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"Black people are great at stealing stereos
They've got Jewish lawyers in court
Muslims are the best at flying into stuff
(Not all Muslims, just most, and all it takes is most)
Africans like lynching homosexuals
Cubans turn dildoes into boats
Germans kidnap girls and make them prostitutes
Everyone's special in their own gay little way"
Rucka Rucka Ali, I Love Minorities [California Gurls]

Rucka Rucka Ali (born January 27, 1987), real name unknown, is a Detroit singer-songwriter & radio personality infamous for his hilariously offensive parodies of modern pop songs that score high on the charts. This infamy became especially apparent when his song Ching Chang Chong [parody of Boom Boom Pow] was taken down by YouTube because they thought it was a hate song. Rucka responded with two protest songs called Me No Rikey YouTube [ Down] and No More DJ Nice Guy [Break Your Heart], and it wasn't very long before YouTube deleted these two as well as other tracks from Rucka's discography.

Ever since then, Rucka has kept taking pop songs from the charts and parodying them in his favorite Refuge in Audacity style, while YouTube has continued to take these videos down and Rucka's fans (known as "Nuckas") have constantly been re-uploading the videos that YouTube have taken down.


Although his official site can easily be found here, he seems to have no single YouTube page ever since the video removal got to account suspension levels, which has also made searching the site for his name a much easier way to find any of his songs/videos.

Compare Jon Lajoie, arguably his Canadian equivalent and "Weird Al" Yankovic who pre-dates Ali and also makes parodies of pop-music.


  • Straight Outta West B (2008)
  • I'm Black, You're White & These Are Clearly Parodies (2010)
  • A Very Rucka Christmas (2010)
  • Probably Racist (2011)
  • A Very Rucka Christmas: The 2nd Cumming (2011)
  • Rucka's World (2012)
  • Black Man of Steal (2015)
  • Everything Is Racist (2016)


Rucka Rucka Ali provides examples of:

  • Adolf Hitlarious: "Hitler's Suicide Note" is, as indicated by the title, all about taking the piss out of Hitler.
  • Affectionate Parody: His obscure "Ring a Ding Dong" track is this to old school rap songs about life in the ghetto.
  • All Asians Know Martial Arts: Most songs featuring DJ Not Nice mention at least one Asian martial art, or some combination of multiple ("Tae Kung Fu").
  • Ambiguously Brown: Rucka claims to be "kind of brown" (when he's not proudly proclaiming that he's white), but that "[his] race is unknown".
  • Amusement Park of Doom: Kim Jong Un offhandedly claims to own a "theme park for torture" during his song before returning to his standard threats about bombing everything.
  • Animal Wrongs Group: "PETA" unsurprisingly.
  • Appropriated Appellation: In 2010, after a group of boys played "I'm a Korean" in their school, the principal was quoted on the BBC as saying the song was "probably racist". When it came time for Rucka to release his next album...
  • Asian Speekee Engrish: DJ Not Nice is a very clear example of this, replacing almost every "l" in the songs with an "r" and speaking with fractured grammar.
  • Auto-Tune: Shows up in almost all of his songs. Not because he can't sing, but to better reflect the crappy pop he parodies.
  • Badass Boast: "iWhack" is one long exaggerated over the top boast from America to the terrorists that did 9/11.
  • Basement-Dweller: "Mom's Basement Paradise" is a about a guy in his early fifties who is still living in his mother's basement, much to her annoyance and frustration.
    Tell me why does he
    still live with me?
    I am ninety-two
    and he's fifty-three!
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: One of his insults in "Eff Australia" is an implication that they all have sex with kangaroos.
    • Also used in "iWhack."
    "You got your AIDs from a gay donkey!"
  • Black Comedy: Just about any and every touchy and dark subject imaginable is poked fun at and mocked at some point. You got songs about murder, rape, racism, bigotry, torture, terrorism, pedophilia, domestic violence, drunk driving, sexism, drug abuse, poverty, stereotypes, greed, nazis, war, corruption, police brutality, child abuse, reckless endangerment, deadly diseases, dictators, suicide, nuclear war, religion, world leaders, taquitos, bronies, emos, furries, fatness, politics, internet culture, celebrities, gross bodily functions and playing video games all day.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: According to "Osama Bin Found", Al Qaeda literally gives its members discount cards. "I'm Osama" mentions that bin Laden attends a terrorist convention called Terrorcon.
  • Car Fu: "We Drive Druck" and "Aluwakbar" are probably the two best examples.
  • Chinese Launderer: Taken Up to Eleven in "I'm a Korean": apparently all of Asia is a dry cleaning store. Virtually every DJ Not Nice song references this one, too.
  • Ching Chong: Has an entire song dedicated to this.
  • Christmas Songs: Two whole album's worth.
  • Compensating for Something: In "My Name's Donnie Trump":
    Donald Trump: "When this world is mine, I'll build a wall in space and everyone will see that my penis is a pretty big cock"
    • Kim Jong Un in his song.
    • Minecraft Won't Add Inches To Your Cock (Mine It Up) uses this as its main joke.
    • Unsurprisingly, this shows up again in "I Have a little Cock" as well.
    I drive a really big car
    To compensate for other things
    I have a angry big dog
    He's really loud and really mean
  • Corrupt Politician: Rucka's two favorite political punching bags seem to be Obama and Trump, the two most recent presidents, but he's also taken a few shots at other prominent world leaders and politicians such as Bush and Hillary.
  • Creator Provincialism: Rucka makes a disproportionate number of Michigan and Detroit references. "I'm Obama" mentions that Obama receives "Bridge cards", referring specifically to the Michigan welfare system, even though Obama doesn't live in Michigan. Many of his songs mock Detroit itself for its infamous crime rates and weak economy, and Michigan for its large Arab/Muslim population.
  • Curse Cut Short: Though there's no shortage of completed curses, there's an example of this in "Go Cops":
    "Hey come back here! I'm just hungry, I won't search you for no crack rocks, n-"
  • Department of Redundancy Department: In "Hippies Always Smell":
    "Get yer ass fucked in the booty"
    • "I'm a Korean":
    "And the dyke giving me my food looks like a lesbian"
  • Dirty Cop: "Like a Cop" manages to invoke a pretty dark example of this trope with just its opening lines:
    I pull them over
    Turn off the cameras
    And I park
    They'll find out
    No one rapes like a cop
    No one rapes like a cop
  • Discriminate and Switch: Almost every line of I'm Racist (In No Way Whatsoever) is this
  • Disorganized Outline Speech: Rucka seems to forget exactly what he's trying to say halfway through this line from "I'm Obama":
    "Happy Reverend Doctor Martin Luther Jr. King Boulevard Street."
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Often used and exaggerated for comedic effect. Murica, for example has this line:
    "You knock down a couple of our buildings we'll take a couple of your countries."
  • Domestic Abuse: "Smack My Bitch."
  • Driven by Envy: Many of his anti-YouTube songs imply that this was the site's motivation for taking down his songs and suspending his account. From "Me No Rikey YouTube":
    "But then they was like 'Hold up, Rucka Ali!
    We didn't mean for people to like you more than me!'"
  • Drugs Are Bad: "Rebecca's Black (High Day)" is a less serious and more humorous take on this trope than most other examples.
  • Drunk Driver: Used in his "We Drive Drunk" song, the official video of which is almost nothing but high speed collisions often filmed in first person.
  • Eagle Land: "iWhack" which is type... well, guess.
  • Emo Teen: Rukka ruthlessly mocks these guys in "Emo (Like A Nazi)."
  • Ephebophile: The song "Only 17" [Just a Dream] is a story of Rucka making out with a hoe that looks legal and only to find out that she was only 17.
  • Everything Is Racist: The name of a catchy little tune about how literally everything is racist:
    Tres, dos, uno (huh?)
    Have you heard the truth?
    I'm trying to escape it
    Everything's bad, cause everything's racist
    Shirts, go fish, strawberry smoothies
    Everything you say is insanely racist
    Every singe day the racism's outrageous
    You know who needs sensitivity training?
    Every single name in the yellow pages
    Cats, dogs, felines, bitches
    Kool-Aid, Micheal Jackson, chicken
    Chicken, chicken, chicken
  • G.I.F.T.: Heroes and Trolls (a parody of All Star )
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Rucka Rucka Ali has satirized Donald Trump a few times before he even started his 2016 presidential campaign, notably in the song Osama Bin Found (released 2011) where Rucka Rucka Ali impersonates Trump and states "I don't need to win the White House, I'll just buy it". 5 years later, the humorous idea of Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States actually became true.
  • Hollywood Atlas & National Stereotypes: Hoo, boy...
    "I've got a missile now/I'm gonna blow you up, gonna blow you up!"
  • Jesus Was Way Cool: Let's Go Jesus (Blah Blah Blah)
  • Metaphorgotten: In We're All Asian (Just the Way You Are):
    "You know Confucius say, if the shoe fits,
    Steal it from Payless and give it to your kids... for Christmas!"
  • Jewish Complaining: Seymour Schwartz in many songs.
    • Bernie Sanders in Feel the Bern (When You Pee).
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: His videos are often deleted by Youtube, so his fans are largely responsible for hosting them on the platform.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: According to I'm Obama (Thrift Shop), Obama was simultaneously born in Pakistan, Chicago (that's a village in Africa), and Taiwan.
    • My Name's Obama also mentions his birth in Dubai and Haiti.
    • In I Know That You'll Miss Obama he says he was born in the Bahamas.
    • Rucka himself enjoys changing his backstory as it suits him, although "officially" he is from Detroit.
    "Am I black or from Iraq or Alaskan?
    I think my race is unknown, so stop askin'!"
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: Toby Queef's enemies, as depicted in "Hippies Always Smell" and alluded to in "iLost My Jobs".
  • Our Presidents Are Different: Rucka's depiction of Barack Obama is a clear fit for Presidents Action (he personally killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, Ohio) and Minority, and also has elements of Jerkass and Buffoon (he admits to various crimes, both before and during his presidency, and is basically a big showcase for racial stereotypes). Rucka's version of George W. Bush in "iWhack" can be classified as Buffoon, Lunatic, and possibly Evil with his plans for Disproportionate Retribution toward the Middle East.
    • As of Obama Been Watchin' [Blurred Lines], Rucka's version of Obama has characteristics of Scheming.
  • Overreacting Airport Security: Party In The TSA starts with airport security going after some normal middle eastern guys and just goes down hill from there. It also implies that airport security guards enjoy frisking people and confiscating their stuff.
  • Police Are Useless: The premise of Go, Cops [TiK ToK].
    • The police in We Drive Drunk pull over the protagonist, ask if he's got beer to spare, share a pint or two, then tell him to drive straight home.
  • Police Brutality: Shows up a lot whenever the police are mentioned. "Go Cops" and "Not My Fault (That We Black)" are both good examples.
  • Positive Discrimination: Jews and Faggots (Moves Like Jagger). It's still stereotypical towards everything, but it actually says that Jews and gays can help various alleged Crapsack Worlds. I Love Minorities also counts, where Rucka proclaims that "everyone's special in their own gay little way."
  • Prison Rape: Comes up as a joke a few times in "Only 17" as a punishment for sleeping with an underage girl.
  • Stealth Insult: At the end of "Al Quaedirection", Zayn says that he is now in paradise with Uncle Osama and 72 Directioners. He just used "Directioners" in place of the word "virgins".
  • Stock Footage: Rucka's music videos consists of stock images taken from the internet along with other stock footage from documentaries, movies and amateur videos.
  • Straw Feminist "Fat Violent Dykes"
    "There's some crazy lesbians!"
    "Full of AIDs and PMS!"
    "Bigger than hot air balloons!"
    "Trying to tell me what to do!"
  • Stylistic Suck: Most of the videos for his songs are slideshows of images that have to do with the lyrics. That's not even getting into the lyrics themselves...]
  • Take That!: Oh, so many. Examples include Fuck Kanye [Run This Town] (against Kanye West), Justin's Beaver, its sequel [Magic] and Justin's Beaver The Movie [S&M] (Justin Bieber), and Pligganease [Umbrella] (Chris Brown), Al Qaedirection [Die Young] and Zayn Did 9/11 [Come & Get It] (One Direction, specifically Zayn Malik) but the list keeps going...
    • Michael Jackson has Celebs Kill Yourself dedicated to himself, but is worth noting separately because Rucka routinely insults him in other songs, even if the insult usually amounts to a single line.
  • Teeny Weenie: "I Have a Little Cock" is a cheerfully upbeat song about having a comically undersized penis. It's actually quite catchy.
    I have a little cock
    a cock, a cock
    I have a little cock
    Have a little cock, little cock
    It's just a real small
    Micro wee, little cock
    a cock, a cock
    My itty bitty little cock
    Is just the right girth
    To pick a double bolted lock
    My itty bitty little cock
    Is just the right length
    To stick in a new baby sock
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: Rucka has done parodies of many well known pop songs like "Thrift Shop", "Boyfriend", and "Blurred Lines". However, arguably his most random choice for a song to do a parody of is "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".
  • Toilet Humor: "Crapping" is an upbeat sounding song about...well, it should be obvious from the title.
  • Token Black Friend: Rucka has mentioned that "he knows him a black guy", and that "[YouTube] just mad 'cause [he has] more black friends". "I Know a Black Guy" is all about this.
  • Unusual Euphemism: He will occasionally use "ninja" in the place of "nigga" on account of the fact that he's white. In some songs, mostly but not exclusively from DJ Not Nice, he intentionally uses this for puns about actual ninjas.
  • Women Drivers: Briefly used in "Fat Violent Dykes."
    "Why do bitches think they smart?"
    "They can't even drive a car!"
    "Ever seen one try to park?"


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