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  • Development Hell: The animated short film spinoff Atomic Robo: Last Stop by the Fictory was originally scheduled for 2010. After a successful Kickstarter campaign to finish the product in 2012, the project ended up seeing a complete restart. The film was finally finished in 2014, but as of January 2016 only a fraction of the Kickstarter deliveries have actually been completed.
  • DVD Commentary:
    • Sort of. The website has pages of writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener commenting on their issues over instant messenger (here is the page for issue #1), doing such things as mocking the early art, arguing over how Helsingard should have been more obviously not-Nazi and pointing out that they gave Germans English guns.
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    • As of volume seven, Clevinger and Wegener have been doing a segment called Atomic Robo: Nuts and Bolts on the Nerdy Show podcast. They and the interviewer go through each issue as it comes out and discuss where certain ideas come from, their writing process, and how Scott never looks at Brian's scripts.
  • Missing Episode: A number of the side stories haven't been included in the print editions; most notably "The Centralia Job" and the Ring of Fire prologue which both introduced Foley before she became a main character in Ring of Fire onward.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has a wiki.
  • Write Who You Know: Examples include:
    • Clevinger mentions that Robo (inevitably) ended up being based on his grandfather.
    • James Milligan is based off of Robo co-creator and artist Scott Wegener's grandfather of the same name, who fought in WW2 under the nickname "Scotty".
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    • Many of the Action Scientists are based off real people, including the creators. Zack Finfrock is among them.
    • In Volume Seven, all of the She Devils are based on women whom Clevinger and Wegener have met in the comics business.

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