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  • Lois Griffin in Family Guy, from an early episode: "This isn't art! This isn't even entertainment! This... BLOWS!!"
    • After Quagmire delivers a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brian, he finishes with "thanks for the fucking steak."
      • Brian gets in one of his own in a later episode after unknowingly sleeping with Quagmire's father (who had undergone a sex-change operation).
      Brian: (after getting beaten up by Quagmire) Hey!
      (Quagmire turns around as he walks away)
      Brian: I fucked your dad. (slams door)
    • The trope would apply to most of the swears in Family Guy since, despite this being an adult show, harsher swear words (like "shit" and "fuck") are still fairly rare, so when they do swear it tends to stand out a lot.
      Brian: Peter, I don't wanna say "I told you so", but....YEEAH! IN YOUR FUCKING FACE FUCKWAD!!
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    • Each entry in the Star Wars parody trilogy contains one Precision F-Strike.
  • In American Dad!, Steve's friend Snot tends to drop a few f-bombs here and there:
    Snot (leaving a voicemail for Steve): Steve, this is Snot Lowinstein; third time trying to talk to you. Listen, you're kind of fucking us with this whole tractor thing.
    • When Steve and his friend start arguing over their sleepover plan falling through, Snot interrupts Toshi starting on some proverb or another by angrily screaming at him to learn English (he can actually speak perfect English with no accent, he just chooses not to), prompting this response:
      Toshi: Eat. My. BALLS!
  • The Simpsons:
    • Lisa Simpson swears by far the least number of times of any character. She almost used strong language one time in "The Night of The Dolphin", when she is bit by a dolphin, causing her to yell, "Son of a bitch!" before getting cut off by Homer. although, she did say milder language in the show rarely, and semi-commonly in the Tracey Ullman shorts.
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    • Even better: Ralph Wiggum, normally the idiot who named his eponymous trope, cussing when talking about Moe Szyzlak in "Judge Me Tender".
    • In "Bart's Inner Child"
      Kent Brockman: Folks are finally accepting their feelings and really communicating with no holding back. And this reporter thinks it's about fucking time.
    • From, "Homer The Whopper". Not much of a swear, but it was still bleeped (which is particularly odd since Homer used the word in question twice without being censored in "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Guest Star" five seasons earlier).
      Lyle McCarthy: Something bad happens and you cope by cramming a donut in your mouth.
      Homer: Well you don't always have time to masturbate.
    • In "Girls Just Want to Have Sums", Lisa must dress like a boy (and is now addressed as 'Toilet') in order to attend the male side of Springfield Elementary (long story). The conversation she has with an unknowing Milhouse shocks her:
      Lisa/Toilet: (raspy voice) Did you know Lisa Simpson? I heard she was pretty cool.
      Milhouse: Lisa? Oh yeah, we totally had a thing, but I had to break it off.
      Lisa/Toilet: (normal voice) WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!
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    • How shocking was Homer's explosive (cut short) swear in "Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1"? His own children somehow knew what word he was about to use, and they looked scared when he quietly told them, "Kids, would you step outside for a second?"
    • The most precise of all Precision F-Strikes in The Simpsons comes from the episode "Hurricane Neddy", delivered by Ned Flanders of all people.
      Ned: Aw, hell, diddly-ding-dong— CRAP! CAN'T YOU MORONS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?!
    • In the "Treehouse of Horror IV" segment "The Devil and Homer Simpson", Homer searches his emergency donut stash, only to find it empty with a note reading "Dear Homer, I.O.U. one emergency donut. Signed, Homer". Upon discovering this, he exclaims "Bastard! He's always one step ahead!" The first word is often left out of TV broadcasts.
    • In The Simpsons Movie, Marge gets one with "Someone throw the goddamn bomb!" The TV version is just "the damn bomb".
    • In "The Joy of Sect", both Lisa and Marge angrily yell 'damn'!
  • South Park:
    • Butters doesn't swear often, and thus it has a far greater effect when he does. The rest of the characters swearing like crazy doesn't really matter: it's very much to do with the individual.
    • Comedy Central seems to agree that this is effective, as he was allowed to say "Ah, shit." at the end of "Imaginationland". As we all know from the episode "It Hits The Fan", the network has a history of only allowing them to use that word when the situation calls for it.
    • Another classic was his cheering "Fuck him up, Wendy!" when Wendy fights Cartman in Breast Cancer Show Ever.
    • A particularly brilliant one comes at the end of "Christian Rock Hard", when, after being screwed over by Cartman, Butters calmly walks over to him, farts in his face, gives him the finger and says "Fuck you, Eric." He then calmly walks away.
    • "It Hits The Fan" also spoofed this trope when the use of a single swear word was hyped on a TV show was hyped in the media. The actual sentence came at the end of the fake episode, "Oh, by the way, you got some shit on your face there."
    • Don't... FUCK... with... Wendy... Testaburger!!!!
    • This incident from The Movie stands out amongst the Cluster F Bombing: when Cartman learns he's grounded for one week longer than Stan and Kyle for watching the Terrence and Phillip movie against their parents' strict orders not to, he can only say, "That's fucking bullshit." This carries enough weight to shock Kyle's mom further.
    • In the episode "All About Mormons" Gary, the son of the Mormon family that moved into down, gives a somewhat powerful, thought provoking speech at the end of the episode, ending it with "suck my balls." This is pretty tame for South Park, but given that Gary was Mormon and the entire family used clean, frequently cutesy language throughout the episode it was a Precision F-Strike for the character in question.
    • And there was also that time Kenny was eaten by a giant bird that busted through the ceiling after the plot of the episode was already resolved.
  • Similar to the South Park example, most of the cast of Drawn Together swear like sailors. Princess Clara, on the other hand, uses profanity very sparingly, so when she drops an F-bomb, you notice it.
  • In Dexter's Laboratory, the gym teacher says "what is this crap?" in reaction to Dexter's excuse note.
    • At the end of "Rude Removal", Dexter goes "Oh, shit." after his mom said she's going to clean his & Dee-Dee's mouths with soap.
  • In Samurai Jack, a robot mutters "God dammit" when explaining how powerful the Mondo-Bot is.
    • Pops up again in season 5, when Scaramouche says that a particular fellow "looked like a talking penis". What's more, this season aired on Toonami, and there was no questionable language present at all that season until this very moment, and never again for the rest of the show.
  • Reboot: In the episode Painted Windows Hexadecimal's mask sneaks this in:
    Mask: Guardian. Guardian! You have removed the only thing that keeps her power in check! Without the mask, Hexadecimal will overload, and be destroyed! You fool, you silly fool! Damn you!
  • Metalocalypse: "That's my bread and butter you're fucking with." Run away. Now. Charles is pissed.
  • In The Boondocks, Martin Luther King Jr gets one with "nigga" (derived from the original word "nigger"). He went on to give a speech using the cluster N-bomb. In context, he used what he described was "the ugliest word in the English language" to call them out on how they were all acting. How this was not the future that he had in mind for black people. He felt how they were acting was completely shameful.
    • Tom Dubois too.
      Tom: MOTHER FUCK! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit Pricks! Shit! Shit! SHIIIIIIIIIT!
  • Looney Tunes:
    • In pre-Code cartoon "Bosko's Picture Show", in a moment that doubles as a potshot against soon-to-be-former boss Leon Schlesinger, Bosko points to Dirty Dalton, a stereotypical villain, and angrily shouts something that could be interpreted as "The dirty fuck!" (it sounds more like "The dirty fock!", and some animation historians point out the last word is actually supposed to be "fox", but probably wasn't edited properly).
    • There's a classic "blooper" clip of Porky Pig (presumably a studio gag reel or something like that) smacking his thumb with a hammer while pounding a nail, and muttering, "Son of bi-bi-bi, son of a bi-bi-bi, son of a bi-bi-bi-Gun!" He then turns to the camera and adds, "Ha-ha-ha, you thought I was gonna say s-son of a Bitch, didn't you?"
    • "The Rebel Without Claws" has Tweety modify his catchphrase to "I tawt I taw a damn Yankee tat!" The Cartoon Network version cuts the word "damn" out of the line with a scene splice and the version on the former WB network cuts the scene entirely.
  • Every time that Total Drama unleashes something bleeped in-show, it's always either really awesome or really hilarious (if you grew up with the Cartoon Network version, then you were probably unaware this happened in the show).
    • DJ and his "Oh, shit" when facing the first challenge.
    • Lindsay insulting Heather with a really long list of (bleeped) insults, complete with a (blurred) middle finger (this was shown uncut on Cartoon Network on its premiere, but was later redubbed for future airings) after finding out how much she's used her the entire season.
    • Gordon in the Total Drama Action Aftermaths, in a parody of Gordon Ramsey. This was, so far, the only bleep actually not removed in the Cartoon Network version, making it even more awesome.
    • Izzy and her Shout-Out to Christian Bale in the Celebrity Manhunt special while on a movie set.
    • Alejandro in the first episode of World Tour, when he finds out how useless his team is. Bonus points for putting on a good face until he gets to the confessional, as well as for the Gratuitous Spanish.
    • A World Tour bonus clip has a rare uncensored one, where Chef answers a fan's question on how he learned to fly the Jumbo Jet.
      Chef: Antsypants99, are you kidding me? Chris Mclean is so damn cheap, he told me to go and Google how to fly a plane.
    • The show also gets away with several uncensored Curse Cut Shorts.
  • From the Danger Mouse episode "The Wild Wild Goose Chase":
    Narrator: On and on they trod though the white sands in the noonday sun and the merciless hell of a waterless desert.
    DM: You know, Penfold....after trodding on and on through the white sands in the noonday sun and the merciless hell of a waterless desert, I don't quite feel so lucky anymore.
  • In Aqua Teen Hunger Force, from the end of an episode where Frylock buys a widescreen plasma TV.
    Meatwad: I thought you said television was bad.
    Frylock: It is. But we f—king need it.
  • The Venture Bros.: Dean Venture gets one in the last line of the fourth season. "You know what I think? Fuck you!"
  • King of the Hill manages this without any actual swearing in "Death and Taxes" - a convict dupes Peggy into smuggling him cocaine by playing to her ego (saying that he wrote the same fake letter about a schoolteacher who encouraged him when he was younger to a couple dozen teachers in the area - and Peggy was the only one blinded enough by hubris to fall for it), then forces her to continue supplying him with the threat of turning her in for what she's already brought to him... while also implying he may turn her in anyway whenever he feels like it. Hank realizes something's wrong around the halfway point of the episode when she, being as egotistical as she is and being a legitimately good housekeeper, forgets to add meat to a dinner dish that is 90% meat, and upon noticing, asks out loud, "How could I be so freaking stupid?!".
  • From the Futurama episode "The Silence of the Clamps", we have this gem aimed towards Robot Mafia goon Clamps:
    "My name isn't Slick. It's Zoidberg! John fucking Zoidberg!"
  • On Clone High, Mr. Butlertron has a few in Episode 5:
    Butlertron: That Scangrade is just such a motherf*cking showboat. He's been this way since Amherst.

    Butlertron: Before you kill me, I have one request: can you answer a multiple choice question?
    Scangrade: I'm Scangrade. I grade tests for a living. Ask me your question!
    Butlertron: Are you a) handsome, b) smart, c) scrap metal, or d) all of the above?
    Scangrade: That's easy. I'm a and b, but not c, so I can't be d. You can't fill in two ovals! (explodes)
    Butlertron: The answer was c. You f*ckwad.
  • The Christmas Episode of Robotboy infamously has this exchange:
    Constantine: I know you're the evil genius, but here's what I don't get: if you tell everybody your plan, won't somebody try and stop it?
    Kamikazi: Exactly. You see, ruining Christmas is merely a ruse to mask my real plan, a plan that will give me the greatest Christmas gift of all time.
    Constantine: A fur-lined toilet seat?
    Kamikazi: NO, JACKASS! Robotboy!
  • Gargoyles: In his very first scene, David Xanatos says "Pay a man enough, and he'll walk barefoot into hell." While this may have been heard in some of the earlier movies like 101 Dalmatians and Sleeping Beauty, it was unheard of to hear this in a Disney animated series. The first season DVD set even features interviews with fans who recall being amazed when they heard it.
  • Doug: From the Disney Christmas episode "Doug's Secret Christmas" comes this remark from who better than Doug Funnie. And you won't believe that this was used in context. Not exactly a swear, but surprising for its source material.
    Doug: Oh, so, with all that talk about fish and vampires and internal combustion engines, you really wanted to talk to me about sex?
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Bloo's voice actor confirmed on a fansite that when reading for Destination: Imagination he misread the word "peeved" in the part where World freaks out. Thus:
    Mr Herriman:' Good heavens! What's happening?!
    Bloo: You PISSED HIM OFF, that's what happening!!!
  • Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic of all ponies has one in "Putting Your Hoof Down", during her increasingly rage-filled tirade against Pinkie Pie and Rarity. While she doesn't use an actual curse word, but an obvious substitution for "fuck," the context in which she says it, and they way she says it provides just as much impact as if it had been an actual F-bomb. It also stands out as an example of OOC Is Serious Business, since Fluttershy is normally very quiet and sweet: the last pony anyone would expect to say anything that even resembled a swear.
    Rarity: Now, stop right there! Let's not let things descend into petty insults.
    Fluttershy: Why not? I thought "petty" was what you're all about, Rarity, with your petty concerns about fashion.
    Pinkie Pie: Hey, leave her alone; fashion is her passion!
    Fluttershy: Oh, and what are you passionate about? Birthday cake? Party hats? I can't believe that the two most frivolous ponies in Ponyville are trying to tell New Fluttershy how to live her life, when they are throwing their own lives away on pointless pursuits that nopony else gives a flying feather about!
    • Played with in a later episode, when we discover that the one thing that really makes Fluttershy lose her composure is dealing with her obnoxious brother Zephyr Breeze. She mentions in public that he makes her "peeved," and this word is apparently considered unspeakably profane in the world of the show. Parents cover their children's ears and glare at her in response.
  • The Japanese dub of Magic Adventures of Mumfie has Mumfie call Bristle an idiot in this manner.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door's animatic video for an as-of-yet unaired pilot involving the Galactic Kids Next Door, Numbuh 3 (of all numbuhs) drops one after a particularly bizarre revelation.
    Numbuh Three: Holy f*ck.
  • Being a Canadian production, a feature film and having the rating of PG Pirates Passage features words and phrases such as "Bastards", "Son of a bitch" and "Jesus Murphy."
  • Despite being a Netflix show that can use the word as often as they like, BoJack Horseman deliberately uses the word "fuck" exactly once per season, and in most cases, only for scenes in which the title character's self-destructive lifestyle has done irreparable damage to a relationship.
    • Season One
      Herb: [after BoJack sought forgiveness after not supporting/contacting Herb for 20 years after he was fired from "Horsin' Around"] ...And you abandoned me. And I will never forgive you for that. Now get the fuck out of my house!
    • Season Two
      Charlotte: [after finding BoJack on the bed with her 17-year-old daughter just moments after she rejected him] ...And if you ever try to contact me or my family again, I will fucking kill you.
    • Season Three
      Todd: [the end of a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech, tired of BoJack's excuses for making bad choices, including sleeping with his ex-girlfriend] ...fuck, man. What else is there to say?
      • Somewhat subverted in season 4. Todd, while not fully ready to be friends with BoJack, lets BoJack back into his life after he gets a sincere apology.
    • Season Four
      BoJack: [describing a show he's going to put on for his long-abusive, now senile mother] Then after the show, I'll come out and say "hello." And she'll say "BoJack? Is that you?" And when her eyes spark with recognition, I'm gonna sit down next to her, I'm gonna squeeze her hand, and get real close, and say... "Fuck you, Mom!"
      • His plan backfires and he is stuck with his mother for most of the season after she is kicked out of the nursing home for causing a disturbance. Ultimately, near the end of the season, he can't go through with it. Once she finally recognizes him and he is able to have a heart-to-heart with her, he chooses to tell her a comforting lie about how she is surrounded by her loved ones. Fitting since BoJack's arc during this season was about repairing relationships.
    • Season Five
      Gina: [after nearly getting strangled to death by BoJack because he's not right in the head due to his painkiller addiction] What the fuck is wrong with you?
    • Season 6's F-bomb is the only one that doesn't directly involve BoJack. As a Call-Back to Season 5's usage of the word: Gina's costar asks her "What the fuck is wrong with you?" when Gina has a PTSD-induced freakout on set.
    • The writing staff have played with this rule though. In season 3, "Love And/Or Marriage" ends with Diane being cut off while screaming "MOTHERF-!" upon learning that she's pregnant. The immediate next episode beings with her screaming "-UCKER!!"
  • Animated PSAs by Street Kids International have the occasional swear, despite being made primarily for kids.
  • Regular Show has Mordecai saying "You pissed me off." to Rigby, and later Rugby saying "But he's gonna be pissed!" after sending Skips to the moon. Re-runs replaced both instances with "ticked".
  • Kaeloo has Stumpy say the F word once he sees an enormous restaurant bill in Episode 64.
  • Ready Jet Go!: Back to Bortron 7 has a surprising use of "God!" courtesy of Zerk Propulsion at one point.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Discussed; series creator Noelle Stevenson was asked which of the characters would drop an F-bomb if given the opportunity. They said it would be Glimmer. Some fans worried that this was pandering to the show's adult Periphery Demographic, but Stevenson assured everyone that the show would remain family-friendly (and the show did end without any cursing).
    Noelle Stevenson: No worries, the show will always be safe for little ears! Just know that Glimmer is thinking it... in her heart.
  • Happens twice in Animaniacs (2020):
    • In "Pinko and the Brain", Brain says "Because I am going to put her through hell!"
    • In "Hindenberg Cola", Wakko tells Nils "We thought you were in hell!", as he was sent to Hell at the end of the episode "Gold Meddlers".
  • Blue's Clues, of all shows, had one. In "Blue's Big Musical":
    Mr. Salt: Sacré bleu! note 
  • Castlevania (2017): In a world where almost everyone swears like a sailor there are a few who save their profanities for special occasions.
    • Carmilla on witnessing Castlevania being dragged around the town of Braila, then disappearing altogether to the Belmont estate, wiping out most of her forces in the process:
      Carmilla: What the fuck just happened?
    • When Isaac is pushed too far by the guards in Genoa, he reflects for a moment why he was so happy to help Dracula wipe out humanity. The reason?
      Isaac: You're all so fucking rude.
  • In Kid Cosmic , Tuna Sandwich the cat says "Hot damn!". It's the only swear said in the show and he says it twice, first after being given Chuck's translator in Episode 7, then after Mo's Oasis is teleported into space in the finale moments of Episode 10.
  • At the end of episode 6 of Invincible, Debbie says "Fuck you Nolan" as she confronts him about murdering the Guardians Of The Globe at the end of the first episode.


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