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  • In Asterix the Legionary, Obelix, after gathering the courage to approach his crush Panacea and offer her flowers, gets heartbroken by learning she already has a fiance, Tragicomix, who she is now mourning because he got forcefully recruited by the Legion. What's his first reaction upon the new? Not try to seize the opportunity, not wrath, he immediately declares he and Asterix will go to find and bring back her fiance for her. Really shows how nice of a guy Obelix is.
    • Nothing stops him or Asterix either, no matter the obstacle, they will find Tragicomix, even if they have to join the Roman army themselves. They eventually find Tragicomix on deployment in Africa, and he's overjoyed at the thought thay he'll be reunited with Panacea. However, he has nothing but praise for his rescuers, especially Obelix who he considers a legendary hero for the combat prowess he witnessed Obelix perform.
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  • In Asterix and the Cauldron, after Asterix is forced to leave the village and Obelix follows him.
    Asterix: Go back to the village, Obelix. You don't have to follow me... I am banished.
    Obelix: Banished? Well, we'll be banished together! (Manly Tears ensue)
  • In Asterix and the Roman Agent, Caesar sends a man called Torturous Convolvulus, who has an amazing ability to cause arguments, quarrels and fights with his mere presence, to the Gaulish village in order to turn its inhabitants against each other and break their unity. When Convolvulus arrives at the village, he indeed starts to cause trouble between the Gauls, including an argument between Asterix and Obelix which makes Obelix leave Asterix's house in Angrish. As he walks away, his anger gradually fades and he inmediately returns to Asterix's house, where they hug and sobbingly apologize to each other, and then they set to have a beer together. Not even Convolvulus can break apart Asterix and Obelix's friendship... these two are really Heterosexual Life-Partners!
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  • At the end of Asterix and Caesar's Gift, when Orthopaedix and, more importantly, Influenza are planning to return to Lutetia, Asterix finds the lovelorn Obelix (who has fallen out with Asterix over Influenza) sitting on a bench. He sits next to him and gives him a friendly dig in the ribs. In the next panel, Asterix is flying sideways through the air past a startled Getafix, smiling ear to ear and shouting "OBELIX IS FRIENDS WITH ME AGAIN!"note 
  • Despite Obelix's love of fighting, when presented with a scenario where he could be allowed to take on entire Roman camps by himself as Getafix has run out of rock oil (a vital ingredient of the potion), he instead chooses to join Asterix on a trip to get more rock oil.
  • In Asterix and the Secret Weapon, the Straw Feminist Bravura drives off the men of the village through her teachings of the village women(with Impedimenta taking over as Chief, as well as taking Vitalstatistix's shield). When Asterix and Obelix come to warn them of Caesar's secret weapon, the women all approach Asterix, sending food, blankets, supplies and gifts to their husbands.
    • The ending of the story is quite sweet when the village men return after defeating the Romans and Vitalstatistix brings flowers for Impedimenta, saying she can use his shield whenever she wants.
  • The ending of Asterix and Son. Caesar makes a temporary truce with the villagers as a reward for saving his son Caesarion, and since the village has been burnt down, he and Cleopatra throw the obligatory party for them on Cleopatra's ship.
    • Caesar and Cleopatra's relationship in general. Whether there is genuine love, or it's just for political reasons (as was most likely the case in Real Life), they get along nicely most of the time, and even when they disagree, it's mostly lighthearted banter and contests.


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