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Season 1

Sick Day

AP vs Disastro

  • When Joey rescues Bubbles from Naughty Kitty, he catches the cat using the hand he's got AP on, and AP is not happy.
    AP (muffled): You did that on purpose!
  • Naughty Kitty has to settle for taking Bubbles when she loses her talking "Fabric Tabby" (actually AP covered in cat fur).
    Naughty Kitty: You're no fabby, but you'll have to do. (in a hopeful tone) I don't suppose you talk?
    Bubbles: Meow.
    (Naughty Kitty puts on a disappointed face)
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  • When Naughty Kitty cat-naps AP.
    Girl: It's gone! It's gone! (Joey rushes in) Your fabby! It just all my human friends (sobs)
  • Joey pointing out that Naughty Kitty had no need to backflip away from him when she could have just ran.

Atomic Detention

  • A dark example, but Ms. Erlenmeyer's biology skeleton display is made from the last student who got on her bad side.
  • AP acting as a fitness coach for the class hamster.
  • AP trying to snap his non-existent fingers.

Big Pickle

  • AP going mad from isolation (including falling in love with a pickle) and growing a Beard of Sorrow while trapped in Phil's pickle the span of two minutes.
  • All of Joey's attempts to break AP out of the pickle jar as well. The highlight is when he uses a remote-controlled steamroller that explodes upon touching the jar.
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  • After the steamroller fails, AP attempts to go on his own in the pickle jar, insisting he'll be fine stuck in it forever. When his jar is halted by a fire hydrant, he makes a few tries to get past it before slumping down in defeat.
  • "Phew! That's the last time I take an armpit ride!" — AP on being carried under Joey's armpits.
  • Joey and AP infiltrating the prison in the Paper-Thin Disguise of "Villain Inspector" only works because the guard is too invested in the soap opera on his monitor to pay any serious attention. No wonder the criminals keep escaping.

Pizza Planet

Don't Track the Mudman

  • When Vivian gets possessed by Mudman, we immediately cut to this scene:
    Phil (doing a crossword): Abbie, what's a ten letter word for "control over someone"? Starts with a "P".
    Abigail: Duh, possession.
    (no prizes for guessing who shows up immediately afterwards to scare the bejeezus out of Phil)
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  • When Joey and AP's battle against Mudman!Vivian leads to mud splattering all over the house:
    Joey: Look at this mess. My mom’s gonna kill me!
    (Mudman!Vivian starts charging at them)
    AP: Yep, it’s starting to look that way.
  • AP trying to turn on the hose while Mudman!Vivian trounces Joey, and when he finally gets it going, a knot in the hose halts the flow. His reaction is perfect.
  • The Running Gag of Atomic Puppet calling Mudman other names, only for Mudman to point out that's one of his relatives.
    "It's Mudman! Dirtbag's my cousin."
    Joey: Dirtbag? Don't you mean Mudman?
    Dyna-Moe: No! That's his cousin.

Justice Alliance

  • Mookie crashlanding in a cactus farm.

Bad Lair Day

  • The self-destruct mechanism in Captain Atomic's secret lair is a videotape titled "Mookie's Greatest Hits", because according to AP, nobody would want to watch anything about Mookie. Unfortunately, there was an exception.
    Mookie: Hey guys, wanna see a compilation of my greatest hits?
  • The hair growth gun.
  • Joey's big grin when he, AP, and Mookie head down to Captain Atomic's former secret lair.

Master of Disaster

  • Joey getting his family out of the house by sending them out to hunt for Bigfoot.
    Phil: So why aren't you coming along?
    Joey: I'd love too but I've got a lotta homework.
    Phil: Okay, but don't come crying to me when I catch the big fella!

Atomic Hairball

  • AP's relief at Joey clipping his fingernails.
    AP: Finally! You know it's hard being a superhero when I've got those talons of yours scratching my insides!
  • Rex Bordeaux's mustache getting ruined by a careless intern combing it from off-camera.

Sold Out

Sword Sisters

  • AP's body going all stretchy, loose, and wobbly from having to carry the massive Sheath of Containment inside himself, complete with a little bouncy noise.
    Joey: Lucky for us, [the Sheath of Containment] fit inside AP.
    AP: Says you.
  • Atomic Puppet attempts to take on the unnamed crocodile-guy.
    AP: We'll handle this, Pauline!
    (Atomic Puppet flies off-screen, only to be blasted back in seconds later)
    Pauline: Way to 'handle it', Puppet.
  • When AP remembers who the Sword of Enlightenment's owner is.
    AP: Time to visit an old frenemy.
    Joey: Look at you trying to use cool words.
  • Pauline using the sword to toast a slice of bread for Joey. The toast turns to dust a few seconds after Joey takes a bite, but Joey sucks the ashes up.
  • AP correcting Joey and Pauline with "second greatest" whenever they say Princess War Tickle is the greatest superhero ever.
  • When Princess War Tickle calls Joey "the young lad with the arms of spaghetti", Joey just grimaces while AP looks at Joey in a "told ya so" manner.

Atomic Android

  • Joey using AP as a cat toy in an attempt to mislead Warren.
  • Warren speaks to Rex Bordeaux.
    Warren: Mr. Bordeaux! Mr. Bordeaux!
    Rex: Beat it, kid. I'm busy!
    Warren: But I'm you biggest fan!
    Rex: Go on...
  • Rex Bordeaux calls Joey "that spaghetti-armed kid", to which Joey flexes his arms to check.

Soft Spot

  • How AP acts in almost the entirety of the episode — as a relaxed and mellow pacifist as a side effect, to Joey's frustration. Hilarity Ensues, naturally.
    Vivian: Notice anything different about your laundry, sweetie?
    Joey: Ummm...yeah.
  • At the end of the episode when AP regains his fighting spirit.
    Joey (mockingly): What do you say? Victory hug?
    AP glares at him
    Joey: Too soon?
  • Rex Bordeaux hosting his talk show with the gone-soft AP.
    Rex Bordeaux: Could this be the beginning of compassionate crimefighting? Ohh, that's good. Now, say hello to Atomic Puppet! Or should we say "Atomic Hug-It"?...Oh my, that's terrible. Who wrote this? You're fired!

Ultimate Collection

  • The Captain Atomic action figure commercial.
    Captain Atomic: And remember kids, if your parents won't buy you one. ATOMIC TANTRUM!
    Kids: Yeah!
    Disclaimer: Does not actually summon Captain Atomic. Friends not included.
  • Joey will do anything for Mintenberg's exclusive Captain Atomic action figure.
    Mintenberg: May I hunt you for sport?
    Sneeri: May I remind you that your hunting slippers are at the cleaners right now, sir.
    Mintenberg: Rats!

Media Darlings

  • Von Follicle putting hair down Joey's shirt as a combat maneuver.
    Joey (scratching his back madly): Gah! There's nothing worse than hair down your back! (Von Follicle swats him to the ground) Okay, except for that.

Something Chicken

  • Phil and Vivian competing at the country fair milking contest.
    Phil: Aw come on, it wasn't fair. My cow had a defective udder.
    (cut to a cow with a single teat on its udder)
    Farmer: It's okay, Bessie. That's what makes you special.
  • From when Mintenberg makes Atomic Puppet fight the Werechicken for his amusement.
    AP: When I'm done with you, I'm going to need a big side of ranch.
    (the Werechicken pummels AP lightning fast)
    AP (badly beaten): Okay, fine. Hold the ranch.

Bucket List

  • One of the superhero challenges is outflying an airplane. Atomic Puppet does just that, going so fast that the plane ends up spinning in circles. When the plane stabilizes itself again, vomiting is heard.
    Pilot: And if you look out to your right, you'll see what our crew had for breakfast.

Big Blowout

  • Atomic Puppet taunting the Mucus Monster like a matador.
  • Mucus-covered Pauline throwing an old lady through Joey's window.
  • Mrs. Felt's rage at being slimed by the Mucus Monster.
  • Joey's puppy-dog eyes when Pauline shows him the Captain Atomic #1 comic she got for him.

Quick Draw

Atomic Goo

  • The whole episode really, which sees Joey accidentally superglue his hand to AP, making their transformation permanent and causing hilarity to ensue.
  • Captain Atomic used to pull the superglue prank on Mookie all the time, which Mookie would fix by sneaking into the Science Museum's electrical exhibits to shock it right off.
    Joey: You used to come here at night with a toilet seat glued to your butt? (tries not to laugh)
    Mookie (ashamed): That was a dark chapter in my life.
  • The entire taco dinner scene.

AP vs Disastro II

  • Phil bragging in front of the other cat owners auditioning their pets for the cat food commercial, which leads to a mob of angry cats and their owners chasing after him.
    Phil (fleeing for his life): Joey! Start the car!
  • Why did Mintenberg turn Bubbles into an evil genius? Because he thought it would be hilarious to make the dumbest cat in Mega City one...but he forgot to install an eye camera in Bubbles, rendering his endeavor pointless.
    Mintenberg: Still, you can't blame a bored super-rich guy for trying.

Absorbo Lad

  • "I never said you wouldn't use it. I just said it's a little big for a juicer." — Commander Cavalier on Robo-Ron's Tailor-Made Prison for Absorbo Lad.
  • When the Justice Alliance gives Joey and AP mecha suits to defeat Absorbo Lad, Joey is cramped in a very small one while AP relaxes a very big one.
    Joey: I think we got our suits mixed up!
    AP: What are you talking about? Mine fits perfectly.
  • Upon defeating Absorbo Lad
    Absorbo Lad: You haven't seen the last of meeeee!
    AP: Geez, even his evil catchphrases are lame.
  • When Absorbo Lad imprisons the powerless Justice Alliance and Atomic Puppet.
    Joey: You're not going to get away with this!
    Absorbo Lad: Oh, really? And how are you going to stop me from inside a black hole.
    AP: You wouldn't!
    Absorbo Lad: Well, it was either that or toss you into the Sun.
    AP: Oh, so now you're stealing catchphrases!
  • Absorbo Lad just uses his superpowers to act like a Jerkass to the people of Mega City, including trapping the city's monorail train by bending the rails into a loop-de-loop, as well as scaring a guy off to take his soda.

Bend It Like Joey

  • When it seems the Tentaclites are going to win.
    Rex Bordeaux: This does not bode well...Unless their queen has room for a king? (straightens his mustache and smiles at Queen Tentaclis)
    (Queen Tentaclis pulls out a knife and fork and licks her lips at Bordeaux)
    (Rex screams and runs away)
  • Commander Cavalier attempting to distract Queen Tentaclis with his looks.
  • The Tentaclite referee and how blatantly he favors his species' side though the first half of the game.
  • Rex Bordeaux begins his commentary.
    Rex: This is a game where anything could happen!...But it's soccer, so who knows?

Erlenmeyer's Revenge

  • While "Erlenmeyer's Revenge" was generally a very dark episode, there are some moments, such as Erlenmeyer's king (who, keep in mind, is a horrifyingly mind-shattering alien from another dimension) asking her to make sure his favourite type of crackers are at his summoning. Yes, the Eldritch Abomination wants crackers first thing when he appears on Earth.
  • Queen Mindbender hypnotizing Principal Thorpe into being her pet. He's quite puzzled when he regains his will and finds himself on all fours with a spiked collar on his neck.
  • AP explaining to Pauline that Ms. Erlenmeyer is now Queen Mindbender.
    AP: And now she's come bend minds!
    Pauline: Huh. Subtle.

Mole Men

  • When the eponymous bad guys start sinking buildings.
    Rex: I'm Rex Bordeaux, downtown Mega City, where instead of running for their lives, citizens selfishly scramble in a feeble attempt to hold onto their insignificant possessions. (a giant tv screen with his image starts sinking into the earth) Wait, no! Not my megatube! My mustache was born for that screen! This is a dark day, folks...
  • The mole leader's Totally Radical way of talking.

Survival of the Feltest

Tick'd Off

Surf 'N Turf

  • Joey finds out who ate the hoagies.
    AP: Uuuggghhh.
    Joey: You didn't!
    AP: I did. And I regret it. You gotta tell your dad not to use so much mayonnaise if he's going to let his hoagies sit out in the sun all afternoon.
  • When King Hydronomous agrees to let Atomic Puppet help him fight Megalo-Don, he hands over a tiny seaweed loincloth that would only fit on somebody of Hydronomous' size. Joey mistakes it for a headband until AP whispers into his ear.
    Joey: Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
    Hydronomous: (clears throat)
    Joey: Fine...(straps it on his waist)
  • Joey and AP congratulate King Hydronomous when defeating Megalo-Don.
    Joey: Way to go, Hydronomous! You rocked out there!
    Hydronomous: I am not familiar with this land slang. What does thou mean by this, Atomic Dukes?
    AP: He means...the king...doth...kicketh..the butteth.

Monster Truck Invasion

  • When Zorp and Flert activate the heat lamps to cook the audience.
    Zorp: (slaps Flert's eyeballs out of his skull) Not that high, you fool! You're going to dry them out!
  • Phil's excessive usage of his airhorn.
    Phil: Sorry, Joey. I'm just so pumped! Pumped! Pumped!

Snow Maniac

  • Rex Bordeaux arguing with the offscreen weatherman.
  • The Running Gag of AP and his hatred of the cold. At one bit, he's even trying to use ice cubes to start a fire.
    Abbie: There was one thing I didn't get though.
    Joey (pretending he didn't know about the episode's events): What was that?
    Abbie: The puppet wouldn't stop crying about how cold he was. If you ask me, he's kind of a wuss.
    Joey: Really? Never would have guessed.
    AP: Why I oughta— (Joey shoves AP back under him)
  • Joey and AP's Spit Take when they see Abbie with the Snow Maniac on television.

Hero's Holiday


  • When Manatee-Man is accidentally pushed on top of his beloved pet hermit crab Mac during the match (which later turns out to have been staged), the crowd and Atomic Puppet are horrified, but Rex gets the best reaction.
  • Manatee-Man encouraging the audience's booing.
  • Rex Bordeaux's reaction to learning that Atomic Puppet weighs only 97 pounds, compared to the nearly 4,000 pound Manatee-Man.
  • Mac the hermit crab's "trash talk" at the beginning of the match. Later, he swipes a chair from some jeering old ladies for Manatee-Man to use.
  • The Mayor taking away Atomic Puppet's surplus money when the stadium gets destroyed by the fight.

Down and Out Dyna-Moe

  • Dyna-Moe's first words when he meets Atomic Puppet.
    Dyna-Moe: Y'all got two heads — like that donkey at the fair!
    • Later developed into a Brick Joke when a three-headed monster attacks Mega City.
    Dyna-Moe: Holy cow! That thing's got one more head than you and that donkey I told you about!
  • Joey and Dyna-Moe begin training.
    Joey: Alright, show us what you've got.
    Dyna-Moe: Well, I can milk chickens and get eggs from the cows in seconds flat!
    Joey: Uhhh, I think you've got those mixed up.
    Dyna-Moe: Well, that explains some things. Dang! This training's payin' off already!
  • When battling the three-headed monster, Atomic Puppet attempts to use an Atomic Windmill, only to be roasted by the monster's fiery breath. Later on, they try the same move on Dirtbag, but he grabs them mid-air and slams them to the ground, leading to this remark.
    AP: We've gotta try some new moves.
  • "That's enough of the banjo!" *smashes it*
  • "Uh, Moe. You do know you're only wearing underwear now, right?" "Yep."

Mookie's Got the Power

  • Among the random superpowers that Mookie develops is being able to conjure the World's Smallest Violin with his thoughts, which he uses to mock Joey and AP. Later becomes a Brick Joke when Mookie loses his powers. As he bemoans their loss, AP complains "Where's your tiny violin when we need it?"
    • Mookie accidentally freezing his own face with his ice powers.
    • Mookie's cat magnet power is Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
    • Mookie using his teleportation and invisibility to annoy Atomic Puppet.
    • Mookie zipping Rex Bordeaux's mouth shut.

Buck Monkey

  • When Zorp mind controls chimp astronaut Buck McDowall to infiltrate Earth, he and his sidekick Flert discover they have made a Critical Research Failure about Earth creatures.
    Joey: Woah! A talking monkey!
    AP: Chimp! They're very sensitive to the whole "monkey" thing. And of course he talks. (realizes just what happened) Actually, that's new.
    Zorp (monitoring from his spaceship): Ohhh, what?! Some real great research, Flert! Turns out chimps don't talk! (slaps Flert in the back of his head so hard, Flert's eyeballs fly out of his sockets) I'll have to improvise.
  • AP addresses an inevitable subject on his old friendship with Buck.
  • Zorp's frustration in the climactic fight scene.
    Zorp: Is it me or do these drones seem a tad ineffective?
    Zorp: How hard is it to aim a laser?!
    Zorp: Where's the monkey?
    [Flert shrugs]
    Zorp: What do you mean "euh"?! What's the point of having all this radar if you can't even find a stupid monkey?
  • Buck awkwardly trying to wink when Zorp interprets AP's winking as some kind of signal.

These Shoes

  • The Invisi-Shed. Really. Just the fact that Captain Atomic has an invisible shed in the Mega City park. It tends to accidentally inconvenience the birds and joggers too.
  • AP sleeptalking.
    "I'm the greatest hero ever...I'll toss you into the Sun.

Truce Or Consequences

  • AP finding out that Princess War Tickle chose to invite Mookie over Captain Atomic to her hero-villain truce party.
  • Professor Tite-Gripp's complete disappointment and surprise when he finds out of the Curb-Stomp Battle his fellow villains have just received.
    Tite-Gripp (looking down at the Mucus Monster's eyeballs, Mudman trapped in a vacuum cleaner, the crocodile-warrior tied up with his tail, and Naughty Kitty in a pet cage): What?! It's over already! Did any of you even put up a fight?!
  • "Not [Atomic Puppet] again! How many times do I have to tell you?! My name is Mudman! Scumbag's my uncle!"

Atomic Weakness

  • Joey and AP are forced to turn to Professor Tite-Gripp to help them take the power-draining meteorite from Chief Kevlar after Pauline gets arrested. Tite-Gripp has absolutely no idea what he's doing the whole time, but he's incredibly eager for the opportunity to rampage and flip some cars.
    Tite-Gripp: It is I, Professor Tite-Gripp, and I have come to crush Mega City's new hero — Chief Kevin!
    Joey: It's Kevlar!
    Tite-Gripp: Noted.
    AP: Surrender Tite-Gripp, and we'll (Kevlar's meteorite starts to weaken them) go easy on you.
    Tite-Gripp (in Bad "Bad Acting"): Atomic Puppet! I've heard you've been replaced. (leans in and whispers) Can I flip the car now?
    AP: Knock yourself out.
  • After helping Chief Kevlar defeat Professor Tite-Gripp, Joey and AP go off to do their Victory Pose, but they forget a plot point...
    Atomic Puppet: Aaand—
    Pauline (down at the police station): Hey! Whaddya guys forget about me?!
    (Atomic Puppet swoops back in)
    Atomic Puppet (holding Pauline in one arm): Victory Pose!
  • Joey asking Pauline's help in taking Chief Kevlar's meteorite.
    Joey: If only we had a non-superhero friend who could help us. (looks at Pauline)
    Pauline: Very subtle, Felt.
  • All of Chief Kevlar's angry faces, like the one when he gets fed up with Pauline's attempt at Obfuscating Stupidity or the ones from when Professor Tite-Gripp destroys the meteorite..
  • When Chief Kevlar asks Joey and AP to stand aside and let him take on Professor Tite-Gripp.
    Joey: Are you hearing yourself right now?
  • The crazy, ugly guy can be seen excitedly holding a sign depicting the Earth being destroyed by the meteor when one hurtles to Mega City. He's pretty saddened when Atomic Puppet saves the day.
  • This line from Rex Bordeaux:
    Rex (as a meteorite hurls towards Mega City): Oh thank goodness, Atomic Puppet! Save me! (Chief Kevlar glares at Rex and he turns back at the camera nervously) I mean, us.
  • Atomic Puppet tries to convince a guard wearing shades to let them in:
    AP: Alright compadre, I can see you're a busy guy, but I'm going to need you to let me into Cellblock 6. It's mission.
    Joey: Super top-secret.
    (no response)
    AP: Hey! You hearing the words I'm wrangling, cowboy!
    (still no response)
    AP: Old timer. Tough nut to crack.
    Joey: Like he's got ice in his veins.
    AP: Time to get in his grill. This is coming straight from the top! Let us inside now, mister! Look me in the eyes when I'm— (knocks the guard's shades off revealing that he's sleeping)

Private Proton

The Switch

Lacer Takes Over

  • AP trying to free Travis from Lacer's control back by showing his Barbie girlfriend to him.
    AP (in falsetto): Hey, Trav! Remember me? We used to date each other!
    Lacer: (in Travis' voice) Hey, babe! (in Lacer's voice) He was just using her for her hot tub!

Worm Boy

  • Pauline shoving AP underneath the doorframe of the Science Museum in "Worm Boy".
    AP: You're lucky this door is between us!
    Pauline: Go find Felt! I'll find another way in!
    AP: Just what I needed! Another kid telling me what to do!
  • Dr. Beetleman trying to destroy AP gives us A Rare Sentence.
    Dr. Beetleman (to his insect swarms): After the talking puppet in the toy car!...I can't believe I just said that.
  • Dr. Beetleman trying to reactivate the machine to drain the imprisoned Joey's silkworm powers gives us this.
    Dr. Beetleman: How about now?
    Joey: Nope.
    (Dr. Beetleman goes back in to continue repairs)
    Dr. Beetleman: How about now?
    Joey: Nooo.
    (Dr. Beetleman goes back in)
    Dr. Beetleman: Now?
    Joey: Still nothing.
    (Dr. Beetleman goes back in and the machine reactivates)
    Dr. Beetleman: Now?
    Joey: No! Definitely not now!
    Dr. Beetleman: Weird.
    (Dr. Beetleman goes back and the machine deactivates)
    Joey: Phew.
    (machine reactivates and Dr. Beetleman pops back out)
    Dr. Beetleman: Psyche!
  • Joey accidentally latching himself onto a passing car when he becomes Worm Boy.
  • Rex Bordeaux swallowing a bug in the middle of his report.
    Rex: It's at a time like this, when the city is searching for answers [to the massive swarms of insects flying towards the Science Museum], that I, Rex Bordeaux, take great pride in being a pillar of strength for the city to lean on. (starts coughing and flailing) I think one of them flew in my mouth! This is ridiculous! Twenty years on television, and I've never — Forget it! Let some other sucker cover this! (camera goes static)
  • When Joey starts to feel ill from the mutation into Worm Boy.
    Joey: Oh, I don't feel so good.
    Pauline: Probably just the boxed lunch.
    AP: I hope not! I ate the other half of your sandwich!

Hero Hall of Fame

  • Mookie gets stuck in his escape hole when he tries to fly off with a statue containing a bomb in it.
    Mookie: Well this is awkward...
  • "It's all safe to come out now! And unless that weird kid in the corner is going to get crazy, there will be no nudity!" — AP after disposing Mookie's Fabric Destroyer Bomb.
  • AP's insistence that Mookie is a master of deception. His basis? A shoddily made video by Mookie featuring a cutout of Captain Atomic voiced by Mookie telling the people of Mega City that he wants Mookie to be his successor. AP was the only one who fell for it.

Parallel Puppet

Lil' AP

  • Rex Bordeaux's way of announcing his news exclusives, as seen when he gets the opportunity to learn Queen Mindbender's plans from her.
    Rex Bordeaux: Would I [like to know]? Cue the graphics!
    (a picture of a muscled, shirtless Rex riding a tiger while holding up a warhammer in a lightning storm appears)
    Announcer: This is a Rex Bordeaux exclusive!
    (the tiger roars, complete with poorly animated mouth movement)
  • The way AP and all the adults in Mega City act when they get their minds turned into that of little kids by Queen Mindbender.
    Rex Bordeaux: When I grow up, I wanna be a big star! With a big mustache and big muscles!
  • When Joey brings his kiddified family to help him foil Queen Mindbender, Phil has a Potty Failure on the way. Then when everybody gets their minds back to normal (with no memory of what happened), it turns into a Brick Joke.
    Phil: (sniffs the air) Phew! I gotta go change my pants. (quickly leaves before people can notice)
  • Vivian'snote  overreaction to finding scribbles on the wall made by the kiddified AP that Joey takes the blame for.
    Vivian: I should have hugged [Joey] more often...

Pinched Nerves

  • AP sleeptalking about throwing Mookie into the Sun.

Mintenberg's Armour

  • We meet a villain called the Flying Squirrel. He's a fat man with a large beard and buck teeth wearing a squirrel suit with gliding membranes. He speaks in squirrel chattering and steals nuts from health food stores. Yeah, he's as menacing as he sounds.
  • A little one, but the Powered Armour's helicopter form wears bunny slippers.
  • Mintenberg playing around with his Powered Armour's abilities on a run-of-the-mill thief.
    Mintenberg: Shrinking ray! (shrinks the escape boat) Aww, that was kinda lame. Disintegration beam! (vaporizes the thief's oars) Oh, that was so much fun! Okay, freeze dry! (a freeze dry packet appears around the thief)
  • As Mintenberg chases Atomic Puppet down in his superpowered suit, he gleefully gushes over the fulfillment of his longtime dream.
    Mintenberg: Finally! After all this time, I get to hunt you for sport.

Claude Returns

  • The name Captain Atomic chose for his clone...Claude (pronounced clode; like "cloned" without the "n"). Joey is completely unimpressed.
  • When AP explains to Joey that he created Claude to do public appearances while he was fighting crime.
    Joey (holding a bunch of autographed items): Sooo, all this stuff you signed for me? Was that you or Claude?
    AP: Ummmm...that was me! Yeah, that was all totally me!
  • The mutated Claude delivering a beatdown on Atomic Puppet.
    Joey: Oooh, that Claude's got a punch
    AP: (Claude's third arm wacks AP) And a slap!

The Big Shift

  • "Remember Abbie, if your grandma asks, Joey and I ate some bad baloney and can't get off the toilet!" — Phil and Joey getting out of having to visit Vivian's mother.
  • At the Atomic Puppet statue unveiling ceremony, Phil has the misfortune of having to sit behind a huge burly guy's Atomic Puppet sign. To say the least, Phil's powerless to do anything to get him to put it out of his way.
  • Joey meets Pauline at the ceremony.
    Pauline: I though you'd be all suited up and ready to go by now?
    Joey: I know! My dad wasn't quitting on those pancakes.
  • Phil's impatience to go to the pancake house for the limited edition Atomic Puppet pancakes. When they get there, he proceeds to raise a big fuss over the slow service, to Vivian's annoyance.
  • While also rather dark, Mookie's attempts to make small talk with the other supervillains in prison are chuckle-worthy.
    Mookie (nervously): Hey, Dirtbag. (Dirtbag puts some slop on his tray) Mmmm...looks yummy...Oh, look! There's even a little bit of corn in there! (Dirtbag snarls menacingly)
    (Mookie takes a seat)
    Professor Tite-Gripp: Mookie....
    Mookie (nervously): Don't you mean Sergeant Subatomic?
    Professor Tite-Gripp: Come. Here.
    Mookie: Uhhh, nice grub you've got here. You get to eat this stuff every day?
    Professor Tite-Gripp: After all the times you've tried to stop us! All the plans you've foiled! What stops me from crushing you to bits right now?! (slams the table, sending Mookie's food flying onto his head)
    Mookie: Uhhh, I'm a better cook than Dirtbag?
    (Dirtbag rushes in to try pummel Mookie, only to be pushed back by two generic criminals)
  • The Mayor of Mega City explains why the first anniversary of Atomic Puppet is being celebrated.
    Mayor: Now I know Atomic Puppet and I haven't seen eye to eye, but it is an election year and you all seem to really want to celebrate him. So why not?!


  • From the pilot, we have this exchange while Joey and AP are playing video games.
    Joey: I have to put the cat out first.
    AP: Already did it.
    (Gilligan Cut to the backyard, where it turns out that AP has tied Bubbles' tail to a lawnmower and left it on to drag the cat around)
    • "Not the roof! Not the roof! Not the roof!"
    • AP explains why he is terrible at video games in an overdramatic manner.
    Joey: How could you suck so bad at a game with your name on it?
    AP: I'll tell you why, Joey. No thumbs! Even monkeys have thumbs!
  • This short released by Mercury Filmworks for Christmas sees AP pay the price for throwing away Bubbles' stocking and eating the treats left for Santa.
    AP: Joey? Joey? Joey!!!

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