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"In a volcanic island nation where clichés and perverts roam unharnessed, one schoolgirl resolves to defy them! Look out, Japan! Hiroko Yoshida is here!"
— Opening narration

A long time ago, in Feudal Japan, there were travelers who could manipulate the four elements. They helped the government and common people with many things like construction work. They were seen very highly by Japan, but were kept a secret from everyone else. Then, the Portuguese arrived in the 1500s. The travelers expressed concern that their way of life would be disrupted, especially if the Europeans found out about them. Most of the country was then shut off from foreigners in 1633.


The supernatural travelers were safe until 1853, when Japan was forcibly opened to trade. In an emergency, Mitsuki Oyama, a resident of the town of Nakayama, created the Oyama Concealment Agency to hide the travelers from public view and continue their lives as normal people. Use of their powers was heavily punished at this time.

During World War II, the Oyama Concealment Agency was heavily made over. The name was shortened to Oyama. Its purpose was changed from one dedicated to concealing the supernaturals to using them for war. Officials abducted people known or suspected to be able to manipulate the elements and trained them to fight in war. However, by the time training was done, Japan surrendered in 1945.

These events lead to the beginning of The Story of Hiroko Yoshida (吉田ひろこの物語, Yoshida Hiroko no Monogatari), officially shortened to Hirokono, a 12-episode animated series by MikuruFan.


In the present day, Tasuku Kasahara is a young agent assigned to investigate strange events surrounding Nakayama. He travels to the town, but his organization will not provide formal shelter. He lives in a tent ad tries to gather intelligence. Hiroko Yoshida, a student at the local high school, finds him. Figuring that Tasuku was homeless, she takes him to a shelter. Tasuku is enrolled in her school.

Hiroko gets the idea to create a school club from a show she watched. She drags the hapless Tasuku along, as well as Keiko Fukunaka and Aya Tsumura whom she caught loitering in the hallway.

While Tasuku and Tsumura stay at a park, they are attacked by a water cannon from Takiji Miyake. Tsumura creates a fire and fights Miyake. The two fight as Tasuku watches in horror. Hiroko, who returned to get her bag, also looks on in horror. Miyake calls Tsumura a traitor and warns her that Oyama is growing and becoming more aggressive before leaving. Tsumura reveals that she used to be an agent for Oyama and she used to know Miyake. She explains that Oyama is a terrorist organization that wants to overthrow the Japanese government. Later, when Tasuku and Tsumura are alone, she explains further that Hiroko has dormant abilities even greater than those of all the members of Oyama and that they want to use her power.


The show often switches from this plot to anime jokes, parodies of several harem and shōnen anime clichés and other storytelling devices while making numerous Shout Outs, then back to the story numerous times.

These are examprus, sancue!

  • Gratuitous English: Parodied.
    • In one scene, a girl is seen holding a sign that says, "Sometimes I'm like to write in ENGLISH."
    • I'm okeh, sancue!
  • Gratuitous Japanese: All text is in Japanese if it's not a parody of Gratuitous English.
    • Parodied as well. Adrianna, an American exchange student, talks to the students in fangirl Japanese. She uses phrases like, "Sugoi kawaii kawaii Adrianna-chan baka ne?" Ironically, the most Japanese we hear in the show is not from any of the Japanese people, but Adrianna.
  • Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Takes the "The X of Y" format, where Y is of any length.
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Mecha!: Oyama admits that they own mecha just for the hell of it.


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