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Smallville Clark won't wear the suit.
In keeping with the original's "no tights, no flights" rule.
  • Alternatively, Clark does have the suit from the Season 11 comics...but he won't have it on hand when he appears, for any number of reasons, such as it being damaged. The coincidence will not go unlampshaded.
    • Confirmed. He is retired by the time we see him and no longer wears the suit.

Smallville Clark won't have a big role.
The first photos of him has him wearing the same casual clothes in a farm. Therefore...
  • He has a Refusal of the Call, but returns in the final part, fitting with claims that there would be "three Supermen in one screen".
  • He ends up being erased by antimatter, along with his Earth. The "three Supermen in one screen" could mean the Brandon Routh Superman and Tyler Hoechlin Superman trying and failing to recruit him because of the antimatter.
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  • Confirmed. He has a cameo in which we find out he's retired to be with his family.

Kevin Conroy is playing an older version of Michael Keaton's Batman (1989).
And this will finally confirm Burton and Donner's films take place in the same universe.
  • Alternatively, he's the Batman from the world of Birds of Prey (2002), revealed to have reunited with his daughter Huntress at some point after the show ended.
  • Both are apparently Jossed, he's an original Batman who takes inspiration from the Kingdom Come version but is evil.

The Multiverse won't be destroyed altogether.
The part where all survivors not erased go to New Earth is cut to avoid complications in time travel storylines. There are worlds that will be gone or relocated, though.
  • It's especially hard to imagine them dropping the Wells-of-the-season thing, though of course the new universe's combined Wells will be one more.

The crossover will have a Fission Mailed Cliffhanger.
The crossover has a cliffhanger where everyone apparently dies and the Anti-Monitor destroys all Earths.
  • Confirmed as of Hour 3.

Many other characters from DC's live-action series will appear at the Crossover.
The producers have said they are still holding some surprises. Some possibilities: Gotham, Titans (2018), Doom Patrol (2019),
Swamp Thing, Krypton, Lois & Clark, Lucifer, IZombie, etc.
  • Interestingly, there are properties that are not being represented here purely because they couldn't get the actors they wanted back - meaning the Arrowverse writers have no problem with them being part of this world (or an adjacent one) just 'cause nobody's shown up yet. If things change, or in other crossovers down the line, we just might see people from those series!
  • Confirmed with Titans. Jason Todd and Hank Hall briefly appear as their Earth is seemingly destroyed.
  • Ditto with Lucifer, Tom Ellis appears on Hour 3.
  • Doom Patrol and Stargirl also make appearances in Hour 5.

Rachel Skarsten will reprise the role of Dinah Lance (sic) from Birds Of Prey in the Crossover.
Rachel Skarsten plays the villain Alice in Batwoman (2019), and Ashley Scott will reprise the role of the Huntress in the crossover. It would be a huge waste not to have Skarsten playing Dinah in the crossover and a Birds of Prey reunion. The producers should be aware of this.
  • Jossed. Skarsten doesn't appear in either role.

Barry Allen won't die.
In "Into the Void", the Monitor said that "The Flash must die". What if he didn't mean Barry, but another Flash? It could mean that John Wesley Shipp's Flash could be the one to give up his life, as one shot in The Flash's teaser had that Flash's emblem lying among debris.
  • Confirmed on Hour 3.

When Oliver dies, his funeral will have every hero attending.
We mean, Avengers: Endgame did that with the passing of a hallmark hero, so the same thing's got to happen for the vigilante who started a universe ever since 2012.
  • Semi-confirmed. There was a memorial with Kara, Clark, Barry, Sara, Jefferson, and Kate attending.

Kara and Lena will reconcile in this Crisis Crossover.
There's already one major crisis threatening all Earths, so those two's problems are nothing compared to that.

Harry Wells is Pariah.
Harry Wells being Pariah could be a good way to introduce Pariah as an established character and to avoid killing him off cheaply. In that way, he could be a Composite Character with Earth-3 Alexander as the hero with matter and antimatter. The Monitor made him become Pariah and made him immune to antimatter.

Some deceased characters will be revived.
Catherine recently died, but keep in mind that Batwoman was planned for 13 episodes before getting a full season order. If Mar Novu can revive Lex, why not someone else?
  • That would depend on whether certain characters are part of Mar Novu's machinations towards the Crisis or not. On the other hand, for an event as prolific as Crisis on Infinite Earths, it's possible a complete Continuity Reboot just like Crisis from the comic books could occur that resurrects deceased characters across the Arrowverse entirely, but the franchise has yet to play Status Quo Is God straight, thus it seems unlikely the dead will return after the Crossover. Furthermore, the death of Catherine was so recent and instrumental as the winter finale for its respective show, it might be a disservice to bring the character back so suddenly because of a Crisis Crossover.
  • In the Arrow episode "Purgatory", energies that are implied to be related to the crisis in Lian Yu brought back to life Yao Fei as well as Edward Fyers and his minions. So this possibility isn't ruled out.
  • Earth-1 Laurel is also set to appear, making this highly possible. Unless, of course, she's just Oliver's Dying Dream.
  • Sara Diggle, who was erased from existence during Flashpoint, has been brought back.

Like the comic book, Lyla Michaels/Harbinger will eventually betray the Monitor.
As part of the Anti-Monitor's schemes, his influence and power will corrupt Harbinger via his shadow demons and she will turn on the Monitor and kill him to give the Anti-Monitor the advantage of destroying The Multiverse. However, similar to the comic book, the Monitor will have predicted this outcome and arranged his death to be a benefit to the heroes.
  • Confirmed in Hour 3 as the Anti-Monitor takes full control of her.

Oliver's death won't actually stick, and he'll return to life by becoming the Spectre.
The Bad Future from the Arrow flashforwards is already being undermined, what with the Deathstroke Gang being defeated and jailed before they can start wreaking havoc and wind up corrupting John Diggle Jr., Oliver passing a message to Felicity through Diggle that Mia and William shouldn't be kept separate, Rene and Dinah working to avoid the mistakes of their future selves (Rene by becoming Mayor earlier and not letting himself and Zoe grow apart, Dinah by forming the Canaries earlier), and the looming possibility of Sara Diggle being un-retgoneed. Perhaps Oliver, too, will get a different, happier ending, with his death proving temporary thanks to him becoming the Spectre's host; after he's defeated the Anti-Monitor and saved the multiverse with the aid of his fellow heroes, Jim Corrigan can take up the mantle, allowing Oliver to come back to life, reunite with Felicity ahead of schedule, and retire as Green Arrow. The world may still believe him dead, but his closest friends and family will know the truth, and he's content that his legacy won't be one of failure.
  • At least partially Confirmed on Hour 3, he does become the new Spectre.
    • He does indeed return as the Spectre, however he sacrifices himself to temporarily defeat the Anti-Monitor and respawn the multiverse.

Helen Slater will return
She will reprise her roles as both Eliza Danvers, and as Earth 84 Supergirl. And that version of Supergirl will be the one to die in the classic Crisis moment.
  • The remaining universes were wiped out at the end of Hour 3, so unless she somehow survived, this might not happen.
  • Wouldn't she be the Earth-96 Supergirl, as the 1984 film established it's in the same continuum as the Christopher Reeve films?
    • Jossed
      • Its unclear if she even exists since her film is Canon Discontinuity, along with the last two Superman films. Although, Superman mentioned fighting himself, so its possible they happened in Broad Strokes.

While Earth-1 and Earth-38 will merge into New Earth, the Multiverse as a whole will be restored at the end.
Cause any of the other DC adaptations that have been retroactively added into this Multiverse, such as Smallville and The Flash (1990), would be rendered moot if their worlds are permanently gone, while concurrent shows such as Black Lightning and Titans (2018) would have to continue in SOME form, not to mention Stargirl's upcoming series.
  • At the end of Hour 3, the remaining heroes were teleported to the Vanishing Point, from where they could potentially restore the Multiverse.
  • If the comic book mini-series is any indication, the physical clash between the Anti-Monitor and Spectre will be so strong, it shatters space-time to such a degree it reboots The Multiverse, but Earth-1 and Earth-38 are merged into New Earth (there could be more, like Earth-2 and Earth-3, but for simplicity's sake, Earth-38 is the most likeliest to occur) because of the extra billions of Earth-38 citizens stranded on Earth-1.
  • Confirmed, with the addition of Black Lightning also being brought in.

The "Real" Reason Earth 99 Batman isn't the paragon
They don't want to pay Kevin Conroy for more than one scene, unlike Earth-96 Clark, who is being played by one of the main actors.

The Spectre will defeat the Anti-Monitor
Since Hour 3 showed us that he's Oliver now, I'm putting my money on this.
  • If the previews for Hour 4 are any indication, the Anti-Monitor and Spectre will grow to Kaiju proportions to do battle, similar to the comic book. However, if the mini-series is followed, Spectre will unlikely succeed. Instead, thanks to The Multiverse restarting from their battle, it will be the Supermen of Earth-38, Earth-96 and Earth-167 who will defeat the Anti-Monitor.
    • Partially Jossed. 'Spectrever' battles the Anti-Monitor and is able to jump-start the multiverse at the Dawn of Time, and temporarily defeats the Anti-Monitor, at the cost of his own life (again).

There's more to the "Barry Allen will die" prophecy
In Hour 3 it seems like Barry is supposed to sacrifice himself to save the multiverse, but the Earth-90 Barry does it in his place. There is quite rightly a lot of pushback on this, as it seemed like way too easy of a cop-out, especially considering all of the drama the series has mined for Earth-1 Barry's impending death. As the The Flash has already had a problem with quickly making sacrifices cheap by undoing them like in season 2's "Rupture" or the season 3 finale, it seemed like this time would be theory is that it still will be. This won't be a simple Prophecy Twist, but ultimately a Double Subversion where Earth-1 Barry will still perform a sacrifice of some kind. There's no way The Monitor would have trolled him like that for so long for seemingly no reason.
  • Jossed
    • And yet part of me hopes that, even with the crossover done, there's still more to this story arc, like a Final Destination type of plot will happen whereby death itself will be after Barry for effectively cheating it. In fact, this kind of scenario already sort of exists in the world of The Flash, thanks to the Black Flash (who may or may not have been permanently killed in the season 3 finale).

The only people who remember Crisis on Infinite Earths are the seven Paragons.
Per the mini-series, only those who were at the dawn of time could ever recall the original multiverse - an event where time technically doesn't exist. The Paragons, having been sent to the Vanishing Point, an explicit location in existence that's beyond time at the end of Hour 3, are the only ones left to remember the entire ordeal.
  • Confirmed, although Martian Manhunter does let some non-paragons in on the secret via telepathy.

The New Gods will make a cameo.
In Crisis on Infinite Earths, Darkseid winds up helping the heroes defeat the Anti-Monitor. While there might not be an actual on-screen appearance of him or any of the New Gods, something like Apokolips or New Genesis can be seen in the background of The Multiverse as it's rebooted.
  • Darkseid could be the "darkness" the Legion mentioned in Supergirl.
    • Furthermore, Darkseid and Apokolips were present on Earth-167 (during the last season of Smallville). Given the location of the Fourth World (per the "map" of The Multiverse in The Multiversity), one can argue they have always been present no matter what in the Arrowverse.
    • Jossed

Thawne is possessed by the Anti-Monitor
One of Iris' future newspapers suggested Thawne led an army of Shadow Demons during Crisis. In my theory, Earth-1 was restored, but the Anti-Monitor is retaliating again by possessing Thawne and sending the Shadow Demons against the heroes, so the massive destruction occurs there.
  • Jossed

Stargirl will be revealed to be set on...
  • Earth-20, after the year it'll premiere.
  • Earth-41, after the year Sylvester Pemberton was introduced.
  • Earth-7, since it'll be the seventh DC superhero show to air on The CW.
  • New Earth, as a result of not only Earth-1 merging with certain Earths, but also Retcons to the history of the combined Earths post-Crisis. In particular, the Justice Society of America during World War II always had Starman rather than Stargirl (as the first promotional trailer appears to set Stargirl in the modern era). This will allow characters from Stargirl to co-exist with the rest of the Arrowverse.
  • A resurrected Earth-99, after Courtney's debut year of 1999.
    • Jossed. She's now on a reborn Earth-2.

Stargirl's appearance will tie into the next Crisis Crossover.

The Goddess' universe was also wiped out by the anti-matter.

Post-Crisis, there will be Retcons to the combined New Earth from the previous histories of Earth-1 and any integrated Earths.
  • Provided Earth-2 merges into New Earth, its version of Laurel Lance merges with her Earth-1 counterpart. She becomes the more DC Comics accurate Black Canary, but her metahuman powers will be activated as a result of Star Labs' particle accelerator.
The Flash
  • Provided Earth-2 merges into New Earth, its version of Harrison Wells and Tess Morgan merges with their Earth-1 counterparts; simultaneously, this allows Earth-1 Jesse Wells to exist for the first time in the Arrowverse (of whom Earth-2 Jesse Wells characteristics and personality will be merged with). Neither Harrison and Tess are murdered by Earth-1 Eobard Thawne (who retains killing Earth-1 Nora Allen), which allows them to activate the particle accelerator that grants Earth-1 Barry Allen and all affected their mutahuman powers per the show. Husband and wife will also be running Star Labs.
    • Jossed. All of the Wells versions were merged into Nash.
  • Alternate idea, Jesse now exists on Earth-Prime, but she's no longer the daughter of Harrison Wells. Instead, her father is Jonathan Chambers, aka Johnny Quick, who is Jesse Quick's father in the comics.
  • Earth-1 Henry Allen remains incarcerated at Iron Heights Penitentiary for the death of Earth-1 Nora, as no evidence can be linked to Earth-1 Eobard; he dies in prison. Provided Earth-3 merges into New Earth, this will allow John Wesley Shipp and Michelle Harrison to portray Earth-3 Jay Garrick and Joan Williams respectively without making them Earth-1 Barry's parents. Meanwhile, Jay will be the first Flash of New Earth, but will have retired by the time Barry acquires his powers from the Speed Force, yet remains as The Mentor to him.
    • Jay will also be merged with the Barry Allen of Earth-90.
      • Jossed, Earth-90 Barry is dead. It's possible that Jay's Earth-3 simply survived intact.
    • Earth-1 Trickster will also be merged with his Earth-90 counterpart (since they share the same history), and probably Earth-3, too.
  • There will be no Earth-1 Nora West-Allen: instead, Barry and Earth-1 Iris West will have Dawn and Don Allen, the "Tornado Twins" from DC Comics proper. This will also pave for the way for Earth-1 Bart Allen to appear down the line on The Flash (to allow creative leeway, the Arrowverse version of Bart can make him the son of Dawn rather than Don, as per DC Comics).
    • Nora always was Earth-1, she's just from a negated future. Eobard did suggest XS might have been called Dawn, before being told she was Nora West-Allen.
  • Some of the various Harrison Wells like Earth-2 "Harry" and "Nash" will be resurrected as identical brothers of Earth-1's Harrison.
    • Jossed. They were all merged into Nash's body, with the others existing in his mind.
  • Provided Earth-38 merges into New Earth, its version of Bruce Wayne/Batman merges with his Earth-1 counterpart, while the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) will be a branch of Advanced Research Group United Support (ARGUS). Earth-38 Hank Henshaw retains his role as head of the DEO, but will be reigned in by Earth-1 Amanda Waller for his aggressive xenophobic stance, allowing Earth-38 J'onn J'onzz to safely immigrate to New Earth from Mars without the DEO targeting him and take up his DC Comics role as Detective John Jones rather than masquerade as Henshaw.
  • Largely unchanged: however, Earth-1 Bruce Wayne is still missing-in-action. Provided their memories are retained post-Crisis, Earth-1 Kate Kane and Earth-38 Kara Zor-El's friendship will have been established much earlier before they took up The Cowl and The Cape, respectively, rather than started at during the events of Elseworlds (2018) (at least, from the perspective of others In-Universe on New Earth post-Crisis who don't remember the event at all).

As a one-up to Avengers: Endgame upon the resurrection of the universes every hero from EVERY universe will arrive to defeat the Anti-Monitor and his army.
Some possible ideas:
  • 1989 Batman, or at least his car and/or Batwing
    • Jossed
  • Burt Ward shows up in a (perhaps ill-fitting) classic Robin costume
    • Hopefully with pants
      • Speak for yourself
    • Bonus points if he wears a 1966-stylized Nightwing costume, The Adam West Batman costume, or gets into a Dark Knight Returns-esque Mech Suit to fight
      • Tearjerker: upon entering the mech, whispering “Thanks, old chum”.
    • Jossed
  • Smallville Clark is reinpowered, saving the day to the tv theme
    • Jossed
  • Doom Patrol
    • Partially Jossed; they appear in a cameo as part of a restored Earth-21
  • Titans
    • See above; Earth-9
  • The rest of Black Lightning’s superpowered family.
  • Ragman, Wildcat and other Earth-1 heroes who are unaccounted for.
  • John Diggle gets the Green Lantern ring from his doppelgänger on Earth-90.
    • Jossed, although Earth-12 is revealed to have the Green Lantern Corps, as shown in Green Lantern (2011). It's heavily implied Diggle finds the ring in the Arrow finale, though.
  • Lucifer and any angels or demons they can get to cameo
  • And to add to the wishful thinking theme, one or more of the DCU heroes appear.
  • Stargirl.
  • The rest of the Legends.
    • Some do appear in Hour 5.
  • Swamp Thing.
    • On Earth-19 in the restored multiverse.
  • A Lawyer-Friendly Cameo from the DC Extended Universe Justice League.
  • All the heroes of Earth-90 killed by the Monitor before Elseworlds, led by their version of Wally West taking up Barry Allen's mantle.
  • Helen Slater's Supergirl.
  • Jesse Quick and Harry Wells.
  • Considering the WMG of Thawne being possessed by The Anti-Monitor, we could also see AM resurrecting some- if not virtually every one of the- villains the Earth 1 & 38 heroes have faced, which would necessitate outside help.
    • All of them unfortunately jossed. Though the DCEU Barry makes an appearance.

The universes that the Monitor destroyed will be restored as well.
Sadly though, Earth-90 Barry Allen will probably still be dead, since his death happened outside his reality.

Dr. Manhattan will restore the multiverse.
And it will lead to the next year crossover being an adaptation of both Rebirth and the Doomsday Clock saga.
  • Jossed. Oliver Queen did the deed.

The Monitor actually wanted Lex Luthor to replace Earth 96 Superman as the Paragon of Truth
He has consistently been portrayed as a Unscrupulous Hero, and he thought that risking Superman's life could allow a smart man like Lex to be helping the other Paragons to restore the Multiverse. Clark-96's intelligence is not good enough to find a way to undo what the Anti-Monitor did.
  • Although nothing about this has been explicitly stated, Lex ended up playing an instrumental role in Hour 4 using his stolen page of the Book of Destiny.

The Arrowverse will discontinue Crisis Crossovers after this one.
Due to Oliver's absence and due to the massive story change, they will stop doing Crisis Crossovers at least for a long time.
  • Well there won't be one in the 2020-2021 season, they were planning a smaller crossover instead. Before the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was intended that there would be a crossover between Batwoman and the new Superman and Lois series. Other heroes would be involved (the Justice League?), but not their shows. However, Ruby Rose quit her role as Batwoman, and her character is to be replaced. That means this plan is thrown into doubt. In addition, the new seasons were pushed back to January 2021 because of filming delays.

The Crisis didn't just affect the live-action DC stuff.
It affected all the animated DC shows too. And hell, it probably went further than that. All sorts of other WarnerMedia properties got affected. Imagine Steven Universe's Earth, Westeros, and countless others, seeing the red skies, and not knowing what was going on. They're wiped out by the wave, and then restored when the Paragons rebuilt the multiverse. They don't know what happened, or really remember. All they know is that they have one memory. Of red skies.

Ezra Miller's cameo was filmed specifically for the Flash movie.
Considering it only happened at the last minute at the suggestion of DC Films, as well as the noticeable Aspect Ratio Switch during it, it's possible that the scene will be reused for the upcoming Flash movie as the explanation for DCEU Barry's codename, as is implied by the scene itself. We know that the film will involve travel to different universes (namely, to Earth-89), so the scene could even be what kicks off the plot as Barry is made aware of the Multiverse here and travels it for whatever reason in the film.

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