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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer:
    • When Atomic Puppet was nominated for an Annie in 2017 for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Character Design", Princess War Tickle and Pauline are misnamed as "Principal Wartickle" and "Paulina" in the description.
    • Disney XD erroneously promoted the second half of Season 1 as the second season.
  • Channel Hop: Months after the series ended on Disney XD in the US, most of its episodes were previously on the now-defunct WATCH Disney XD app then on the Disney NOW app until it was removed entirely, then most of its series worth of episodes had moved to Netflix.
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  • Development Gag: A minor one, but in the Atomic Puppet costume that Mookie wears to try fool the Justice Alliance in their debut episode, the sock puppet he uses is an early design for AP.
  • Fan Nickname: Mookie's appearance in "The Big Shift" when he battles Atomic Puppet alongside Professor Tite-Gripp has been nicknamed "Edgelord Subatomic" by some fans for the grim-looking Powered Armour he wears and transformation from wannabe hero to outright villain.
  • Out of Order: Most of the show has been aired this way. For example, the second production episode ("Atomic Detention" and "Big Pickle") was the first broadcast episode, while the Christmas Episode was aired around with the last five episodes of Season 1 despite being produced around the middle.
  • Screwed by the Network: While the show was pretty decent on Teletoon, Disney XD threw it into a single mid-afternoon slot on weekdays (when kids would be just finishing school) where new episodes were aired as quickly as possible with no promotion and often Out of Order. This, combined with the So Okay, It's Average reception of its first few episodes by viewers, ultimately led to the show fading out after only one season.
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  • Short Run in Peru: Debuted in USA and Latin America during July 2016, in France on March 2016, and in Canada in September 2016.
  • Talking to Himself: Eric Bauza as Joey and AP.
    • In the Hebrew dub, Vivian Felt and her daughter Abigail (Abby) Felt are both voiced by Alona Alexander.
  • What Could Have Been: The concept art from the show's website shows some interesting examples.
    • Joey's original superhero costume consisted of a masked hoodie making him look a bit like a ninja with a utility belt, a gadget-filled backpack, and a glove on his left hand. Outside the costume, he wore goggles over his forehead and had a different face shape (being rather animesque instead). Other concepts for Joey depict him as much younger or chubby, while concepts closer to the final gave him a red coat and blue pants instead.
    • The oldest concept for AP looked much more like a conventional sock puppet and was red and white instead of blue. See here, along with the earliest version of Joey and an early version of the series title (also seen in the pilot and early promotional material). Another AP prototype design was red and yellow instead, looking more like a muppet.
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    • Captain Atomic went through a variety of designs, with the oldest one being yellow and blue with shades and a pointy nose.
    • Mookie was originally named "Nukey" with a slender appearance, a pointy nose, and lacked his utility belt in favour of a jetpack. Some of his later designs are fatter with the utility belt looking like "a giant metal diaper" or as a mobile spider-legged seat. He also wore blue instead of purple in concepts closer to the final.
      • Mookie was to originally have a robot drone constantly orbiting around his head, with its sole purpose being to flatter and toady up to him with endless compliments on his greatness as a superhero.
    • Pauline originally had blue hair, a neckerchief, a miniskirt, and a baseball cap with a skull decoration. The hat and neckerchief are switched out for a hoodie in some concepts.
    • Naughty Kitty originally had white hair with a cats' ears-headband.
    • Older versions of Warren portrayed a gloomy older-looking boy in black accompanied by a pet rat before going for a nerdier-looking kid.
    • Mega City was originally named Model City.
    • Rex Bordeaux and Mookie had different voice actors, as heard in the pilot (possibly Eric Bauza).
    • The power up sequence (as seen in the pilot) had less lightning and one of the more notable features was that after the transformation, Joey would say "Awesome!".
    • In "Tick'd Off", the script had originally called for Marty to parasitize AP's back rather than Joey's neck as seen in the show. However, the original idea is still used as the episode synopsis in some regions. Also worth noting is that Marty's appearance was to be much less anthropomorphic and more like a real (for the show's artstyle) tick.
    • The creators have said that if the series had gotten another season, there would have been greater focus on world-building and the like.
  • The Wiki Rule: See here.

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