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Heartwarming / The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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From the cartoon:

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    Season 1 
  • Wasp fighting by Hulk's side.
    Hulk: You're helping me?
    Wasp: Yeah. Now hit him!
    (Hulk looks bewildered for a second, then grins and gets back to asskicking)
  • Just after the climactic battle, Thor calls for a Group Hug, with Iron Man, Ant-Man, and... Hulk. With each wearing an adorable bewildered look on his face. Also a Funny Moment.
  • Moments later Tony defends Hulk from S.H.I.E.L.D. and the "Hulk Busters". It takes about three seconds before the others join him.
  • Hulk and Wasp's relationship in general is quite touching, with her being one of the few people who's unconditionally nice to him, even when he's in a bad mood, which given it's Hulk is almost always. For his part, despite his grumpiness, he's far more civil to her than anyone save Hawkeye, even enjoying a carefree day at the pool with both of them.

Some Assembly Required

  • Wasp is shown to be one of the few people to be nice to The Hulk, even when he's being grumpy. When he's gone AWOL, and gets in a fist-fight with Thor, she of all people is the first one to try and talk him down. ...and best of all? Up until Thor clobbers him, it actually seemed to be working.

Living Legend

  • Tony Stark tells Steve Rogers of the ways Steve's adventures as Captain America inspired the current generation of crimefighters. He also gives him a memento of the past.
    Tony: I found something. I want you to have it.
    (Tony hands Steve a picture of Captain America and Bucky with Tony's father)
    Steve: Howard Stark!
    Tony: My father. He looked up to you so much. We all did. We all do.
    Steve: That was a long time ago. Thank you for the photo, Tony. It's actually all I have now.
    Tony: That's not true. You saved our lives today. Zemo and Arnim Zola are still out there. You have a place here, Steve. With the Avengers.
    Steve: I'd be honored!
    (Tony and Steve shake hands)

Everything Is Wonderful

  • Nick Fury returns Captain America's motorcycle to him, and recalls the inspiration he felt whenever his father told stories about Cap.

Gamma World

  • After Hawkeye refuses Tony's offer to join up and walks off:
    Thor: And what of you? Will you walk away, as well? You are indeed a noble warrior, Hulk—one who has saved the Avengers and now helped save the world. I would trust you with my life. Will you trust us?
    Hulk: Uh... I'll stay if Cupid stays.


  • After Giant Man has just protected Wasp from the Kree drone.
    Giant Man: (Struggling to stay conscious) Stop...the bomb...only thing that...matters...Jan...I lo..."
    *cue CMOF later when she asks him to finish the sentence*
  • Before Captain Mar-Vell leaves to convince the other Kree of Earth's value, Wasp thanks him for his help in protecting the Earth, assuring Mar-Vell that she no longer distrusts him.

The Man Who Stole Tomorrow

  • Kang takes the Avengers to the Bad Future and explains that it's Cap's fault. To prevent it, Kang intends to kill Cap and conquer present-day Earth. Cap offers to stand down rather than let Earth suffer. Course, while Iron Man agrees that Kang makes some good points, he also thinks he's being a jerk about it and orders the team to take him down.

The Kang Dynasty

  • This part:
    Thor blocks the Damocles' laser and starts falling from the sky
    Wasp: Thor!
    Hulk: *smiles* Goldilocks is tough. He'll make it.
  • This exchange between Iron Man and Cap following the war:
    Iron Man: I pride myself on my intelligence, my tech. I think of myself as a futurist.
    (Tony unmasks himself)
    Tony Stark: But to someone like Kang, I'm living in the past, just like you.
    Captain America: The past isn't so bad, but the future, that's what we're fighting for.

Widow's Sting

  • When Black Panther and Captain America offer to help Hawkeye catch Black Widow, Panther says he knows that backup can prove important even in personal pursuits. This shows the lessons he learned about teamwork in "Panther's Quest" hadn't gone to waste.
  • During a later battle, Hawkeye gets the perfect opportunity to shoot Black Widow. However, he quickly notices Madame Viper has Mockingbird at gunpoint, and uses his arrow to make Madame Viper lose her gun instead.
  • Once you find out Black Widow's true allegiance, go back and watch the part where she restores Hawkeye's energy after it gets stolen by Baron Strucker.
    I am sorry, Clint.

Hail, HYDRA!

  • Hulk distrusts Captain America because it seems like Captain America paired himself with Hulk due to the fact that Hulk's more liable to hurt people, but Cap assures Hulk otherwise.
    Cap: In my day we had a name for people like you.
    Hulk: Yeah? What's that?
    Cap: Hero. I've been watching you Hulk. No matter how scared people are of you, no matter how you're hounded, you always do the right thing. And that makes you a hero in my book.
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye's goodbye is this as well as a slight Tear Jerker, ending in the pair sharing a kiss goodbye.
  • At the end, it's unclear who touched the Cosmic Cube at first, but it is implied that Cap did, considering he wouldn't "change anything". Except one thing...that Bucky survived the rocket. Might not have turned out as well as Bucky and Cap would've hoped considering Bucky is captured and brainwashed by the Red Skull into becoming Winter Soldier as a result. Still, it's sweet if you consider the fact that Bucky is so important to Cap, that he would go so far as to change reality to bring him back.


  • The entire fact Pym had hard wired it so Ultron COULD NOT HURT Wasp, is pretty heartwarming. Let's put that in perspective. Ultron can kill his 'father' and 'erase' Thor but he can't lay a finger on Wasp. Until "The Ultron Imperative," where he has no such qualms...
    • It's more heartwarming toward Hank then Ultron. He loves Janet so much that even something not intended to fight the Avengers is hard coded to never, ever, hurt Wasp even to the point of killing him over hurting Wasp. Also a bit of Fridge Brilliance, if Hank ever went bad Ultron is hard codded to stop him to protect Janet.
    • Another way to look at it is this; Ultron's brain is based off of Hank's, and Hank loves Jan so much that it carried over into Ultron. Hank didn't even have to program it in.

The Ultron Imperative

  • Tony wanting to defend Hank and absolve him of his guilt, admitting his own selfishness with Ultron, doing research, and even posing the theory that the reason Ultron went bad was because of something that happened interfacing with Kang's technology (quite reasonable). What makes it even more heartwarming was how this compares to their initial relationship and how when the team was founded, they were the two people butting heads the most. Only goes to show how Tony's grown as a leader and a friend.
  • Wasp congratulating Ant-Man for using science to defeat Ultron. Shame that Maria Hill had to ruin it by pointing out Ant-Man's role in Ultron's creation.

The Fall of Asgard

  • Hank confessing his love for Janet. (She's unconscious at the time, but still.)

A Day Unlike Any Other

  • To rejoin the others, Cap has to make a deal with Hela. She offers him exit from her realm in return for his soul should he die during the battle. Cap accepts without question in order to help his team.
  • Once the day is saved and everyone gathers in the throne room:
    Odin: My son, you return to Asgard in its time of need. You have freed us.
    Thor: No, Father, I have not. I myself was freed by the Avengers.
    Odin: Mere mortals?
    Thor: These mortals just saved all the Nine Realms. They deserve our respect. (kneels before the team) Avengers, I thank thee. Truly I am honored to count myself among you.
    Odin: (smiles) You have the thanks of Asgard, mortals. You have our respect. To the mightiest heroes in the Nine Realms! Hail Avengers!
    (the Asgardians begin chanting "Hail Avengers!")
    Iron Man: Not too bad, team.
    Captain America: Not too bad yourself, Iron Man.

     Season 2 
Alone Against AIM
  • The scenes between Pepper and Tony are cute. When Pepper asks for a raise after she takes down the Scientist Supreme, Tony doesn't think twice. She even leans into him in relief while he gives a sweet smile. If that's not a Ship Tease, what is?

Acts of Vengeance

  • It's subtle, but Zemo talks about how Iron Man would betray him to The Enchantress, when Captain America would allow him to live. Yet what does Iron Man do when he hears how Zemo left Dynamo for a delaying maneuver? He immediately orders the team to set up the trap, watch their enemies, and then tells Hawkeye that they're going to save the Crimson Dynamo. For all the talk of Stark's pragmatism and tough dealings, Tony gets time to show his more compassionate stripes in saving Dynamo to help defeat Amora. This stands in contrast to Skrull Captain America being willing to let Zemo die.
  • Black Panther makes it clear that much of their victory was because of Wonder Man and both his Heel–Face Turn and his Heroic Sacrifice. Panther may be The Stoic, but he does take the time to honor true heroes, even those who were former enemies.

To Steal an Ant-Man

  • Scott Lang only stole the Ant-Man gear and carried out the thefts in order to pay off gangsters holding his little girl hostage.
  • In the end, Hank and the others comment that Scott will make a fine hero.

Michael Korvac

Who Do You Trust?

  • Cap preventing the rest of the Avengers from breaking up after the revelation about the Skrulls shattered the team, showing the leadership that comics fans expect from him. It's especially touching because the remaining Avengers are the ones who are most emotionally invested in the team. Subverted because Cap was the Skrull infiltrator in the first place, and he's only keeping them together so he can spy on them.
  • Hulk siding with Hawkeye after Hawkeye is accused of being the Skrull infiltrator.
  • Hulk explaining that he will stay an Avenger to uphold the promise he made at the end of "Gamma World." ("I'll stay if Cupid stays.")

The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

  • It's not a superior display of force that causes Beta Ray Bill to back down, it's Odin's Papa Wolf tendencies and the father-son bond that Odin and Thor share.
  • Sif's offer to accompany Beta Ray Bill on his travels in order to aid his people, his grateful refusal and the way he calls Thor "brother". Really, the entire ending scene (except for the bit with Surtur).
  • Thor reaching out to Amora and genuinely wanting to help her. They may be enemies, but he knows she doesn't deserve what's befallen her.

Nightmare in Red

  • This exchange between Red Hulk and Hulk.
    "You've lost, you hear me? You're nothing!"
    "You're wrong! I'm an Avenger!"

Prisoner of War

  • Captain America jumping out of the shuttle to save Madame Viper from Super Skrull.
    Henry Gyrich: Is he insane? What's he doing?
    Mockingbird: He's being Captain America!
  • The dynamic between Captain America and Madame Viper. Captain America and Madame Viper are enemies, but he cares for her, is willing to save her from Super Skrull, won't harm her even though she tried to attack him, and thanks her when she repays the favor by saving his life. The moment which stood out in their interactions is when Cap shows genuine concern for Viper, when he asks what happened to her when he saw scars on her face, it is nice to see Captain America showing compassion and concern for the villain.

Along Came a Spider

  • Jameson is publishing news deriding Cap as a traitor to humanity and riling up folks against him. Tony takes it upon himself to go to Jameson's office and confront him about it, and later, when a crowd throws things at Cap, again, Tony reacts with unhidden anger even when Cap himself basically ignores it. Tony wears his emotions closer to his sleeve than Cap and just can't control wanting to do anything he can to protect his teammate.
  • After warning him that they may have trouble soon:
    Spider-Man: Cap, why aren't you defending yourself? The news is all over you. Everyone thinks it was you.
    Captain America: They say worse things about you.
    Spider-Man: Yeah, and it's horrible! How could you be so... so not upset about this?
    Captain America: I know who you are. I talked to the police, the firemen, the people that you helped — and I heard their stories about how you saved lives; how you never asked for recognition or reward or even thanks. It doesn't matter what the newspapers say or the politicians or the whole world. They don't define who you are, you do — and not by your words, but by your actions. The truth will come out, but until then, I'm going to keep fighting just like you do.
    Spider-Man: (awed) Can I be your sidekick?
  • The day after Cap and Spidey save the victims of the subway accident, Spidey finds an unpleasant headline in The Daily Bugle, so Cap consoles him.
    Spider-Man: "Captain America saves New York from Spider-Man and the Serpent Society"?! Are you kidding me?
    Captain America: The people you saved know the truth. I know the truth. And the truth always comes out.
  • After the dubbed version of this episode leaked online, Josh Keaton made a rather touching reminder for fans not to overreact to Drake Bell replacing him.
    ...don't jump all over Drake for this, it had nothing to with him. He's an actor doing a job and collecting a paycheck just like me. As someone who faced my own share of disapproval early on from CDB fans, I know that it can be tough to be the new guy. He's out there doing his thing and I respect that. And no, I won't punch him.
  • Keaton also thanks his fans for continuing to express their love of his treatment of Spidey, even if they might have picked some unfair-sounding ways of expressing it.

Behold... the Vision!

  • Black Panther admitting that he would have failed to save the Vibranium mines from Vision if not for his "fellow Avengers."

Assault on 42

  • Captain America offering to speak up for every villain who assists against Annihilus. Why is this a CMOH instead of just a deal? Because this is Captain America, you just know if he speaks up for someone, he's not just putting in a good word.
  • Seeing the Abomination show some genuine loyalty to the Leader, stopping mid battle to help him when he asked.

Ultron Unlimited

  • Just before Ms. Marvel and Thor are captured by the robot Avengers, Iron Man told Ms. Marvel that she doesn't do a good enough job on the team, and Thor that he should have never come to Earth. Both of them initially saw this as Tony chastising them, and they both looked rather hurt. While it's mostly a Tear Jerker, both scenes are actually a little heartwarming, in the fact that both heroes take Tony's opinion of them so seriously. Often Tony seems to delegate the leading and inspiring of the team to the Captain. Little does he know they just as often look to him for approval.
  • Captain America going in to save the Vision, despite everyone telling him that the Vision was 'just a machine' and should be left to burn. Gets into Tear Jerker territory when Cap carries the Vision's body to safety, and the damaged android that had been willing to sacrifice himself for the Avengers admits that his definition of 'perfect' is to be 'more human'. Everyone present is visibly moved by the Vision's words and sacrifice, as was this viewer.


  • When Hank finally stopped calling Janet "Wasp", as if he didn't know her, and called her by name again.
  • All of Hank's funeral. Special mention goes out to the fact that characters we've never even seen with Pym (and thus, we don't even know if they knew him) showing up.
  • The Avengers trying to find their old comrade's "killer" was pretty heartwarming. Especially Wasp, who took a SERIOUS level in badass, showing how much she really loved him.
  • Wasp asking Tony to let Hank/Yellowjacket back on the team, stating how they and her don't just want him back, they need him back. The best part? Tony accepts.

Emperor Stark

  • It might just be this troper, but there was something heartwarming to see the Vision refuse to fight Captain America. An android whose only been around a short time and known the Captain only a few days, he still knew Steve was such a good person that his current acts were incredibly out of character. And in a nice bit of symetry, the Vision frees Cap from the Purple Man's control using the footage of Cap inspiring the Vision to break free of Ultron's control. Take a Humanity Point Vision. You've earned it.
  • What does it take to break the Purple Man's hold on most of the Avengers, the fear that one of them might've been hurt. Worse, because of them. When Carol thinks Cap and Hawkeye are killed, she breaks free. When Tony is about to kill Steve, he ends up getting a hold of himself long enough to shut the Purple Man out. This shows how much the team cares for each other, that they're considered close friends.
  • The final scene, where Tony is despondent that he was unable to fight Purple Man's brainwashing and briefly conquered the world under his influence. Steve reassures him:
    Steve: I know you believe in the future, but I believe in people, and I choose to believe in you, Iron Man.

Code Red

  • Winter Soldier injecting Cap with the antidote starts out as a CMOA. It becomes heartwarming a minute later, when Red Skull is about to execute him, and he just stands idly. Bucky can be so brainwashed that he won't resist his master about to kill him, but there is no amount of brainwashing enough to get him to kill Cap.

The Winter Soldier

  • When Cap and Winter Soldier are pursuing Red Skull, Bucky gets wounded and when Cap comes back to help him, he asks, "What are doing? Go after him!" Cap's response calls back to the episode in which Bucky died: "Not without you, partner; the world needs Bucky too."
  • At the end after defeating Red Skull and his Giant Mecha, Cap and Winter Soldier give their parting words to each other from across the Washington Monument pool and over the com-link. Winter Soldier says that he should leave to try piecing his life back together, an explosion goes off and he escapes from Cap. As Steve turns to go he says: "I hope you find what you're looking for, soldier." He then hears on the intercom: "10/4, Cap. Bucky out." This was the first and only time that Winter Soldier willingly referred to himself as Bucky. After hearing it, Cap turned and smiled.

The Deadliest Man Alive

  • Hulk is acting angrier than ever before. The first time Banner encounters Cap, he sullenly says "Hey, cap. My surrender worked out great, didn't it?" and hulks out. He then spends a good portion of his time on screen howling about betrayal and doing his best to smash Cap, which is revealed to be caused by a mind-controlling implant activated by the Red Hulk. During a brainwashing-induced rampage, Wasp fries the mind-control-cyber-dealie-thing off of the Hulk's neck. Hulk collapses, then looks up at Cap, who he hasn't seen clearly since Skrull!Cap convinced him to surrender to the Hulkbusters and says:
    It …wasn't …you. You didn't betray me, did you?
    • Made all the more heartwarming by the fact that there was no way for Hulk to have known about Skrull-Cap; he was in solitary confinement before the truth was revealed, and the Cap made no effort to explain why he shouldn't take the blame. Hulk figured it out based solely on the fact that it was totally out of character for Cap to put him through what he went through.
  • For that matter, the Cap's solo rescue mission to save Banner, which involved sneaking into an underwater base, disabling the security cameras (presumably using some of Tony's tech), and breaking all kinds of laws by freeing a Shield prisoner, starkly out of character for his extremely lawful persona.
  • And there's the fact that Wasp stowed away (somehow) to help him save Banner, after being called out by the Cap for abandoning him.
    • He got her right where it was important: he called her out on giving up on someone, when she's the one who never gave up on Yellowjacket/Hank Pym. And she rightly makes up for her mistake by being the one to destroy the implant in Hulk's skull.
  • Cap manages to calm Hulk down when he's about to smash the trapped Ross into a paste with this speech:
    Captain America: Hulk, we know you're not a monster. Let him go.
    (Hulk calms down, and lowers his arms.)
  • And the friendship speeches at the end.
    • Cap replies to Hulk that he owed him the help he needed.
    • Hawkeye welcomes Hulk back onto the team.
    • While Hulk decides to have some time to clear things out, he lets the Avengers know to call if they need him, because he's their friend.
  • Honestly, we could just label this whole episode a CMOH and have done with it.

New Avengers

  • Watching the New Avengers finally getting their act together is surprisingly heartwarming. Goes to show just how right Iron Man was about them.
    • Also, the fact that Spider-Man was chosen to be the replacement team leader.

Operation Galactic Storm

  • The Earth's in bad shape, a Kree device has opened a wormhole near the Sun that will rip it apart if it isn't destroyed. The only problem is that device is inside the wormhole itself, and the only way to destroy it is to fly inside the wormhole and shoot them all down. Hawkeye claims he can make it, but Captain Marvel points out that even if Hawkeye can make the shot, he'd then be sent into Kree space on the far side of the galaxy with no way home, surrounded by several star systemes worth of aliens that want to kill him and completely alone. The word 'alone' is barely out of Mar-Vell's mouth before Thor speaks up.
    Thor: "Nay! Not alone. I will accompany him."
    Ms. Marvel: "Me too."
    Vision: "As will I."
    Iron Man: "Sounds like we've got a plan."
    • In short order, every Avenger present decides to travel with Hawkeye rather than let him face the unknown alone, even knowing its very likely to be a one-way trip. It's a really touching scene that makes it clear that, even after everything the Skrulls did to try and tear the team apart, the Avengers are True Companions , and that being an Avenger means you're never truly alone.
  • Black Panther's "final" speech to the team.
    I only do now as my father did. I protect Wakanda. But unlike any other Black Panther, I have had the privilege of doing it by your sides as an Avenger.

Avengers Assemble

  • Three days before this episode's US premiere, some of the writers and voice actors released a video thanking everyone who became fans of the show.
  • Captain America's Rousing Speech to the superheroes who come to help the Avengers defeat Galactus. Think about having to endure discrimination, manipulation, and heartbreak on the path to becoming a good crimefighter, yet making it through, and receiving praise like this from a legend.
    You are Earth's mightiest heroes, and I've called you together for one reason: the end of the world is here, and it's our job to stop it. (snip) Each of you are heroes, but today, we are all...Avengers.
  • The final moments after Galactus is defeated:
    Captain America: You wanted to know how history will remember the Avengers, Iron Man? Well, here's your answer.
    (a crowd of civilians begins applauding and cheering the team)

From the comics:

     The Limited Series 
  • The tie-in comic "Courage" has Wasp admit to a gravely injured Captain America, during a battle against a Wendigo, that some fights actually make her feel more scared than she appears. Cap assures her that her willingness to continue fighting makes her a hero despite these fears. After Wasp defeats the monster, Cap uses his last breath to call her the bravest person he knows.

    Marvel Universe 
  • "My Dinner with HYDRA" has Black Widow accept Hawkeye's offer for a date at Dim Sum Delight.
  • "Magneto Walks the Earth" has Wasp give this speech to Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver after they turn against Magneto:
    Wasp: I can only imagine what helping us cost you...but I want you to know. I'm not a mutant, but the Avengers wouldn't care if I was. We're Earth's mightiest heroes, not Earth's mightiest humans. Human, mutant, alien, Asgardian...It doesn't matter. We fight the bad guys, together. And there's room on the team for mutant heroes, too!
  • "The Serpent Crown" continues the Friendly Enemy dynamic between Captain America and Viper. Cap saves Viper twice, from both the snake demon she unleashed and the traitorous King Cobra. In turn, Viper opens up to him about being driven by revenge against those who ruined her life. In the end, it is Captain America's sincere idealism that tames Set where Viper's anger only put the world in danger.
    Captain America: I just wanted to set the world right. She needed to see. . . that's what heroes do.