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     Why the Cabal over Masters of Evil? 
  • Why "The Cabal" to name the villain team? It's a team to oppose the Avengers, Why not Masters of Evil? (regardless of membership)
    • Same reason the Iron Patriot armor was in Iron Man 3. There are some things from modern comics that cartoons just can't escape.
    • Because even though the group is stated to be a match for The Avengers, it is based on Norman Osborn's Cabal from the Dark Reign era of Marvel. Each member is a big bad in their own right, with their own armies of henchmen to back them up. I rather hope that the goals of The Cabal match that of their comic book counterpart more than they match the Masters of evil.
    • Also, Masters of Evil sounds a bit,well. Sixties. It worked in EMH, but here? Eh.
    • The Cabal actually first debuted in "Acts of Vengeance" and has always been more about the Masterminds of the Marvel Universe coming together, which is more what Skull did.

     Avengers Disassembled 
  • So, why exactly did the Avengers disassemble? Iron Man makes an implication that they "broke up the band" a while ago in the opening episode. Do we have a specific reason as to why?
    • While it's not directly stated the implication seems to be that Tony specifically and the group as a whole agreed that the Avengers was simply too much power for any one person/group to wield. In addition it would encourage. . .well exactly what Red Skull does at the end of the two part opener and team up all the worlds villains into a larger threat. It's a fairly common meme in comics that heroes very quickly start creating their own threats.
    • Not that the sentiment holds throughout the series but the pilot seems to suggest that the Avengers were not a good team and only truly became friends once the series started. Thor and Hulk seem to have genuine animosity in the pilot, everybody thinks Tony being in charge is dangerously stupid and if the series is supposed to kind of use the Movie as cannon they may have won their previous battle more because they are all individually awesome and not because they were a team. Without a threat to force them into Enemy Mine alliances their individual egos broke the group apart.

     Is Black Widow still Russian? 
  • Oh, hell, I'm just gonna say it. Does anyone else miss the days back when Black Widow used to actually have a Russian accent? (Seriously, why did they get rid of that?)
    • Because she's a spy who goes undercover & thus needs to be able to affect a variety of accents.
      • Yeah, but she's not being an undercover spy right now. She's an Avenger, on the front lines. Sure, it'll probably come in handy, but why in the company of her teammates?
      • It's not unheard of for people who speak various languages to lose their original accent.
    • Perhaps she just felt like ditching it, in order to blend in better.

     Red Skull being leader 
  • Why chose Red Skull, of all people, to be the Big Bad and leader of the Cabal? I mean, come on! This is the one villain everybody hates, even amongst other villains! Even more so in this version, seeing how Dracula apparently once chose to team up with Captain America over him. Shouldn't his invitations to join the Cabal be ignored by practically everybody?
    • Not when he's offering a team up which could take down the Avengers.
      • What would prevent them from forming the team without him? All I am saying is, he seems like the worst choice scenaristically to be a villain leader. Doom, Osborn, Loki, Zemo, even Thanos would have seem like a more logical choice to me.
      • Going by USM, Osborn is still undergoing post-goblin treatment and Loki's still being punished by Odin in Asgard. Within the series itself, Doctor Doom flat out refused to join the cabal. Also according to interviews Thanos will appear later on in the series.
      • It hasn't been clearly confirmed yet if this show takes place in the same universe than USM (I don't take their Word of God in account since they also said it was a continuity of EMH, and it turns out to be a lie). And I know Doom refused, but precisely, I think the whole show would have made more sense if HE had been the one with the idea to form the Cabal.
      • Maybe the writers wanted an Evil Counterpart in a villain team to Captain America in the Avengers. For Osborn, the connection to Ultimate Spider-man though is slightly more clearer than EMH due to some designs and Jonah's news show. For Doom, he's kinda a power hungry dictator of a European country with cushy diplomatic immunity, I think there are some villains who would object to that. Either way, it's not like all the villains will all join Red Skull's Cabal. They'll probably make their own separate teams like in EMH. Those that do will probably backstab Red Skull if the Avengers are defeated.
      • I guess that's a good enough justification...
    • That's the point. Everyone really does hate him, but he makes an offer top good/too intriguing to refuse. And, eventually, he does double cross them, true to form.

     Bruce Banner 
  • Where the hell is Bruce Banner? They haven't even mentioned him yet.
    • ...He's the Hulk. What do you mean "where"?
      • Hulk is supposed to turn back into Bruce Banner regularly, including when he is not angry. In Earth's Mightiest Heroes, they actually explained why he was Hulk all the time. Here ? They don't even mention Banner. It's like he has always been Hulk. Kinda sad considering this series tries to emulate the success of the Avengers movies, where a big reason for Hulk's popularity was Banner's personality and his bromance with Stark.
      • There were times in the comics wherein Hulk was Hulk 24/7 and didn't change into Banner due to heightened intelligence or something. Planet Hulk is an example of such a time. There was also that time wherein Hulk was gray, went by Mr. Fixit or something, and acted like a bouncer complete with gangster suit. The show's probably taking nods from those times wherein Hulk was just Hulk. Besides it's not like it's a necessary requirement that the show has to constantly remind people that Hulk is Banner. It's like those times wherein the show doesn't remind people that Falcon and Black Widow were/are SHIELD agents. The show will probably remind people though that the Hulk is Banner anyway when he gets an episode centered on him.
    • You act like Marvel cartoons haven't been doing this since the 2000's.
      • Well, not including The Super Hero Squad Show (which was a parody), Banner still was present. He shew up in Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and, as mentionned sooner, Earth's Mightiest Heroes actually bothered explaining why he was Demoted to Extra, while still showing him as a Spirit Adviser whenever an episode would focus on Hulk's point of view. I'll wait to see more, but so far this show seems to flat down ignore Banner.
      • I actually meant the Hulk not turning into Banner whenever he calms down. Not Banner himself being completely absent.
    • Banner himself appeared in "Planet Doom" and in "Hulked Out Heroes", inklings of Banner were shown what with Hulk keeping a device that is capable of depowering a Hulk. With this talk though, I kinda have to wonder. I'm not sure how I can best ask it, but is it really a big deal if the man behind the monster doesn't show his face if the monster itself shows that there is a man under all that gamma radiated muscle? I mean if we can see bits of what is clearly Banner's personality in the Hulk, is it a big deal whether or not Banner himself appears frequently? When it really comes down to it, they are really just the same person.
      • They are not the same person. Even if Hulk is fundamentally good in the present a large part of what sets Hulk aside from Thing or She Hulk or Rhino or Juggernaut or any other super strong character is the Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde dynamic he has with Dr. Banner. Now they've certainly grayed that divide with "Hulked Out Heroes" since they don't even try to play it off as Hulk knowing where Bruce hides it or what not. Ultimately in this show though it would be nice if they just explained it, I'm sure there were people who weren't familiar with the Hulk who were watching "Planet Doom" and had no idea who Dr. Banner was until they started dropping all sorts of hints. He could have been no different from that that guy named Castle with a skull on his shirt that was obviously made up for the alternate dimension!
      • The Jekyll and Hyde conflict is indeed a huge part of Hulk's character, however it kinda feels unnecessary and nitpicky to want it to be super prominent when you already have something that shows the exact same thing. The whole point of the conflict is to show that the Hulk is a complex being with Hulk being Banner's rage, and Banner being Hulk's humanity. I mean it has been explored to hell and back, that while Hulk and Banner are different, they are indeed the same person. It's also why there is a thing called the Merged Hulk persona which is Banner coming to terms with his inner turmoil. Having Hulk act kind and occasionally smart achieves the exact same complex characterization that the Jekyll and Hyde conflict has albeit in a more subdued way.
        For there being people not knowing who Banner is at first in "Planet Doom", that's kinda of a stretch considering that the Hulk is one of the most well known super heroes. A lot of people know who Bruce Banner right away the moment his name is dropped. It's like Vader being Luke's dad. I guess there is a really small number of people who don't know who Banner is, but it's really a stretch.
        As for Castle, that's The Punisher. Another Marvel superhero that was created way before in the comics and not solely for the episode. People who don't know him I guess would think he is just somebody created for that single episode. However, those who do would consider him a nice Easter Egg.
        An explanation for Hulk not turning might be nice I guess. However, people making complaining about it seems really nitpicky. I mean if people can complain about such a detail, they should also complain about aspects about the other characters not being brought up more frequently. There's Tony Stark, him choosing to be Iron Man in order to make up for the weapons he built is not always brought up. There's Steve Rogers, his motivation to be Captain America is not always brought up. There's Ben Grimm, his conflict of looking like a monster is not brought up. There's the Red Skull, him being a Nazi is not brought up. There's Spider-Man, his ultimate failure to save Uncle Ben is not brought up. These aspects are just as large as the Hulk Banner conflict yet no one complains that such aspects are front and center.
      • The guy who first mentioned Frank Castle was being sarcastic and/or playing Devil's Advocate. The point was (I'm assuming) that the target demographic for the show isn't likely to have heard of him. And with good reason, I might add. This makes it more likely that they'd assume he was a Canon Foreigner who was created just for this episode.
    • Essentially, it's a 22 minute show with an ensemble cast. The Hulk's interaction with everyone is more interesting for the story than Banner's. If there's a specific reason to show Banner (ala Planet Doom), they will, much like EMH did. And besides, tying with that, the kids watching want to see Hulk, not some dude.
    • Bruce also appeared for about ten seconds, and had one line "What have you done?" in the episode "Valhalla Can Wait", when Hela used her Death Touch on Hulk.
  • I thought it was strange Bruce never appeared, at least in any of the episodes I saw. Is he trapped in the Hulk state and if so why isn't anyone helping to get him out of it. Hulk has his uses, but Bruce would be like the second smartest guy on the team, if not the smartest, surely his knowledge would be useful once in a while as well.

  • In Hyperion, how did they fail to notice the meteors before they were already entering Earth's atmosphere?
  • Also in Hyperion, where was Hulk jumping from when he saved Tony from getting knocked off the bridge? He's clearly jumping straight up. But they're over water...
    • The bottom of the river floor. Course, the moment when Hulk caught Tony wasn't shown. He probably jumped from somewhere solid like a boat, the bridge's pillar, or something. Caught Tony. Landed somewhere near the bridge then jumped straight up.

     Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes connection to Avengers Assembles 
  • The Molecule Man episode. One minute we see a flashback where everyone looks like their The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes selves, the next Nick Fury shows up in a "Tri-Carrier" and a S.H.I.E.L.D. training program for young heroes in mentioned. Are they still deciding which canon this is, or are they just deliberately messing with us now?
    • My opinion is that they are trying to please everybody by trying to make those three show all part of the same universe even though they don't match together. A ridiculous extreme case of Pandering to the Fanbase. Then again, I might be wrong.
      • ...Well, now I feel like a jerk for thinking they were messing with us.
    • Here's how I see it: Avengers Assemble is directly connected to Ultimate Spider-Man, and both have a Broad Strokes version of the events depicted on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, combined with some elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (i.e., Phil Coulson, the Chitauri invasion, Heimdall being black, etc.) in their backstory.
  • Why the lousy animation? It feels very stiff and awkward and cheap looking, not to mention the terrible gimmick of changing the aspect ratio every now and then to make it have letterbox. Why the sudden downgrade in animation compared to EMH?
    • Ironic, since I read somewhere that Marvel spent a lot more than usual on the animation budget for this one. (Either here or The Other Wiki)
      • Maybe "Animation" is where the suits hide their cocaine budget these days. Though if they really wanted to give something a high budget with a terrible quality end result they should have chosen sound mixing or something so no one would notice.
  • I'm putting this here because I think this is the most appropriate of the three headscratchers to put this in. Is there any clarity on how the universes are or aren't shared here? They seem to imply in a few episodes and also by key omissions like always on Hulk and Hawkeye in his classic outfit in a flashback this IS a continuation of EMH's. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is all but officially confirmed to share a verse with Ultimate Spiderman, they may have blurred his face but Peter's hair is pretty distinct in USM.
    • EMH's a bit iffy due to the some discrepancies, however for the other three shows, there seems to be alot of constants that suggest that they are in the same universe. One of the more obvious would be J.J. Jameson and how he is depicted as a ranting news reporter on screen in all three shows. Other factors however within the three shows themselves don't quite mesh well with one another. The most obvious would be Hulk who is more calm and intelligent in Agents of S.M.A.S.H. but is more beast-like in Avengers Assemble. I'm guessing the three shows are being handled like how Transformers: Prime and other current Transformers related stuff are being handled. There is a set in stone design element, mythos, or something that connects the three shows together that says that they are in the same universe. However how the shows are treated slightly different from one another in order to make them unique on their own or something like that. I think the comics also do something like that. I'm not sure though.
      • Many of those discrepancies can be explained easily enough if you assume that Avengers Assemble is the only accurate telling of the story. Ultimate Spiderman with it's constant pull aways and other gags is told from Spiderman's perspective and any contradictions there stem from the difference between reality and how Spiderman views himself. Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is a web show and everything is very carefully edited by A-Bomb to do precisely what he said he'd do in the pilot, show the world Hulk as a hero. It also makes sense if you assume Hulk's show is told in the future. Otherwise several of them such as Hulk are saying things in their interviews that are beyond stupid.
      • The difference between Avengers Assemble and Agents of S.M.A.S.H. is explained in-universe - Hulk mellows out more with his fellow Hulks, who really get him and the fact that he's about more than just smashing, and are basically family (literally, in Jen's case). On the other hand, he sees being with the Avengers as more of his job, and people like Hawkeye and Thor tend to bring out the best in him, with only Cap and Widow really realising that there's more to him than just smash.

     Hulk Out Thor's strength 
  • In 'Hulked Out Heroes' it seems odd that Thor isn't a whole lot stronger than he is. Gamma radiation in almost all cases makes the victim monstrously strong and with every member of the Avengers other than Thor it brought them up to near Hulk like levels of strength. Thor however is already nearly as strong as the Hulk, shouldn't gamma radiation make him magnitudes stronger than the actual Hulk? Heck shouldn't all of the Avengers sans maybe Iron Man and Falcon be considerably stronger than the Hulk since all of them are in much better shape than Bruce Banner?
    • Lest you forget, Thor isn't Human. Who can predict how gamma radiation interacts with Asgardian physiology? As to being stronger than Hulk, Hulk's strength has never been a 1:1 to Banner physical state. I think it works like that for She-Hulk, but standard Hulk's strength is dependent on his emotional state.
  • Assuming this show is a continuation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, how the hell could Thor could get mutated by gamma radiations?! EMH was very clear on the fact that Asguardians were immune to radiations, including gamma. Seems like a big Series Continuity Error to me.
    • Who says that it's a continuation? I think it's a confirmation that Avengers Assemble and The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes are in different continuities.
      • Then maybe they shouldn't have used a flashback based on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the Molecule Kid episode.
    • It's not just Gamma energy, it also happened to have a virus attached. And while Modok in this version mostly just brute forces things with his technopathy, he is a competent Omnidisciplinary Scientist.
  • Hulks Day Out: Why the hell did they decide to hit hulk upside the face instead of somewhere where it won't A: Give him amnesia, and B: Send him careening in an circle all the way down.

    • That particular plan was hatched by Thor and Hulk, in the midst of a battle nonetheless. Neither are exactly known for thinking their plans through

     Red Skull being Iron Man counterpart 
  • Why make Red Skull an evil counterpart to Iron Man? I understand having Cabal be run by the anti-Iron Man, who leads the Avengers, but seems random to turn one of Captain America's biggest enemies into an evil counterpart of Iron Man. Why not say modify the Mandarin or Stane to make them into more of Evil Iron Man to lead the Cabal?
    • Because Avengers Assemble was designed specifically to tie in more with the current Marvel Cinematic Universe which at the time excluded Mandarin, Stane seems to be "dead" and Red Skull is the only extant villain with the combination of a proper personality and the name brand needed.

     Why did Thor leave without telling the team why? 
  • In "Doomstroyer" Thor just ups and leaves, in the middle of a fight, with no explanation. I suppose it's to keep Loki's participation in the episode a secret, but seriously? It makes him look like a coward, when we already know he's beaten the Destroyer before. He couldn't take ten seconds to say "We need help, I'll be right back with someone who can"?
    • Considering that he's back in just a few minutes he may very well have felt the ten seconds he'd waste explaining the scenario and more importantly discussing it with people who wouldn't like the idea very much wouldn't be time well spent.

  • Is Modok currently one being with two separate bodies or are there two separate Modok's running around right now. Also why hasn't Modok started churning out Super-Adaptoids like it's the thing to do? They were made on Earth by someone less inteligent than him but more importantly he's got a working model to build off of and an army of Super Adaptoids would spank the Avengers so hard and so fast that it wouldn't be funny.
    • I'm getting the feeling that Modok is in stasis somewhere operating the Super-Adaptoid via technopathic remote control.
      • Bring on the Bad Guys Shows both Modok and the Super-Adaptoid in the same place at the same time so that's out. He may still be controlling it telepathically instead of somehow splitting his consciousness however.
      • It's situations like this that make me wonder why they didn't bring in Arnim Zola to operate the Super-Adaptoid.
  • Why do M.O.D.O.K. and Hammer grunt whenever the Adaptoid is hit? It's a machine. It has no nerves. Maybe you can make a case for M.O.D.O.K. mind-linking with it or something, but Hammer? What is he doing?
    • I just watched that episode, the microbots its made out of reconfigure themselves as needed to duplicate someone. So presumably when it duplicates someone organic, the microbots reconfigure themselves to build artificial muscles, nerves, bones, etc.
    • Same reason you wince or grunt whenever your character is hit in a Video game maybe?

     Why stop at Ant-Man? 
  • In Small Time Heroes one of the main problems was that the Avengers are barely half a team. Sure, Iron Man recruited Ant-Man and gave the Avengers almost everything they need, but why stop at Ant-Man? Iron Man could have tried to reach out to other heroes to recruit for the Avengers. Sure, Spider-Man won't join because of the conflict between Iron Man and Cap, and he obviously can't recruit any [[Ultimate Spider-Man superheroes from SHIELD]], because SHIELD doesn't trust the Avengers anymore. I mean, Tony could have at least tried to recruit others like Wolverine or Scarlet Witch (considering how this show takes cues from the MCU), and/or Doctor Strange. Or, Tony could've at least tried to make some sort of temporary arrangement with the Fantastic Four, wherein they form an alliance to deal with Ultron. In any case, there are plenty of heroes out there, and it would've helped the Avengers avoid the problems they're facing with small numbers, such as the problem they had with Absorbing Man and Titania. The biggest problem the Avengers have so far is the greater damage they're creating as a smaller team, so with a few more recruits besides Ant-Man, they could have evened the odds and they could have prevented damage a lot more effectively, such that SHIELD would get off their backs a little more.
    • From a narrative point of view? Too many people for a 22 minute episode show. And more characters are turning up in Season 3, such as Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers and Ms Marvel a.k.a. Kamala Khan.

    Couldn't Nuke just do the deed himself? 
  • Why did Nighthawk have Hyperion absorb Nuke's power to destroy the Earth's core? Couldn't he just let Nuke do it himself? He's a living reactor, so that would've made things easier for Nighthawk, and Hyperion was deprived of his powers, so it wouldn't have made a big difference.
    • Because Hyperion's abilities are more suited to the task. Nuke was basically a battery for Hyperion, who is able to do more damage with the same amount of juice.
    • Besides, it's entirely possible Nuke may not have been willing to do it in the first place. Hyperion is established to be genocidal, he won't hesitate to blow up the entire planet.

    Squadron Supreme story—Rushed? Or poorly established? 
  • At the end of the Squadron Supreme's arc, the Squadron starts to fall apart with infighting, and it's discovered that their desire for power became their flaw. Doesn't that feel like a last-minute cop out by the writers? The Squadron showed no signs of such a vulnerability, because most of Season 2, they did act like true friends and in the second half of Season 2, they showed resolve of a true zealot—Hyperion even called Tony out for trying to get him to sell out the other Squadron members, showing they'd die for one another and their cause. They've endured separation after the destruction of a planet and go back to following their leader. It's just not believable and seemed inconsistent that they would fall apart when they have shown otherwise. Plus it strips away what people liked about the Squadron in the first place.

    Connected universe or not? 
  • So is this the same universe as Ultimate Spider-Man or not? Spider-Man himself has made multiple appearances and he's clearly the same iteration, but come Season 3 of this show, Beetle has gone from SHIELD-feared master assassin to walking joke as one of the Masters of Evil, and Klaw is somehow not only human again, but his cannon arm is now on the opposite side?
    • This, Ultimate Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Hulk and the Agents of SMASH are all in the same universe. However, they don't take place all at the same time (just because the episodes air on the same day doesn't mean they're happening at the same time) and some may be subject to Broad Strokes.
      • Which just makes it a tad annoying that crossovers are so rare. I'd really like to know what the Avengers were doing when Doc Ock turned Hydra Island into Octopus Island. Or what A-Bomb, She Hulk and Red Hulk have been doing since Agents got cancelled. A-Bomb especially seems like the kind of guy who would join a new group.
      • There's lots of evidence to support that Season 4 of Ultimate Spiderman takes place before Ultron Revolution. Ant-Man was still with the Avengers, as shown in Strange Little Halloween, because he hadn't yet settled into L.A., which is what happened after he left the Avengers (because of Tony Stark). Also, Arnim Zola, not Baron Strucker, was leading Hydra in Season 4 of Ultimate Spiderman, but since the former gets destroyed in Spider-Slayers, that's how Hydra got split between Strucker and Baron Zemo. U-Foes also asserts that Hydra's numbers dwindled, and Spider-Man believed they've toppled Hydra, leading their ranks to be thinned out.

     Thor aging? 
  • In S 3 E 13 Into the Future we see an aging (and balding) Thor leading a new group of Avengers against Kang and he seems to be weaker. Back in season 2 when they fought Thanos it was established that Asgaurdians do not weaken with age. They grow stronger. We don't know how much Thanos aged Thor, only that he mentions centuries but Thor is able to attack Thanos and force him to turn back time to undo his mistake. Also Thor didn't lose his hair, he just grayed.
    • Unfortunately this show isn't as concerned with consistency as much as it is for plot convenience. Against Thanos aging Thor making him more powerful was the way to get around Thanos using the Time Gem/Stone, while fighting against Kang having an Elder, weaker, and balding Thor worked for the plot of that episode and added humor.

     Baron Heinrich Zemo's capture in 1943 America 
  • Saving Captain Rogers establishes that 1944 was the year Captain America went on a mission with Bucky with the main objective of capturing Heinrich Zemo. Additionally, it was also that mission that Steve Rogers lost Bucky, which led to his capture and subsequent brainwashing into the Winter Soldier. During House of Zemo Heinrich Zemo was pulled from 1943, but then sent back, only to land in America and get captured by young Steve Rogers. Wouldn't that mean that Cap never went on that mission if Zemo has already been captured, thus preventing him from losing Bucky and becoming the Winter Soldier?
    • Best guess is that Zemo will break out, return to Hydra, and will continue to fight the Allies and eventually Cap and the timeline will be intact.
    • How would that happened, Heinrich entered the base thinking he could easily sabotage them, but he gets captured before he gets started. He was under the impression that the heroes made a beneficial mistake for him, only to find the joke was on him. Ergo, it didn't look like he planned for this event.

     No Fantastic Four in the Dr. Doom episodes 
  • Dr. Doom has fought the Avengers, Hulk: Agents of SMASH, and Spider-man, but where were the Fantastic Four? Sure we see them around (not all 4 together), but you never see them battle their arch nemesis. Not once has Dr. Doom mentioned Reed Richards, the man he blames for his disfigurement and lab accident.
    • I believe one of the reasons why the Fantastic Four as a group haven't been mentioned within the show or other connected shows is because the current Marvel cartoons are trying to emulate the Marvel Cinematic Universe or borrow more heavily from it than the comics. While Doom was added as a villain to the show they may have thought to leave out the Fantastic Four or that they weren't really needed to use Doom (I don't think they ever gave Doom an origin in this show either). Wolverine exists in this universe, but there has been no mention of mutants in general.
    • Ben aka The Thing appeared in a few episode of "Agents of S.M.A.S.H.".

     Truman Marsh 
  • Did the Avengers accept Marsh as their boss without doing any background check on him? Does that mean a spy can walk into Avengers headquarters and lie to them about working for the US government? My first thought was that Marsh was working for Hydra, and he was leading them into a trap. So far, this guy seems legit. Also, don't the Avengers work for SHIELD? Does that mean Marsh also have power over Fury and his agents?
    • Of everyone at that meeting, Widow was the only one who knew that Congress was considering legislation to make the Avengers an arm of the government. Between that, the team allowing Hulk to be collared, and the ruler of sovereign nation permitting himself and his people to be chipped it's pretty clear a lot of Truman Marsh's scenes and plot points weren't given much review by the writing staff.

     Why not get a new arc reactor for Tony? 
  • Since Tony had to sacrifice himself by remaining in another dimension while deactivating his arc reactor to defeat Ultron, why don't the Avengers just find another arc reactor for Tony? During the series premiere, he had a spare arc reactor when M.O.D.O.K. stole his suit, so being the genius that he is, shouldn't he have other spares lying around that they can use while they get rid of the one containing Ultron? Otherwise, Tony could also still communicate with everyone on Earth without being physically present and instruct Ant-Man and Falcon on how to make another arc reactor.
    • The issue was not about getting a new arc reactor, it was getting a new arc reactor to Tony. Even if there was one to spare or needed to be built, there's still the issue that it's in another dimension from Tony. Given how difficult it is to contact Dr. Strange and that getting Tony back wasn't an immediate issue it would be easier to develop a tech solution to deal with it.
    • Surprised you weren’t asking the real question as to how Tony Stark is no longer possessed by Ultron but then again that could be explained by the Beyonder must have fixed that problem

     There are 2 Klaws in this universe? 
  • Ulysses Klaue first appears in Ultimate Spider-man in his comic book form, yet he later shows up on Avengers Assemble in human form. Did the writers screw up? Both shows are in the same universe.

     Why didn't Red Skull just use Baron Zemo's super soldier serum? 
  • During the premiere, it was stated Red Skull was dying because he had the same serum Cap had, and it was failing. However, didn't he just go retrieve Heinrich Zemo's super-soldier serum? First of all, It has strong rejuvenating capabilities, so it's far more effective than Cap's serum. Second, from both episodes with Bucky Barnes, Red Skull and Heinrich Zemo were both were involved in turning Bucky into the Winter Soldier, so of course they've worked closely longer than that. I'd assume Red Skull would've known where the vials were kept from all his years of working with Zemo.

     Why isn't Ultimate Spider-Man a member of the "New Avengers"? 
  • After the Avengers disappear without a trace thanks to the new Cabal, Black Panther gathers up a bunch of heroes who've either worked with the original team, or at least know them well. So why did he not think to contact Spider-Man, who actually was a member?

     number of the earth in ep 15? 
  • what earth do the events of planet doom happen in?