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  • Joey and Phil's father-son moment while sunset-watching in "Survival of the Feltest".
    Phil: I get it, Joey. Believe me, you'd rather be home playing video games or whatever, but—
    Joey: No dad, I'm having fun. It's just we all live in the city. When am I ever going to need to lasso a chair made out of twigs or wipe my butt with a leaf.
    Phil: Is that what you think this weekend is about? Look, you've already got a few whiskers on that upper lip, and before I know it I'll be teaching you how to drive. How many more weekends you think we've got like this?
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  • Joey's speech on Captain Atomic that touches AP's heart in "Hero Hall of Fame".
    Joey (in superhero costume): I know people in other cities, and around the world maybe, I dunno, think there's a better hero out there, but not us! As a city, we may not know where Captain Atomic is, but as his fans, we know how safe we felt when he protected us, and that is something that is going to stay with us forever. So come on! Let me hear it for Captain Atomic, the newest member in the Hero Hall of Fame!
    AP (to Joey): Thanks, partner.
  • In "Atomic Hairball", Phil spends the entire episode talking about things that Joey immediately assumes are meant for him, but turn out to be actually for Bubbles (such as buying him gifts for how wonderful he is), but at the end there's a pleasant twist.
    Phil (with tacos): Looks like my little man earned himself something special!
    Joey : Tacos?! Yes!...Wait. Those are for me, right?
    Phil: What? You don't want to share with your old man?
  • Joey and AP letting Chief Kevlar take the credit for defeating Professor Tite-Gripp in "Atomic Weakness" to ease his jealousy towards them.
    • From the same episode, we have Atomic Puppet holding Pauline in their arms when they strike their Victory Pose. Just look how cute her face is!
  • Joey and AP reconciling after defeating Dr. Beetleman in "Worm Boy". Joey tells AP that no matter what happens, he would never abandon AP, understanding that AP had become worried about the fate of Atomic Puppet as a result of Joey's new powers cancelling out his.
    AP: Listen, Joey. I don't know how to say this, but I-I think I—
    Joey: Hey, it's okay. I get it. Of course losing your superpowers is going to freak you out a bit. Just promise me that no matter what, you know I've always got your back.
  • The Justice Alliance telling AP that despite they would gladly accept him back into their team, despite his fears that they would ridicule him for being a sock puppet.
    Joey: And you thought they wouldn't respect you!
    Commander Cavalier: Is that true, Captain Atomic?
    AP: (nervously) It's just that...(sadly) I didn't think you'd want me as a puppet.
    Cavalier: Are you kidding?! I love the new you! This whole thing is ingenious!
    AP: Really? Y'think? I hated it at first! I mean, look at [Joey's] spaghetti arms! But I tell ya, this kid's the best sidekick ever!
    Joey: He means "partner".
    • Another Justice Alliance-related example would be in "Hero's Holiday" when AP stops being such a scrooge and heads back to the Christmas Party to enjoy his time with his friends instead of moping over how he lost everything as a sock puppet.
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  • Phil cuddling Bubbles in "AP vs. Disastro". Just look at how much he loves his cat and his cat loves him.
  • A general example, but the relationship between Joey and his little sister Abbie is worth a mention. While Abbie does act a little bratty and annoy him sometimes, the two do genuinely care for each other. Joey in particular is pretty protective of his sister, such as his reaction of horror when he accidentally blows her away while using a wind turbine against the Snow Maniac in "Snow Maniac", stopping to fly off and rescue her when he was this close to destroying the Snow Maniac.
  • In "Lacer Takes Over" when Phil subdues the a rogue washing machine attacking Vivian and Joey, foam ends up all over the basement. Phil's first reaction is to remind Vivian of how it's just like the foam party from the night we met, to which Vivian chuckles over. It's a bit silly but it shows how Happily Married Mr. and Mrs. Felt are.
    • Similarly at the end of "Pinched Nerves", Phil and Vivian can be seen cuddling up on the sofa together when Joey comes home.
  • In "Bucket List", AP spends the entire episode eager to meet his past self to warn him about being transformed into a sock puppet and being forced to team up with Joey. When Past!Joey is swallowed by the Kninjadactyl, AP then has a realization about how much Joey means to him, and what he tells Captain Atomic after saving Past!Joey from the monster sums it up well. However, it's kinda ruined by Captain Atomic refusing to take him seriously.
    AP: I'm..uh, we're Atomic Puppet. Word of advice, Captain Atomic. Keep an eye on little Joey here. One day, he'll sneak up on you and become the greatest sidekick — partner — a hero could ever have.
  • When AP feels down about how nobody will ever learn what really happened to Captain Atomic and forever believe he abandoned them in "The Big Shift", Joey tells him "Any true fan of Captain Atomic knows you didn't abandon us". AP's little smile (which just screams "Awww, thanks buddy.") adds to it.
    • Phil and how completely overjoyed he is to learn that his son is actually Atomic Puppet. He just looks so proud. The mood is soured a little by all the bad guys rampaging through Mega City at the moment though.
    AP: I enjoy a father-son moment as much as the next guy, but we've got a city to save.
    • When Vivan and Abbie come back home at the end of the episode and see Joey and Phil in the living room having a father-son moment, Vivian walks up to Joey and says "Go easy on your father" before giving her husband and son kisses on their cheeks and going upstairs with Abbie.


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