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Characters that appear in The Gamer - Restart. The page is still under construction.

Beware unmarked and self-fulfilling spoilers!

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Jee-Han and Allies

     Han Jee-Han 

Han Jee-Han

Class: The Gamer
Title: Wielder of Divine Ki
Level: LV 39 (As of Chapter 21)

The protagonist of the story and a natural ability user who was gifted with the unique power to live his life as if it were a video game, otherwise known as "The Gamer". While Jee-Han isn't too excited about his new involvement in the dangerous type of world the Abyss is, he's slowly gaining his strength and working together along with his allies to rise in the Abyss to ensure his own and his friend's survival.

  • Adaptive Ability: Easily the most distinguishable power of Jee-Han's ridiculously overpowered ability. Since he can gain skills from practically a limitless amount of actions, this aspect of his power allows Jee-Han to acquire as many skills as he can possibly grab, increasing his versatility to combat an unfair situation.
  • Anger Born of Worry: After Jee-Han had discovered that Sun-Il was brutally injured in chapter 5, instead of being scared or reluctant to get more involved with the Abyss, Jee-Han's first reaction to seeing his friend in such a state was that he was going find whoever did that to him and beat him senseless.
    Jee-Han:This feeling right now... it's making me feel like wanting to find the guy who did this to you and tear him to complete shreds... is that weird?
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: Clearly averted in this fanfiction as the author has made Jee-Han far more focused on the tasks that he is given in when compared to his manwha counterpart.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Both the Spiral Javelin and Blazing Spiral Javelin that Jee-Han develops during his fights against both the Troll Zombie and Legion Zombie. They are both incredibly powerful attacks that are capable of killing most low level bosses in one hit, but unfortunately they take almost all of his mana to activate and take too long to fire without a distraction.
    • It's actually these flaws that Jee-Han picks up on in Chapter 13 that makes him realize that, if he's going to be a more effective fighter, he's going to need less mana-costly attacks he can repeatedly use.
  • Bash Brothers: Certainly with Sun-Il as the two of them make a pretty good pair in battle, with Sun-Il being a close range fighter while Jee-Han fights from a distance.
  • Born Lucky: Zigzagged with his LUK stat. He was born with a rather low luck stat when compared to that of Sun-Il and Sae-Young, but due to the amazing power of his natural ability he can forcefully increase his luck whenever he pleases, effectively meaning he can turn himself into the luckiest man alive and exemplify this trope.
  • Beyond the Impossible: With Jee-Han's world altering gamer powers, this trope is a standard for Jee-Han on a normal basis as he can do things that break normal common sense to other people due to the nature of his ability.
    • This is evident in Chapter 18 when Jee-Han is able to heal Kwon Lu-Rai, one of the severely injured Yunhonmoon members who was hospitalized by Sung-Gong back into perfect condition with nothing but the Yunhon Soul Recovery ability. Naturally, this leaves all of the Yunhonmoon elders, including Shi-Yun, baffled, as they point out that the Yunhon Soul Recovery ability couldn't possibly have the strength to work such a miracle, at least when they're using it.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The Yunhon Soul Recovery skillbook that Jee-Han picks up in Chapter 5 can be considered this as Jee-Han rarely used the technique during the first arc. In the second arc however, the skill proves to be extremely useful as it has the capabilities of curing Sung-Ah of her deep curse just by using soul stones, the very things that Jee-Han had been collecting in the first arc.
  • Combat Medic: Learning the Yunhon Soul Recovery seems to place him in this trope as he can not only fight against strong boss monsters, but also as the group's main healer.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: During his battle with Haku in Chapter 20, Jee-Han is completely outclassed and his magic is rendered useless by Haku's special techniques that make him lightning fast and incredibly tanky. Before he loses all hope of winning the fight, Jee-Han comes up with the crazy idea to raise his Physical Endurance skill to the max, alongside Unarmed Combat Mastery, by letting Haku pummel him over and over and over again while using his clones to attack the being. In doing so, he becomes able to endure Haku's physical attacks to exhaust Haku's spiritual energy enough to the point where he could finish him off with magic. This tactic would be suicidal to anyone else, but since Jee-Han has a gaming body, all he needs to do is rest for half an hour and he's good to go once again.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: After gaining a skilbook on Earth Magic in Chapter 14, Jee-Han is now capable of producing and controlling the element of earth however he chooses.
    • Because of how Jee-Han's powers works, the book that he absorbed that contained several advanced earth magic spells were converted into a high amount of earth element affinity, which lets Jee-Han's control over earth reach the same level as masters who have practiced the same magic for years.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Despite the fact that Jee-Han is in possession of one of the rarest types of natural abilities said to exist within the Abyss and was the one who dealt the final blow to the Troll Zombie that even high ranking members of the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon (along with a restricted Sung-Gong) were having difficulty with, he's still mocked and treated by nearly everyone as a simple minded fool that is nowhere near ready to start thinking he's hot shit. Though it's mostly done for teasing, Sun-Il and the others are always quick to point out that Jee-Han still has a long way to earn their full respect, as he has to demonstrate he is capable of using his abilities correctly.
  • Dumbass No More: In part thanks to his increased wisdom, the slow witted and lacking in common sense Jee-Han that the readers are used to from the original manhwa quickly fades within the story, and is replaced with a much more intuitive and wiser Jee-Han.
  • Freak Out: Was prone to these near the beginning of the story at practically everything involving the Abyss, like that of his manwha counterpart. However, by the time he defeats the Troll Zombie in Chapter 11, he's become noticeably more confident and won't flip his shit at everything... though he's still mostly a coward.
  • Hard Work Hardly Works: Ultimately averted in regards to Jee-Han's growth. Yes, he can become extremely powerful in the future because of the aspects of his powers, but he has to work his ass off to train all of his skills and also gain combat experience in the Abyss. Sun-Il takes solace in the fact that this fact still holds true for his best friend.
  • Instant Expert: Zigzagged. While he can learn basic spells and techniques simply by absorbing knowledge from a book or even inventing them, he has to practice them to make them worth using in a fight.
  • Me's a Crowd: One of the skills he learns allows him to create clones, with half his stats, that obey his orders - and all the experience they acquire reverts to him.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Though Jee-Han can't really be blamed for what happened after he killed the Troll Zombie since he was compensated to do so, the aftermath of doing so started the entire second arc as Jackal, a Broker from the Abyss Auction, was watching and became aware of Jee-Han (and his powers), which led to him sending professional cleaners to come to Seoul and try and capture him.
  • Oh, Crap!: Being new to the Abyss and everything, it's natural for Jee-Han to shout this trope almost every instance where he comes across a different type of Illusion Barrier monster.
    • Unlike the somewhat comical instances mentioned above, Jee-Han utters this trope in both shock and despair in Chapter 18 when he tries to active both the Chunbu and Yunhon inner ki techniques at the same time, causing them to accidentally combine within his body. It wouldn't be so bad if the process didn't leave him in an agonizing state on the floor that he has to endure for about half an hour, nearly dying in the process.
  • Random Drop Booster: One of the greatest benefits of Jee-Han's LUK stat is revealed to be this and Jee-Han wastes no time in raising it and enhancing his luck to receive better drop items.
  • Super Mode: Jee-Han acquires this trope after he combines the Chunbu and Yunhon Spirit Techniques to create the Senbu Spirit Technique. It takes of the properties of both of the fused inner ki techniques and ramps them up as Jee-Han's physical abilities are boosted exponentially when he has it activated. Of course, with his lack of abundant spirit energy at the moment, he cannot sustain it for every long.
  • Superpower Lottery: Jee-Han is a natural ability user, someone who was gifted with a sort of supernatural power by chance. Natural ability users gain abilities based on what they love or are passionate about. Thus, Han's love for RPG's is why he has powers based around RPG mechanics.
    • In addition, while both people that have found out about Jee-Han's ability laughed at it, almost all fans realized how absurdly powerful Game Breaking Jee-Han's ability is. He is practically immune to any damage that doesn't kill him, recovers his full health extremely quickly, and can pretty much learn ANY ability he wants. He could also potentially raise one of his stats such as Strength to god-like levels incredibly quickly.
  • Unspoken Plan Guarantee: Readers were completely thrown out of the loop during Jee-Han's fight against the Goblin Marauder in Chapter 15 and had no idea if he even had a plan in the first place, unlike his fight against the Troll Zombie where he laid the plan out. Apparently, he did, and it was a damn good one as he's able to utterly outsmart the Marauder and deal with it in mere minutes, though this was after the part where he was running around and screaming for his life in the beginning.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Jee-Han and Sun-Il will snark at, banter with, tease, mock and insult each other. They also make a formidable team, and consistently show they have a strong bond. Sun-Il has proven to be Jee-Han's most prominent ally.


Shin Sun-Il

Class: Chunbumoon's Heir
Title: One Who Perseveres
Level: LV 37 (As of Chapter 21)
Jee-Han's whimsical best friend who also happens to be a martial arts prodigy and the chosen heir to the Chunbumoon clan, one of three main forces that govern the Seoul region of Korea. Sun-Il has been involved within the Abyss ever since he was young, and under the tutelage of his Grandfather along with his family has become a reliable and knowledgeable fighter that is Jee-Han's closest and most trusted ally/companion.
  • The Ace: An incredibly powerful human being that is heir to one of the most powerful martial arts clan in all of Seoul and has top grades in his class, not even mentioning his vast experience dealing with any matters related to the Abyss. He's also incredibly toned, rather good looking, and has a charismatic personality that makes him quite popular with the girls in his school. It's not hard to see why Jee-Han has shown traces of jealousy towards him.
  • Bash Brothers: Certainly with Jee-Han as the two of them make a pretty good pair in battle, with Sun-Il being a close range fighter while Jee-Han fights from a distance.
  • Berserk Button: Just like in canon, Sun-Il nearly chokes Jee-Han to death having thought that his up-until-then childhood-non-ability user friend had been replaced by someone from the Abyss. That also would have implied a potential threat to his clan, due to Jee-Han's relationship with him.
  • Born Winner: He was born into an incredibly rich and powerful martial arts family and hailed as a prodigy since he was just a kid, undergoing intense training/tutelage that has paid off in spades in terms of his ability and knowledge regarding the Abyss. Though he constantly complains about how lucky Jee-Han is to have be gifted with a natural ability, he's neglected to take in how lucky he himself is having been gifted with such a rare talent in martial arts.
  • Childhood Friend: Has been friends with Jee-Han since they were both kids, which explains why they are so close and why Sun-Il's grandfather is so tolerant with Jee-Han despite him not being a martial artist.
  • Driven by Envy: Averted in regards to his jealousy towards Jee-Han's natural ability. He admits in Chapter 4 that he's always wanted a natural ability and that it wasn't fair that Jee-Han (who was as lazy and unmotivated as they come) was blessed with one instead of him. However, Sun-Il doesn't let this cloud his thoughts at all and he still remains as one of Jee-Han's closest friends, giving him advice on how to get stronger.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Though it's hard to tell since it's not mentioned all of the time, the author had indeed expressed at several points that Sun-Il's eyes are usually closed.
  • Foreshadowing: When Jee-Han observed Sun-Il's status in Chapter 13, it revealed that the attribute (or element) that Sun-Il has the most affinity towards is Wind. Guess what kind of elemental attacks he's going to be using in the future?
  • Friendly Rival: Seems to have this relationship with Shi-Yun as the two of them are constantly seen trying to outdo one another, whether it be on the battlefield or even in school. It's not that much of a surprise given the fact that both their grandfathers were (and still are) the same way, since the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon have been rival clans for quite sometime.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Both he and Sae-Young have trained their bodies since they were young and as a result, their speed is nothing to sneeze at. Jee-Han is noticeably blown away at seeing Sun-Il's incredible speed for the first time against the Legion Zombie as Sun-Il proceeds to outmaneuver the poor beast who isn't anywhere near fast enough to keep up with him.
  • Slasher Smile: Produced a rather humorous one in Chapter 14 when Sun-Oh instructs Sun-Il to take Jee-Han into the training Illusion Barrier and put him through some hellish training as punishment for being so cheaty (he just instantaneously learnt a martial arts style that a family of seasoned veterans are still learning). Sun-Il is more than obliged to do so.
  • Super Senses: Being trained as a martial artist since a very young age and a member of one of the most powerful clan's in Seoul, Sun-Il has gained superhuman reflexes and alertness.
  • The Worf Effect: Sun-Il (or his sworn brothers) never had much of a chance against Sung-Gong in Chapter 4 after the latter decided to play with the Chunbumoon trio as punishment for trying to get in the way of his soul collecting.

Poong Sae-Young

Class: Chunbumoon's Champion
Title: Charismatic Brawler
Level: LV 42 (As of Chapter 21)
A member of the Poong Family (a branch family of the Chunbumoon clan) who also happens to be Shin Sun-Il's older cousin and a close friend of Jee-Han. She is an Olympic medalist for woman's Taekwondoo and easily one of the most powerful members of the Chunbumoon, her abilities surpassing that of even Sun-Il. Like Sun-Il, she is rather laid back and cheerful, choosing to flirt and tease Jee-Han who is quite uncomfortable with it as a result of Sae-Young being rather attractive.
  • Berserk Button: Mentioning the incident involving her crush on a boy when she was younger is something that should be avoided at all costs, as Jee-Han found out the hard way in Chapter 5.
  • Blood Knight: Has quite the thirst for a good challenge if her reactions towards fighting the Troll Zombie are to be counted. It makes sense since she's a martial artist and as one, she enjoys fighting against adversaries to test her own strength. Reminds of you a certain alien race from a certain manga, doesn't it?
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Regulary abuses the stuffing out of poor Jee-Han by playfully punching his arm (mind you, her punches really hurt) and also holding him in killer head locks. Jee-Han would find it much more unbearable if his Physical Endurance skill didn't continue to level up.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While she can definitely come across as unlikable to some for her constant bullying of Jee-Han, she does truly care about his well being as seen by her aggressive reaction when she suspected that someone might be impersonating him. Just like Sun-Il, even if Jee-Han isn't a martial artist like them, they've always got his back.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Both she along with Sun-Il have trained their bodies since they were young and as a result, their speed is nothing to sneeze at. Sae-Young is noticeably stronger than both Sun-Il and Shi-Yun and so her agility (AGI/DEX) is also much greater, meaning that her speed is the most fearsome among all of Jee-Han's friends.
  • Making a Splash: By utilizing her inner ki and "liquidizing" it (basically the opposite of what the Yunhonmoon do when the set their ki ablaze), Sae-Young can form a sharp blade composed of artificial water.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She knows she's hot and takes advantage of that fact by stretching body while wearing hot pants and tank tops that the author has described several times. Jee-Han even checked out her ass in Chapter 11 and developed a skill for it.
  • Super Senses: Being trained as a martial artist since a very young age and a member of one of the most powerful clans in Seoul, Sae-Young has gained superhuman reflexes and alertness.
  • The Tease: And her main target is usually Jee-Han who she will put into head locks while knowing full well that he's also feeling he soft ch]est at the same time. Whether or not she's doing it for fun or because she has hidden feelings for him is uncertain.
  • Tsundere: It's hard to spot but there are a few instances where Sae-Young shows a much gentler and cuter side towards Jee-Han, like the time where she accepted his proposal of being the tank for the group, a position she has expressed distaste for, when Jee-Han pleaded for her to do it. Hell, she mentioned that she thought he was cute whenever he was talking about video games way back in Chapter 5.

Shin Sun-Oh

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
Sun-Il's grandfather and head of both the Chunbumoon and the clan's main family, the Shin Family. Sun-Oh is rumored to be actually centuries year old despite his appearance and has known about the Abyss for quite some time. He also has close ties to Jee-Han and gifts the boy several of the clan's skill books to prepare him for his journey into the Abyss, treating Jee-Han as if he were his grandson (despite the fact that the two nearly argue and bicker with one another constantly).
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As the leader of a powerful martial arts clan, he not only has the authority to whoop your ass, but can do so very easily if he desires.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He's always got something to say in response to Jee-Han's obsession with video games.
    Sun-Oh: Wow, you two were right. He really is a game idiot
  • Old Master: Fits the trope to an absolute T, as he's not only hundreds of years old, but also one of the most powerful ability users shown in the story.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Clearly seems to be the case with Shi-Sen, the leader of the Yunhonmoon who has been Sun-Oh's rival for decades. The first thing the two do after meeting each other in an investigation is bicker and argue over their respective appearances that have nothing to do with the current situation. Despite this, you can tell their relatively close since their mood's seemed to be more positive when in each other's company.


Kwon Shi-Yun

Class: Yunhonmoon Prodigy
Title: Spirited Inferno
Level: LV 39 (As of Chapter 21)
A new transfer student that appeared in Jee-Han's school as a member of the Yunhonmoon clan who are direct rivals of the Chunbumoon clan. She (like Sun-Il) is a martial arts prodigy that is also the granddaughter of both the head of the Yunhonmoon, Shi-Sen and his wife, Shi-Yan. She holds a fierce grudge against Sung-Gong due to him heavily injuring several of her clan members and has been investigating his motives for creating Illusion Barriers, which led to her meeting with Jee-Han. Shi-Yun has a very strict and serious personality and doesn't favor weaklings, which initially caused her to disregard Jee-Han but quickly changed her opinion of him after learning he was a natural ability user who has shown to have incredibly high potential.
  • Action Girl: She's one of the more badass female fighters that take prominence in the story, along with Sae-Young and Shi-Yan.
  • Boobs of Steel: One of the more powerful female characters in the story (even being stronger than Sun-Il) and also has a rather sizable rack.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Claimed she remembered who Jee-Han was in Chapter 2 and that she wouldn't forget his face... but completely does following meeting him again in Chapter 7.
  • Cast From Hit Points: Being a practitioner of the "Soul Blaze Fist", Shi-Yun's entire fighting style revolves around converting her life energy into spirit flames to boost her own attack. It's a very powerful move that can dish out a lot of damage, but puts an incredible strain on her own body, meaning that she'll quickly find herself exhausted after several uses.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: A rather strange girl who seems to have her own weird sense of morals that apply to only herself, such as firmly believing that Sun-Il and Jee-Han are involved with Sung-Gong without any concrete evidence. Sun-Il even mocks her for this in Chapter 10. This isn't even mentioning the time where she claimed to have remembered Jee-Han's face and name, yet the next time they meet, she has absolutely no idea who he is.
  • Curtains Match the Windows: She's got red hair and red eyes, just like most members of her clan.
  • Does Not Understand Sarcasm: Clearly, she wasn't taught or seemed to learn how to pick up on when someone is playing with her, if her reaction to Sun-Il's comments are anything to go off of.
    Sun-Il: So you're basically suspecting us on the grounds of your own intuition? Is that right?
    Shi-Yun bluntly nods her head.
    Sun-Il: (Amused) ...You're quite the detective.
    Shi-Yun: I don't consider myself as such but I thank you for the kind words.
    Sun-Il and Jee-Han: ...
  • Fiery Redhead: Downplayed. She's a red head but she's rather calm and composed for a girl her age. Though, whenever someone brings up Sung-Gong, she'll shed her calm exterior and won't bother hiding her anger and disgust.
  • Friendly Rival: Seems to have this relationship with Sun-Il as the two of them are constantly seen trying to outdo one another, whether it be on the battlefield or even in school. It's not that much of a surprise given the fact that both their grandfathers were (and still are) the same way as the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon have been rival clans for quite sometime.
  • It's All My Fault: Blames herself for Kwon Sun-Lai's Heroic Sacrifice, claiming that she was too slow and weak when Paradise ambushed her and Sun-Lai.
  • Lightning Bruiser: As a trained martial artist belonging to one of the strongest clans in Seoul, Shi-Yun's speed and agility is nothing to sneeze at. She's easily capable of moving at the same speed as even those in the Chunbumoon such as Sun-Il and Sae-Young.
  • Luminescent Blush: Sports a rather adorable one in Chapter 18 when Jee-Han compliments her beauty whilst asking her to accompany himself and Sun-Il to go training sometime.
  • New Transfer Student: Just like in the original manhwa, she transfers into Jee-Han's and Sun-Il's class in Chapter 6.
  • Not So Stoic: Her reaction towards Jee-Han's party system in Chapter 11 indicates that even as serious as she is, Jee-Han's odd powers are enough to get a reaction out of her.
  • Playing with Fire: Her "Soul Blaze Fist" is a technique that allows her (or anyone that practices the Yunhon Martial Arts) to control spirit flames and enhance her close combat damage. It should be noted however that unlike fire magic, Shi-Yun cannot expend her flames outside her body and can only target parts of her body to be engulfed in spiritual flames.
  • Ship Tease: It's implied she may be attracted to Jee-Han.
  • Super Senses: Being trained as a martial artist since a very young age and a member of one of the most powerful clan's in Seoul, Shi-Yun has gained superhuman reflexes and alertness.

Kwon Shi-Sen

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
Shi-Yun's grandfather, Shi-Yan's husband, and head of the Yunhonmoon who also leads the main family of the clan, the Kwon Family. He has a rivalry with Sun-Oh, the Chunbumoon leader and the two have known each other for a very long time. He has a very intimidating presence and can be seen as scary but is also a competent leader and trusts his granddaughter.
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head: Surprisingly, he does a rather adorable one to Shi-Yun in Chapter 15 when he flicks her forehead. Based on Shi-Yun's flustered and surprised reaction, he doesn't do it very often.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: As the leader of a powerful martial arts clan, he not only has the authority to whoop your ass, but can do so very easily if he desires.
  • Old Master: Has known Sun-Oh for decades, meaning he must be pushing past his eighties or nineties and is recognized as a powerful veteran of the Abyss.
  • Older Than They Look: Based on the description of Shi-Sen, he supposedly looks as if he's in his late twenties to early thirties but truthfully, he's existed for several more decades than that but hasn't aged due to some reason. Sun-Oh is always quick to point this out.
  • Playing with Fire: Being the leader of the Yunhonmoon who practice the "Soul Blaze Fist", it can be assumed that Shi-Sen is a master of using spiritual flames along with being a martial arts master.
  • Red Baron: One of the more badass characters to appear in the story and is referred to as the Dawn Tiger. Gives ya shivers, doesn't it?
  • Scars Are Forever: Is mentioned to have a long scar running across his left eye that makes him look quite intimidating, if Jee-Han's side comments are anything to go by.
  • Shipper on Deck: Suggests Shi-Yun to get closer to Jee-Han, supposedly because he wants Jee-Han to join their clan, but there's hints he has caught on his grand-daughter's potential feelings.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Clearly seems to be the case with Sun-Oh, the leader of the Chunbumoon who has been Shi-Sen's rival for decades. The first thing the two do after meeting each other in an investigation is bicker and argue over their respective appearances that have nothing to do with the current situation. Despite this, you can tell they are relatively close since their moods seemed to be more positive when in each other's company.

Kwon Shi-Yan

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
Shi-Yun's grandmother, Shi-Sen's husband, and one of the elders of the Yunhonmoon along with Shi-Mai and Sun-Lai. She is rather laid back and takes an interest in Jee-Han after finding out he is a natural ability user.
  • Cool Old Lady: Despite being nearly hundreds of years old, Shi-Yan still pretends that she's in the prime of her youth and acts more like a cool big sister towards the younger generation. If Shi-Yun's comments in Chapter 11 are any indication, no one has the balls to say otherwise.
  • Never Mess with Granny: She's Shi-Yun's grandmother but you'd never know that based solely on her youthful appearance. Don't let her appearance fool you though, she's more than strong enough to handle most ability users their butts on a silver platter as the second command of the Yunhonmoon.
  • Older Than They Look: Look to be a young woman in her early twenties but is actually closer to a hundred, the reason for her (along with her husband's) youthful appearance still not revealed. Jee-Han even mistakenly took her for Shi-Yun's mother or sister when he first saw her in Chapter 11.
  • Playing with Fire: Being the an elder of the Yunhonmoon who practice the "Soul Blaze Fist", it can be assumed that Shi-Yan is a master of using spiritual flames along with being a martial arts master.
  • The Tease: Is always willing to be playful and tease other people even during the middle of a crisis, like when the Troll Zombie was fighting against her granddaughter and her friends. She also offers to teach Shi-Yun how to seduce boys.

Kwon Shi-Mai

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
One of the elders of the Yunhonmoon along with Shi-Yan and Sun-Lai and a distant relative of Shi-Sen. Has a cool and composed personality and raised Shi-Yun in her parent's absence.
  • Old Master: Holds the position of Elder within the Yunhonmoon Clan, so he must be pretty old and can be considered quite capable if he's giving out orders to powerful ability users.
  • Playing with Fire: Being the an elder of the Yunhonmoon who practice the "Soul Blaze Fist", it can be assumed that Shi-Mai is a master of using spiritual flames along with being a martial arts master.

Kwon Sun-Lai

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
One of the elders of the Yunhonmoon along with Shi-Yan and Shi-Mai. Has an incredibly strict and arrogant personality but is secretly acting as such to put on the perfect appearance of a superior in front of Shi-Yun.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Fits the description as he's not only rather old but also never in a good man and is always ready to scold Shi-Yun or anyone else whenever he believes they're screwing up.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Performs a rather heart wrenching sacrifice in Chapter 21 in an attempt to allow Shi-Yun to time to escape from Paradise after they ambush the two of them.
  • Old Master: Holds the position of Elder within the Yunhonmoon Clan, so he must be pretty old and can be considered quite capable if he's giving out orders to powerful ability users.
  • Playing with Fire: Being the an elder of the Yunhonmoon who practice the "Soul Blaze Fist", it can be assumed that Sun-Lai is a master of using spiritual flames along with being a martial arts master.

     Hwan Family 

Hwan Sung-Gong

Class: Black Summoner
Title: ???
Level: 38 (Restricted)
An extremely powerful and shady ability user who is also the father of Sung-Ah. Dubbed as The Black Summoner for his use of both darkness and summoning magic, Sung-Gong is a quiet but determined veteran of the Abyss who has shown up in the Seoul region and caused a conflict between both the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon for collecting soul stones without their permission. While his origins and back story is currently unknown, it has been revealed that the reason he is collecting soul stones is to heal his daughter who was cursed since birth. While he was rather tame towards Jee-Han during their few encounters, Sung-Gong has become one of Jee-Han's loose allies after assisting him in defeating the Troll Zombie.
  • Absurdly Youthful Father: The dude doesn't look a day over thirty and yet he's got a daughter in her sophomore year at high school. It can be assumed, however, that Sung-Gong is much older than what is shown, since Shi-Sen and Shi-Yan, members of the Yunhonmoon and grandparents of Shi-Yun, both look in the prime of their youths.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Loses his left hand during his battle against the Troll Zombie in Chapter 10 but somehow fixes it off screen.
  • Anti-Villain: Probably the best way to describe his character as he was originally seen as a villain by Jee-Han for nearly killing Sun-Il and a bunch of other ability users for seemingly no reason, until it's revealed that he only hurt them because they were trying to get in his way of collecting soul stones, which he is gathering to cure his cursed daughter.
    • After Sung-Ah is completely cured in Chapter 14, Sung-Gong's image of a "villain" is completely shattered and he becomes a reliable ally for Jee-Han and his friends.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: With Sinister Shades to boot.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Like Shi-Yun, Sung-Gong completely forgets who Jee-Han is when he meets him a second time in Chapter 6.
  • Power Limiter: The ring on his left finger acts as this to suppress his mana while he collects soul stones to cure his sick daughter with. Unfortunately, the ring is broken during his fight against the Troll Zombie as the beast caused the Illusion Barrier to be broken and all of the souls that Sung-Gong spent time trying to collect disappeared. However, the good news now is that Sung-Gong can fight at 100 % of his full power without any restrictions.
  • Put on a Bus: Seems to be the case for now after the Troll Zombie arc as right after Jee-Han heals Sung-Ah of her curse, Sung-Gong departs from Seoul on some sort of business trip and leaves his daughter in the care of Jee-Han and the Chunbumoon. It turns out he is searching for who created the faulty Illusion Barrier that the Troll Zombie nearly escaped.
  • Summon Magic: One of his specialties, as he got the nickname The Black Summoner not just from wearing a black suit or using darkness magic.

Hwan Sung-Ah

Class: Wrath Demon's Invader
Title: Escapee of Death
Level: 12 (As of Chapter)
The daughter of Hwan Sung-Gong and one of the protagonists of the story. She is a victim of a dreaded demonic curse that has been slowly draining her life force and further weakening her already frail body. Sung-Ah is a sweet but self conscious young girl who has been bed ridden ever since she was born as feels guilty for putting such a burden on her father. It is unknown on how Sung-Ah was cursed but her father has been trying to cure her for years, searching every inch of the Abyss for a solution. She met Jee-Han when Sung-Gong brought him along with Sun-Il to her hospital room and is hoping that her classmate has the solution to her curse.
  • Badass Normal: Unlike Jee-Han, who is a natural ability user, and Sun-Il and Shi-Yun, who are trained martial artists, Sung-Ah has no powers to speak of (as of yet) and despite her abnormal stat build towards being a magic caster, cannot actually perform magic of any kind. Yet, in spite of all this, Sung-Ah has shown to be able to contribute in her own way as seen in Chapter 17 where she ends up being pivotal in the Shadow Wolf's defeat after she used one of the light projectors in the gym to blind the wolf long enough for Jee-Han to defeat.
  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Sung-Ah may not be as outspoken or vocal as her classmates but don't let this fool you into believing that she isn't capable of being assertive, as both Yuri and Shi-Yun found out in Chapter 16. In the former's case, she was blabbering to Jee-Han to save her and Sung-Ah proceeded to knock her unconscious with a frying pan. Sung-Ah's following statement just sells the scene.
    Sung-Ah: I'm sorry, but you were being too noisy.
  • Brutal Honesty: Clearly seems to have no issues with telling others the truth and calling them out if their treatment of her (or those who she is close with) is unjustified. It actually throws Shi-Yun for a complete loop at how different she is from her father, who is more prone to mystery and leaving people with vague ideas on what the true meaning behind his words are.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Surprisingly, she's begun to show shades of this as she's become more involved with Jee-Han and the gang, especially highlighted in Chapter 16. Apparently, she gets this from her dad.
  • Dude Magnet: Pretty much every guy in her class notes how attractive she is.
  • Glass Cannon: Sung-Ah's stat page seems to point towards this. She has abysmal stats in vitality and strength, pointing to a very frail body, but has even more Int(elligence) than Jee-Han, along with very high Wis(dom) and good Luck, all indicative of a heavy-hitting mage. Justified, since she's been cursed since birth with an ailment that drains her life force.
  • Identical Stranger: Based on Aaron's drifting comments in Chapter 17, Sung-Ah bares quite a resemblance to his unknown sister.
  • Ill Girl: She's been cursed since the moment she was born by a powerful and ominous curse that has been draining the poor girl's life force since she was born. Her sickness is actually one of the main reasons why Sung-Gong became the way he is right now, just for her sake.
  • I Owe You My Life: Towards Jee-Han for curing her of the Wrath Demon's Invasion curse that she has been burdened with since the moment she was born.
  • New Transfer Student: Following Shi-Yun's lead, she transfers into Jee-Han's and Sun-Il's class in Chapter 16.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: It's downplayed a bit but she appears to have a fondness for things that most people consider terrifying, such as her finding the two meter growling wolf moments away from shredding her in half kind of cute.
  • Not Afraid to Die: After being terminally ill for her entire life, Sung-Ah's apparent fear of death is rather nonexistent based on her actions through Chapter 16 and Chapter 17 as she's more than willing to jump into danger with Jee-Han against a dangerous monster with little regard to her own life.
  • Tears of Joy: When she was finally cursed of her sickness in Chapter 14 thanks to Jee-Han's powers.
  • When She Smiles: Jee-Han notes that Sung-Ah's rare smiles are actually quite adorable and attractive and he finds himself flustered when she does so on notable occassions.



     Abyss Members 


Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
A mysterious ability user that also acts as a Broker, otherwise known as an Informant, for the Abyss Auction. Jackal is a very strange being, as their gender is currently unknown and they seem to take pleasure in the suffering and despair of others. They also work under Krash, the leader of the Paradise Cleaner group and gave them information regarding Han Jee-Han, who Jackal has taken a keen interest in as a potential gold mine in the black market.
  • Ambiguous Gender: The author constantly refers to them as "them" and mention in the story that no one can tell what Jackal's gender truly is. There are hints however that point towards Jackal being a male based on his conversation with Krash in Chapter 12.
  • Ax-Crazy: Clearly has a screw loose and had ideas of slaughtering an entire city of innocent people just for them minding their own business.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Don't be fooled by their goofy appearance and eccentric personality, they are one of the most dangerous people in the Abyss. Krash, their supposed superior, is always on guard around them.
  • Cool Mask: Their face is covered by a white clown mask making it impossible to tell whether he is a man or a woman.
  • Humans Are Insects: If their comments in Chapter 12 are anything to go off of, they care absolutely nothing for human beings and would rather most of them be killed. This indicates that they believe that they have transcended the existence of mortals and are akin to a god: whether they are right is yet to be seen.
  • The Jester: If you were to meet them for the first time, a Jester would be the perfect word to describe them.
  • Lack of Empathy: They know exactly why Sung-Gong has been collecting Soul Stones and doesn't give a shit. In fact, they become excited imagining the despair and agony of Sung-Gong's face when all of the work he did for his daughter would be rendered useless.
  • The Reveal: To no one's surprise, Chapter 18 reveals that Jackal was indeed the one who gave Abel the dysfunctional Zombie Illusion Barrier and ordered him to make sure that Sung-Gong, who was looking to purchase an Illusion Barrier of that kind to cure Sun-Ah, bought it.
  • Villain Takes an Interest: Jackal takes a rather... uncomfortable interest in Jee-Han (or more specifically, his powers) in Chapter 12 when the latter finished off the Troll Zombie.

A professional cleaner group that works for the Abyss Auction who act as the main antagonists of the second arc. They are composed of highly experienced ability users who mainly act as mercenaries that accept requests to capture humans who have just recently awakened promising abilities. It seems that they have a rather close relationship with Jackal and have accepted numerous requests on his behalf as he is a well known Broker.

All Paradise members provide examples for these tropes:

  • Badass Crew: Any group affiliated with the Abyss obviously counts as this but Paradise seems to be especially made up of powerful individuals, if Krash still ordered the capture of Jee-Han despite knowing that he has ties with the Chunbumoon and Yunhonmoon.
  • Dysfunctional Family: Definitely give off this vibe in Chapter 13 when they gather in Krash's mansion to discuss the infiltration of Seoul to capture Jee-Han.
  • Ironic Name: The name of their group is called "Paradise", a term usually referring to a place of prosperity and joy but that's the exact opposite of the what fate awaits someone who is unfortunate enough to be on their check list.

Krash Nillux
Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
An ability user that is deeply involved in the Abyss and the current leader of the Paradise group. Krash is a professional cleaner and has many ties within the Abyss, including a connection with the mysterious Jackal who refers to Krash as "young master". After being informed of Jee-Han' existence by Jackal, Krash organizes his capture and acts as the main antagonist of the second arc. The scope of his abilities is currently unknown.
  • Benevolent Boss: There isn't enough to say for sure, but from how we've seen from how his associates talk with him and also how his maids act towards him, it can be interpreted as Krash being far from a cruel master.
  • Bishōnen: It wasn't just mentioned that he was a rather good looking man, the author even created an online avatar using a character dress up game to showcase
  • Deadpan Snarker: For one of the main antagonists of the story and also one of the more serious characters of the story, Krash has a surprising number of snarky comments, especially towards Jackal in Chapter 12.
    (After Krash stops his pet tiger from clawing Jackal out)
    Krash: I see that Bester still isn't fond of you.
    Jackal: (Shrugs) It can't be helped. The young master's pet has never been comfortable with me.
    Krash: Perhaps if you stopped dressing like a circus reject and removed that mask, he wouldn't act like that.
  • Smoking Is Cool: What crime lord boss of a story wouldn't be complete without a cigarette in his mouth?

Mellow Asterfold
Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???\\

The ace of Paradise, Krash's right hand man, and a professional cleaner that works for the Abyss Auction.

  • The Ace: Less in the sense of him being near flawless and more in the sense that he was explicitly stated to be the "Ace" of Paradise in Chapter 13.
  • Always Someone Better: Judging by the group's reaction towards Mellow holding a dagger to Krash's throat, but then having the situation reversed as it was actually a clone, Krash has been outplaying Mellow for quite awhile and can never get the upper hand against him.
  • Bishōnen: Actually one of the better looking men of the Paradise group, as seen here.
  • Blood Knight: His job as a cleaner aside, Mellow's clearly an individual who enjoys just about anything related to battle.
  • Dynamic Entry: Introduces himself into the story by holding a dagger to his bosses throat and nonchalantly mentions what would have happened if he was an actual assassin after his life.
  • Eyes Always Shut: Like Sun-Il, he's mentioned as having his eyes shut numerous times.
  • Number Two: His position with Paradise is second only to the Boss himself. He's also mentioned as being the ace of Paradise and should be its second strongest member, behind Krash of course.
  • Stepford Smiler: He's always got a smile on his face but unlike Anastasia who wears her emotions on her face, Mellow's mind is much more tactful and dark than what he lets people believe.

Jade Casablanca
Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
A member of Paradise and a professional cleaner that works for the Abyss Auction.
  • Absolute Cleavage: Is noted to be rather well endowed by the author in Chapter 13 during her debut appearance and her extravagant dress does a poor job at hiding that fact. Apparently, it's one of her advantages in her line of work.
  • Cool Big Sis: She's the oldest female member of the group and acts like a sort of big sister towards Aaron and Anastasia who like to bicker alot.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: Just going off of her avatar, her hair reaches all the way down to her back.

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
A member of Paradise and a professional cleaner that works for the Abyss Auction.
  • Badass Adorable: She's a professional assassin and is stated to be the most skilled combatant of the entire Paradise group, yet has a very cheerful and bubbly personality completely unfitting her stature.
  • Blood Knight: Her reaction towards being recalled by Krash to accept a mission to capture a new ability user is to question whether it'll be fun and if there will be strong people to fight. Clearly, the girl likes to fight.
  • Close-Range Combatant: According to the narrative, she's supposed to be the strongest melee ranged combatant of Paradise.
  • Cute Bruiser: Don't let her appearance fool you, this girl is still a very dangerous member (praised as the strongest pure combatant) of a professional cleaner organization that has been tracking down ability users for quite a long time.
  • The Ditz: She's very spacey and clearly doesn't have much of a thinking process outside of fighting and accepting missions.
  • Verbal Tic: Adds "-Chin" to everyone's names out of habit.

Aaron Leonhart
Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
A member of Paradise and a professional cleaner that works for the Abyss Auction.
  • Bishōnen: Like his boss and Mellow, Aaron's look are quite noteworthy but unlike those two who are adults, Aaron is still a teenager and so his facial details are softer and more delicate.
  • Child Prodigy: He's a teenager and yet has enough skill to work alongside professional assassins and is stated to be extremely efficient in completing his assignments.
  • No Social Skills: Out of all the members of Paradise, Aaron is number one when it comes to being socially inept as the other four seem to be pretty cheerful and laid back (save of course the boss himself). Jade and Ana even mention this to him and even joke about him not being popular with girls but being who Aaron is, he really doesn't give a damn.
    Aaron: Shut up. Who gives a crap about something as dumb as being popular with girls? It's more trouble than it's worth!
  • Summon Magic: He's clearly a user of this as he was able to bring forth a wolf familiar in Chapter 16 and ordered it to attack Jee-Han while he was still in the school with Sung-Ah and Yuri.



     Unaffiliated Characters 

Han Jung-Sook

Class: ???
Title: ???
Level: ???
Jee-Han's mother who is rarely if ever seen within the story.
  • Out of Focus: Despite being Jee-Han's mother and having hints towards being somehow involved with the Abyss by the fact that her level and title are hidden, anything related to her hasn't been brought up for most of the story after the first arc.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: While her role in the story is pretty nonexistent, if she hadn't given birth to Jee-Han in the first place who was blessed with a "Gaming" ability, there wouldn't even be a story in the first place.

Mae Yuri-Sook

Class: Brainy Student
Title: Studious Mathematician
Level: 13 (as of Chapter 21)
A female sophmore that attends Yeogang Highschool who is ranked as the top student within the school. She has a incredible ego and prides herself as being the most intelligent student in the school, quickly taking issue with Jee-Han's rise in the academic ladder especially after he aces a hard chemistry test that even she couldn't score a perfect on.
  • Academic Alpha Bitch: Oh how you wouldn't believe. Most of the other students are terrified of her not because she's scary or anything, but because of how utterly demonizing she can be towards someone she considers competition for being the top student. When everyone finds out that Jee-Han beat Yuri out on the latest chemistry test, they offer a silent prayer for him.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: In Chapter 21, she develops the Psychokinesis natural ability, allowing her to escape Gao Hei-Ran.
  • Hypocrite: She orders Jee-Han to save her from the Shadow Wolf, despite the fact that not even a minute ago, she was chewing him out for trying to face the thing by himself in an attempt to let both her and Sung-Ah escape.
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: As indicated in Chapter 21, her attitude stems from this. Her parents have been pushing her to always study, which has caused her to develop the need to always be academically superior to others, yet feel inferior to anyone that surpasses her.
  • Insufferable Genius: To the point where Jee-Han, one of the most sympathetic characters shown in the series, and Sung-Ah, whose about as nice and sweet as a girl can be, get tired of her shit rather quickly and want nothing to do with her.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: All of her sneering and disrespectful comments towards Jee-Han in Chapter 16 come back to bite her in the ass when the Shadow Wolf appears and she ends up turning into a sobbing pathetic mess (though to be fair, anyone who isn't apart of the Abyss would probably end up in the same state). Then when she tries to berate Jee-Han for wanting to fight the wolf and then chews him out for not saving her, Sung-Ah proceeds to knock her unconscious with a frying pan and suggest Jee-Han to stuff her in the room closet until they defeat the wolf. Karma's a bitch, isn't it Yuri?


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