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This series has so many Big Lipped Alligator Moments, it deserves it own page.

  • From the first episode:
    • Nerv becomes an eskimo for a few seconds, gets kicked by Necky, and lands on a box of cookies... and that's it.
    • The countdown.
  • From the second episode:
    • Nerv drawing Pikachu on the wall is never spoken of again.
    • Necky kicks Nerv away, telling him to "Go read a book", and then Nerv is never seen (or spoken of) for the rest of the day.
  • From the third episode:
    • The news report, along with repeated footage of a guy breaking his window over and over again then glitching out is only mentioned once. And even then it has nothing to do with the report.
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    • Nerv getting hit by a bus.
    • The scene with Pac-man kicking fish is just a whole bunch of these.
      • First it kicks a fish into a classroom, where it just shows a clipart guy just walking away.
      • Then it kicks it into a gym, where it explodes into a blue screen with the words "dance to dance".
      • THEN it shows low quality footage of a guy dancing weirdly with a shirt that says "got corn?"
      • Then it kicks Billy Bass into a parking lot, where it's shown on fire.
      • Lastly, it's shown kicking Necky across the city, where she explodes, runs around, and explodes again.
  • From the fourth episode:
    • The scene where an evil computer is shown coming to the screen with Atari 2600 noises... where it just ends.
    • Necky pressing a button to constantly spawn gifs of Jimmy Neutron is suddenly interuppted (and never spoken of again) by someone telling them to "Get out of my theater."
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    • The whole balloon popping sequence.
  • From the Mario minnestrone commercial:
    • Mario breaking into Nerv's house.
    • Nerv tasting the minnestrone.

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