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  • Awesome Art/Visual Effects of Awesome: Atomic Puppet's animation is nothing short of amazing, with its excellent backgrounds, designs, and movements (courtesy of Mercury Filmworks). This is especially enhanced by how many other modern Teletoon series tend to be made in low-quality Adobe Flash.
    • Some of the promo posters for the show are amazingly designed, such as the one on the main page.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Mookie. Some fans are extremely sympathetic towards him (See Jerkass Woobie below), but others find him obnoxious (though his Chew Toy status softens it in a Take That, Scrappy! manner).
    • Phil is a lesser example, as some people see him as a Jerkass due to how frequently he badmouths AP and seems to care more for his dopey cat than his family at times. Others find him to be quite likable since he's also shown to be a very good dad who actually does care a lot about his family, especially his son.
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  • Cargo Ship: Two In-Universe examples from AP — falling in love with a pickle he was trapped in a jar with and displaying attraction towards Abbie's Barbie-like doll.
  • Cliché Storm: Many reviewers have accused the show of this, particularly when it first came out, though how much this hindered their ability to enjoy the series as a whole varies.
  • Crack Pairing: Joey/AP. Yes, it's a thing.
  • Crazy Awesome: Mintenberg. How many other rich jerks can constantly put the protagonists in danger and act obnoxious but still be totally fun to watch because of how batshit they are? Seriously, this guy has a helicopter that wears bunny slippers.
  • Ear Worm: The intro theme will really get you pumped.
    • The show also plenty of great background music or actiony themes. Most can be heard on the show's website.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Pauline caught on with many viewers big time due to her cute design and sassy personality. "Sword Sisters" definitely helped boost it.
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    • Mintenberg and Princess War Tickle have a lot of fans as well, although they only appear semi-regularly.
    • Among the Rogues Gallery, Professor Tite-Gripp and Naughty Kitty are probably the most popular, with the latter often falling under Evil Is Sexy due to being a Cat Girl based on Eartha Kitt and Sofia Vergara.
    • The redheaded rookie cop seen briefly in "Atomic Hairball" has received her share of fans thanks to her cute design. As did the cat-obsessed brunette with the glasses and the oversized sweater from "AP vs. Disastro".
    • Commander Atomic and Puppet Boy get a lot of fanart for characters who only appeared in a single episode.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Deconstructed. In "Hero's Holiday", AP tells Joey that "friendships don't last forever". Joey is revealed to have taken this to heart in a Bad Future, which turns him into a gritty anti-hero, bitter that AP has seemingly abandoned the city and having cut off his relationships with his family and Pauline. It results in him getting killed by Professor Tite-Gripp.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Joey/Warren has a bit of a fanbase, despite the fact that Joey finds Warren to be a nuisance most of the time. It might have something to do with Warren's hobby of spying on him.
    • In-Universe example: In "Truce or Consequences", Commander Cavalier receives a bouquet of flowers from Professor Tite-Gripp as part of a magic trick Tite-Gripp was performing. Cavalier holds the flowers to his chest and nestles up on Tite-Gripp's arm in response to the gift.
  • Growing the Beard: The show was clumsy in its blend of humor and action initially, but managed to produce a few gems like "Sword Sisters". However, as the series progressed, a greater emphasis was put on action, the writing got more creative, and the characters and setting were further developed, while the show never forgot its non-seriousness. All this paid off in the series finale, "The Big Shift", which created two major changes in the show's status quo — Joey revealing his secret identity to his dad and Mookie going from bumbling former sidekick to full-blown villain.
  • Ho Yay:
    • AP towards the Ken-like doll Travis in "Lacer takes Over". When Atomic Puppet finds out that Lacer is in their house, the duo rush off with Joey intent on saving his family while AP prioritizes the doll, whom Lacer has done a Grand Theft Me on, because "we've all got loved ones". Not to mention, he's nearly inconsolable when the "surgery" on Travis seemingly fails to revives him.
    • Commander Cavalier is often seen with his arm around Crimson Beacon's shoulder for no apparent reason, and in one episode, they're even holding hands. Take a looksie.
  • HSQ: The second half of "The Big Shift" has so many big wham moments that it's still pretty hard to believe it's the same show when comparing to the early episodes.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • AP. Sure, he's extremely egotistical, but he's shown to be deeply unhappy about his state. He knows that he's powerless without Joey, he's often afraid that his old friends won't take him back for being a sock puppet, and the city he loves thinks he's abandoned them. The guy's in a pretty rough state as a sock puppet.
    • Mookie definitely isn't the nicest guy to have taken the mantle of sidekick and has done some pretty evil things to try overthrow Atomic Puppet as Mega City's protector, but when one considers Captain Atomic's mistreatment towards him and the constant ridicule he faced, it becomes pretty understandable why he betrayed Captain Atomic.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Mookie goes through this in "The Big Shift" as he turns from a wannabe superhero into a villain. While masterminding the prison breakout was bad enough, he definitely crosses it when he breaks into the Felts' home, ties up Phil to blackmail Joey into giving him AP, and then electrocutes Phil in front of Joey's eyes when Joey manages to get AP back.
  • Narm Charm: Used intentionally and masterfully. The show takes quite a bit of inspiration from The Silver Age of Comic Books and campy superhero shows (like Superfriends and the Adam West Batman) of the period as seen in some of the wackier plots, Atomic Puppet's gimmicks (the puns, the victory poses, the entire concept of a superhero kid with a talking puppet), and the more ridiculous things (such as an invisible toolshed). In any other superhero cartoon, any of these would be just too silly, but it all works so well in Atomic Puppet because the show's weird premise blending comedy and action.
  • Nausea Fuel:
    • In "Hero's Holiday", Commander Cavalier realizes he hasn't made AP his favorite eggnog, but since there's no time to do it, he gets Robo-Ron to get the bowl from last year. AP then drinks the chunky, expired eggnog without noticing anything.
    • In "Big Blowout", Joey gets raw egg yolk in his hair, so he squeezes it out of his hair to make an omelette. The result is a green, mushy mess with bits of hair and eggshell that Joey eats up (though he clearly doesn't enjoy it).
  • Self-Fanservice: Pauline seems to get this a lot on some parts of the Internet...
  • Squick: Sometimes. "Tick'd Off" is a good example, though "Sick Day" can get a bit nasty.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: While "Sword Sisters" was a really good episode, it would have been even more awesome if Pauline remained as Sword Sister for the rest of the series and became a recurring superhero instead of going mad with power and making Sword Sister into a one-shot as a result.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Some critics have accused the show of this, criticizing it for being a Cliché Storm and having writing that hinders the full potential of the series to tackle the premise of a superhero who has been transformed into a sock puppet.
  • Too Good to Last: The show was positively received by many and had a good refining art style with a favorable amount of action in between episodes and characters, as well as great deal of Growing the Beard. However, it only lasted for one season, with no word on whether the show would be renewed.
  • Toy Ship: Yes, there is a fandom for Joey/Pauline.
  • Ugly Cute: AP is this to some fans, since despite his tempestuous personality and shabby appearance, he is still a little sock puppet with button eyes, a tiny cape, and a flapping mouth.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • "These Shoes" — AP warns Joey not to put batteries in Lacer because the gadgets produced by the company that made it were always defective. Joey decides to do it anyways when AP is sleeping, so the next day, Joey and AP have a fight an evil A.I. bent on enslaving the human race because Joey didn't heed AP's warning.
    • "Atomic Detention" — If AP had just told Joey that he was the one trying to stop Ms. Erlenmeyer and getting him into further trouble, Joey would have never snapped and tried to get rid of her, thus meaning that Erlenmeyer would have never become Queen Mindbender.
    • Mookie telling the people of Mega City that he defeated Captain Atomic in "The Big Shift". Did he seriously think that telling everyone he got rid of their most beloved superhero would make him popular?


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