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    Season One 

The Avengers Protocol Part 1

  • A lot of Hawkeye and Hulk's interactions with each other.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S. gives an assessment of Sam Wilson:
    J.A.R.V.I.S.: Arrogant and pig-headed. You'll make a perfect Avenger.
  • This:
    Thor: Now this is a battle. It has been too long.
    Hulk: Too long. Like your hair.

The Avengers Protocol Part 2

  • A Hate Plague infected Hulk trying to pick up Mjölnir. He strains so much, he falls through the floor.

Ghost of a Chance

  • The Avengers having an epic struggle for...the last cookie Falcon's mom made for them.
  • Hulk and his glass animal collection.
    Hulk: We don't talk about this. Ever.
  • The look on Doctor Doom's face when the Hulk threw a multi-story building at him.

The Serpent of Doom

  • Doom's Evil Gloating being interrupted by the serpent stepping on him.
  • Tony's reaction to landing in a dumpster:
    Tony: This is humiliating.
  • Once Hawkeye asks if the Avengers will be part of the cleanup crew for the property damange, Hulk hangs him from his feet and asks "Can I use you as a shovel?"

Blood Feud

  • Vampire!Black Widow running right into a mirror and knocking herself out.
  • Hulk to Thor after finding out that someone had eaten all the peanut butter.
    Hulk: *Spreads jam on bread* "Some dead man took all the peanut butter!"
    • Later, Hawkeye mentions having finished the peanut butter, and Thor is outraged. "That was YOU?"


  • When Tony claims he needs to change with the times to survive, Steve tells him to spend a few decades in ice before talking to him about survival.
  • Captain America taking the mickey out of Iron Man with some extensive not-so-deadpan snarking for assuming that he has problems with technology.
    Captain America: (ridiculously wide-eyed with fake excitement) Gosh Mr. Big Brain, your modern tech is so gol darn confusing! How does this doohickey turn water into coffee? Is it coal power or is it...a miracle?!
    Iron Man: Hmm, sarcasm must be a modern invention because when you do it, it just sounds wrong.


  • When the Avengers are eating in a restaurant, Thor smashes a television by throwing his hammer at it. Tony pulls out a wad of bills, which a waitress angrily snatches away. When Thor smashes his mug on the table, Tony gives up and hands her his entire wallet.
  • Hawkeye's befuddlement at everyone winking at him.
  • Falcon saves a kid:
    Kid: Thanks, Hawkeye!
    Falcon: What?
    Iron Man: Let it go.

Molecule Kid

  • Black Widow being a Bad Liar. Add cheesy grin. Especially when you realize her job is being a spy.

Depth Charge

  • When a giant monster appears in New York and the Avengers learn the city has been evacuated, Iron Man calls it Typical Monster Attack Protocol. Something that Hawkeye can't help but make comment on.
    Hawkeye: What's it say about being an Avenger when the word "typical" can be used to describe a rampaging monster?
  • Hulk's in a very bad mood as a result of missing breakfast, and is eager to get down and smash.
    Captain America: Let him out before he breaks down the door. Again.
    Hawkeye: Again?
    Hulk roars, smashes the Avenjet's door, and attacks.
    Hawkeye: Oops.
  • The fact that Tony named his underwater armor "Rubber Ducky".
    Iron Man: JARVIS, deploy Rubber Ducky.
    Falcon: Rubber Ducky?
    Iron Man: When you invent an underwater suit of armor, you can name it whatever you want.
  • Hulk emptying a fridge into his mouth after the team defeats Attuma.
  • The fact that Dwight Shultz (best known for voicing the completely goofy Mung Daal and, well, Howling Mad Murdock) voices Attuma, who is without a doubt one of the biggest threats on the planet. Even hearing Dwight's over-the-top performance as the villain who took out Thor and the Hulk without breaking a sweat is truly something to behold.


  • After Iron Man activates the castle's defense systems to use on the Destroyer.
    Iron Man: I just activated Doom's internal defense systems. Oh, and I also canceled his digital movie queue.
    • "Stark, what are you doing?" "Being awesome."
  • Anytime Loki breaks out the snark.
    • The best part is when he saves them the first time. "So, will you be bowing to me now, or later? I'll also accept a simple 'thank you', then bowing."
  • Thor's look when Hulk attacks Loki. You can tell he's thinking along the lines of "I knew bringing him into this was a bad idea but we need his help; I just wish my brother would shut his mouth and Hulk would stop trying to smash him." It's pretty much the patented long-suffering older brother look.
    • Then Thor gets his cape stuck in the closing portal. Judging by Loki's smirk, he meant to do that.
  • A small blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment between Hawkeye and Black Widow.
    Hawkeye: I gotta say, this is kinda fun!
    Widow: You're weird!
  • When Loki tells Thor all menacingly "I shall make you pay" Thor replies with "I am sure you will and it will be a glorious battle", which by his tone just sounds mockingly condescending, like an adult being threatened by a little kid.

Hulked Out Heroes

  • Hawkeye and Hulk playing video games. The icing on the cake is the fact that Hawkeye has a whole box of game controllers, just in case Hulk breaks one.
  • Hulk having to play gamma nanny to the freshly hulked out Avengers
  • The other Avengers generally acting Hulk-like, with Hulk himself acting as the Only Sane Man.
    Hulk (as Hulk!Thor runs off all pouty): So that's what it's like to live with me. (Beat) I'd hate living with me.
  • Hulkeye's obsession with pizza bagels.
    • The fact that Cap-Hulk ate them all.
  • Falcon's Hulk Speak and noticing it, he tries to correct it. Keyword, tries.
    Falcon: Falcon smarter than Stark, he should be in that lab, I mean me! Me should be in that lab!
  • Widow's This Is Gonna Suck look after escaping Iron Hulk only to run into a room full of hulks.
  • Hulk actually giving a Twinkle Smile after smashing Thor-Hulk under a truck.
  • After Natasha had tricked Thor into attacking Tony, whom she claimed had called his helmet stupid.
    Thor: Be honest. Does my helmet look stupid?
    • Hulked-out Thor, bashing hulked-out Tony.
  • After beating the other Avengers, Hulk declares himself the strongest there is and adds this:
    Hulk: You saw! Thor owes me five bucks after he wakes up.
  • Black Widow's thoughts after it's all over?
    Widow: Want to go punch Galactaus in the face for dessert?

Avengers: Impossible

  • Most of Impossible Man's antics. Not the least of which is the ending of his "movie", which parodies the show's live-action inspiration where the Avengers are all eating together.
    Impossible Man: What is schwarma anyway?

In Deep

  • MODOK finally manages to open the Iron Man armor... and finds a picture of Tony Stark Mooning him inside.
  • Hawkeye pretending to be Cap. Just... all of it. Especially since he insists on using slang that Steve himself doesn't use.
  • While showcasing Tony's captured armor to Red Skull, Crossbones asks Grim Reaper if he's sure the armor is on lockdown. Reaper responds with "Do I look like Tony Stark to you?" which isn't funny in and of itself... Until The Reveal that that's actually Tony posing as Reaper, giving the question a whole new layer of meaning.

Hulk's Day Out

  • When having their usual sparring session in Stark Tower, Tony jokingly (and very annoyed) tells Thor and Hulk to take their scrap to the moon. They take it literally.
  • Stuck on the moon with no transport, communication, and fighting a monster that's destroying the moon, Thor and Hulk devise an "idea" to get back to Earth: Smacking Hulk upside the head with Mjolnir, and sending him crashing back to Earth. Aside from the amnesia, it works.
    Cap: Thor hit the Hulk hard enough to give him amnesia?!
    Hawkeye: Well, if you're gonna hit the Hulk you don't want him to remember it.
  • After Hawkeye finished completing his "perfect sandwich", his delicious masterpiece would have to wait when JARVIS informs him of a projectile hurdling towards Earth. We then get this witty short banter from the two.
    Hawkeye: Hey JARVIS. Perfect. Sandwich.
    JARVIS: Impressive. But perhaps the sandwich would like to save the city.
    Hawkeye: ...
  • Hulk and The Thing apparently had a fight, Thing restarts it while Hulk has amnesia, Cap's solution? Throw his shield so that it bounces between their faces over and over. Their comical flailing and repeated "ows" just complete it.
  • After meeting Glorian:
    Cap: Glorian. Interdimensional craftsman. There's a SHIELD file on him.
    Hawkeye: We need to get you a hobby, Cap.
    Cap: Reading SHIELD files is my hobby.
  • Thor bringing the snark, commenting on how the idea to smack the Hulk back to Earth with Mjolnir to get the other Avengers came after he judged the Hulk's tactics, his 'valiant efforts to eat the beast', unlikely to succeed.
  • And when Hulk is trying to protect his newest figurine.
    Hulk: Don't smash!
    Thor: I don't think you've ever said that before. Maybe I did hit you too hard.
  • And finally.
    Hulk: Hulk is the strongest one there is!
    Thor: Debatable.
    Captain America: Really? This, now?
    Thor: To be settled at a later date.

Bring on the Bad Guys

  • Modok, Attuma and Dracula start a three-way food fight over Attuma's table manners on-board the command sub. Red Skull walks into the room just as Attuma throws a swordfish at Modok, triggering a WTF look from Skull.
    • Dracula insulting Attuma's lack of table manners seems especially ironic.
    Dracula: Their called utensils, try using them!


  • Lets just say there's a lot of these.
  • Tony gives Cap a pair of jet boots to replace his Aero-cycle. He then sets them to full speed. Just like every other time Repulsor boots are first set to max, Hilarity Ensues.
  • After being flung about by Tony's jet boots for a while, Cap manages to kick them off in mid-air, sending them on a collision course with Tony and Falcon. Made even funnier when Tony turns to run, only for one of the boots to give it to him in the end.
  • Tony takes Cap's "24 hours without tech"-challenge. He lasts 96 minutes.
  • Hulk and Thor, obviously having an edge in the "No-tech challenge" are instead stuck inside Avengers Tower and told not to break (i.e. touch) anything. Seconds after Tony leaves?
    Hulk: What are we gonna touch first?
    • Next time we go back to these two, they emptied the entire fridge and exploded everything in it. Then JARVIS mentions that the only food left is mints, in Tony's closet. The expected ensues.
      • Hulk ends up getting to the mints first and sticks a whole bunch of them in his mouth... Only to immediately spit them out when he realizes he'd been chewing on something else.
        Hulk: These mints taste like cufflinks.
  • Falcon brought his mom's cookies. He defends himself with "They're home made, that counts as natural, right?"
    • Even Cap can't resist the cookies.
  • When a T-rex shows up, Tony tries to climb a tree. Keyword being "tries". He can't even pull himself up on the lowest branch, and hangs from it for a few seconds before it breaks and he falls on his backside.
    Tony: Okay, so I'm not a climber, big whoop. It's not like we ever fight evil squirrels or something.
  • The Avengers minus their tech, attempting to fight a T-rex: Hawkeye throws a rock at it, Falcon stays up in the tree (until he falls out) and then tries the Jurassic Park technique.
    Falcon: Saw this in a movie, you don't move, they don't chomp.
    T-Rex: (stares at Falcon)
    Falcon: (gets up and runs) Never mind!
    • Tony hits it with a stick. Yes, a stick. It doesn't even seem to notice.
    Tony: Ok, now I just feel stupid.
  • The sight of Tony riding on the shoulder of a giant rock-creature is surprisingly hilarious.
  • Hammer dances to his own ringtone.
    • And of course, while his Hammer 3000 has its magazine right next to the business end of the thing, Hammer still uses it by placing it right in front of Tony's face. Tony just smiles and calmly pulls the cartridge out.
  • In the end, the Rock People give a "gift" for the Avengers to "feast" on. It's the frog that ate Hawkeye's shades. It also gasses the Avengers right out of the Quinjet.

Mojo World

  • The absolute look of horror on Hawkeye's face when one of his explosive arrows blows up, resulting in one of Hulk's glass figurines being broken.
  • When the Hulk starts chasing Hawkeye, who's screaming all the way, Captain America and Falcon peek out of their rooms, and groan.
    Cap: Ugh...again?
    Falcon: Your turn, Captain Hall Monitor.
    • Hawkeye explaining what lead to it. Captain America has a look of total HORROR on his face, while even the music abruptly cuts off to emphasize just how badly Hawkeye screwed up.
    Hawkeye: He's bent out of shape over one of his stupid glass animals that fell.
    Captain America: You... you didn't... Hawkeye, did you mess with The Zoo?
    Iron Man: No! The Zoo? You got a death wish Hawkeye?
  • Hawkeye noticing Mojo's Achilles' Heel.
    Hawkeye: You gotta be kidding. Talk about a design flaw, who puts an exposed control panel at the bottom of their hover chair?

The Ambassador

  • Hyperion getting hit with an episode long bout of deafness from Doom's overloaded translator.
    Hyperion: WHAT!?
  • Hulk shutting down someone who apparently tried to get a picture:
    Hulk: I'll give you a close-up!
  • Tony and Thor discussing politics:
    Thor: Mortal laws confound me. On Asgard-
    Tony: You probably just hit each other with over-sized hammers, right?
    Thor: You jest. But it works!
  • Cap calls Doom "the package" when talking to Fury. Seeing Doom get annoyed at being referred to this way, he blatantly and pointedly refers to him this way again a few minutes later.

All Father's Day

  • Hulk and Thor start the episode testing out handcuffs Tony designed. Eventually their usual spat devolves into the two of them leg wrestling.
  • When Hulk gets tired of Odin, he yells You Talk Too Much! and smashes him through the wall! The other Avengers are understandably horrified by this, with Black Widow even trying to skip out on them. But right as Hulk and Thor are about to go to blows over this, Odin is heard laughing, and says he hasn't been hit that hard since he fought Surtur and starts showing Hulk genuine respect and friendship for this.
  • Hawkeye using the situation at the start of the episode to steal Hulk's snacks.
  • This exchange:
    Thor: (shocked) Odin's beard!
    Odin: My beard!
    Hawkeye: So that's where it comes from.

One Little Thing

  • Falcon freaks out when he founds out his mom wants to visit him in Avenger's HQ. Keep in mind that he never told his mom that he is an Avenger. His panicked expression is priceless.
  • Thor's attempts to use modern slang are hilarious.
  • Thor's deadpan response when Mjolnir shrinks.
    Thor: Well. This is humiliating.
  • Tiny Mjolnir still packs a punch.
  • Tiny Hulk gazing in awe at Mrs.Wilson's normal size cookies.
  • Giant Hawkeye appearing butt first through the wall and Mrs Wilson's reaction.
    Mrs Wilson: That ain't right!
    • Not only that, he ends up smashing Tony's run-amok giant-sized cleaner bots, by smashing them with his fists like one would a bug.
  • Mrs Wilson's reaction to Falcon's repeated attempts to lie his way out of the chaos.
    Sam, you are a great many amazing things, but a liar is not one of them. Spill.
  • Hulk has a phone, which was built to withstand a Gamma Bomb... it's HUGE.
    • Even better, the whole incident is started when it vibrates and knocks the Pym Particle off the table. If you look closely, you can see who's calling him: It's Red Hulk.
  • And when Falcon takes his mother to the Microverse...
    '''Mrs Wilson''': Woo-hoo! This is why I came to New York! Avenger Moms Assemble!
    Falcon: Please don't say that, mom.
  • Mountain sized Hulk is absolutely hilarious. His immediate reaction is to cross his eyes when a helicopter buzzes in front of his nose and bellow, SOMEBODY FIX ME!
    • Then, he tries to eat an equally colossal cookie. The crumbs are about the size of a car.
  • Iron Man's passcode for locking down the tower: "I Heart Ascots"
    Ant-Man: *gives him a funny look*
    Iron Man: What? I would never be caught dead saying those words unless it was an emergency.note 

Crime and Circuses

  • While the possessed Avengers are undeniably creepy-looking, there's something inherently funny about Iron Man with clown-makeup on, firing his repulsors while giggling and making "pew-pew" noises.


  • Black Widow handily dodges the blaster fire of the minions from Advanced Idea Mechanics:
    Black Widow: For guys named A.I.M., you're really lousy shots.

The Final Showdown

  • Tony maps the mechanical systems of Avenger's Tower to his suit interface, giving him control of all the building's systems.
    Tony: (after a mechanical claw grabs Hyperion and throws him through a wall) That was me flexing my pinky. (an overhead valve opens, dousing Hyperion with a fluid that freezes solid) You don't want to know *what* I did to make that happen.
  • Despite the whole Godzilla Threshold thing with the Cabal throwing down with Red Skull in the back, the sight of Brainwashed and Crazy Hulk chasing two Avengers in the foreground with arms outstretched is just a little goofy.
  • Tony's rant about Red Skull's BO, right after MODOK ripped the armor off of Skull and put it back together again on Tony is funny.

    Season Two 

The Arsenal

Thanos Rising

  • When Hulk and Thor decide they like Arsenal, they both give him a hearty pat on the back. Arsenal looks at them both nonplussed.
  • Thanos, naturally unable to pick up Mjolir, just decides to grab Thor and smash him into the thing instead.
    Thanos: If I can't hit you with the hammer, then I'll hit the hammer with you!"

Ghosts of the Past

  • Hawkeye bets Thor that he can ricochet a peanut into Hulks nose. Hawkeye wins.
  • After having found Hulk, Hawkeye and Thor unconscious, Black Widow decides to use her stingers to wake them up. Their reactions are priceless.
    Thor: Why?!
    Hulk: (indistinguishable growling)
    Hawkeye: AH! It was Thor's idea, don't smash me!
    • Just before she shocks them.
    Black Widow: (nudges Hawkeye) Hey, wake up kids, it's time to get up for school.

The Age of Tony Stark

  • Teenaged!Tony. Yeah, it's about as bad as it sounds.
    • The first hint something's wrong with Tony is a voice crack. The Avengers simply look on flabbergasted.
  • After Thor rescues Tony from falling to his death.
    Thor: (in awe) Dinosaurs... And I wasted my time saving Iron Man?
    Tony: Excuse me?!
  • Hawkeye's contempt for his school days.
    Hawkeye: It's a good thing we weren't sent back in time. You'd all hate my grade school too. (gets snatched into the air by a pteranodon) Oh great, what's next, prom?!
  • Thor's pet Bilgesnipe chasing Skull around Avengers tower.
    Thor: Who let Bilgy out of my room!

Head to Head

  • This scene from "Head to Head".
  • "Falcon Smash!"
    • When Hulk accidentally activates Falcon's wings, and sends Widow (now in Hulks body) across the room.
  • Thor doesn't like Black Widow's uniform.
    Thor as Black Widow: Black Widow, how do you achieve such acrobatic feats in this preposterously uncomfortable outfit!
  • After getting through a locked door:
    Hawkeye as Thor: Why couldn't we just let Widow run into the door again? Loved that.
    (Widow punches him across the room)
    Widow as Hulk: That just made this whole body swap experience worth it.

The Dark Avengers

  • There's something innately hilarious about listening to Tony trying to talk like a typical comicbook villain.
  • Hulk's Mohawk.
  • Iron Man slamming into Hyperion while he's monologuing, using an airship, which catapults Hyperion into a mountain.
    • When Hyperion returns to the other Squadron members, Nighthawk raises a confused eyebrow at his disheveled appearance. Hyperion explains what happened in one word.
    Hyperion: ...Stark.
  • On the subject of "The Captain":
    Falcon: I bet he doesn't even exist.
    Hulk: Bet he does.
    Tony: Let's find out.
    (points his repulsor beam at Falcon, gets stopped by a shield thrown from the shadows, Cap steps out after catching the shield)
    Falcon: I just lost about a thousand bets.
    Hulk: Thousand and one.

Thanos Triumphant

  • When the Avengers believe they have defeated Thanos but are stuck in the Reality Stone's illusion. there is something hilarious about the way that Thor, expression completely deadpan, simply reverses Mjolnir and drops it onto Thanos' face.
  • Thanos realizes that he'd been fighting an empty Iron Man suit. Tony's back in his lab talking over the radio. Tony says "I think he's onto us." Thanos gestures with the Gauntlet and teleports Tony's entire lab to the battleground. Tony looks up and says "Okay, he's definitely onto us."

Avengers Disassembled

  • Spider-Man's entrance. Iron Man brings him in as a replacement for Cap quitting the team. While the team is arguing about this, Spider-Man is doing his Ultimate Spider-Man break the fourth wall schtick in the background.

Small Time Heroes

  • Hawkeye's horrible attempt at "anonymously" calling SHIELD to inform them of M.O.D.O.K.'s defeat and capture. He seems to have forgotten SHIELD has voice-analyzers.

The New Guy

  • Watching Ant-Man get bit by Fin Fang Foom, who at the moment is about an inch tall.
  • Hawkeye tries to complain to Tony about Ant-Man.
    Hawkeye: Tony, got a sec? I have something I need to talk about.
    Tony: (not looking up from his work) Huh?
    Hawkeye: How can I put this delicately... Ant-Man...
    Tony: M-hm.
    Hawkeye: You're not paying attention, are you?
    Tony: M-hm.
    Hawkeye: Ugh... (walks away)
    Tony: U-huh.

Terminal Velocity

  • Thor's totally deadpan Seen It All reaction when the Hulk finds that Hawkeye's drunk all the milk.
    Thor: I would suggest you run.
  • Speed Demon's growing panic as Hulk begins catching up to him.

Midgard Crisis

  • The Monster!Lemurs. They should be terrifying, but they're not.

Avengers' Last Stand

  • Dr. Spectrum has the ability to manifest a guilty figure from a victim's past and feed off their fears. For Thor, it's Loki, for Cap, it's Winter Soldier, for Iron Man, it's Ultron. Ant-Man's is... Hubble, one of his ants.
    Ant-Man: I didn't mean to step on you! I didn't see you!
  • Ant-Man shrinking Hyperion when he tries to attack the Avengers. Hyperion doesn't forget it and singles Scott out during the next battle, much to Scott's horror.

    Season Three 

Adapting To Change

  • During the brief fight the Masters of Evil (Screaming Mimi, Goliath and Beetle) have with the Avengers, Beetle at one point catches Mimi when she's knocked away. She looks up at him grateful and smitten. note  He drops her like a sack of potatoes.
  • Hawkeye being so utterly insulted that the Avengers are getting their tails handed to them by an Adaptoid and AIM.

Saving Captain Rogers

Under Siege

  • When the Masters of Evil surrender, Moonstone actually face palms in shame.
    • Moonstone's deadpan reaction when she learns Black Widow tricked her.
    Moonstone: That atom scrambling device you pulled on me. What was that thing anyway?
    Black Widow: Cartridge pen. It writes in blue, red and black.
    Moonstone: (doesn't sound surprised at all) Shoulda known.
  • After a battle with the Avengers, the Masters of Evil are suddenly teleported away, mid-sentence.
    Fixer: Hey, you don't talk to (teleported) Screaming Mimi like that...

The Thunderbolts

Into the Dark Dimension

  • Really, everything about the Avengers participating in Halloween celebrations. The Avengers taking the time to give out candy to little kids? Heartwarming. The Avengers fighting each other over the opportunity to give out candy to little kids? Hilarious.
    • The episode opens with Hulk preparing to hand out some treats. He promptly gets knocked back a hundred feet by Thor, who insists it's his "turn". Then Tony one-ups them all by giving everyone candy from what appears to be a fire hose.
  • The Avengers appear to keep track of the number of kids dressed up as each of them. Hulk and Tony have 100. Thor has 5; even Captain Marvel (who lives a thousand miles away) almost beats him.
  • Thor going trick-or-treating with some kids dressed up as him.

The Conqueror

  • Natasha getting caught by the other Avengers while trying to avoid attending the opening to the Avengers Museum.
  • Kang speaking with an A.I.M. Agent.
    Kang: (after redirecting some of Hawkeye's arrows) Such primitive weaponry, right out of children's story books.
    A.I.M. Agent: You read story books?
    Kang: (deadly serious) I told you not to talk to me. (effortlessly tosses the man aside)
    • Later, that very same A.I.M. agent can be overheard grumbling to his comrades about the incident.

Into the Future

  • Once the team is back in the present, Hulk calls Thor "baldy".

The Kids Are Alright

  • Steve tells the young heroes he likes their moxie. When this earns him blank looks, he asks if anyone still says it, then declares that he's bringing moxie back.
  • Tony makes a point of saving an antique piano during a fight with an Ultron-bot. Steve does not let him forget it.
  • Tony falling asleep in his armor.
  • Ms. Marvel spanking the Ghost, complete with Punctuated Pounding.
  • Cap getting downright confused when Kamala asks to take a selfie with him.

Panther's Rage

  • The embassy guard who took a selfie of himself when he thought no one was looking.
  • A dozen Wakandan missiles locking onto the Avenjet seconds after Iron Man promised the new stealth tech would keep them hidden. When Cap tries to explain that they need an audience with T'challa, the Wakandan army proceeds to train all of their missiles on their position.

World War Hulk

  • Poor Thor feeling left out when Tony reveals he made a specialized suit of Hulk Buster armor for all the Avengers, except him.
    • Cap's reaction to said Hulkbusters is also pretty good.
      Cap: One of these days Iron Man, I'm gonna stop giving you a hard time about relying on technology.

Ant-Man Makes It Big

  • The entire episode, being a Breather Episode where Thor, Clint and Natasha visit Ant-Man in Hollywood where he's consulting on a superhero movie. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues.
    • The film being produced by 'Marvelous Studios'.
    • The many remarks on the nature of superhero movies.
    • The various alternative names for the Avengers: 'Iron Guy'.
    • The smartphone related obliviousness of civilians to danger, especially when they're filming a dangerous situation.
    • Thor, having rescued a young mother from a car while robots attack by ripping off her car door, then does the same for her baby... and is left baffled by the child's safety seat. Cut to Clint and Natasha fighting robots while Thor runs behind them, carrying the entire back seat over his head, followed by the mother.
    • Thor casually fist bumping a kid.
    • Egghead, the villain of the episode, who gets increasingly ridiculous as time goes on, especially with his wheeled giant egg battle suit, which has two reticulated metal arms ending in pincers shaped like chicken beaks. And his machine that fires robot versions of his battle suit over LA, while making chicken noises.
      • As the suits are shown collapsing, one is shown as having been smashing up the motorbikes the Hells Angels Thor ran into earlier, who are standing around, recording it on their camera phones and sobbing.
    • Thor and every single one of his interactions with the method actor who's trying to be him, the finest of which has to be the end when the two beam in via Bifrost, having been to Asgard. Thor has the biggest shit-eating grin on his face and the actor looks utterly traumatized.
    Todd: I've seen things. Things I can't unsee.
    • This is made even better by the fact that as he runs off, weeping and saying that he'll never act again, Thor and the director share a high five.

House of Zemo

  • Clint, Natasha and Sam meeting the pre-Super Soldier Serum Steve Rogers.
    Steve: Can, uh-can I help you, Captain?
    Clint: (chuckles) He called me "Captain".
    • Later the younger Steve helps the group take down some guards chasing them by throwing a trash can lid at them like his future shield. Unfortunately the lid ricochets and hits him, knocking the poor guy off his feet.
    Young!Steve: (obviously in pain) Hey, that's not too bad. Heh...

The U-Foes

  • The Avengers are playing card games. It's Steve's turn to choose. Naturally, he chooses Pinochle, something almost no one plays anymore so that he wins every time.
    • Also, Thor's line during the game:
    Thor: I quit this Poking game! These rules make no sense!
  • At first, Tony's confident that his hand will win him the game. Then, when the team runs off to find who set off the intruder alert, Tony sneaks a peek at Cap's hand and immediately yells, "Oh come on!"

The Fall of Attilan

The Mighty Avengers

  • Ms. Marvel, lets out an audible Squee upon receiving praise from Captain Marvel.
  • The Mighty Avengers and the Original/Renegade Avengers are in a stand off, Mirrored Confrontation Shot style. Ms Marvel, however, has a problem.
    Ms. Marvel: Wait! Why do I get Hulk?
    • Despite her efforts in her fight with Hulk, Ms. Marvel can't do more than irritate him.

The Drums of War

  • Part 3, during the Avengers' fight with a mind controlled Medusa at an amusement park. Medusa ends up throwing anything she can find at them.
    Hawkeye: (barely dodges a boulder to the face) A boulder? Where'd she find a boulder!?
    • Iron Man getting a little nervous just before he and Ant Man shrink down in size to examine the Inhuman registration disk.
    Iron Man: (hesitant) Wait, how dangerous is this?
    Ant Man: (cheerful) Extremely. But it's best not to think about it.

    Season Four 

Avengers No More Part 1

  • Despite now being trapped in an alternate universe. Iron Man is still very much the same as ever.
    Iron Man: This is everybody's favorite Tony Stark, coming live and direct from another dimension that's recently become unstable.
  • When Cap questions if making the Stark Expo as loud and flashy as it is is such a good idea, Tony points out that nobody's going to believe it's him if it wasn't.
  • Iron Man overhearing the battle between the Avengers and the Leader.
    Iron Man: Dr. Foster, what's happening out their? It's sounds, fighty.
  • Hulk's bad habit of accidentally smashing everything at the Stark Expo.

Avengers No More Part 2

  • Ant Man being downright insulted that Vision's call went to Wasp alone.
  • Black Panther and the Leader bantering back and forth. Also counts as a Moment of Awesome for T'Challa.
    Black Panther: For a man of supposed intellect, you have much to learn Leader. One person can always make a difference. Also, you talk too much.
    Leader: I'll try to be less wordy.

The Sleeper Awakens

  • Vision trying to befriend Red Skull's skullbot, which he reprograms and names "Skully".
    Skully: I would betray you if my programming permitted it!
    Vision: He's just saying that. (pats Skully on the head)
    Skully: I am not!
  • Ant Man's disappointment with the Hydra bases, first with the fact that Skull Island doesn't actually look like a skull, and then with the fact that the castle is called 'Hydra Base #22' instead of 'Castle Red Skull'.

Prison Break

  • The episode begins with Wasp and Captain Marvel getting into an intense rivalry, over a game of ping pong.
  • Vision waiting for his turn at ping pong, complete with his own paddle. That still has the packaging on it.

The Incredible Herc

  • Ms. Marvel geeking out at the idea of Hercules joining the Avengers.
    Ms. Marvel: Hercules, the actual Hercules is going to be an Avenger!
    Hercules: (offscreen) Huzzah!
  • While discussing whether or not they should let Hercules join the team, the team soon discovers Hercules assumed he was already a member and ordered hundreds of pizzas to celebrate.

Show Your Work

  • Taskmaster breaks into the Avengers Mansion to warn them of something MODOK was planning. He's then dragged along with them to make sure it's not a trap. The funny part comes in when he casually glances over to Ms. Marvel, who was in the middle of doing some homework, and he helps her out with it.
    • Also slightly funny, the answer to the questions she was doing was 616.
  • When questioned why he's helping the Avengers, Taskmaster admits that MODOK promised him a part of the world to rule, but he doesn't want to rule over a world of MODOKs. Ant Man then shrugs and says "That checks out."
  • Ms. Marvel taking a selfie with Taskmaster.

Dimension Z

  • Much like how he tried imitating Steve back in "In Deep", Hawkeye briefly insists on using 1930's slang.
  • Scott waving around Cap's new shield as a distraction, while he's so small the HYDRA goons can't even see him.

New Year's Resolution

  • Cap and Tony discussing New Years at the start of the episode.
    Tony: I used to love New Years Eve, Cap. All that wild, non-stop partying until the break of dawn. Then I realized something.
    Cap: That there's more to life than non-stop partying?
    Tony: What? No. Uh, are you crazy? No.
  • Tony's reaction to his dad asking about his mom.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Howard and Peggy are trying to avoid some HYDRA goons while carrying a "package." Midway through the episode, Cap and Peggy go to the car to see what's inside the trunk, only to find the package was actually longtime Cap enemy Doctor Faustus who Howard and Peggy had left hog tied in the back of the car and then forgot about.
  • At the end of the episode Iron Man wishes they had a way of making sure that Howard and Peggy returned to the past safely, when his gauntlet, which had disappeared due to a Ripple Effect, appears on his arm.
    Cap: Well how's that for proof?
    Iron Man: Yeah. That'll do.

The Eye of Agamotto, Part One

  • Hawkeye getting the drop on a mook.
    Hawkeye: Hi, my name's Hawkeye, I'd ask you your name, but honestly, I don't care. (ties the goon's arm in a grapple arrow and tosses him over the railing)
  • One of the HYDRA agents' used his communicator to take pictures of his food. Even better? His breakfast is shaped like the HYDRA logo!
  • Shuri and T'Challa's sibling bickering.

The Eye of Agamotto, Part Two

  • Hawkeye reviewing the bills from Hulk destroying a factory that makes talking teddy bears, with Hulk claiming that the bears had it coming. Then at the end of the episode, after Black Panther decides to pay for the damages, he says, "And besides, from what I hear, those teddy bears had it coming."
  • When Ms. Marvel questions why Banner made his latest gadget look like a monkey wrench, Bruce claims that it doesn't and it's a very sophisticated device, then trails off when he realizes it absolutely looks like a monkey wrench.


  • Since "Beyonder" is a name the Avengers gave him, Tony's been calling the guy "Suspenders".
    Tony: Beyonder. Little too 80's rock for my tastes, but it works.
  • Tony's face as Steve spins him around during their hug.
  • Tony has a truck that becomes a Hulkbuster-sized armor named Marsha.
  • Just how calm Tony is throughout the entire episode. He's been stuck in a desert on a planet that may not even be within his own universe for god knows how long, suddenly finds his team, and just rolls with it.
  • Tony nonchalantly destroying the orb he, Cap, and Widow risked their lives to get. Cap and Widow's slackjawed expressions make it all the better.


  • Hulk's hilarious "Wha...?" when Iron Man says they need Loki's help.
    Loki: Terribly sorry, I was caught up in the moment.
  • The entire scene where Thor, Iron Man, Loki, and Hulk drive to the Bifrost in Marsha. Hulk, Loki, and Thor act like angry children while Iron Man is their tired parent.
    Iron Man: Don't make me come back there!
  • The fight against the rock trolls has a lot of funny lines:
    • When comparing the trolls to the Hulk:
    Iron Man: Hulk smashing is much more nuanced. With charm and social commentary.
    • Thor telling Loki that as Avengers, their job is to save people.
    Loki: Save people? What a bizarre concept.
    • When Loki figures out a way to stop the trolls from coming back and Thor questions his actions:
    Loki: I'm learning here, be patient. I haven't been an Avenger as long as you have.
    Thor: You are not an Avenger!
    Loki: Ooh, hit a bit of a nerve, have I? Now be a good jealous brother and help me.
    • Then after they defeat the trolls:
    Thor: You almost acted like a hero.
    Loki: A hero? You just had to ruin my moment, didn't you?
  • Loki has to defend himself against an accusation. But then pauses...
    Loki: I'm sorry, it's very difficult to concentrate on defending my integrity with Hulk looking at me like that. (pull out to see Hulk's angry face inches away from Loki as he breathes heavily)
  • The name Amora gives the Avengers is "Elsa" which is hilarious given the other Frozen references in her last appearance.
  • While Thor and Iron Man have a heartfelt talk, Loki and Hulk are bickering like children.
  • When the Enchantress reveals herself:
    Loki: Oh, so this is what it feels like to be on the hero end of a villainous double-cross. (beat) Well, I don't care for it.
  • The moment the audience knew Thor and Loki were back to being brothers again:
    Thor: Protect your flank, Loki!
    Loki: Don't tell me what to do, brother! Oh, and protect your flank.

The Vibranium Coast

  • Typhoid Mary's consistent Self-Serving Memory for literally anything she does.
  • At the end of the episode, Ms. Marvel and Ant Man give Tony an "aye aye, captain!" Steve, who was passing by at the moment, gave them a salute in return and Tony just looks so utterly confused.


  • Vision fully understands Groot, so they talk to each other. An "I am Groot" / "I am Vision" back-and-forth ensues, while Rocket looks at them both in disbelief.
    Rocket: [to Vision] Wait, you can understand him, too? [to Groot] You can talk to him?
    Groot: I am Groot.
    Vision: I am Vision.

The Citadel

  • At the start of the episode, Tony laments their lack of resources compared to his lab on Earth. One of the things he specifically mentions missing is "interns to throw things at".
    Cap: Just do the best you can, Tony.
    Tony: (grabs a wrench and throws it at Cap, who easily dodges) Eh, not the same.
  • Ares taking Cross-Popping Veins to a whole new level by getting so mad the side of his helmet starts cracking.
  • Tony telling the Beyonder he could have texted if he wanted to hang out, and then admitting that he's kidding, he has the Beyonder blocked.
  • Absorbing Man getting stuck in MODOK's mouth and absorbing the properties of his tongue.

The Wastelands

  • Ms. Marvel filming the Avengers briefing, then asking if she can reshoot Tony's "Sometimes, the moment chooses you" line.
  • The Beyonder chasing after the Avengers...on a giant Segway. As if he wasn't enough of a hipster already.
  • Tony leaving Ms. Marvel to drive the hover skiff.
    Ms. Marvel: Wait, what?! Why me?
    Tony: I don't know, why not you? (flies off)
    Ms. Marvel: There's gotta be like a hundred and fifty controls here!
    Tony: Hundred and fifty one!
  • After finally derailing the skiff, the Beyonder rips off the curtain covering its cargo to reveal... Ant Man's mug scaled up via Pym Particles.
  • Tony's relentless trolling of the Beyonder.
    Tony: Constant irritation? There's a topical cream for that.

    Beyonder: You thought you could use the Bifrost to undo Battleworld?
    Tony: What's a Bifrost?
    Beyonder: Don't play dumb with me, Stark!
    Tony: I have to play dumb, because you are dumb. You're very dumb.

    (Beyonder shows up in a suit of Power Armor)
    Tony: Love your suit, it just screams "I am the Beyonder and I am overcompensating."

    Season Five 

Shadow of Atlantis Part 1

  • During Shuri's welcome party, Tony tries to make small talk with T'Challa. Pointing out since the two are Avengers together, that makes them "buddies". Which T'Challa counters with one simple question: What, is his favorite color?
    • Becomes a Brick Joke later, after the pair are trapped in one of Tiger Shark's nets.
    Tony: So... think now's a good time to tell me your favorite color?
  • During their rematch in the sewers. Black Panther kicks Tiger Shark hard in the chest, causing the Atlantean to hack up plate that says, "dapper session meats".

Shadow of Atlantis Part 2

Into the Deep

  • At one point, while helping T'Challa sneak into the Atlantean prison. Shuri explains that she made several devices to help him with his mission. Shuri then insists that her brother thank her, by saying "thank you for being a wonderful sister". When T'Challa only grumbles at her continued insistence, Shuri laughs at his stubbornness.
  • Shuri, in an attempt to distract Attuma. At one point asks him... for a dance. Amazingly, Attuma actually can dance.

The Panther and the Wolf

  • Hunter referring to N'Jadaka's Shadow Council as his "Ministry of Darkness".
  • Hunter's Embarrassing Nickname for T'Challa: Whiskers.
  • Hunter's shock when T'Challa mentions he once fought and defeated the Hulk.


  • Some of the VA's got a little too in to their characters on Halloween.