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  • In 1984, the German Green Party member Joschka Fischer (foreign minister 1998-2005) said to the Vice President of the Bundestag (the German parliament) probably the most famous line of German post-war politics,
    With all respect, Mr. President, you are an asshole!original quote  
  • A fine example from the Dáil, the Irish Parliament. Paul Gogarty to Deputy Stagg:
    Paul Gogarty: With all due respect and in the most unparliamentary language, Fuck YOU, Deputy Stagg! FUCK YOU! I now apologize for—
    Ceann Comhairle: Deputy Gogarty, that is most unparliamentary language.
    Paul Gogarty: It is most unparliamentary language and I now withdraw it and apologize for it.
  • Barack Obama, on Kanye West's infamous MTV Video Music Awards interruption: "He's a jackass." The language may be tame compared to the rest of the examples here, but it's still harsher language than expected of the president.
    • Obama's also looking for an ass to kick regarding that puddle of oil in the Gulf. His statements in the interview were immediately songified by Schmoyoho.
    • In the wake of the 2015 Charleston church shooting, Obama used the N-word during a podcast when making a point about the epidemic called racism.
  • Joe Biden, upon the passage of the Affordable Care Act, could be heard saying "This is a big fucking deal!" to Barack Obama after a nearby microphone picked it up (he probably thought that the microphones couldn't hear him at the time). Biden sort-of leaned into the phrase, as his 2020 campaign website said that any donations made by people were "a big freakin' deal". Biden would later describe Trump upon entering the White House as President for the first time upon discovering a virtual golf simulator Trump had installed in the White House.
    What a fuck ass.
  • John Kerry once referred to a secret service agent as a "son of a bitch".
    • Twice. Long after the guy knocked him down while they were snowboarding.
  • The "Shit Heard Round The World", as uttered by then-President Bush in conversation with then-P.M. Tony Blair. Neither man apparently noticed that they were on a live mic at the time.
  • Before a speech during a 2000 campaign stop, an open mic caught George W. Bush calling New York Times reporter Adam Clymer "a major league asshole".
  • An especially fiery Special Comment excoriating G.W. Bush for "giving up golf" to show he supported the families of servicepeople he'd sent to die in Iraq, ended with journalist Keith Olbermann shouting "Shut the HELL up!" Viewers could tell he wanted to say "fuck", but was constrained by MSNBC's rules. On his web video series, he could drop all the precision F-strikes he wanted.
  • Republican New York State Senator Roy McDonald, on crossing party lines in support of gay marriage:
    You get to the point where you evolve in your life where everything isn't black and white, good and bad, and you try to do the right thing. You might not like that. You might be very cynical about that. Well, fuck it, I don't care what you think. I'm trying to do the right thing. I'm tired of Republican-Democrat politics. They can take the job and shove it. I come from a blue-collar background. I'm trying to do the right thing, and that's where I'm going with this.
  • "To the members of the California State Assembly: I am returning Assembly Bill 1176 without my signature. Fuck you. Sincerely, Arnold Schwarzenegger." Spot the hidden message. Where is it?   Years later, Schwarzenegger appeared on the Late Late Show to confirm what everyone else had suspected all along: that the vulgar acrostic was, indeed, deliberate.
  • Brian Mulroney telling Peter Newman to go fuck himself. note 
  • After it was revealed that Obama won the 2012 election, a crowd uproared and praised at his democratic center in Chicago; the censors did not catch this, but a man screamed "America, Fuck Yeah!!"
  • Apocryphally, George V was told on his deathbed he would soon be able to return to the resort of Bognor Regis; the King replied, "Bugger Bognor," and died.note 
    • The reality is just as obscene, however; the doctor injected the King with a combination of cocaine and morphine to ease his passing,note  which led the King to mutter, "God damn you."
  • When Rob Anders blamed Tom Mulcair for Jack Layton's death, Peter Stoffer's response was to call Anders a dickhead.
  • During a speech in the Canadian House of Commons in December 2011 on the Kyoto Protocol, then-Environment Minister Peter Kent was called a "piece of shit" by Liberal MP (and future Prime Minister) Justin Trudeau.
  • In 1975, Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme referred to Francisco Franco and his government as "fucking murderers" ("satans mördare") in a speech after they executed several dissidents. The phrase went through Memetic Mutation in Sweden for years afterwards.
  • In the late 1960s, the Swedish Communist Party (renamed Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna, roughly "Communist Left Party" in 1967) faced several severe splits, with the maoist faction leaving in 1967 to form KFML, while the internal debate regarding the party's relationship to the USSR became fiery after the Prague Spring. The party chairman CH Hermansson responded to the split with what has later become celebrated words;

Nån jävla ordning ska det va i ett parti! (There should be some fucking order in a party!)

  • Napoleon once said to his then-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Talleyrand: "You're a piece of shit in silk stockings."
    • And from the same era, General Cambronne's famous word when asked to surrender at Waterloo. note 
  • Julia Gillard saying to the media "don't write crap."
  • Historian Robert Conquest wrote a book, The Great Terror, about Josef Stalin's purges of the 1930s (and the poor response of Western intellectuals). Writer Kingsley Amis spread the (apocryphal) story that when Conquest was asked to suggest a new title for a new edition, Conquest responded, "How about, I Told You So, You Fucking Fools?"
    • When remarking on snubbing some American generals and politicians at a cinema, Josef Stalin, as quoted by Simon Sebag Montefiore, remarked: "Fuck them!"
  • In 2012 during a session of the Spanish Parliament in which were announced several budgetary cuts, among them to the unemployment subsidies, Andrea Fabra — congresswoman of the People's Party, the party that governed Spain in that year — was caught saying this:
    Andrea Fabra: (...) ¡Muy bien, muy bien, que se jodan! ((...) Very well, Very well, fuck them!)note .
  • In 1970, during hearings regarding labor practices in the Senate Caucus Room of the Russell Building, the future Hillary Clinton heckled Joseph A. Califano, shouting, "You sold out, you motherfucker, you sold out!"
  • When attending the 1987 VSDA convention, then-MPAA president Jack Valenti had this to say about changes made to American copyright law just a couple of years before:
    Jack Valenti: First offenders go to the Goddamn slammer, folks, we mean to put them there!
  • How did former Mexican President Vincente Fox react to Donald Trump's promise to build a wall along the US border with Mexico and get Mexico to pay for it if he was elected President?
    Vincente Fox: I declare, I'm not gonna pay for that fucking wall.
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt is quoted — most likely apocryphally, but the sentiment is certainly visible in US foreign policy of the time — as describing a Latin American dictator (most likely Anastasio Somoza Garcia or Rafael Trujillo) "He is a son of a bitch, but he is our son of a bitch". You see, the leader(s) in question were running a People's Republic of Tyranny, but they were on friendly terms with the US.
  • DNC Chair Tom Perez speaking about the Republican health care plan:
    Tom Perez: They don't give a shit about people!
  • It has been fascinating to see how news agencies and shows have covered President Donald Trump's describing many immigrants as coming from "shithole countries". Many TV newsmen and newspapers have directly quoted the president at least once in their coverage; other sources like NPR will not use the word on air but will use it in their online articles. (This was made into one of the most pleasant autotuned remixes Schmoyoho has ever done.)
    • And the foreign media in languages other than English was presented with the issue of a) finding a culturally appropriate equivalent and b) dealing with their own country's different standards on vulgarity. Some outright poetic results came about.
  • Future President Benjamin Harrison cursed for the only time in his life when he discovered the body of his father, Rep. John Scott Harrison, in a medical school while looking for a much younger body snatching victim.
  • During the Battle of Monmouth, General George Washington, who forbad profanity in his army, famously cussed out Major Charles Lee for an act of insubordination.
    George Washington: I've heard a most disturbing report from a young fifer traveling in the wrong direction from the battle.
    Charles Lee: Sir, I... I thought you a day behind us...
    George Washington: Why are your men in retreat?
    Charles Lee: Th-There's been some confusion, sir.
    George Washington: There remains some. Why are your men in retreat?
    Charles Lee: Circumstance prevented a proper advance, and I did not think a major action was in the best interest of America at this time.
    George Washington: You did not think!? You damned poltroon, you never tried them! You should not have requested this command if you did not intend to attack! Cornwallis had only six thousand men with him! There were even two men within your command who had experience fighting against the Rangers! You should have consulted them! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ABOUT, MAN?!?!?
  • Prince Philip: "Just take the fucking picture."
  • Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., in his Letter from Birmingham Jail, listed "when your first name becomes Nigger, your middle name becomes Boy (however old you are), and your last name becomes John" as one of many generic reasons why black people in the South during the Jim Crow era have found it severely difficult to wait.
  • According to family legend in the Danish Royal family, the Queen's mother, Crown Princess Ingrid, reacted to the news that the Germans had invaded Denmark in 1940 by exclaiming: "Those SHITS!".
  • The morning following the siege of the Capitol building by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021, Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman, went on a rant on MSNBC against the police for doing barely anything to stop them from invading the seat of American government while people of color get shot for minor offenses, in which he dropped an f-bomb on live television.
    Joe: If these insurrectionists were black, they would have been shot in the face. And my God, if these insurrectionists were Muslim, they would've been sniped from the top of buildings. So I want to know from the Captiol Hill Police, what-what is it just white people? Or is it Donald Trump supporters? Why do you scream at people for walking across the street three blocks away from the Capitol? Why are you not as badasses around the Capitol? But then, Trump supporters come in and you open the fucking doors for them! You opened the doors for them and let them breach the People's House! What is wrong with you?
  • Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island were told to surrender by a Russian warship during the 2022 invasion. Their reply?:
    Soldiers: Russian warship, go fuck yourself! Original Ukrainian  
  • Beto O'Rourke, at the time running against Texas governor Greg Abbott, calls a heckler a "motherfucker" for laughing during a speech about school shootings.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine, was interviewed on CBS's Meet the Press on November 5th, 2023. At the very end of the interview, he said that, despite Ukraine having suffered some setbacks in fending off Russia's invasion, "we are not ready to give our freedom to this fucking terrorist, Putin."
  • Chase Utley was handed the microphone at the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies World Championship parade. He apparently didn't know what to say besides "World Champions!". He followed up with "World Fucking Champions!".... the crowd went absolutely wild. Especially effective as the parade was being broadcast live on several major radio and TV stations (which as a rule do not broadcast the F-word).
    • Chase apparently has difficulty with this word and microphones. In an earlier incident, from the 2008 MLB Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium, the crowd, mostly New Yorkers and as a result likely heavily peppered with Mets fans, began booing Utley as he ran onto the field to take part in the event. He took one look at the crowd, promptly forgot that he was wearing a microphone for ESPN, and audibly muttered "Boo? Fuck you!"
    • Both of these Precision F Strikes are considered Crowning Moments of Awesome among Phillies fans. (Chase Utley himself is considered a walking Crowning Moment of Awesome.)
  • After several tries, NHL magnate Henrik Lundqvist won the Vezina Trophy (read: Goalie of the Year) in 2012. He had a brain freeze and swore during his nationally-televised acceptance speech.
    Henrik: Uh, fuck.
    • This is becoming a goalie tradition, particularly Stanley Cup winning ones: in 2012, Jonathan Quick ("How about this fucking team right there?") and in 2013 Corey Crawford ("FUCKING RIGHT CHICAGO!").
  • When he hit his groin on a first-down pole during a Minnesota-Northwestern football game, Simoni Lawrence got up next to the microphone and said: "Muthafucka hit mah pay-ness!"
  • In 2004, during the holiday season, CBS had a camera at the Jacksonville-Cleveland football game trained on a crowd which included a white-bearded man who could easily pass as Santa Claus. He bore a shirt which clearly read "Your ass ain't getting shit for Christmas!"
  • This tends to happen a lot in live sports broadcasts such as football and NASCAR. This usually results in a fine from the sanctioning body and a live apology from the broadcaster.
    • An NFL player was fined when he told a fan who blamed him for losing the game to fuck off.
    • NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. was infamously not only fined, but docked points (which knocked him out of the championship lead) for swearing in the heat of the moment during his victory lane interview at Talladega in 2004.
      Reporter: What does it mean to win here, not only once, but to win here five times?
      Dale Jr.: Well it don't mean shit right now, Daddy's (Dale Sr.) won here ten times!
  • Another sports example is Didier Drogba's infamous outburst after Chelsea's UEFA Champions League semi-final loss to Barcelona.
    Drogba: Hey, it's a disgrace. It's a disgrace. It's a fucking disgrace.
  • Noted eccentric footballer Mario Balotelli called his season "Shit" while being interviewed after the 2011 FA Cup final.
  • On the Saturday after the second Boston Bomber was finally caught, the Red Sox played their game with David Ortiz returning to the team. When addressing what happened, he thanked Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick and the police for the great job they did. Then finished off with "This is our fucking city. And nobody is going to dictate our freedom. Stay strong." The added applause he got after he said: "This is our fucking city" made this trope more epic and justified. And the FCC? Totally let it slide. note 
  • Infamously, Billy Ripken once accidentally appeared on a baseball card holding a bat with the words "FUCK FACE" written on the end. (This is parodied in The Simpsons #4 when Willy Dipkin of the Springfield Isotopes had "Fish Face" written on the end of his bat just before getting his picture taken for a baseball card.)
  • Prior to a Christmas Day NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers, Chuck "The Rifleman" Person stated, "The Rifleman is coming, and he's going Bird hunting." Larry Bird then sent Person a note saying he had a Christmas present for him. During the game, when Person was on the bench, Bird got close to him, shot a three-pointer, and, while it was still in the air, said to him, "Merry fucking Christmas!" And then the shot went in.
  • Raptors GM Masai Ujiri shouted "FUCK BROOKLYN" to a crowd of cheering Raptors fans during the Raptors-Nets playoff series in 2014. He did it again the following year, responding to Paul Pierce's criticism of the Raptors with an emphatic "WE DON'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT IT!".
  • Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers once loudly shouted "OH FUCK!" after a bad snap versus the Bears in the 2015 Thanksgiving game.
    • Speaking of swearing quarterbacks...Peyton Manning shouted "GODDAMNIT, DONALD!" in the 2009 AFC Divisional Round after teammate Donald Brown missed a block and nearly caused a sack.
      • Manning had a second one after joining the Denver Broncos later in his career, groaning "Fucking Julius!" during the team's 2013 Wild Card game after tight end Julius Thomas committed a false start penalty.
    • Similarly, in a 2017 Monday Night Football game against the division rival Buccaneers, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan shouted at wide receivers Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu to "GET FUCKING SET!", as they were still making adjustments with less than ten seconds on the play clock before the snap on a Devonta Freeman run play.
    • In a 2011 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, St. Louis Rams offensive guard Harvey Dahl was assessed a penalty for holding in the fourth quarter. As referee Jerome Boger was announcing the penalty, Dahl disputed the penalty and shouted "That's not fucking holding!", which Boger's microphone picked up. Dahl was promptly flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct.
    • During a 2020 Wild Card loss to the New Orleans Saints, Chicago Bears wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson responded to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against teammate Cole Kmet with a puzzled "What the fuck?". Worse yet, the incident occurred during a game that was also broadcast on Nickelodeon of all networks, and even went unfiltered on that broadcast.
    • In a 2021 game, a mic picked up Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield yelling at a referee to "Get the fuck out of the way!" so they could snap the ball before the play clock ran out.
  • Gary Carter was one of the '86 Mets who never drank, never smoked and never even cussed. All that changed when he singled to start the fabled comeback in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. After reaching, he was reported to have told coach Bud Harrelson, "I’ll be damned if I’m gonna make the last fucking out of this fucking World Series!"
  • During the sentencing process for disgraced former USA Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, on the day before his final damnation was issued by Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, Mattie Larson, one of his victims, told him within the full hearing range of those gathered in the courtroom, "Your kindness was simply a ploy to molest me every chance you got. I can't even put into words how much I fucking hate you."
  • During the inauguration of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, Kimi Räikkönen was critical of the circuit after doing a test run. To put in his words, "The first few corners are quite good, but the rest of it is shit."
    • Räikkönen made a habit of this. Famously, during an interview prior to the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, he explained that he'd missed a presentation in honour of the retiring Michael Schumacher because, quote, "I was having a shit".
  • Earl Weaver was ejected from Game 4 of the 1969 World Series. A mic picked up home plate umpire Shag Crawford warning him with "You shut your Goddamn mouth!" before tossing him.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals lost Game 6 of the 1985 World Series, best known for a blown call by umpire Don Denkinger. During the ensuing meltdown in Game 7, Whitey Herzog told Denkinger, "We wouldn't even be here if you hadn't missed the fucking call last night!" Denkinger ejected Herzog and added, "Well if you guys weren't hitting .120 in this World Series, we wouldn't be here."
  • During a Washington Nationals game in 2017, Daniel Murphy asked umpire Alan Porter to move from his spot. Porter turned around and yelled "Fuck you!" setting off an argument that delayed the game. Cooler heads prevailed and the game went on without Murphy getting ejected.
  • In Game 6 of the 2019 World Series, the Washington Nationals fell victim to a controversial runner's lane interference call. After replay upheld the ruling, Matt Williams further protested the call and got incensed when Crew Chief Gary Cederstrom pointed at him. Williams screamed "FUCK YOU!" twice to Sam Holbrook who initially made the call before yelling "What the fuck are you looking at?" to Cederstrom. Holbrook then tossed Williams from the game, marking the first World Series ejection since 1996.
  • When Cincinnati Reds pitcher Homer Bailey was being interviewed live on the field after his 2013 no-hitter against San Francisco, he was asked if having to bat caused him to give up a walk in the next inning. His reply: "No, I mean, I just fucking walked a guy."
  • During a 2019 game against the Vegas Golden Knights, Philadelphia Flyers forward Travis Konecny called Vegas defenseman Brayden McNabb a "fucking bonehead" after taking a heavy hit from McNabb.
  • Billionaire Mark Cuban appeared at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose tournament in 2015 for a charity showmatch, and accidentally let the F-bomb fly during a live pre-game interview. While that first time appeared to be an accident, he was later informed that he was fined $15k for it, in turn leading to this little moment:
    Kristine Leahy: It's okay though, because it's going to a good cause, it's going to Cybersmile! Do you take back the F-bomb or do you stand by it?
    Mark Cuban: So if I say it again, I have to pay another 15k?
    Leahy: Oh, you wanna up it to 30 thousand?
    Cuban: Fuck it.
  • Japanese Formula One driver Yuki Tsunoda has a tendency to insert everything he criticizes with F-bombs. One example occurred during Free Practice 3 of 2021 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, when he sees the pileup of other racers as "a fucking paradise, like traffic paradise". Valtteri Bottas also uttered the phrase during Free Practice 3 of the Mexican Grand Prix as an Ironic Echo, though not to the extent of swearing like Tsunoda.
    • Earlier, in Free Practice 1 of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Tsunoda also swears after exiting the pit to see a traffic of other racers prompting him to respond to the crew with "Come on, I got fucking traffic!"
  • Horse Jockey Victor Espinoza upon realizing he had won a Triple-Crown, (that is, winning the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont stakes races), the first in 37 years to do so:
    Espinoza: HOLY SHIT!

  • The fact that people are naturally able to do this is one of the factors that debunks the concept that children are entirely taught language by listening to their parents at a young age ("Motherese").
  • Effective whenever Stephen Fry swears. Such as this from Stephen Fry's Guilty Pleasures: "The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a fucking lunatic".
    • A particularly moving example came from his appearance on The BBC's celebrity genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are, in which he used it when discussing some of his ancestors who died at Auschwitz. Also a Precision F-Strike on the part of The BBC themselves, who almost never (intentionally) broadcast the word uncensored before the watershed.
      • In fact, Who Do You Think You Are has always been a post-watershed show, though its content doesn't usually require it to be.
    • In TV recordings, Fry uses the trick of swearing to render a piece of footage unbroadcastable when he has said something he would rather not be used in a final edit: "Oh no, we can't use that now I've said 'cunt'". He does this partly for the benefit of the audience, who enjoy being treated to his delightful swearing.
    • Also effective in Moab Is My Washpot, his memoir, when he is lamenting his lack of musical talent. After talking about how beautiful music is and everything it does for the human spirit: "AND I CAN'T FUCKING DO IT."
      • Also from Moab Is My Washpot, Fry's meditation on boys who were good at sport at his boarding school:
        "Oh, there was always a Jamie, a good-lad-Jamie, a neat, nippy, darty, agile scrum-halfy little Jamie. Jamie could swarm up ropes like an Arthur Ransom hero, he could fly up window frames, leap vaulting horses, flip elegant underwater turns at the end of each lap of the pool, somersault backwards and forwards off the trapeze and spring back up with his neat little buttocks twinkling and winking with fitness and firmness and cute little Jamieness. Cunt."
  • Crossing over with Atomic F-Bomb, here’s this gamer’s reaction to scoring a successful trick shot in a Call of Duty multiplayer round:
  • John Cleese (of Monty Python / Fawlty Towers fame) once described this trope in an interview, by explaining that the art of making swear words funny is to avoid using them... until the exact moment in the script when it will be most effective. A comedy with gratuitous swearing ends up desensitising the audience to the words in question, meaning they lose a lot of their amusement. But if you go for fifty minutes without a single swear word, then suddenly have a character say "shit", the swear word becomes instantly more amusing because the audience has been conditioned not to expect it up to that point.
    • The eulogy that Cleese delivered for Graham Chapman is a wonderful example of this. The best quote: "Alright, Cleese, you're very proud of being the first person to ever say 'shit' on British television. If this service is really for me, just for starters, I want you to be the first person ever at a British memorial service to say 'fuck'!" The audience, which included the rest of the Pythons, was suitably delighted. The service ended with a rousing chorus of "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", which ended with co-Python Eric Idle being the second person to say "fuck" at a British memorial service. Video here.
    • Cleese also gave a very good example on Conan, talking about his mother's depression.
  • During the recording of Queen's "The Show Must Go On", Brian May was concerned that due to Freddie Mercury's condition and deteriorating health, he wouldn't be physically able to handle the highly demanding vocals required. At the time, Freddie couldn't even physically stand up by himself. Freddie's response was to down a measure of vodka and proclaim "I'll fucking do it, darling!". He nailed the vocals in one take, making it double as both a Moment of Awesome and Awesome Music.
  • Inversion: One reason drill instructors swear at their troops every sentence so that in combat the lack of swearing emphasises the urgency of their orders.
  • At the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony, Chris Rock made a tongue-in-cheek reference to Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia,note  joking "Jada, I love you. G.I. Jane 2, can't wait to see it!"note This prompted a laugh from the audience, including Will Smith, Jada's wife; however, Jada shot Will a disapproving look. Soon after, Will rose from his chair, walked up to the stage, slapped Rock, sat back down, and shouted "Keep my wife's name out your fucking mouth!" twice.
  • Billy Mays during an outtake of his Kaboom commercial: "You shittin' me?"
  • It has been found that (mild and frugal) swearing improves the perceived credibility of an argument.
  • Michael Jackson rarely cursed in public; but when a news photographer shoved one of his fans to the ground in an effort to get closer to the singer, Michael snapped at him, "No, no, don't you touch my fans! Fuck you!"
  • Peter Davison while promoting The Furze. Bonus points for wearing a Hard Rock Gallifrey T-shirt and the Fifth Doctor coat.
    "Now where the fuck did I leave my TARDIS?"
  • In a celebrity roast of Tom Hanks, the host spoke of how he'd watched Hanks' rising success as a comedy actor, then as a serious lead, and finally as the star of new classics like Saving Private Ryan. He was modest about his own jealousy over Hanks' initial successes, but when he spoke of seeing his performance in this last film, his only possible reaction was an envious "Motherfucker!"
  • Some self-defense training courses recommend the strategic use of this trope to present an aggressive front to a potential attacker, thereby making yourself seem less like an easy target.
    • Not just to an attacker, but to themselves. Self-defense teachers often say that the hardest thing to do is to convince women that it's OK to hit someone (most are afraid to, believing that it's not polite or ladylike.) By screaming an F-bomb at the attacker, they're saying to themselves, "Screw ladylike, I need to protect myself by any means necessary."
  • Milder than most, but still powerful: after the successful detonation of an atomic bomb at Trinity, site director Kenneth Bainbridge stated: "Now we are all sons of bitches."
  • Christopher Hitchens may be the world master of this art. Skip just before the end of this video to see an oft used example.
  • U2 frontman Bono caused a stir with one at the 2003 Golden Globes. His acceptance speech for Best Song began with "This is fucking brilliant!"
  • Italian comedian, Roberto Benigni (most famous for his Tear Jerker movie Life Is Beautiful) is known for his mix of classy comedy and somewhat politically incorrect gags. Still, this hammy Bunny-Ears Lawyer almost never swears. Lately, during his latest appearance in a stand-up comedy act, he broke his own rule in one of the last lines of his takethat-tastic song aimed at Silvio Berlusconi:
  • Richard Dawkins, when accused during a science vs. religion debate of being ineffective in getting his message out (specifically, not trying hard enough to be persuasive), decided to quote the unofficial philosophy of New Scientist magazine: "Science is interesting. And if you don't agree you can fuck off."
    • Theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss titled a lecture on the concept of Oblivion "We're All Fucked".
  • Cate Blanchett, after receiving an Academy Award for her part in Blue Jasmine. During a press conference afterwards, she was asked about the fact that she is the first Australian actor to win two Academy Awards. Her response:
    "And don't you fucking forget it."
  • During the pre-production of Gone Girl the production team spent months trying to find the perfect town that could stand-in for the books fictional town, and finally settled for Cape Girardeau, Missouri.note  When David Fincher mentioned this to the book's author, she casually said: "Oh yeah, that is perfect. I was actually thinking of Cape Girardeau when I wrote it." Fincher was dumb-founded for about a minute before stating: "You know, these things don't have to be a fucking secret."
  • Martin Freeman, at a press conference to introduce the cast of The Hobbit, when asked if it was "the role of a lifetime" tried to give an even-handed response: "I've always tried not to be overwhelmed by size. I don't think it's helpful and I don't think it's accurate... Just because something is big that means it's better, y'know? I've never thought that. There's no denying however I'm in The fucking Hobbit, playing the fucking hobbit." It's impossible to adequately describe the perfectly deadpan way he said this, but it's Martin Freeman, so it goes without saying really.
    • Freeman was a guest on The Graham Norton Show in January 2012. BBC 1 was midway through airing Season 2 of Sherlock. When Norton announced they had a clip from the next episode to show, but that "You don't say a lot in it... you don't say a lot..." Freeman's response was a casual "Fuck you, I won a BAFTA." He was the only person in the studio who didn't fall out of his chair laughing, and the phrase has become a Memetic Mutation.
  • Steven Erikson, author of The Malazan Book of the Fallen, used it perfectly in his response to Endgame by Derrick Jensen. He swears about three times, but each time it conveys exactly what could not be conveyed in any other words. He truly uses fuck as a 'sentence enhancer'.
  • "You're on private property. FUCK."
  • Melissa Leo during her Oscar acceptance speech: "When I watched Kate two years ago, it looked so fucking easy!" She later apologized, saying it wasn't the right venue for such an outburst.
  • Neil Gaiman himself pulled a rather excellent one off in regards to himself and the Onion getting snubbed for Pulitzer prizes. "We're all really pissed off about me not getting a Pulitzer, and if the Onion doesn't get one, it's war. I'm not fucking kidding."
  • The normally calm and collected Fox News anchor Shep Smithnote  during a webcast discussing the subject of torture:
    "We- are- America! I don't give a rat's ass if it helps! We are America! We do not FUCKING TORTURE!"
  • Emma Watson got her own when she called Hollywood "bitchy" when asked what she thought of a possible future Hollywood career. Later, when a Vanity Fair photo shoot she did in March 2017 sparked some minor controversy, she bluntly remarked, "I don't see what my tits have to do with feminism."
  • There's a great story about Ethel Merman, who, according to Stephen Sondheim, "had the vocabulary of a truck driver." She was working with Loretta Young, who insisted that Ethel use the Swear Jar. After becoming more and more frustrated with this, Ethel turned to her, placed a hundred-dollar bill in the jar, and said, "Loretta, here's a hundred dollars and go fuck yourself."
  • In This Very Wiki, tropers will often pothole any usage of the word "fuck" to this page, so long as it's not high-intensity or surrounded by other instances of profanity. This practice, especially the overuse thereof, has since been discouraged.
  • In the wake of the Costa Concordia crash, Italian coast guard captain Gregorio De Falco, angry at the ship captain Francesco Schettino for fleeing the ship before the passengers had been evacuated in defiance of duty and tradition, chewed him out over the radio. One of his exhortations, "Vada a bordo, cazzo!" ("Get back on board, you dick!") became a popular t-shirt. Now, "Cazzo" literally means "dick", but in this situation, it could be translated as, "Get back on board, for fuck's sake!"
  • Daniel Radcliffe once infamously commented "I used to be self-conscious about my height, but then I thought 'Fuck that, I'm Harry Potter!'"
  • At the end of the Digimon panel at Anime Expo 2017, a fan asked the panelists which is their favorite Digimon. The panelists all responded emphatically with comments to the effect of "of course we're going to say our characters/ their Digimon partners!" Joshua Seth said that his favorite Digimon was Agumon. Jeff Nimoy responded with "Fuck Agumon!" and flipped the bird for good measure. Nimoy was joking around, of course.
  • The first time any teenager swears.
    • Or the first time they have the courage to swear in front of their parents.
  • The only recorded non-human use of the trope comes courtesy of Koko the Gorilla, who knows sign language. After she experienced her first earthquake at the San Francisco Zoo, her keepers were worried about how she would react, since gorillas have no concept of earthquakes. Koko's response:
    Koko: Darn darn floor bad bite! Trouble trouble!
    • At another time, Koko confessed that her worst swear word was "toilet".
  • The final paragraph of British art critic Brian Sewell's review of a Damien Hirst exhibition. Doubles as Sophisticated as Hell:
    I take this as licence, for this occasion only, to declare this detestable exhibition fucking dreadful.
  • In 1968, a Japan Airlines pilot accidentally landed in the San Francisco Bay on approach to San Francisco International Airport. When the NTSB investigators questioned the pilot, Captain Kohei Asoh, he admitted his piloting error. "As you Americans say, I fucked up," he said. This has become known as the "Asoh defense."
  • Even the Pope isn't immune to this; during the Sunday blessing on March 2, 2014, a slip of the tongue caused Pope Francis to say "cazzo" instead of "caso". Weirdly, it managed to enhance his image as "the people's pope".
  • On September 21, 2014, Charlo Greene, a CBS anchor in Anchorage was doing a report on a local pro-marijuana group, the Alaska Cannabis Club, with the story leaning heavily in their favor. She then revealed herself as the owner of the ACC before dropping an F-bomb on live TV, in order to draw more attention to the story. Needless to say, attention was drawn.
    "[I] will be dedicating all of my energy towards fighting for freedom and fairness, which begins with legalizing marijuana here in Alaska. And as for this job...well, not that I have a choice, but...fuck it. I quit."
  • Believe it or not, this is actually a tactic sometimes used in church sermons, with the idea being that everyone will remember the time the pastor openly swore in church... and thus will remember what was being talked about with it and that if they're willing to do something like that it really underscores the importance of what's being said. A preacher named Tony Campolo gave the most famous example:
    "I have three things I'd like to say today. First, while you were sleeping last night, 45,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don't give a shit. What's worse is that you're more upset with the fact that I said shit than the fact that 45,000 kids died last night."
  • Predictably, however, this tactic can backfire. Just ask Jeremiah Wright, whose "Confusing God and Government" sermon, delivered to the congregation of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago in 2003, inadvertently caused some problems for Barack Obama during his 2008 Presidential campaign.
    "The government gives them the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing "God Bless America". No, no, no, not God Bless America. God damn America — that's in the Bible — for killing innocent people. God damn America, for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America, as long as she tries to act like she is God, and she is supreme."
  • President Reagan, after his assassination attempt, upon hearing the severity of Press Secretary James Brady's wounds (possibly erroneously that Brady had died), responded, "Damn!" That was after he continuously joked with his caretakers who were taking him to the hospital and at the hospital.
  • Walt Disney of all people actually said "damn" a few times which was heard in a recording from Walt's infamous speech to his animators and staff prior to the 1941 animators strike! This was heard on PBS's The American Experience: Walt Disney. Back in the '40s, this word was considered shocking to the public.
    "In the 20 years I've spent in this business I've weathered many storms. It's been far from easy sailing. It required a great deal of work, struggle, determination, competence, faith, and above all unselfishness. Some people think we have a class distinction in the place. They wonder why some people get better seats in the theatre than others. They wonder why some men get spaces in the parking lot and others don't. I have always felt, and always will feel that the men that contribute most to the organization should, out of respect alone, enjoy some privileges. My first recommendation to the lot of you is this; put your own house in order, you can't accomplish a damn thing by sitting around and waiting to be told everything. If you're not progressing as you should, instead of grumbling and growling, do something about it."
    • According to Alice Davis (Marc Davis' wife), when Walt Disney was making sure the Carousel of Progress was ready for its premiere at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair, she was doing the costume work while simultaneously running the rotating theater. However, while putting the pants on the animatronic "John/Father". Alice was on her hands and knees near the animatronic's lap, trying to reach behind it snap the pants closed behind it. However, she was unaware that the curtain had opened up at that exact moment. This resulted in Alice hearing Walt roaring in the audience, since it looked like she was performing a very adult act while John/Father exclaimed "Very hot for July!". Completely embarrassed, she ran off stage, but Walt later reassured her by telling her "That was the funniest damn thing I've seen in a while!". Alice Davis would occasionally tell this amusing story to a handful of the folks at Disney in the later years of her life.
  • In the midst of negotiations with Disney, Jim Henson, who by that point was worn down from overwork and now had to deal with the stress brought about by the unusual roughness of the negotiations, grumbled, "The Goddam deal!" To his colleagues, that had the magnitude of a Cluster F-Bomb coming from him.
  • When the British newspaper Private Eye ran a short article about failed businessman James Arkell, they received a letter from his lawyers demanding a retraction and threatening: "His attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of your reply." Private Eye responded thus:
    "We note that Mr. Arkell's attitude to damages will be governed by the nature of our reply and would therefore be grateful if you would inform us what his attitude to damages would be, were he to learn that the nature of our reply is as follows: fuck off."
  • Even a Magpie knows how to drop the F-bomb.
  • You can own a literal Flying Fuck as a remote-controlled helicopter. Who gives a Flying Fuck?
  • One of the pilots on Air France 447 reportedly exclaimed "Fuck, we're dead" shortly before the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • This psychology study. "On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit" indeed...
  • Even Mister Rogers, the patron saint of public television (a title he holds for very good reason), wasn't immune to this. Though it was bleeped in the broadcast of the blooper where it happenednote , he audibly said "shit" when a tent he was setting up collapsed during a take. As revealed in Won't You Be My Neighbor, he also once told François Clemmons that one thing he liked especially about Clemmons was that he was no kissass.
  • The Keepers is an intensely sad documentary about the murder of a nun who had apparently tried to alert authorities to a pedophile priest. An investigation by the nun's students discovered widespread child abuse in the Catholic Church's Baltimore archdiocese. It's got a few funny moments, however. One of the victims, usually fearful and withdrawn, was repeatedly told authorities needed corroboration from another victim of the priest in question; she later discovered there'd been a years-earlier complaint — the one that got the priest re-assigned to her school in the first place. With a bitter laugh, she yelps "Those fuckers!!!" The clip briefly went viral.
  • Even a Cluster F-Bomb can come across as a Precision F-Strike when spoken by the right person. By all accounts, Casey Kasem was not a profane kind of guy. But just try to get him to follow an up-tempo record with a dead dog dedication...note 
    Casey Kasem: See, when you come out of those up-tempo Goddamn numbers, man, it's impossible to make those transitions, and then you got to go into somebody dying! You know, they do this to me all the time! I don't know what the hell they do it for, but Goddammit, if we can't come out of a slow record, I don't understand it! Is Don on the phone? OK, I want a Goddamn concerted effort to come out of a record that isn't a fucking up-tempo record every time I do a Goddamn death dedication. Now make it—and I also want to know what happened to the pictures I was supposed to see this week! This is the God...last Goddamn time. I want somebody to use his fucking brain to not come out of a Goddamn record that is...that's up-tempo when I gotta talk about a FUCKING DOG DYING!!!
  • While Mark Hamill will avoid swearing, aware of his status as a kid's icon, he invoked this, as according to him on an appearance on the The Graham Norton Show, Harrison Ford's reaction to learning the infamous twist that Darth Vader was Luke's father was to turn to Hamill and say "Hey, kid, you didn't fuckin' tell me that."
  • Bill Nye summed up the problem of climate change with six simple words.
    Bill Nye: The planet is on fucking fire! [illustrates his point by torching a model globe]
  • Finally, please don't do this when writing things on TV Tropes in places that don't already relate directly to this trope. This trope is widely misused for the sake of individual tropers emphasising their own "aren't-I-clever" moments, an example of Conversation in the Main Page. The creation of Sinkholes is frowned upon. Don't fucking do it.
  • During one The Rolling Stones tour, Mick Jagger stumbled back into the hotel after a night of partying and called drummer Charlie Watts's room, asking "Where's my drummer?". The normally chill Watts showered, shaved, got dressed, and went to Mick's room, where he punched him in the face and said "Don't ever call me 'your drummer' again. You're my fucking singer!", and went back to bed.
  • Paul Bettany swears quite a bit in interviews (at least, the ones that allow it), which can come as a shock to viewers accustomed to him playing the Vision.
  • Among the glossary of slang terms used by doctors, paramedics and nurses are some really caustic and disparaging ones. Among them is PRATFO for Patient Reassured And Told to Fuck Off (usually describing a hypochondriac). Another one is AMYOYO for Alright Motherfucker, You’re On Your Own (for someone who has refused treatment or checked out against doctor’s orders).
  • Woman-Ochre, a painting by abstract expressionist Willem de Kooning, was stolen from The University of Arizona Museum of Art in 1985 (a broad-daylight heist no less!). Some 32 years after its loss, it was found in an antique shop after being sold from the postmortem estate of a couple of retired teachers. Curator (now Director) Olivia Miller went to ID the piece, and upon seeing the long-lost de Kooning in person she reportedly fell to her knees and declared "Holy shitballs!" in front of quite a mixed audience, including a county sheriff, several FBI agents, and the family of a lawyer holding the piece for security.
  • This classic video, in which a high-school student pulls off an expensive prank in class, by putting a fake keyboard and monitor in place of the real ones, and then destroying them later. The teacher's reaction?
    "Get the hell outta here. Get the hell outta here. Get the hell outta here! Get the FUCK outta here!"