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    Season 1 
The Avengers Protocol Part 1
  • Falcon continually geeking out over being made an Avenger, even calling it "the big leagues" to Nick Fury's face!

  • Despite being implied to be the one responsible for breaking up the team in the first place, Tony is shown keeping an eye on his former teammates constantly. When he sees Red Skull is back, he doesn't hesitate a second before getting into the Armor and taking off to help Cap.

  • The team is initially antagonistic to each other, clearly reluctant to accept Tony as a leader. But the instant Tony reveals Cap is dead, everyone is United in their determination to avenge him.

  • Everyone's - busy especially Tony's - reactions when it is revealed Cap is alive.

  • The fight in the bunker. Despite being disoriented and stuck in the Red Skull's dying body, Cap instinctively rushes to Tony's defence, including taking one of Skull's blasts to save him.

The Avengers Protocol Part 2

  • Hulk and Thor walking through the training room, talking about the good times they had sparring with each other and then decided to fight for old times sake.
    • When MODOK's nanobots enter his mind, Hulk tries to warn Thor.
  • We don't know too much about what the Avengers were like before they disbanded, but Captain America shows a remarkable amount of trust in Tony's ability to lead them.

Ghost of a Chance

  • The fact that Falcon's mom baked him cookies for him to share with the team.

The Serpent of Doom

  • Thor keeps trying to sacrifice himself to save earth and his friends because he thinks it's the only way, Tony however continually disagrees.

Blood Feud

  • Cap mothers Widow at every chance he gets, even though she's likely to tear his throat out at the first opportunity. She's a part of his team, and he's going to look out for her, fledgling vampire or not.

  • Cap agreeing to remain Dracula's prisoner/soldier if the vampire would allow the rest of the team to escape.



Molecule Kid

  • After the team's failed attempt to contain Molecule Man's son, Aaron, who got a hold of his father's technology; Iron Man shows up. The team had been warned not to let Tony anywhere near the technology because they're afraid he'll go Mad Scientist on them. However, Tony's the best person for the job because he understands the duality of identifying one's self and one's legacy gear.

Depth Charge

  • When Hulk realizes the giant monster rampaging through the city isn't actually attacking, he's quick to move to protect it from the rest of the team.
  • Attuma attacks Tony, removing his faceplate so he'll drown. This causes Hulk to go berserk and smash Attuma in retribution.


  • Doom finally relenting when he sees the damage that he's done to his own kingdom.
  • OK, so Loki does end up betraying Thor in the end, but just look at the expression on his face when Thor saves him from the serpent.
    • And then he saves Thor moments later. Heartwarming when you consider that he was planning on Thor being killed.
  • Thor declaring himself and Loki as 'the sons of Asgard', affirming that he'll always see Loki as his brother. Although Loki corrects him snidely with 'adopted brother', he does pause and look surprised at the sentiment.
  • Even when Loki turns against him. Thor insists that he will save his brother, even if it's from himself. It's nice how their brotherly relationship seems to take a lot from the movies.
  • Loki screams for Thor to help him as he's floating in space in the Destroyer suit and Thor does, when he could've easily left him to rot on the throne.

Hulked Out Heroes

  • Hulk entrusting Black Widow with his equivalent to Kryptonite in case he ever goes berserk. In fact, their relationship and teamwork throughout the episode might qualify.
    • Black Widow admitting that she has changed her view of Hulk from a mindless monster ready to snap at anyone who got too close to someone who works hard to keep himself under control.
    • Even better, when Fury calls up to ask about her progress on developing a contingency plan in case The Hulk goes out of control, she basically tells off Fury on Hulk's behalf.
  • Even when initially Hulked-out, Cap still has the clear mind and sense of right to save Widow from the rest of the Avengers so she and Hulk can get away.
  • What sets off Hawkeye's Hulk-like transformation? Risking his life to push two civilians out of the path of a falling car.

Hulk's Day Out

  • Yes, Hulk has friends. He bowls with The Thing, has lunch with Spider-Man, and hangs out with an Asgardian named Glorium.
  • The reveal that his glass figurine collection is a token from hanging out with said friends. Like playing fetch with Devil Dinosaur, watching a baseball game with The Watcher...on the moon, and riding a Pegasus with Glorium.

Planet Doom

  • After Thor returns to Avengers Tower after destroying Doom's time machine to prevent him from taking over the world, all the other Avengers are fighting over minor things like training, ice cream makers, and Hulk's glass figures. Thor just laughs, glad to have everything back to normal.
    Hulk: Think this is funny Goldilocks? Go back to Asgard!
    Thor: What? Hang with a bunch of Vikings? No, I think I'll stay here where I belong. Among friends.

All-Father's Day

  • When Odin starts to get a little to mouthy demanding that Thor ceases his "fun" on Midgard and return to Asgard. Hulk takes preemptive action, by sending Odin into the nearest wall, hard. Instead of angering him, Odin is impressed with Hulk and instantly decides to be his friend.
    • Thor is very protective of Odin throughout the episode.

Guardians and Space Knights

  • Hawkeye has Galactus herald Iron Man dead-to-rights with an arrow that Tony gave him specifically for the purpose of taking him out if he ever went rouge. In the end, Hawkeye choses not to go through with using it.


  • After being badly injured, Falcon briefly regains consciousness twice: The first time, we just see a few of the other Avengers rushing him to a sick bay. The second time, we see Hawkeye, who originally teased Falcon for being the new guy, standing at his bedside.
    Hawkeye: Hang in there, buddy, we're almost there.

    Season 2 
The Arsenal
  • The scene where Cap accidentally unleashed the Power Stone is terrifying, since he has no idea what is going on, forget how to control it. However, while the Power Stone's blast disintegrates the robots attacking the team, the Avengers themselves within the blast radius escape unscathed, despite obviously being far less durable. Given the way Infinity Stones work, it seems implied that despite being almost killed by the Stone's power himself, Cap's protectiveness towards his team saved them.
  • Watching Tony quickly becoming fond of Arsenal. From just hanging out with the robot, to letting it help in the Avengers fights.

Thanos Rising

  • By the next episode Hulk and Thor have decided they like Arsenal as well.

Beneath the Surface

  • Hawkeye and Black Widow reconcile while on their luxury cruise/S.H.I.E.L.D. mission.

The Age of Tony Stark

  • A young Tony Stark. That is all.
  • The fact that the thing that helps Tony go back to normal is a hug from Steve. D'aww.
  • What was Tony's Halloween costume when he was eight? None other that Captain America.

The Dark Avengers

  • Despite reality being turned on it's head, and being recast as villains. The Avengers never actually killed anyone while committing their crimes. As Tony himself put it:
    Villain!Tony: We're all on the "most wanted" list but have any of us actually taken a life? (everyone else goes silent) I'm guessing we're not very good at being badguys.
  • Cap fails to do anything villainous throughout the episode. Even protecting Falcon simply out of habit.
  • Cap effortlessly managing to command the respect of the "villain" Avengers. Though Tony is mocked, none of the others seem to doubt or oppose the Captain.

Back to the Learning Hall

  • Watching Thor enjoy playing fetch with his pet Bilgesnipe, surprisingly adorable.
  • Falcon telling Thor that he isn't useless.

Widow's Run

  • Despite the infinity stones constantly trying to corrupt her, Natasha lasts longer than anyone else (save Doctor Strange) against their influence.
    • Most of the time the team uses their codenames when speaking to one another, throughout the episode Hawkeye only uses Natasha's first name whenever he attempts to reach her.
  • The team, despite being initially taken over by the Stones' temptation, manages to overcome it and trust Natasha to handle the situation. They know full well what each member is capable of.

Thanos Triumphant

  • While under the Reality Stone's illusion, Cap is the only one to realise what is actually going on. But the moment he speaks up, Tony takes his word for it without hesitation. Tony Stark trusts Steve Rogers more than he trusts his own senses.

Terminal Velocity

  • Tony apologizing to Hulk for blaming him for the havoc Speed Demon caused throughout Avengers Tower.


  • From the start Ant-Man argues that Doctor Spectrum, who was one of the people he'd sold his technology to really isn't all that bad. Later, he's proven correct during a battle with Spectrum himself. The team learn the shocking secret that "Bill" was never evil at all, it was Doctor Spectrum's Power Prism controlling his actions that was.

Midgard Crisis

  • Thor seemed genuinely convinced that Zarda wanted to pull a Heel–Face Turn. And seemed genuinely sad when he learned she really hadn't wanted to change at all.
    • Moments after Thor defeats a vicious dragon created by Zarda an adorable looking rabbit jumps into his arms. Thor happily holds it in his arms as he pets it.
    • Thor referring to Hulk as his brother.

New Frontiers

  • The Avengers have become legends across the universe for the feats they have performed, and the citizens of New Korbin rejoice when they arrive to save them.
  • After spending most of the episode being the unknown member of the Avengers, the young alien boy Hawkeye saved tells him that he wants to be as great a warrior as Hawkeye some day.

    Season 3 
Saving Captain Rogers
  • At the beginning of the episode, Steve has two pictures. One is of him and Bucky. The other is of a woman, who we can all assume is none other than Peggy Carter, his first love. Pretty Heartwarming in Hindsight, considering that in the MCU, both of them keep pictures of the other to remember them by, showing how strong their love was.
  • At the end of the episode, Cap has one more picture next to his bed of the other Avengers. It's pretty apparent that Steve thinks of the Avengers as his only friends in the modern era, if not his family.

Thunderbolts Revealed

  • Most of the Thunderbolts aside from Zemo reforming is pretty heartwarming on it's own. But the real stand out among them is Beetle, it's outright shocking considering his previous characterization in Ultimate Spider-Man that he figured out Good Feels Good.
  • The moment Songbird tries to appeal to Beetle and Moonstone's better nature stands out.
    Songbird: Beetle, no you're Mach-IV. You were wonderful out their today. That wasn't an act, was it? That was true heroism. And Meteorite, the way you took on Klaw. That, that was brave.

Into the Dark Dimension

  • Even though the Avengers were concerned over the Thunderbolts stealing their (ahem) thunder, it appears the most common Halloween costumes are still The Avengers.
    • A subtle one, but still. Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) apparently is an active hero, with quite a few kids dressing up as her.
  • Thor going trick-or-treating with kids dressed up as him, complete with flying them around the city and regaling them with tales of his victories.

Inhumans Among Us

  • Thor showing nothing but respect and understanding towards Black Bolt and the Inhumans. Which eventually wins him their trust.
  • Once the crisis is averted, the boy Dante takes up the Avengers and Inhumans offer to act as an ambassador for Attilan and the rest of humanity.

The Inhuman Condition

  • While telling him to take Inferno and the Inhuman royal family to safety, Captain America gives Lockjaw a scratch under the chin. In return Lockjaw licks him (much to Steve's disgust) before teleporting away.

The Kids Are Alright

  • Inferno and Ms. Marvel's great respect for the Avengers.

Seeing Double

  • Watching Hulk and Widow just relax and hang out after beating up Abomination, before Hulk got ambushed by Hydra.
    • Natasha breaking through the Winter Soldier programing by talking Hulk down.

A Friend in Need

  • Thor trying to help Vision learn about friendship by taking him to Asgard so they can hang out.

Panther's Rage

  • After spending most of the episode claiming that Captain America's shield was, by virtue of the Vibranium it was made from, stolen from Wakanda and therefore not his, Black Panther finally accepts that the captain has earned his right to wield it after fighting alongside him.

The House of Zemo

  • Steve telling Zemo that he's not an irredeemable criminal.
  • Upon seeing each other through the time portal, Steve and his younger self salute each other.


  • Hulk's first instinct when he finds the U-Foes after their crash is to ask them if their alright.

Building the Perfect Weapon

  • Hawkeye, Widow and Thor trying to stand up for Hulk. First against Truman Marsh's mistreatment. Then against Red Hulk's insults.

World War Hulk

  • Red Hulk apologizing (in his own way) for all the trouble he'd caused.

Civil War

  • The Avengers disgust with the Inhuman Registration Act, going so far as to advise Black Bolt and Medusa not to agree to it.
    • The Avengers genuine concern for Inferno.
  • Near the beginning of Part 2, the Mighty Avengers initial reticence at the idea of working with Truman Marsh. Showing that each of them, aside from Red Hulk, deeply respect the original Avengers.
    • After having a talk with Hawkeye, Songbird deciding to change sides and join the Renegade!Avengers.

    Season 4 
Avengers No More Part 1
  • Thor and Jane Foster greeting each other at the Stark Expo was adorable.

The Once and Future Kang

  • Carol helping a hearing impaired child is so sweet.


  • Iron Man has been missing since the first episode of the season. What does Cap do when they find him again? Give him a gigantic hug, even adding a little spin to it for good measure.
  • Apparently Tony had made upgrades for his friends. This is sweet on it's own, but there's no indication that he would have known he'd find them in the pyramid, or on Battleworld period, so he was just carrying around upgrades for them while lost in a desert.
  • All the Avengers are so happy to have Tony back.


  • A small moment at the beginning: when all the Avengers are trying to attack him, Loki hides behind Thor. He still has faith that Thor will care enough to protect him, and while Thor isn't happy to see his brother, he's notably the only one who doesn't try to attack him.
  • The talk Tony has with Thor about Loki is so sweet:
    Thor: Loki. I've always tried to help him, in case he ever truly had a change of heart. I've long given up hope that Loki will ever change.
    Tony: You can't fix other people. When someone like your brother is flailing, it's not your job to rescue them from themselves. It's your job to be there for them when they're ready to get their life together.
    • Especially touching given Tony's struggle with alcoholism is a big part of his character in the comics and other media.
  • This line from Tony:
    "When I was lost in another dimension, I never lost hope in the people I care about. Don't you lose hope, Thor. Sometimes hope is all we've got."
  • Thor getting worried when Loki is knocked over by the Enchantress, and later pushes him out the way of a falling rock. Brothers again.
    • Then Thor convinces Loki to escape with them, before Loki nearly sacrifices himself to save the day.
    Thor: Brother, we will find another way, together.
  • Loki actually manages to pull a Heel–Face Turn over the course of the episode. He starts off by simply wanting to go against the Beyonder because the latter double-crossed him and took apart Asgard, but throughout the episode Loki gets more and more heroic.
    • Despite questioning the concept of saving people, Loki learns quickly and proceeds to block off the trolls' access to New York so they can't come back. Thor even compliments him on it.
    • And even though they've been arguing with each other up until now, Loki purposely makes Hulk angry in order to help him out of the cave-in (since his anger makes him stronger).
    • The moment towards the end where Loki doesn't double-cross them.
    Loki: I'm an Avenger now- (gets interrupted by Enchantress blasting him back)
    • At first Loki is only concerned about saving Asgard. But when he's trying to activate the Bifrost, what does he tell Thor?
    Loki: I can save Asgard and Earth!
    • And to top it all off, he begins the episode repeatedly saying "MY Asgard". But at the end, when he faces the Beyonder with the other Avengers, who asks why he should care about the lives of others:
    Beyonder: They're not my planets, they're not my people.
    Loki: No. They are ours.

All Things Must End

  • After Loki's defeat and the destruction of the All Dark. A celebration is held on Asgard for the Avengers, and Jane Foster being awarded her own hammer by Odin for her bravery during the battle.
  • Ms. Marvel's joy at having fought alongside the original Avengers to save Asgard, and the universe.
    Ms. Marvel: I so didn't think I was gonna make it as an Avenger. I would have quit on my first day, if you hadn't stopped me.
    Captain America: I thought you'd be a good Avenger, and I was right.

    Season 5 

Shadow of Atlantis, Part 1

  • Ms. Marvel being super exited to be formally meeting Shuri for the first time.
    • Though T'Challa still openly acts a bit aloof, Tony happily saying he considers the man his friend.

Into the Deep

  • After Black Panther quits the Avengers. He tells Captain America that he knows of only two people his can still trust, himself and his sister. Steve corrects him, telling T'Challa he has three people he can trust, including him.

The Panther and the Wolf

  • For all of Hunter's animosity towards T'Challa, he doesn't appear to hate Shuri.
    Hunter: (with seemingly genuine sincerity) Tell Shuri I said 'Hi'.

  • Due to Chadwick Boseman 's death on August 28, 2020, Disney XD showed the first 4 episodes of Avengers: Black Panther's Quest on September 4 (though he's voiced by James C Matthis III) to honor his memory. That's sweet.