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Fridge Brilliance

  • Did anyone else think Ant-Man's helmet looked a little like Ultron's head?
  • The Avengers' (especially Tony and Steve) ease with acting like heroes again in "The Dark Avengers" may seem a bit contrived. Until you take into account their inherent natures, their all naturally predisposed to being heroes, that even a twist in the fabric of reality can't change who they are.
  • In the alternate universe of "Planet Doom", Thor being seen as The Chosen One, that will save the world from Doctor Doom's control, may seem cliche. However, Doom is the only person on Earth aware of the existence of Thor, since he was from the original timeline as apposed to the rest of the world in the new timeline. Thor being off-world, there-by unaffected by the Earth's timeline change, would make Doom worry about the one glimmer of hope humanity has against him. Plus, there are people on the inside working for Doom with hopes of ending his reign. So of course, being close to him, rumor would quietly spread of a possible weakness against him at some point.
  • Possibly unintentional, but concerning Ultron's return in Thanos Triumphant: Ultron mentioned that Arsenal's programming left an opening for him to intrude and take over. If we were to consider the notion that the events of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes had already occurred in some form prior to this show, the last time we saw Ultron in the animated "continuity" was in issue 10 of the Earth's Mightiest Heroes tie-in comic, where Ultron had attempted to transfer his consciousnesses into the Avengers' computer mainframe (and also directly into Vision). Said comic ended with his supposed demise (via explosion), but it could easily be assumed that he escaped, once again, via the mainframe, thus potentially connecting the two events from both Avengers shows.
  • If you pay close attention to frames of Thor delivering the second-to-final blow onto Hyperion and Thanos, he is quite clearly hitting them directly under the jaw. Normally, a direct strike from a fist in that specific area would knock a human being out cold. It would take the velocity of a strike to the jaw from Mjolnir, combined with Thor's godlike agility, to greatly weaken a slightly stronger enemy before the final blow is given. Also an example of Freeze-Frame Bonus.
    • Additionally, the reason why a cosmic powerhouse like Thanos was taken out so easily was because of the massive amount of sustained power from Power Gem being redirected onto Thanos the instant Arsenal removed his gauntlet. Even if Thor or the Avengers were able to land a few hits on him, they most likely wouldn't have stood a chance if not for Arsenal's devastating blast.
  • The Beetle's Badass Decay seems odd given that this is the same One-Man Army from Ultimate Spider-Man (2012). But think about it for a second: he got outsmarted by J. Jonah in his first appearance, beaten by a high school principal and an old lady in his second, and from every appearance thereafter, he was beaten by a handful of teenagers (and at one point, lost some of his hardware to Flash about five minutes after he had bonded with the symbiote). Would you take a guy seriously after all that?
  • Why was Kang the Conqueror such a crappy fighter in Into the Future? Two reasons. First, when Kang ended up in the middle of World War II, one of the most chaotic wars in Earth's history, he was disoriented by the many explosions from both sides. Not only that, but it was a primitive time period compared to what Kang was used to. Kang has made it clear he despises primitive attributes, because he relies almost entirely on technology. He surrounds himself with tech to help him win the many wars he's fought. Finally, when he and Cap ended up in the Jurassic Era, Kang had nothing. His wrist devices were destroyed, and he was left fighting hand-to-hand with Cap in a time period with literally no technology. This ultimately leads to his downfall, and as Cap himself pointed out:
    Captain America: You're not advanced Kang, you're nothing more than a savage.
  • Even though it's more or less updating his look to match his movie counterpart's appearance in Captain America: Civil War, Crossbones' scarred body and red eyes in Panther's Rage may make sense if you have seen the series finale for Ultimate Spider-Man. He was transformed into the Lizard for a brief period of time, but was ultimately cured by the end. Assuming season three of Avengers takes place after the events of Ultimate Spider-Man, the Lizard serum likely had a horrible after-effect on Crossbone's body.
  • Why was Red Hulk suddenly humble after he was arrested for unintentionally causing the destruction in "World War Hulk"? Obviously he would feel guilty because everything that he and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. worked towards was almost All for Nothing.
  • There's a good reason why Ant-Man drools after shrinking from giant size in Season 4; it's a new suit, and his saliva not shrinking with him is very likely a flaw in the new suit's inner workings.
  • Why does the Beyonder act like a winy teenager when he's outsmarted or things don't go according to plan? Why is his general demeanor more immature and at times almost embarrassing when you stop to consider that he's an alien being that's centuries is not millennia old and possesses vast amounts of power/advanced technology at his disposal? Because's he's the personification/ultimate version of the basement nerd stereotype. While the Beyonder is a genius and a master of super-technology, intelligence does not equal maturity as it's Truth in Television that many real world geniuses, scientists, and renaissance men at the very least could act like elementary school children at times of not have that behavior as a core personality trait. He also admits to constantly spending time alone working in his lab. Does that sort of behavior lend itself well to proper social adjustment or help build empathy and interpersonal skills. The Beyonder here is basically a Psychopathic Man Child who is frustrated by minor issues because he's used to always being in control, has no empathy or social skills because he never makes friends or tries to interact with people in a meaningful way for extended periods of time, is convinced of his superiority in regards to everyone else meaning that any act by others which bruises his ego or humbles him is basically his Berserk Button, and because he's so used to overpowering others and doing whatevery he wants by virtue of being the toughest kid on the playground, he has no actual strategic or tactical abilities never mind actual combat skills. Give a bitter, angry nerd immortality and access to reality warping super-tech and you've basically got the Beyonder.

Fridge Horror

  • Throughout "The Serpent of Doom", no one ever stops to ask exactly how the Midgard Serpent ended up inside the earth in the first place.
    • It's actual supposed to be there. Odin, both in the comics and in the myth, put it in the ocean of Earth.
  • Given the implication of Black Widow's codename ("Black Bride") in the alternate timeline of "Planet Doom", Doctor Doom married Natasha at some point. What makes the implication deeper and more horrifying is that Natasha hated Doom since the beginning and was planning to double-cross at the right opportunity. Who's to say that during their marriage Doom did not attempt to have a "special" moment with her at least once, and Natasha couldn't do anything about it?
  • Thor was sure that he would die at the hands of the Midgard Serpent, but the Avengers thought that they had screwed destiny by exiling it to another universe. But no, their victory does not mean anything. It only means that Thor would not die that day. The serpent is still alive, and may still come back to earth some other day and fulfill their destiny. Even more: if the Avengers are not mentioned in that prophecy, it may also mean that they will be dead the day the Serpent returns.