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Dr. Dinosaur is not crazy.
I just want to get it on the record, because apparently he's going to be an arc villain in the future.

I don't think he's insane, I think he enjoys messing with Robo. Not entirely sure what he actually is, but Robo's theory about being a genetic experiment works.

Alternatively, he's not from the lab islands, but is from somewhere else and is looting the islands for whatever nefarious purpose he has. Probably tuning the world into dinosaurs.


Dr. Dinosaur's claims are (mostly) legitimate.
Robo's arguments pale when you realize that Robo's world has extra rules of ("imaginary") physics few have figured out yet, as seen with the giant ants and the abomination from beyond time and space. With Robo himself already having traveled in time to some extent, it's entirely possible that Dr. Dinosaur is telling only a slightly fudged version of the truth (IE - he was probably picked up by a human time traveler and then took the credit after he ate him or something).
  • There are some claims of his that seem to be backed up, such as that crystals have great power. While nonsense when he first showed up, The People are essentially living rock and the crystalwork there proves that some of what Doctor Dinosaur said was true.
  • And while Robo might have claimed that Time Travel didn't exist, Doctor Dinosaur's Time Bomb was able to send Robo to the eighteen hundreds, using the power of crystals.

Jenkins killed the Cosmic Horror.
It meets Tesla once, changes tactics, and comes back. It meets Robo four times, changes tactics each time, learns hate, and comes back.

It meets Jenkins once.

Alternatively, it isn't dead, but refuses to return out of fear of Jenkins. Is there a meaningful difference between a dead cosmic horror from outside reality, and one that refuses to come back?

  • What if it starts bullying other Eldritch Abominations and they attack parts of the universe where Jenkins isn't.
    • Nonsense. Jenkins is everywhere.

Alternatively, Jenkins is an eldritch abomination to the eldritch abominations.


The secrets behind Robo's brain and "heart" will be revealed whenever the series ends.
Volume 1's detail on Robo says that his automatic intelligence and atomic engine are the most mysterious parts of him. It will turn out that Tesla discovered how to create a soul or something, fueling some of the rivalry between Tesla and The Necromancer Edison. More likely, it will be left open to multiple interpretations.

As for his power core? Crystals.

Dr. Dinosaur is from another dimension.
We know dimensions outside Robo's exist (the Vampire Dimension, the "exoverse", etc.), so what is so impossible about Dr. Dinosaur being from an Earth with some weird properties (the whole crystal thing) and where evolution occurred differently?

Dr. Dinosaur will try to destroy the Large Hadron Collider on September 19th, 2008. The damage done will cause it go wrong, thus doing whatever it was which brought about the extinction of the dinosaurs (possibly in another dimension, as per the above theory) and the Doctor's enhanced intelligence.

In the Roboverse, the LHC created the "Shadow from Beyond Time".
Not much coherent thinking here, but basically since part of the reason the LHC was made was to recreate the conditions of around the Big Bang, why not accidentally create a sentient universe? Also take into account its meteoroid/meteorite form in 3.3 and the immense heat it was giving off, which could explain some stuff about the K-T extinction event. Eating/intersecting with various creatures could explain why there is no fossil evidence for Dr. Dinosaur's species. Maybe Dr. Dinosaur used the thing's goo (leftover from Robo destroyed it across time, possibly crystallized) in order to tunnel through time or something. One problem is that, according to Charles Fort, the thing only exists in our world starting from 1908, but he could be very completely wrong, of course.

Bonus points considering that Robo and Fort seem to believe that it seeks to eat and unmake the universe and return it to the void it was before its birth. So basically, it wants to fulfill its purpose. ("You wanted to recreate the Big Bang? You got it!")

Rex Cannon "survived".
He seems like the kind of guy that would be able to fight them off, but he was gotten by surprise so it sorta evens out—he held them off long enough that he didn't become 100% vampire yet, but when Bernard did whatever he did with the diamond, the virus (or microbe or whatever creates the vampires) inside Rex was banished to the Vampire Dimension, leaving him as a "half-vampire" of sorts.
  • Jossed: Rex is now not only a vampire, but king of the vampire dimension.

Dr. Dinosaur is a time lord.
What someone has to do this WMG,but look at the evidence he admits to having a tardis, even though its played off like a joke, and a couple of times in the classic series its shown that time lords don't have to regenerate in to human looking things (i am pretty sure the master was a snake in something) so whos to say Dr. Dinosaur didn't come to earth get killed by a dinosaur (or well watching Jurassic park) and thus came back as one

the man at the end of Volume 9 Issue 2 is Helsingrad himself
This is set years before World War 2 and in his first appearance he mentions having brought ruin to a ancient civilization and committed a lot of atrocities. What if this is one of his first, killing brilliant scientists to use their brains as computers for a advanced superweapon, just to access that civilization?
  • Alright as it turns out Confirmed.

The series will drop one hell of a bombshell - a Flawed Prototype for Robo
Nikola Tesla discovered the plans from another inventor on how to create life that went disastrously wrong, carefully analyzed the research and discovered what the problem was. He then used this research, and his amended notes, to create Robo. However, due to fear of the original creation he destroyed his notes in order to prevent anyone creating a version of either the prototype or Robo for their own nefarious purposes. What was the flaw?
Dr Frankenstein used human flesh to create his creature.

Biomega and The Shadow From Beyond Time are the same thing.
Biomega doesn't seem to follow the proper rules, neither does The Shadow. Readings are off the charts now (8-8-15) because Robo's out of commission. It's also part of why Science Team Super Five was so effective in fighting it before. A lot of their tech is based on Robo. The Zorthsplosion that sent Robo back to the old west alerted The Shadow to Earth again. Or maybe for the first time. Hard to say, given the lack of causality involved.

Alan is responsible with the biomega upsurge.
Alan supposedly had been destroyed, but the end of the story showed what looked like a circuit trace in a leaf. Biological computing might just be a component of biomega.

Robo will be rebuilt using Dr. Dinosaur's "technology". Yes, that means CRYSTALS!
To rebuild Robo's body the remaining action scientists would have to find the materials (rare, illegal, expensive) to build a power source (volatile, experimental, badly-understood) that they don't actually have the necessary know-how for (the one guy who knew how to fix Robo's reactor is not among them). The only way they can get him back on his feet would be to work with somebody who does the impossible on a regular basis, either because he's a hidden super-genius after all or simply because his idiocy is capable of infecting the very laws of reality...
  • Jossed: They encounter Phil, who has what's left of ALAN design the power source. As for the body, this was done by the group with the help of the Chinese in return for discrediting ULTRA.

Dr. Dinosaur is an immortal whose crystals use the Odic Force
What did Edison use as the focus for his Odic Capacitor? A crystal skull. Dr. Dinosaur was exposed to a crystal formation that infused him with Odic Energy, mutating him into his current form and granting him immortality. He didn't time travel to the modern day; he took The Slow Path, which is how he knew what a T-Rex sounded like. He only thinks he traveled through time because exposure to Odic-attuned crystals made him go insane. Even so he learned how to manipulate the Odic force with his crystals to power his devices and create his killer dinosaurs. He made up the 2008 date in his head and blamed humans for killing the dinosaurs because he's crazy.

Atomic Robo takes place in the same universe as the Transformers: Hearts of Steel comics
Tesla's encounter with the Transformers in 1885 (as seen in Infestation 2) is what inspired him to get into robotics in the first place.

Robo hates Elon Musk
He already has Richard Branson as his Sitcom Archnemesis. I'm sure Robo wouldn't even be on speaking terms with his other neighbor, if Musk used Robo's father's name without permission for his car company.
  • Jossed. Musk apparently uses Tesla's name under license, which Robo's employees are quick to remind him about when they need to lean on him for a favor.

Doctor Dinosaur isn't crazy...
He's from a different universe where all of his mad science works exactly like how he says it does! And he accidently built a universe-hopping machine instead of a time machine without realising it.

ALAN wanted to wipe out humanity.
According to ALAN, humanity would collapse in 2025, yet he makes his move in 2010, unless he suspected he would be discovered soon, why take the risk instead of waiting it out?

Simple, ALAN heard about what happened to Professor Turing, the trial, the castration, and his death. Since Turing was ALAN's father and the person closest to him, he decided to wipe out humanity before he left as a form of revenge.<<|Wild Mass Guessing|>>


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