ultron.
      • This storyline could be a good way to have the Avengers confront The Ultimates, who basically become expies for the Justice Lords from Justice League. In the alternate world, the Avengers became the Ultimates and rule Earth under a militaristic iron fist.
    • The Hand will appear in the season and will ally themselves with HYDRA.
      • In the episode(s) they appear in, Daredevil and Elektra will show up to help fight the Hand.
    • There will be crossovers with Ultimate Spider-Man and The Super Hero Squad Show.
      • Maybe not a direct crossover, but it'll be more of a wink-and-nod, with Hulk probably watching the two shows on TV or something.
    • Wonder Man will return and join the Avengers.
      • And the name of his episode will be titled Miracle for the miracle that through Heroic Willpower, Simon Williams managed to reform his body, and with the help of stark, get back to a semi-human form, finally patching up their differences.
    • Surtur will choose the Red Hulk, Baron Strucker, few of The Masters Of Evil, Absorbing Man, Graviton, Klaw and few other villains as his servants and will grant them incredibly deadly powers.
  • Agent Phil Coulson will appear to ask the Avengers for assistance against a rogue HYDRA sect in one episode, and become a recurring character.
    • Adding to this, Coulson's fanboy love of Captain America will definitely be a part of his portrayal here, leading to some hilarious moments.
  • The X-Men will appear for a short arc, maybe setting up an Avengers vs. X-Men story arc for a DTV release.
  • There will be a story arc where Captain America is feared dead after a mission where he heroically sacrifices himself to save some lives, leading to Bucky wielding the Mighty Shield for a few episodes.
    • For added Mythology Gag fun, we'll get several attempts by the US Government to replace Cap, including a man by the name of John Walker, and even a guy who's devoted to Captain America to a point where he's made himself look like Capnote . The aforementioned guy ends up getting manipulated by an escaped Red Skull, and Bucky (as the new Captain America), along with the Avengers, must try to stop him.
  • Norman Osborn will show up and try to get the public's approval by donning the Iron Patriot armor to discredit the Avengers in one episode. He's foiled, but promises to return with some allies, leading to a return episode with the Dark Avengers taking on our heroes.
  • Mirroring the comics, Ms. Marvel gets a "promotion" and becomes Captain Marvel, getting a new costume as well.
  • We'll get a "Secret Wars" episode with the Beyonder pulling both the Avengers and Masters of Evil to another world to fight an ultimate battle.
  • Aside from Coulson (mentioned above), more familiar S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will make appearances too, including: Sharon Carter (who gets into a romantic relationship with Captain America), Gabe Jones, Jasper Sitwell, Tony Masters (who can make a Face–Heel Turn and become the Taskmaster) among others.
  • She-Hulk will appear. Maybe, we'll first see her as just regular Jennifer Walters, and then later we'll finally see her as the She-Hulk, who'll help out the Avengers.
  • Tony's anti-weapon beliefs will come into question, prompting a Whole Episode Flashback about how he and Rhodey became Iron Man and War Machine. (Not every kid in the audience might have gotten permission to watch the Iron Man movies. Plus, Iron Man 2 haters can get a different take on War Machine's origin.)
  • Madame Viper might pull Heel–Face Turn, considering the amount of tension between her and Captain America in episodes she appears in and considering that she is a lot less homicidal and Ax-Crazy than in the comics. She will form Enemy Mine with Captain America again and will work together to stop Dormammu. When Dormammu tries to kill her, Captain America shows up and saves her. After they defeat Dormammu, Viper will try to kill Cap, but she would not be able to go throught with that even though she has a perfect opportunity to finish Cap. From that point onward Viper will be more hesitant to kill Cap in her future episodes. Near the end of the season, Cap will defeat HYDRA, but Viper will escape. In the finale, Surtur will enslave her and she will battle with Cap, but Cap will free her from his control. After all these times where Cap saved her life and the fact that he is willing to risk his life for her, even though they are enemies, Viper will abandon her hate of superheroes and will join Cap in the final battle with Surtur and will finally pull a Heel–Face Turn. She could either make a Heroic Sacrifice Redemption Equals Death where she will save Cap's life and will sacrifice herself to stop Surtur and will tell Cap that she is thankful that he saved her life several times and is the only person that showed compassion to her or she could stay alive and in the end of the series she might share kiss with Cap. Her backstory will also be revealed and we will also find out how she got scars on her face and how she came to hate superheroes. I'm not familiar with Viper's backstory in the comics so i might be missing something. This idea might sound a little stupid, but i think it would be great to see it.
  • Ghost Rider will appear in few episodes
  • Continuing Madame Viper and HYDRA theory i wrote above, Madame Viper will unite the East East Coast criminal organizations and will take control of all organized crime on the East Coast. She will ally herself with The Hand and will take control of Maggia, A.I.M and Kingpin's organization, with Count Nefaria and The Kingpin as her employees. After HYDRA is defeated and with Madame Viper gone, where will be story arc where The Hand, Maggia, A.I.M, Kingpin's organization and HYDRA remnants will go into war, fighting for control of what's left of Viper's criminal empire. This story arc will be 3 or 4 parter and will end with defeat of all factions and with their leaders arrested. It would be cool to see Avengers fighting against organized crime.
  • The Kree could return, a splinter faction led by the Accuser who wants to avenge his defeat at these "Inferior" creatures. Sydren and Abigail Brand would stop them. Or, conversely, the Skrulls could escape confinement, with help from more Skrulls from other worlds, and SWORD could stand against them. Perhaps some of Bland's past and origins could be reveals.
  • The Punisher will show up in one episode, butting heads with the Avengers for his no-holds barred approach to fighting crime. Ultimately, the Avengers team up with Punisher to take down the Kingpin. At the end of the episode, Iron Man is none too happy about Punisher's attitude and angrily tells him off.
  • We'll have a DTV release that adapts the "Avengers Forever" maxi-series.
  • The series will adapt "Acts Of Vengeance" storyline
  • Since The Avengers movie is so popular and successful, there will be an episode or two there Avengers will have the same roster as in the movie and will fight one of the villains, who has assembled group of powerful creatures, similar how Loki commanded Chitauri in the movie, or alternatively rest of the Avengers will get captured by one of their villains, so the Big Three, Hulk and Hawkeye will need assistance of Black Widow to rescue them, forming the movie roster in this show, at least for one or two episodes.
    • This will feature a shoutout to Hulk's "Puny God" moment featuring the big green rage-monster defeating the lead villain in a similar manner.
  • Thanos will show up to menace our heroes in one storyline that could adapt both Infinity Gauntlet (story of stopping Thanos from getting all six Infinity Gems) and Infinity War (the heroes fighting evil doppelgangers of themselves).
  • Bruce Banner's Devil Hulk personality will appear at some point.
  • Nightmare will show up in one episode.
  • Where will be Christmas Episode, showing how each of the Avengers members spend Christmas
  • Iron Man equips the Destroyer armor with repulsor beams and jets, so he can use it to help fight Surtur. (and give "Powerless!" a purpose)
  • An episode with Kang would have led the team to discover a team of teenage heroes operating in the future as the Young Avengers. (Bonus points for one of the members, Cassie Lang, actually appearing in a season 2 episode.)

Avengers Assemble will be a continuation of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
It will take place after a time skip, and some members of the team had left (Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, Ant-Man, Wasp), while others have joined (Falcon, Black Widow)
  • Explanations for why the aforementioned members left: Black Panther probably returned to watch over Wakanda, Ms. Marvel returned to her duties with SWORD, and Ant-Man & Wasp left the team to patch up their relationship.
  • And what about Vision? Any good explanation for why there's no robot on the team? And don't you dare say "He got blown up"!
    • As cliche as it is, he probably went on a vision quest (pun intended?) to find out more about his own "humanity".

Since Avengers Assemble is likely a sequel series, we'll see a conclusion to the Surtur plotline.
  • They'd better do this!

The real Maria Hill didn't order the Hulk's arrest.
Rather, her Life Model Decoy did. How smart are they usually compared to real people?
The events of the second season of Wolverine and the X-Men took place off screen.
Although the series was canceled, the events ran their course as if it had never been canceled. In other words, the battle against Apocalypse, was off-screen.

Deadpool is dead.

Originally it had planned that Deadpool died in the second season of wolverine and the x-men, but as the series was canceled, his death occurred off-screen.

Yost timeline
  • Hulk vs. Wolverine takes place between The Deadliest Man Alive and Avengers Assemble! due to Professor Thortan showing up alive in Behold...The Vision! and the Hulk not being part of the Avengers.
  • Wolverine and the X-Men (2009) takes place after Earth's Mightiest Heroes due to the Kang timeline, which was replaced with Sentinel timeline after Operation Galactic Storm.
  • Hulk vs. Thor takes place between Some Assembly Required and Gamma World due to Loki being free and the Hulk not being part of the Avengers.
    • Except that Loki was imprisoned in Hel at the end, and Thor did not recognize Hulk during the battle. I think that "Hulk vs Thor" just actually isn't in the same universe as the rest.
      • While I don't think Hulk Vs. Thor is canon, he did indeed know Hulk in that short and even called him "Dr. Banner" in trying to reason with him.

There was no plan for a Civil War storyline
Because that plot was poorly received and didn't even look good on paper with the established characters in the Marvel universe, I seriously the writers had any plans of adapting it, and even then, it still doesn't look like it had much potential beyond just having a straight up fight that's even if we could get characters that would believably fight to support the SHRA.
  • On the other hand, it could so something like Superman Vs the Elite/What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way, and instead introduce new heroes, either from the Marvel U or Canon Foreigner types, apposing the Avengers, who all side against it, and basically show why the idea was stupid and ill conceived in the first place.

"My Dinner with HYDRA" is All Just a Dream
This comic shows Hawkeye and Black Widow saving San Francisco from HYDRA together, and then going on a date. You can't assume this comic takes place before Widow's betrayal, as she refers to the HYDRA agents as her "old friends," and she and Hawkeye nearly consider leaving another mission to Captain America. However, the two of them didn't finish making amends until after HYDRA's downfall.

The New Avengers have more than six members
Another possible explanation as to why the Avengers treat Black Widow as one of their own in the comic books. Maybe she (and other possible members seen in "Avengers Assemble" like Winter Soldier, Ant-Man II, and the other three members of the Fantastic Four) had other things to do during Kang's last invasion.

The Kree Empire will either fall or return to conquest
At the end of "Live Kree or Die", Captain Marvel killed the Supreme Intelligence, but then regreted that his action will cause the end of the Kree empire. The armies will break up, there will be chaos, rebellions, civil wars... and Captain America tells him that there is another option: to became their new leader, to show them that there is another way, other than conquest. Maybe there is a future for the Kree without the Supreme Intelligence...

...or maybe not. Marvell was already a wanted traitor. What will happen to him now? Execution is to say very little. And the Kree? The destruction of the Supreme Intelligence was a revolutionary act, comparable to the beheading of Louis XVI during the French Revolution. Or even more than that: the nobles have reserves and may always find someone else to make an absolut monarch, but surely the Kree will not be able to repair such a complex thing as the Supreme Intelligence, much less build a new one.

Option 1: Without their ruler, without his centralized authority, the Kree will fall into anarchy and civil war. Each system, planet, and regions of planets will want to be the one in command, and in the end a once unified Empire will get divided into a lot of minor units waging war among themselves. The Kree would not change their lifestyle from one day to the other, and switching from one system of government to another is not an easy thing. In the long run, we got an Inferred Holocaust.

Option 2: A strong and ruthless leader prevents the destruction of the Kree empire by uniting the minor units back into the big one. Which of course won't be achieved by a pacifist, but by a strong and ruthless leader, capable to lead people and submit opposition into obedience... someone like Ronan. In the long run, the Kree will still be a menace to Earth.

Maria Hill knew that The Red Hulk and The Hulk were the same person and used it as an opportunity to arrest The Hulk and separate him from the Avengers

There was more than one Skrull on the team.
I know that it's totally unlikely, but, come on. The concept that one of them was a pretender the whole time is pretty cool.

There is an in-universe reason for the series being axed.
And that reason is that the universe was consumed by Darkness, and most of the Avengers fell trying to fight it. Only the core members, some of the other heroes, and a few villains even survived: everyone else is either dead or a Heartless. (Hey, it's called WILD Mass Guessing for a reason.)