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Storm and Stress is a (hopefully) future TV-Series, created by troper XanderHarris. It revolves around the lives of a young man named Xander Storm and his friends (and those who will eventually become his friends), his mentor, his family and his everyday life.

It mixes supernatural drama with regular drama, elements of horror, science fiction, action and comedy. Unlike other tv-shows revolving around supernatural elements, it heavily focuses on the specific people involved and their personalities, displays their evolvements and psychological evolutions. It especially deals with dynamics of power, grief, fear, passion and urges. Some of the characters manage to install a healthy balance of having powers, some of them struggle with it. As Xander is the first to regain powers - telekinesis to be more precisely - a whole new world unravels before his eyes and his friends'. Each of them is eventually equipped with some sort of talent, superhuman strength or empathie, and together they decide to use their powers and save the world: referring to themselves as the X-Men.


As the series progresses, it transforms from a typical Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World into a considerably darker and edgier show that depicts Despair Event Horizon, betrayal, pain and - death.


Xander Storm

The protagonist of the series and The Hero. He is the first of the X-Men to achieve his powers and to decide to try and help saving the world. He has a fine distinction between good and evil and rarely makes a hasty or impulsive call. He knows the world is based on shades of grey, rather than black and white absolutism.

Matt Hart

The 'second protagonist' and The Lancer of the series. He is the second member to offically gain powers (superhuman strength) and is much more delighted by the fact of being able to save the world. He lost his mother one year prior to the first events of the series, but managed to maintain a sound emotional status (apparantly). Instead of shades of grey, for Matt there is nothing between good and evil, no shades or degrees. A deed is either good or evil, based on the circumstances it was committed. He and Xander are best friends and their moral dissonance rarely clashes - until they are confronted with those complex questions whether or not an action is evil and must be punished.

Elena Rose

The Chick of Storm And Stress, she is the typical cheerleading bitch of the high school. She and Xander always shared some sort of teasing relationship that seemed to arouse from aversion. But Xander has fallen for Elena some years ago, but doesn't want to reveal it to her or give it a shot. Someday he saves her from being humiliated which suddenly chandes Elena's view on Xander. They start actually being nice to each other and thus dating. She is, after a year with the X-Men, granted the power of limited precognition which - combined with two guns - makes her a flawless marks(wo-)man.

Amy Lloyd

The second chick - sort of - of the X-Men, she starts out as a friend of Xander's and Matt's and is actually socially well adepted. Only by coincidence she gets involved with the supernatural occurences that form the X-Men, but can't decide to leave it be and turn her back on it. She is given the power of force field creation, but during her time with the X-Men, she can never really figure out her place in the group or is particulary happy with it. After she and Matt entered a quirky relationship which didn't work well (at all), she decides to leave California.

Dawn Wright

Clive Foster

Claire Strife

Zach Creek


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