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The real point of this show was writing out Ant-Man and Wasp from the previous series.
Because they weren't in the movie.
  • Unlikely, since it's said they would show up in this series

The Avengers Mansion will be destroyed
Forcing the team to move into the Avengers Tower.
  • Confirmed.
The reason the team broke up before the series was similar to the 2012 movie, but ended in a major falling out
  • And will be referenced a lot in the series until the team finally overcomes it.

The title characters from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will appear in one episode..
...and will be subsequently voiced by the same people from the aforementioned show.
  • Phil Coulson and FitzSimmons have already appeared in Ultimate Spider-Man, so the animated Marvel Universe just needs to introduce a few more to make this possible.

Namor and Blade will make guest appearances.
Attuma and Dracula will show up as antagonist after all.
  • Confirmed in Dracula's case. Not sure yet for the two others.
This series follows a different continuity than EMH
This series is clearly a different continuity but the creators only say it doesn't so it won't be blamed for EMH's cancellation and they keep flip-floping on that.
  • More or less confirmed.

Ultimate Spider-Man is set not long before this series.
  • At least the episode "Hawkeye" is. Clint just held onto his Avengers ID so he could use it to get his way (such as shutting the cab driver up) if he ever needed it.

Baron Mordo
The skull believing he needs more mystical firepower recruits Baron Mordo

Hulk will be launched into space, leading to the events of Planet Hulk, which then leads into Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
Possibly foreshadowed in Depth Charge, Hulk looses control of his anger and the Avengers are left with no choice but to send him off into deep space. This could be at a time where the Cabal has grown into a massive threat, and the Avengers' become desperate because their strongest member is gone. Hulk returns to Earth sometime afterwords and leaves the Avengers to become a better person on his own.
  • Probably not after Mojo World more or less did the Planet Hulk story.

The second season will try to mimic Marvel Movies' Second Phase
One of the reasons the show was made was to try to follow the style of the Avengers movie. If a second season is ordered it makes sense to think they would introduce elements from the Second Phase of movies. Winter Soldier could easily be introduced as a villain with Captain America, Black Widow, and Falcon trying to stop him (like the upcoming Captain America: Winter Soldier). Tony could make Ultron in this universe or have Tony and Hank Pym create Ultron, like Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Dark Elves could always show up for an episode as well. There might even be a new lineup to match the Avengers sequel lineup.

The legend of Thor's ultimate fate is still true
When he fought the Midgard serpent, Thor said that he was destined to die fighting against it. All the others said "Screw Destiny" and found a third option: reopen the portal and send the serpent back to the realm from where she came. And Thor is still alive... but do not celebrate yet: the serpent has not died, it was sent somewhere else, but still lives. Nothing prevents her from returning some other day, and Thor may indeed die to stop her then. The Avengers have not screwed destiny, it just wasn't the battle the legend talks about.
  • Thor later fights the serpent again, and doesn't die. Maybe he will die to it someday, but it just says he'll fight it to his death, not when he will.

The new HQ's internal structure is made of solid holograms, not real building material.
Would you invite the Hulk to live somewhere that actually cost money to fix? This also makes it possible for Aven-Jet Prime to make its 90-degree launch turn without scattering everything (and everyone) inside: the rooms auto-rotate to stay level.

The Hulk left the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. at the beginning of this series
The spy camera Tony sent after Hulk during the first episode missed the other Hulks and they passed on the chance to join the Avengers because they had another trouble to solve. Hulk only answered the call because he knew Tony would be too proud to ask for help unless it's really necessary. Hulk's cell phone even displayed Red Hulk's picture while ringing one time.

Doctor Doom will hire the cabal
He'll want to become their new leader after Red Skull left. Dracula will seek a "treaty" between Transylvania and Latveria.

Doctor Doom will regain his Diplomatic Impunity
Red Skull and Thanos will become so much of a threat that Doom will be able to get that and perhaps way more in exchange for helping the heroes.

Kamala Khan will play the Spider-Man role in Civil War
It's been confirmed that Kamala will play a major role in Season 3, the same season that is featuring an adaptation of Civil War. She'll likely end up as the hero caught in the middle, similar to Spider-Man in the original comic.

When the Wasp appears, it'll be Hope Van Dyne rather than Janet
Confirmed! She was a team member in season 4.
The shows on Marvel Universe aren't in the same universe, they're in parallel ones...And the Avengers are the defining keystone.
Parallel universes are defined by small changes, in this case, revolving around the first formation and breakup of the Avengers, and the predominance of certain villains.
  • Universe Prime: Avengers Assemble, the Avengers break up at some point, and are called back together.
  • Universe Two: Ultimate Spiderman, the Avengers initiative did not involve the Hulk and was not split apart over a single event, but fell apart slightly as the lack of threats justifying them working together left them focusing on individual crime-fighting. Hulk was not part of the Avengers.
  • Universe Three: Hulk and the agents of SMASH: Avengers do not come back together for a longer time, Hulk was originally part of the Avengers.
  • The Guardians of the Galaxy show is set in it's own universe, with certain differences denying the possibilities of the three above. Supergiant was shown in with her traditional powerset in Avengers Assemble, yet has a (Admittedly more logical considering her name) powerset here. Likewise, The Collector and Ronan are notably different from the versions seen in Spiderman and Hulk's shows.
    • There's good reason to believe they are still the same universe—Ant Man's appearance in Ultimate Spiderman establishes him as a member of the Avengers, which is because of his joining in The Ultron Outbreak. One episode in Ultimate Spiderman, "The Incredible Spider-Hulk" set up the events of Hulk and the Agents of SMASH, the Collector and the Grandmaster being brothers in Ultimate Spiderman carries on even in Guardians of the Galaxy. In Agents of SMASH, it's established in its finale that Hulk maintained simultaneous leadership, meaning he still fought with the Avengers offscreen. Guardians of the Galaxy is more or less a prequel to all the other shows, such that it shows how Thor met the Guardians and how Loki betrayed Thor.

One of the latent Inhumans transformed by the Terrigen Wave is none other than Daisy Johnson.
Whether she was taken under Coulson's wing before or after her Terrigenesis is unclear.

The Baron Mordo in this series isn't the same one from Ultimate Spider-man.
The Mordo in Ultimate Spider-man is from an alternate universe (possibly Earth-616). The Chiwetel Ejiofor Mordo from season 4 of this show is actually this universe's Baron Mondo. It would explain why Captain America isn't shocked by his change in appearance and voice.

Undoing Battleworld is the reason for Marvel's Spider-Man
Battleworld can jumble and rewrite multiple worlds and realities together, and like in the comics, nothing was bound to stay the same afterwards. Battleworld must have done a Cosmic Retcon on the events of Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • Seems to be the case, in episode 15 of season 5 Peter shows up and he is the new one.

Eventually, the Avengers make their own Adaptoid.
  • Which will copy the powers, abilities, skills, and weapons of the New Cabal, The Leader, Loki, Kang the Conquerer, Arnim Zola, The Enchantress, and Skurge the Executioner.