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Nightmare Fuel / Atomic Puppet

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  • The surreal landscape drawn over Mega City by Mr. Inkwood in "Quick Draw". It's a desert wasteland populated by all sorts of nightmarish creatures that serve Inkwood's every command. The ominous music goes perfectly with it.
  • The...something that Ms. Erlenmeyer encountered and transformed her into Queen Mindbender. It's never seen or described, but we're probably better off not knowing what it is.
  • Claude's death was pretty gruesome for a kid's show. After he successfully copies Atomic Puppet's powers, his body morphs into a load of Body Horror from the excess. When AP discovers that making contact with Claude gives him even more power, he puts himself on Claude's hand, causing Claude's muscles to swell to grotesque levels until he explodes.
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  • The Bad Future presented in "Hero's Holiday" is pretty damn grim. Mega City has been transformed into a hopeless Crapsack World under the tyranny of Professor Tite-Gripp (who is as powerful and ruthless as ever in his old age) that wouldn't look out of place in a warzone. Joey has grown into a '90s Anti-Hero fighting a lone war against Tite-Gripp, Mintenberg makes a cameo as a gibbering garbage-eating hobo, and the citizens of Mega City have holed themselves in their rundown homes in their despair. And all because of AP's bitterness over being a puppet destroying his friendship with Joey.

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