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Anything goes on the Internet when it comes to user-posted content. Anything.

  • This episode of a Wheezy Waiter, a video blog series, has one. Before Wheezy Waiter actually starts talking, he makes a bunch of bizarre 'WHOOOOOOP' sounds, gnashes his teeth and makes a series of faces. It's bizarre, it has nothing to do with the topic of the video, and after it happens he never speaks of it again (except one small comment on it right after the scene)
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  • In Boring Trousers' Let's Play of Wright Brothers Mysteries a car that the protagonist walks past explodes.
    CJ: [Fighting back laughter] "By the way, never mentioned again."
  • Mega Man X 4 The Abridged Series: Did someone say TRIPLE AXL TIME?
  • The Nostalgia Chick makes reference to this in The Nostalgia Critic's review of FernGully: The Last Rainforest, and even pulls a few of them herself during the review such as interrupting a joke about Tim Curry to break out an accordion and play it with no relevance to their discussion or the movie. (Which, since this is where the trope and the name first came together in one place, they gleefully lampshade.)
    • Essentially, All Dogs Go to Heaven is the Trope Maker, and The Nostalgia Chick is the Trope Namer.
    • In the Critic's review of the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Danny DeVito film Junior, an elaborate dream sequence music video illustrating how boring the movie comes up. The Critic only continues the review because Bhargav sentences him to seeing a baby with Arnold's head whenever he sleeps, until he finishes the review. This sequence takes up a good three minutes of the eighteen minute video. Upon waking up, he apologizes to the audience and asks that they get the labeling of the Big Lipped Alligator Moment over and done with.
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    • The Critic points out in his "Top 11 Mindfuck Moments" video that many of the scenes he mentioned could be considered a Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • A BLAM has actually been used by the Nostalgia Chick in combat, as she invoked one in the Anniversary Brawl to save herself from Little Miss Gamer and The Aussie Guy, before punching them in the gut.
    • Ironically, she's now responsible for one of her own, in a video by That Jewish Guy about eight Hannukah-related myths (unfortunately no longer on the site) which features other contributors to the site stating the myths for him to rebut. Everyone else appears in their normal clothes and setting, but the Nostalgia Chick (2:30 into the review) states her myth while lying in bed wearing a leather bustier, feather boa, fishnet stockings, and a feathered hat.
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    • For recursion points, the Big Lipped Alligator Moment meme gets treated as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment once. In the Nostalgia Critic/Linkara joint review of Superman IV, the Critic invokes the meme in response to a scene of Lex Luthor dancing with a woman in period dress. Linkara gets weirded out and the Critic, noticing his confusion, says "I don't know, the Nostalgia Chick came up with it."
    • Also, in the Critic's We're Back review, the crows apparent 'eating' of Screw-Eyes is met with an announcment as a BLAM.
      • One that seems to go unnoticed is The Lord of the Rings reference in his Captain N review, where Nostalgia Critic has a flashback to when Mario stealing some kind of power when he was supposed to "cast it into the fire". It comes right out of nowhere, has virtually nothing to do with the review, is completely over the top and ridiculous, and he never brings it up again.
    • During his review of Mr. Magoo the Nostalgia Critic tells a Talk Show style joke and... rolls with it. He talks to his studio band, goes to commercial complete with the title Nostalgia Critic with the Nostalgia Critic, introduces his next guest, and then abruptly snaps out of it and continues the review.
      Nostalgia Critic: Ladies and gentlemen my next guest has been in such movies as Vanilla Sky, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, what the fuck am I doing back to the movie!!!
    • Oh, and Rob is a Dinosaur. For no reason. Several times.
  • Hells Paradise Cuts straight from the main charecters walking away from a burning house (in which Keane's best friend Elijah just died) and a field of dead zombies, one of whom is one of their friends, to Keane waking up in an office chair. He is handed a top hat and sword by a random person who has no other appearances in the series and is told to save his friend. He pulls a black rabbit out of the the top hat, then fights his way through several mooks in black hoodies and saves his friend (Elijah, who for no discernible reason is about six inches tall) from a wooden box shaped like a turtle. Elijah grows back to normal size, and is immediately eaten by a gigantic, grotesque "unicorn." Keane cuts off its head then wakes up, revealing the whole thing to be a dream. While it does serve the plot in the sense that it tells us that Keane feels guilty about Elijah's death, the weird details of the dream are never discussed or mentioned again and whole thing comes out of left field. Its made even weirder given that the rest of the series is about a zombie apocalypse, and has nothing to do with anything that occurred in the dream, and doesn't at all match the "sword and sorcery" aesthetic of the sequence.
  • Zero Punctuation has one of these in its LittleBigPlanet review wih a man (presumably Yahtzee himself) dancing around in boxers with googly eyes on the butt. About 3 minutes into the video.
    • It is only supposed to be cheap filler to fill the time since he ran out of things to say about the game.
  • On The Escapist's fantastic web series Doomsday Arcade, Shanks is about to get into a fight with Kratos, when all of a sudden, Kratos starts up an out-of-nowhere advert for a furniture shop in a high-pitched voice that contrasts his actual voice.
  • Professor Otaku began ending his vids with these after his Street Fighter review, and has been fairly consistent with tagging them onto the end of his videos. However, lately, he seems content to simply use the footage without additions.
  • In The Angry Video Game Nerd's review of Moonwalker, right at the end (after throwing a fit of explosive proportions), he turns into a cat, and then pads off. That Michael Jackson did the same on his "Black or White" music video doesn't make either case any less strange.
    • Likely was making fun of the music video and Michael Jackson due to the insanity of the game and the BLAM. So in this case it would be a BLAM referencing a BLAM.
    • Also, during his Star Wars review, a buffalo actually takes a dump right through the Nerd's window, during his big list of Star Wars games he didn't get a chance to review. Possibly a reference to his Theme Song.
  • If you can fathom this, the popular Youtube Poop the dinner blaster lol managed to have one of these, where Scatman John starts singing The Invisible Man and then starts shooting at... um... actually who was he shooting at?
    • Most YouTube Poops run off of this trope, as the "story" will randomly jump from something to something else entirely unrelated to what was happening moments before.
  • Anyone familiar with Don Hertzfeldt's little short The Animation Show? at the end... during a very stirring speech about the serious aspects of cartoons... robots show up...
  • If we were to go into all the Big Lipped Alligator Moments in The Adventures Of Mr Gear And Clippy, we'd be here all day. And just about half of the early episodes could qualify as a Bizarro Episode.
  • McGonagall rapping like Ludacris in Dirty Potter and the Fabulous Gay Farty Pee and Poo Party.
  • RedLetterMedia:
    • Their Star Wars reviews are kinda fragmentary to begin with: their shtick is that the reviewer is psychotic, and sloppily taping reviews over his home videos (mostly ones about torturing prostitutes). There's still the scene in his basement where a tiny black droid floats in, looks at the two women there, and flies away. They stop struggling to blink.
    • The review for Movie 43 (which is already a Bizarro Episode since it's just 8 minutes of Mike and Jay trying to make each other laugh talking about a movie they didn't even see) has a quick moment where it cuts to the wide and Mike is alone talking to an empty chair while eerie music plays. This doesn't come back later or tie into anything in the video. It did get a Call-Back(?) in a later Best of the Worst episode, but didn't make any more sense there.
  • Awkward. has a musical number entitled "Miss Brighteyes" that's about Lester's feelings for Steph, Alex's feelings for Lester, masturbation, and crossdressing. It comes out of left field, is never referred to afterward, and could be removed entirely without affecting the series. But it is pretty hilarious.
  • Darwin's Soldiers features a winged fox swooping down from the sky and flying Dr. Zanasiu and Dr. Shelton to safety as they run away from the exploding Einstein-Rosen bridge. This moment is never spoken of again.
  • On This Very Wiki, we have the True Art article.
  • The Motley Two has a sudden scene shift to "Troll Cuba", where Troll Fidel Castro and Troll Hannibal are getting into shenanigans, all borne out of a throwaway phrase about cigars.
  • Homestar Runner has an unique twist on this trope: the big-lipped alligator character named Homsar. Homsar is basically a deranged, reality-warping copy of Homestar who speaks in wails and non-sequiturs whenever he makes an appearance, and barely anybody elaborates on it. Probably his best example of big-lipped alligatory is his easter egg appearances in the Halloween toons, which are triggered by clicking on The Poopsmith in a certain scene.
  • An early episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series starts with an ad for Yugiohs. They're Yugilicious. It's weird even for the genre it's in.
    • The opening of the third episode of Season Zero Abridged starts with Bakura threatening suicide that has no relevance with the rest of the plot other than to cement Bakura as a Butt-Monkey and is never mentioned again for the rest of the episode.
  • In We Are Our Avatars, Genghis Khan used to pop out of nowhere just before the thread was moved to RP.
    • Earlier, the Anti-Spiral appeared and forced the cast to do the Caramelldansen.
    • A Death, Tails, Osaka, Mega Man and two different Tenshi Hinanai play a game of Battleship, which Death turns into one awesome game, Tails even lampshades the trope.
    • Salad Fingers randomly appears and develops an unhealthy obsession with Mega Man's Buster.
    • Mammon literally blows up Deathwing's shit, which has turned into a giant shit monster. The less said of that, the better.
  • In Smosh's Death Note video, Ian attempts to kill his mom with the Death writing "Mom". The rest of the scene goes as follows:
    Ian's Mom: "My name isn't 'mom', dumbass"
    Ian: "I've called you 'mom' all these years, and I don't even know your real name?"
    Ian's Mom: "And you never will! Mwahahahahaha" *disappears in a cloud of smoke*
    Ian: "Never mind that...I have work to do..."
  • The animated short Rock Bottom has one in the theme song when a squid ponders the meaning of life.
  • Jontron loves these:
    • The entire Mr. Clean segment from his review of Food Fight. Abruptly during the review, well, this happens. Even Jontron is perplexed by it.
      Jontron: Well that just sort of happened. I mean, I didn't even participate in that.
    • The ending of Food Games pt1 has Jontron go into some kind of hunger trance, commanding a scrawny, goblin-like man named Grimbo, whom Jontron has apparently enslaved, to get him a sandwich. Grimbo tries to curse Jontron before Jon steals his wand and forces Grimbo to fetch a McDonald's Filet o Fish. The moment Jontron bites into it, he snaps out of his trance with no memory of what had just happened and Grimbo is gone.
    • An especially weird example comes from the end of his Nightshade review, which crosses over into Gainax Ending territory. Jon freaks out and begins smashing the cartridge with a variety of blunt objects—including a folding chair, a scooter, and Mjolnir, the last of which breaks aparts after a few hits—with the scene inexplicably interspersed with clips of him singing "She's a Lady" into Mjolnir's handle in slow motion. Then he rides a clipart rocket through outer space with no soundtrack and crashes into the sun. As you do.
    • Most of Jontron's endings are downright surreal and make little sense. It's lampshaded in one episode that ends with a flashing message reading "JON DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO END VIDEOS".
    • Poor Jon gets to be on the receiving end of one of these right along with his audience when he takes to the streets to find some Tim Allen impersonators after reviewing Christmas with the Kranks. One man gets the microphone and starts ranting about how churches are evil, steal your money, and sell drugs, how he is Allah, how he's going to start his own church, all intermixed with incomprehensible gibberish and singing, and finally admitting he has no clue who Tim Allen even is. After a brief failed attempt to get the mic back Jon just stands there, with an expression that is equal parts "what the hell is happening" and "someone save me" before finally getting the microphone back and calling it a day.
    • The intro to "VR Troopers'' is Jon using VR, while a man with a Piglett avatar and a disturbingly mechanical monotone voice calls him little boy and asks him to scratch his ears and then to kill himself with him. This goes on for some time.
    • During "Dan Aykroyd's Crystal Skull Vodka'' he pulls out an elaborate device to enhance a blurry photo of three UFOs in the sky. The enhanced version is a video of a chubby Asian man giggling in an unbelievably silly way while unwrapping a fork to eat take-out.
      Jontron: Wow. The supernatural's real after all!
  • In Episode 17 of "Shadows Of The Past" Sage goes into a song and dance number via quick cut about Venus being a huge cunt set to Offenbach Can Can song afterwards no reactions are heard from anyone. Just many bullets. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • In episode 1 of Ten Little Roosters, Michael reveals that he's planning on Blackmailing everyone when Barbara interjects and tells him to "suck a dick". It quickly devolves into a No, You match, ending with Michael declaring "You're sucking eight dicks, from every direction, like an omni-directional dick-suck fest!" It serves nothing but watching two adults acting very childish.
  • The "egg" segment in part 5 of Andrew Dickman's Dreamgear Plug n Play review (10:02 to 10:30)
  • In "Reasons to Celebrate!!" by Matthew Santoro, Matthew lists ways he and his fellow Canadians celebrate Victoria Day, and then suddenly starts dancing to the song "Apache" by The Sugarhill Gang. He then continues talking about Victoria Day. This moment where Matthew dances is never mentioned again.
  • Random Assault: Some of the tangents or jokes become this.
  • Spaceshipcontrol: Has a lot of these, for example, in one episode, the protagonist eats a random mushroom he finds, which turns out to be a psychoactive one, which leads to a weird, out-of-place sequence of him doing random things with colorization effects added. The sequence ends with him dancing Gangnam Style, then puking blood and laughing. This is never mentioned again.
  • Bogleech's Pokémon Reviews feature wrap-ups at the end of every generation where categories such as 'top 6 cutest', 'top 6 coolest', 'top 6 favorite', etc. are compiled. The third generation wrap-up ends, completely unprompted, with 'top 6 Spindas', which (of course) consists of six identical iterations of the Pokemon Spinda.
    Bog: By far the hardest category to judge.
  • Half the fun of Twelve Hundred Ghosts is random events that are never brought up again, like zombies being mentioned early on, Belle fearing vampires, sexual tension between Bob Cratchit and Scrooge, Scrooge having an unspecified companion named Mr. Snazzy, and an implicitly evil plan he's working on that no journalists are privy to.
  • The "This Exists" YouTube channel has a video about Japan's alternative idol scene. After mentioning a scandal that involved famous idols being caught smoking and thus breaking the rules, the scene shifts to some guy (probably the host himself) wearing a The Mask, uh, mask, slowly inching towards the camera and then saying his catchphrase, "Ssssmokin'!" It's kinda creepy and unrelated to anything else in the video except for the (forced) pun.
  • In Roller Samurai Vampire Slayers, Sam Hell and Jake Hell do an impromptu dance sequence for absolutely no reason. Sam also does one alone on a Chroma Key background.
  • Pooh's Adventures of Happy Days has a couple of these.
    • Pooh opens a present and it reveals the Tiny Toons Cast singing there theme song from the show, with the KND Cast joining in. This is never mentioned again after this scene ends.
    • Emily Elizabeth and Jetta singing You and me by Tiffany, because of Jetta's relationship with Little Godzilla.
    • Another big one is the scene when Reese goes to Mc Donald's, but you can obviously tell it made with almost no effort, because footage from a episode of Cure Your Enthusiasm is shown when Larry David is shown ordering food from Jack In The Box (although any mention of it is muted out), and you can even see the logo at some points.
  • The Cry of Mann: There's a brief moment just before the art show where Jack is asking the mailman to deliver his message to Tank...but the colors are trippy and the mailman is just a hallucination who isn't in the room, so the message just slips through his intangible hands. He then tells Jack he's not actually there, Jack cheerfully says goodbye, and he saunters off. This wasn't explained, nor was it mentioned again afterward, and it doesn't fully mesh with the rest of the series. It may have been there to show Jack's deteriorating mental state, but barely more than implied.
  • Mahu: The series "Crownless Eagle" has quite the number of these moments, helped in no small part by the buggy engine of Empire Total War. Rather than just ignore them though, Mahu includes them into the story.
    • A charge between two infantry regiments sees one soldier clashing with another, though neither wield their weapons to kill. Turns out, both men are secret lovers who will later leave the battle to build a new life at the other side of the Ocean, away from the wars of the continent.
    • A battery of cannonns carried by horses advance mindlessly to the rifle lines of the Polish Commonwealth, caring nothing for all the volleys they receive. A bug? No, clearly these are monsters taking the shape of cannons and horses, eager to feast on the flesh of men. Luckily for the Commonwealth, a certain, white haired monster hunter just happened to be with them at that moment...
  • On Oney Plays, we have this spontaneous moment owing to quick thinking and skipping the Cortex cutscene.


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