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  • Thomas Edison, Jerkass and Well-Intentioned Extremist though he may be, enjoying a quiet dinner with his wife in The Deadly Art of Science.
  • Also the reason why Edison started messing around with Odinic force in the first place He was looking for a way the two of them could live together forever.
    • Drops into Tear Jerker territory when he comes back in 1999 and one of the last things he says is "You shouldn't have brought me back! I have nothing left." Knowing the previous bit of information... he knows his wife, the whole reason he did this, is dead, and it was all for nothing.
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  • From the same volume: every time Helen and Robo are together and Robo finally getting his own gun.
  • Also: Robo brings Tesla soup. Soup carefully prepared so that Tesla can easily satisfy his compulsion to know the precise volume of his food before he eats it, letting him eat something other than crackers for once. Bonus points for being Robo's way of reconciling after the falling out mentioned under Tear Jerker on the YMMV page.
  • The Action Scientists' reactions to Robo's revival after being effectively dead for a century.
  • Almost the entire worldwide ham radio community coming together to help Robo track down an enemy signal, when he's cut off from Tesladyne's resources.
  • ALAN being accepted by Robo's Action Scientists.
  • This conversation between ALAN and Robo, which confirms ALAN has taken Robo's philosophy to heart.
    ALAN: "Then I'm an experiment without an experimenter."
    Robo: "Everyone is if you think about it. Probably where religion gets a lot of appeal. At least an incomprehensible plan exists. I kinda worry that relinquishes agency. Why fight to improve things if injustice is part of the plan? I dunno. Maybe I'm wrong. But at least I'll go down fighting for a better world."
    ALAN: "I like that idea."
    Robo: (smiles) "Yeah, me too."

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