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This is the recap page for Atomic Puppet, a 2016 animated superhero series from Teletoon that also airs on Disney XD. It centers on the comedic, crimefighting adventures of the eponymous superhero duo, which is made of AP, an egotistical talking sock puppet who is in fact the superhero Captain Atomic rendered powerless by a Baleful Polymorph, and Joey Felt, a 12-year-old fanboy of Captain Atomic who can reactivate Captain Atomic's old superpowers by putting AP on his hand.


The episodes are listed in production order.

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  1. Pilot: Joey and AP are playing video games in their room when they are suddenly interrupted by a report about the attack of the giant monster Socktopus in downtown Model Citynote . When Nukeynote  shows up to try defeat the Socktopus to gain the adoration of the city, the duo begin to race for the city and debate whether to deal with Nukey or the monster first along the way.


Season 1

  1. Sick Day / AP vs Disastro: Joey and AP come down with a bad cold, which AP's traitorous ex-sidekick Mookie uses as an opportunity to try and become Mega City's new hero by subduing monster germs. / Joey's dad, Phil, makes him take their cat, Bubbles, to a cat show, to the cat-hating AP's chagrin. However, the Classy Cat-Burglar Naughty Kitty shows up and takes Bubbles.
  2. Atomic Detention / Big Pickle: AP believes that Joey's hard-nosed science teacher Ms. Erlenmeyer is actually a supervillain and his attempts to stop her from putting Joey in detention only make things worse. / AP gets stuck in Phil's impenetrable pickle jar, and the only way to get him out is to visit an old enemy of Captain Atomic named Professor Tite-Gripp.
  3. Pizza Planet / Don’t Track the Mudman: Joey and his family visit a space-themed pizzeria called Pizza Planet, but AP suspects that the staff are actually disguised aliens intent on fattening the customers for eating. / Joey's mother, Vivian, gets possessed by a Muck Monster named Mudman, who seeks revenge against Atomic Puppet for his prior defeat at their hands.
  4. Justice Alliance / Bad Lair Day: The Super Team known as the Justice Alliance wants to invite Atomic Puppet to replace Captain Atomic, but AP is afraid his old friends will recognize and mock him and a rejected Mookie wants to destroy the Alliance. / Joey and AP move into Captain Atomic's secret lair and hold a housewarming party that quickly spirals out of control.
  5. Master of Disaster / Atomic Hairball: In order to defeat a teleporting smoke monster, Joey and AP must take lessons from Captain Atomic's old mentor Master Sensei, who seems to have lost much of his grace and power in his old age. / While Joey is petsitting for Phil, Bubbles is transformed into a giant monster when he eats hair charged with Atomic Puppet's superpowers.
  6. Sold Out / Sword Sisters: Joey has forgotten to buy tickets to a movie for him and his friend Pauline, and since they're sold out, he'll need to find another way in. / Pauline gets her hands on a magical sword and becomes the superheroine Sword Sister. But when the sword's power drives her mad, Atomic Puppet must turn to the sword's owner — Princess War Tickle.
  7. Atomic Android / Soft Spot: Joey's nosy neighbor Warren has hard evidence that Joey is Atomic Puppet, so Joey throws him a Red Herring in the form of a robot duplicate of Atomic Puppet. / AP goes soft literally and metaphorically after Vivian gives him a strong wash of fabric softener and now tries to fight Professor Tite-Gripp and a monster spider with peace and love.
  8. Ultimate Collection / Media Darlings: Joey and AP go on a quest to complete Joey's collection of 132 Captain Atomic action figures when Joey learns about the one-of-a-kind 133rd. / Joey and AP are frustrated by Mega City's #1 news reporter Rex Bordeaux ignoring their superhero feats to promote the hot, new hair salon of fashionista Harry Von Follicle.
  9. Something Chicken / Bucket List: Joey and AP battle a mutant chicken created by a loony gazillionaire named Rudolph Mintenberg. / Joey and AP try out a time travel challenge from a list of superhero challenges, and it takes them through various periods, including the early 2000s when Joey was six and obsessed with ninjas and AP was still Captain Atomic.
  10. Big Blowout / Quick Draw: Joey and AP have a fallout during the rampage of a slime-spewing monster after AP gets hit by the goo and starts acting like a bigger jerk than usual. / Joey wants the brilliant but eccentric comic book artist Mr. Inkwood to make a comic book about Atomic Puppet, but Mr. Inkwood's past with Captain Atomic has left him bitter to superheroes.
  11. Atomic Goo / AP vs Disastro II: AP accidentally superglues himself to Joey's hand, leaving them stuck together as Atomic Puppet. As neither are able to cope with the situation, they are forced to turn to Mookie for a solution. / Bubbles becomes the mascot of a new cat food brand, but turns into an evil mastermind bent on destroying AP after eating some of the kitty treats.
  12. Absorbo Lad / Bend It Like Joey: The Justice Alliance and Atomic Puppet get their superpowers drained by the supervillain Absorbo Lad and must find another way to defeat him. / Atomic Puppet and the Justice Alliance play in their annual soccer tournament against alien invaders. However, without Captain Atomic to carry team singlehandedly, the aliens might win this time.
  13. Erlenmeyer’s Revenge / Mole Men: Ms. Erlenmeyer returns as the wicked Queen Mindbender, and she mind controls the entire school except Pauline and AP in order to summon her Eldritch Abomination husband. / Party-loving Mole Men sink Mega City's buildings and kidnap Pauline, so it's up to Atomic Puppet to head underground, crash their fun, and save Pauline.
  14. Survival of the Feltest / Tick’d Off: Joey and Phil go on a father-son camping trip so Phil can teach Joey some wilderness survival tips. / Returning from the outdoor adventure, Joey finds a mutated tick named Marty on his neck. Marty quickly becomes a nuisance by annoying AP and draining Joey's life, all while seeing himself the third member of the partnership.
  15. Surf ‘N Turf / Monster Truck Invasion: During a fishing trip with Phil, Joey and AP meet the ruler of the lake, King Hydronomous, and help him battle his arch-enemy, the dastardly Megalo-Don. / Joey, AP, and Phil go to a monster truck rally that is actually a trap set by Zorp, the leader of the aliens from "Pizza Planet", To Serve Man again and defeat Atomic Puppet.
  16. Snow Maniac / Hero’s Holiday: Atomic Puppet defeats the evil Snow Maniac, but finds she has returned as a living snowman made by Joey's little sister, Abbie, befriending her to bring eternal winter to Mega City. / While bitter about being turned into a sock puppet, AP encounters the Hero of Holidays Past, Present, and Future in Yet Another Christmas Carol.
  17. Brawl-For-All / Down and Out Dyna-Moe: To pay off collateral damage, Atomic Puppet hosts a charity wrestling match against the aptly-named Manatee-Man, a retired heavyweight with Hulk-like powers. / Bumpkin superhero Dyna-Moe comes to Mega City after being chased from home by Mudman's cousin Dirtbag, and the Mayor of Mega City makes him their new protector.
  18. Mookie’s Got the Power / Buck Monkey: Mookie begins to develop superpowers after swallowing the alien crystal that powers his utility belt, but the crystal's energy begins to spiral out of control. / Zorp mind controls an astronaut chimpanzee and old friend of Captain Atomic named Buck McDowall to get close to Atomic Puppet and learn the secret behind their powers.
  19. These Shoes / Truce or Consequences: Joey finds a pair of artificially intelligent shoes called Lacer amongst the defective gadgets of Captain Atomic's Invisi-Shed. However, Lacer is dangerously ambitious. / Atomic Puppet learns that Princess War Tickle is planning a hero-villain truce with Professor Tite-Gripp and crashes their party to stop what may really be a deception.
  20. Atomic Weakness / Private Proton: Chief Kevlar, the erratic head of the Mega City police force, gets his hands on a meteorite that weakens Atomic Puppet and uses it to end to their heroics, so Atomic Puppet seeks help in getting rid of the rock. / After getting hit in the head in dodgeball, Joey adores Mookie instead of Captain Atomic, so Pauline and AP try to restore his mind.
  21. The Switch / Lacer Takes Over: AP and Princess War Tickle get their bodies swapped by an artifact called the Sphere of Transference. Without her powers, Princess War Tickle is counting on AP to find the second Sphere before any evildoers can. / Lacer's A.I. takes over the body of AP's Companion Cube doll Travis and uses its new body to begin a rebellion of Mega City's appliances.
  22. Worm Boy: In this two-parter, Joey gets the ability to sling webs after being bitten by a silkworm, but can no longer become Atomic Puppet as a result. Then Joey finds himself captured by the insect-controlling supervillain Dr. Beetleman, who seeks to steal Joey's new powers, so it's up to Pauline and AP to rescue Joey in order to stop Dr. Beetleman.
  23. Hero Hall of Fame / Parallel Puppet: Joey and AP go to see Captain Atomic's indoctrination into the Hero Hall of Fame, but Mookie tries to steal Captain Atomic's moment. / After tossing an unstable portal into the sun, Atomic Puppet encounters evil bizzaro doppelgangers from a parallel universe and leave them with Mookie while finding a way to send them home.
  24. Lil’ AP / Pinched Nerves: Queen Mindbender reduces everyone in Mega City except Joey into a child-like state of mind, leaving Joey having to take care of an infantile AP. / Joey is badly shaken when he almost accidentally kills Phil while chasing a bank robber, so he decides to take a day off to help his dad fix the roof. Meanwhile, AP tries to catch the criminal by himself.
  25. Mintenberg’s Armor / Claude Returns: Rudolph Mintenberg creates superpowered armor so that he can become Atomic Puppet's partner after he buys them a secret lair. / Captain Atomic's powerless clone Claude (pronounced "clode") is unfrozen by Mookie and poses as a returning Captain Atomic in a plot to capture Atomic Puppet and clone their superpowers.
  26. The Big Shift: In the two-part finale, Atomic Puppet's first anniversary statue unveiling is interrupted by Mookie declaring that he killed Captain Atomic, which gets him thrown in prison, where he teams up with Professor Tite-Gripp to lead Mega City's villains in an all-out rampage. Meanwhile, Joey and AP debate if anyone should be allowed to know of Captain Atomic's true fate.

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