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Nightmare Fuel / Avengers Assemble

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    Season 1 

The Avengers Protocol - Part 1

  • The Red Skull, seeing that his plan to steal Cap's body failed, decides to steal Iron Man's armor instead. What we're treated to is the sight of Tony hovering in mid-air, screaming and writhing in pain as the Skull slowly tears the arc reactor out of his chest.

Blood Feud

  • The vampires invading Avengers Tower certainly qualify as creepy, and Black Widow in agony as Dracula exerts his control over her, speaking through is even worse.

Hulked-Out Heroes

  • The Avengers in Hulk Mode have plenty of Funny Moments, but there's plenty of this too. Especially from Tony:
    Tony: Stark fix! Leave Stark alone!
    • Later on, he also tries to Repulsor Blast Black Widow.

Hulk's Day Out

  • The whole premise of this episode is just terrifying: There's an unknown threat out there that's badass enough to kick The Hulk's ass and make him freaked out that the world is going to end. Though as it turns out, Hulk was just hit by Thor as a quick method of getting to Earth. The actual threat Hulk discovered was still pretty terrifying though.

Bring on the Bad Guys

  • Captain America tied up and being dropped 10,000 feet in the air from the Helicarrier.
  • Hyperion's back.
    • And if that wasn't bad enough he's joined up with Red Skull. Genocidal Superman Expy + incredibly ruthless and brilliant Nazi Super Soldier = Seriously Bad Times Ahead.

Mojo World

  • Mojo's chair over-charging from the Hulk's "knock out" in the arena, causing his stomach to expand to horrifying extremes. Complete with veins!

By the Numbers

  • Red Skull has the Tesseract, the Avengers are defeated and outsmarted, the Cabal has won. They have proven themselves to be a major threat to the Avengers, and seemingly unstoppable.
  • Hyperion burning a crater into the Hulk's bicep with his heat vision, and then punching it. Needless to say, you can't imagine the pain that the Hulk had to go through after that.

Guardians and Space Knights

  • Hawkeye almost getting impaled through the eye from a needle structure on an alien tower.


  • The Reveal that Skull was going to have the entire Cabal killed while they believed they were marching into a world handpicked for them to conquer. Yes, Skull was going to murder hundreds if not thousands of HYDRA and AIM agents, Atlanteans, vampires, and Dracula, MODOK, Hyperion, and Attuma. Hyperion of all people is horrified at this.

The Final Showdown

  • The way the Cosmic Skull utterly rips apart the Avengers. He blinds Hawkeye, destroys Captain America's shield, and drives the Hulk into a frenzied rage and then sets him lose against the rest of the team.
  • Four words: Thanos gets the Tessaract.

    Season 2 

The Arsenal

  • Upon touching the Power Stone, Captain America receives a vision of Thanos destroying the Earth. This leads to the stone overloading, leaving Cap absolutely horrified and screaming at the top of his lungs as the stone's power almost kills his teammates.

Valhalla Can Wait

  • Hela using her Death Touch on Hulk, causing him to revert to Banner, and then changing him back against his will, in order to gain compliance from both Hulk and Thor.

The Age of Tony Stark

  • Kid!Tony hiding alone in his lab from a deranged Red Skull? Especially considering that the Time Stone is embedded in Tony's chest, and considering what Red Skull did in the first episode...

Head To Head

  • MODOK's face sticking out of the Tricarrier's wall is really disturbing.

Widow's Run

  • The Infinity stones whispering to certain people. Promising them that they can be all powerful.
    • Even worse is how easily the Infinity Stones can corrupt people. The whole reason Black Widow steals them in the first place is because they're already corrupting Iron Man. Even Heimdall and the Guardians of the Galaxy quickly fall prey to their influence.
  • Five words: Thanos completes the Infinity Gauntlet.

Thanos Triumphant

  • Ultron gaining the power of all the stones.
  • Thanos manages to kill a majority of the Avengers with the Time Stone by aging them into dust. Onscreen.
    • This wasn't even a quick death for all of them. It took multiple, long hits to take care of Hulk.

Avengers Underground

  • Hyperion totally vaporized those three Atlantians. While offscreen, the implication is chilling.

    Season 3 

The Inhuman Condition

  • Blackbolt is locked in an Electric Torture device by Ultron, unable to do anything other than scream. However, getting him to scream is exactly what Ultron wants, as Blackbolt can level a building by just whispering. Even his little gasps of pain cause enormous tremors. With Ultron's device amplifying the sound of his scream, it could wipe out the entire planet.
    • Tony, after being unable to get Blackbolt out, rips out the amplifier instead, leaving the weapon useless. Ultron responds by stringing him up and using his arc reactor as a backup amplifier by digging numerous cables into his chest.

Seeing Double

  • For a show that's otherwise rather juvenile for the most part, the revelation that the Red Room washouts were killed and revived as mindless cyborg zombies is pretty dark.

The Drums of War

  • Black Bolt's plan to stop all the mind controlled Inhumans. Use a device (which doesn't even work properly) to force all Inhumans into a cocoon state. Only problem being that once placed in that dormant state, the Inhamans would go into a coma. One from which there was no guarantee they would ever awaken from.
    • The moment when Truman Marsh reveals himself to actually be Ultron in disguise.

Avengers Revolution

  • Ultron's plan to focus enough ultra violet radiation through his new vibranium body to superheat the earth. Thus killing off all life on the planet.

    Season 4 

Prison Break

The Incredible Herc

  • Ares ending up trapped in Tartarus, along with the Kraken.

Dimension Z

  • Arnim Zola's attempt to control Captain America by downloading his conscious into an implant placed inside Steve's body. Even going as far as incorporating a chest plate displaying a digital image of Zola's face on Steve's chest.

The Most Dangerous Hunt

  • Ulik and another troll planning to cook and eat Bruce and T'Challa after they'd captured the two lost heroes.

Under the Spell of the Enchantress

  • The Enchantress monstrous snowman "pet" that Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel fight.

All Things Must End

  • EVERYTHING involving Loki and the All Dark. It ends with a combination And I Must Scream and an Eye Scream.
    Loki: (as he's being consumed by the All Dark) Thor?!
    Thor: Brother... (looks away in horror)

    Season 5 

Shadow of Atlantis - Part 1

  • The tentacled-thing that Tiger Shark summons to attack the Avengers, by using the Horn of Neptune.
    • The episode ends with T'Challa being forced to watch, as Tiger Shark sneaks up on Shuri from behind. With T'Challa unable to help his little sister.