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YAFGC has accumulated a huge cast of characters, many of which return in lesser or greater roles years later. This page attempts to keep track of them. Characters are organized by their current residence, not where they are first encountered. To keep the list manageable, characters that appear only in one story arc are omitted.

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    Black Mountain beholders 

Beholder King

Long thought by the non-beholders to be mythical, or at least to have gone mad and died, the Beholder King simply achieved a higher level of consciousness and withdrew.


A young beholder whose romance with Gren kicks off the first storyline. Generally a nice guy, for a Beholder.


Bob's little brother.
  • Dead Guy Junior - Well, Bob didn't actually die, but his parents did disown him and pretend that he was dead, so naming their new child after him probably seemed logical.

    Black Mountain goblins 


Hobgoblin priest, with a large harem of wives. In Turg's Saga, he accompanies the band to find the focusing crystal. He occasionally recurs in a minor role, until in Coup d'Drow he is killed by Silk during the war.

Gren Razortooth

A female goblin and Bob's girlfriend.

Jalla Razortooth

Gren's sister, a goblin bard. She first appears when she guilts Gren into accepting an arranged marriage to a hobgoblin so that she can stay with her fiance Rommo. Later, she attends the Great Bardic Challenge, with no sign of Rommo.


A team of elite archers led by Gren's father.

    Black Mountain drow 


Queen of the Drow, who rose to the position after tricking her sister into making a tainted sacrifice to Llolth. Deposed at the end of Coup D'Drow, when her role in her sister's sacrilege was revealed.


A Drow who generally thinks men aren't trustworthy. She has a basement full of prisoners whom she regularly tortures.
  • Bi the Way - Arachne is technically bisexual, though her hatred of men means it's literally thousands of strips between even implied instances of her being attracted to a man leading the readers to often assume she's just a lesbian.
  • Chekhov's Gun - Her mother taught her to spit venom. This ability returns every now and then when she is in a tight spot. It doesn't always help, though.
  • Does Not Like Men - "The only thing men are good for is making more women!" On the other hand, she seems to find men sexy in the (rare) case that they manage to dominate or otherwise outdo her.
  • Easy Evangelism - Played for Laughs when she converts a bunch of wood elves to Lolth.
  • Even the Girls Want Her
  • The Order - She carries that tattoo as member of such a group, which may be one of reasons both of her antics and her special station in Lolth's eyes.
  • Too Kinky to Torture - This is apparently standard for Dark Elves in the setting, though.


A short Drow with the personality of a hyperactive nymphomaniac. She is initially the foil to Arachne. In the Axe In The Rock storyline, she says she would like to be a slave, and (on his suggestion) helps Baron Elwood escape the mountain. As a result, Queen Alzaer'bith sells her into slavery. She ends up in the Hidden Valley and becomes the Dark Queen, until she is struck down by Glon's expedition. Lolth reveals she has become undead now.
  • Anything That Moves - Even for a Drow.
  • Beware the Silly Ones - Mostly considered just a joke until she ended up in the lost valley.
  • Black Comedy Rape - She gives a lighthearted story about how she forced a bunch of people from the Valley of Vallejo to be her sex slaves through coercion, mind games, and outright mental manipulation.
  • The Ditz - Lewie's mind control ring doesn't work on her because of this.
  • Too Kinky to Torture - Unless, of course, you stick her in a cage and refuse to torture her...


In Turg's Saga, Lewie sends Turg's team to Temshutep to recover the focusing crystal. Before returning to Black Mountain, Wolf steals the crystal and gives it to the drow queen. In Lich of the Rings, Lewie ensures the queen gets a mind control ring, and makes her return the crystal to him. He uses it to summon Kila. Then, Arachne steals the crystal and uses it to summon Lolth. Years later, in Coup d'Drow, Lolth fights with the beholder king and he forces her to flee this dimension; the crystal is then shattered to prevent her return.
  • Physical God - Manifests in a completely physical form for a considerable portion of the comic
  • Sense Freak: She is drinking, sleeping around and generally doesn't bother to pay attention to anything else, unless some poor soul actively provokes her. Apparently once she got an avatar she didn't need to expend power on, and had the current problem neatly "wrapped up", she began to treat this as an indefinite vacation.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Why can't Lolth stop the Heart of the Dungeon? She's too drunk to stand up. Also, didn't care much until the Big Bad appeared to challenge her role as supreme being to the Drow.


Drow priestess. First seen accompanying Arachne to the Elf Moot.


A young drow girl who ends up dating Yapp.
  • She's All Grown Up - when the members of Yapp's gang meet again as teenagers, the boys definitely notice this about her.


A female drow, one of the teachers of Yapp, Ain, Gimmy, and Sittica.


A male Drow who's sleeping his way to the top, at least as far as any male Drow can get. First introduced as bodyguard to Arachne when she attends the Elf Moot. Briefly employed as serving boy to the Hyeesha in Turg's Saga. Currently Consort to the new Queen of the Drow.

    Black Mountain orcs 


A young orc and classmate to Yapp. In Coup d'Drow, his father demands that he kills his (helpless and cowering) drow teacher. As he refuses, he is forced to leave the mountain.
  • Would Not Hit a Girl - Though it seems to have been more about the situation rather than his target being female.


One of Glon's wives, and a powerful warrior.

Glon Bloodhand

Brother by adoption to Lucas Greyfort.

Goria White-Eye

Mother to Jone, she comes from a small human village, and eventually settles in Black Mountain. As the last survivor of White-Eye clan, she is ordered by Maula to become one of Glon's wives. In Coup d'Drow, she is poisoned to death by the drow poisoner.
  • Iron Woobie - One horrible thing after anouther happens to her but she remains strong and didn't let it break her. She was even recovering from the events with Jone before she was...
  • Killed Off for Real - Poisoned by the drow with the antidote arriving too late and the gods unwilling and unable, respectively, to intervene.
  • Mama Bear - Messing with Jone was a bad idea


One of Glon's wives.

Jone Half-Orc

Another half-orc, whose mixed genes make her look like a Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl with More Teeth than the Osmond Family. Turns out to be The Chosen One of the Orc god. This doesn't end well.

Maula Bloodhand

A rich orcish widow, and Team Mom for the Black Mountain residents. Currently Black Mountain's de facto leader.

    Black Mountain miscellaneous 


According to the gold emperor of dragons, he (or at least his dragon head) is the Eternal Guardian of Black Mountain.


A cloaker, initially from the Tomb of Temshutep. He meets the Black Mountain folk as travel there to seek the focussing crystal. Turg sends him to Black Mountain so he can have some private time with the Sphynx. He mostly hangs out with Yapp's gang.


A gelatinous cube. Playmate and later classmate of Yapp and Ain.


Mind flayer. In Turg's Saga, he joins the expedition to Temshutep, but he doesn't actually care for the mission goal; at the first opportunity, he deserts and tries to find some brains to eat. He manages to become the Hyeesha's advisor, but gets caught when he tries to mind control Vanessa. Later, in Lich of the Rings, he is one of the first to figure out Lewie's plans, but he doesn't care enough to do anything about them.
  • Insistent Terminology - He prefers to be called an "illithid," thank-you-very-much.
  • Jedi Mind Trick - He can influence people's minds; he even does the "these are not the Drow you're looking for" line.
  • The Stoic - He's generally a calm, collected, polite guy who seldom gets excited or worked up over anything.

Lewstrom VII (a.k.a. "Lewie the Lich")

An undead king who nobody takes seriously until he decides to take over the world, and does. He is 'defeated' when Arachne reminds him of his past and he remembers that he never really wanted to be king, and was being manipulated by his people's goddess of death. He leaves the mountain to avoid the repurcussions of his coup, and returns in time to defeat a rampaging Jone and save Maula's life. He becomes her adviser and is on his way to earniing actual respect.


One of 150 harpies who live in a cave attached to Gren and Bob's and who Bob cheated on Gren with.


A young gnoll from several intermission plots, he goes to school with Ain, Gimmy, and Sittica, and ends up dating the latter after the Monster Ball. During Coup d'Drow, to keep the drow and orcs from killing each other, he cajoles the Beholder King to intercede; this turns out to work.


Clover Firelight

Has a long history of being imprisoned and naked. In Turg's Saga, Arachne takes her along as a (naked) scout. When the expedition is captured by the gnolls, she becomes the hyeesha's pet and manages to escape. She tries to help Kassim escape as well, but fails. By the end of the story, she is caught by Arachne again. During her long string of imprisonments she encounters and rescues king Eric III of Drostardy, who after regaining his freedom manages to track her down and after a long series of complications manages to free her. Eventually she becomes his queen.
  • Badass in Distress - She's a resourceful and deadly assassin who repeatedly comes to the rescue of her friends and allies... and succeeds in rescuing them, only to end up imprisoned herself.
  • Black Sheep
  • Butt Monkey - For quite some time she was the comic's biggest example of this trope, as she kept getting imprisoned, enslaved, captured, restrained and stripped naked. Any time she escaped, managed to find clothes or had a glimmer of hope of a rescue, she'd inevitably end up captured and naked again. Breaks out of the role after she's made queen of Drostardy.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending Big time. She spends the first half of the comic naked and enslaved, and the second half a Happily Married queen.
  • God Save Us from the Queen! - Averted, though played slightly with. An ex-assassin, she does have a shady past and currently runs a spy network, but she is ultimately a benevolent queen.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity - Her origin story.
  • Iron Woobie
  • Love at First Sight: She's clearly smitten with king Eric from the first moment she meets his eyes.
  • The Spymaster - As a queen of a rather nice kingdom, she doesn't get to play in and with the assassin guild anymore... so she runs a spy network.

Eric III

The king of Drostardy. Really nice and chivalrous guy. He ends up marrying Clover.

Thomas the Bard

An elegant, charming and talented bard who has a way with the ladies.

A major kingdom on the western continent. Grayfort is a duchy within Elegrost, and the Black Mountain stands on its border.


A formidable warrior riding a wyvern, she made it to the finals of the kingship trials but was defeated by Karak. At the trials she fell in love with Catianus, and currently resides with him. Adwen is arrogant, dislikes most men (other than Catianus), and often displays acts of casual (or vengeful) violence. Scarred by Jone. In Wormhunter, she is the first to realize that Sidonie has switched places with Astrid, and proceeds by defeating Astrid in combat.


Brother to Runtherd, and now a nobleman at his court.


A half-elf ranger who dislikes people and prefers the company of forest creatures (except for Lucas). Grandson of the ruler of Elwood, half-brother to Taidor.


Nobleman who controls a fort on the northern wall. He was the first to deny Karak's authority as king of Elegrost (then named Karakia). In a relationship with Adwen.

Eddy the wizard

A white-bearded old wizard who lives in a tower. He was the driving force behind getting Runtherd to take the throne.

Fox, the

A masked Robin Hood-like figure. Last seen in The Players chasing Lady Vivay, who is wanted for poisoning the King.

Idries Falconheim

A nobleman who takes part in the kingship challenge in The Axe In The Rock, he eventually becomes part of King Runtherd's court. Brother to Sidonie, whom he underestimates.

Lucas Grayfort

The son of the local blacksmith, he was adopted by Baron Grayfort so that the baron's illegitimate child (Glon) could be raised inconspicuously by the blacksmith. After Owen's demise, he ends up the new duke of Grayfort.


Former apprentice to Eddie the Wizard, she now lives in his tower as an independent sorceress. She took an apprentice herself, called Zara, who died in Night Queen.

Owen Grayfort

Baron of Grayfort, father of Glon and adoptive father of Lucas. Killed in Lich of the Rings.

Runtherd the First

King of Elegrost. He came to the kingship trials as squire to his brother Aiden, but ended up drawing the axe from the rock, which made Eddie declare him king. As Karak won the trials, Runtherd had to fight for his kingdom and eventually proved himself by liberating the kingdom. Had a crush on Sidonie for a long time, but doesn't realize when she gets replaced by Astrid. In The Players, it is revealed that he was drugged by Lady Vivay, who wanted to keep him from conceiving a heir.


Half-satyr and brother to Cadugan; he is a druid and has power over plants. He joins the expedition to the Valley of Vallejo, and becomes lover of Meegs.

City of the High Elves, near Elegrost.


A bard who first appears in The Great Bardic Challenge as one of the contestants; he makes a pass at Cadugan who is not interested. After traveling with Frank De Boer's group, he ends up in Elwood and becomes the lover (and chronicler) of Duke Elwood. Later, in Night Queen, he joins Lucas's expedition to the Valley of Vallejo.


Princess of the wood elves, first seen when Arachne stays with Glitterbranch. She later turns up at Black Mountain where she attempts to broaden her horizons. In Glon's Story, she is one of several people abducted by Captain Matheson, and falls in love with prince Summerheat, one of the elves of the rescue party.
  • Bi the Way - Possible, though Arachne is the only female she's interested in.
  • The Ditz - Bit of a Brainless Beauty, really.
  • Easy Evangelism - Tried to "be evil" after getting acquainted with Arachne, then has no problem converting a bunch of Drow to the light side. Maybe elves are just that gullible? Or that bored?
  • Genki Girl - "Yay! I'm gonna be evil! I'm gonna be evil!"
  • If It's You, It's Okay - See Bi the Way.
  • Literal Split Personality: She decides that her conflicting wood elf and drow urges are problematic and asks a spellcaster to separate them into a separate entity.
  • Minion with an F in Evil and Hero with an F in Good - Not evil enough to fit in with the drow, but after her time with them, too evil to fit in with the other elves. It seems no matter what side she's on, she makes a mess of it.
  • Poke the Chimera - her attempts to be evil are rather pathetic.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Just as Arachne is about to finish off Ranna, goddess of cruelty, Drow!Dewcup distracts her at that crucial moment, giving Ranna the opportunity to deal Arachne a fatal blow and drain the world's magic.


Baron of, well, Elwood.


Prince of the wood elves and Dewcup's brother, he meets Arachne during an Elf Moot, gets a crush on her, and takes her home in an effort to redeem her from evil. This is not reciprocated, and Arachne seduces his sister Dewcup instead. In The Axe in the Stone, he takes part of an expedition into Black Mountain to rescue Duke Elwood, but once in the mountain he leaves the party to exact revenge upon Arachne. This fails, and he ends up becoming her prisoner.
  • The Ditz - Must run in the family.
  • Double Standard - he (initially) wants to redeem the drow, but is not above bribing their bodyguards to kidnap one of them.

    Uagi Desert 
Ruled by the caliphate of Umbril, City of Shade. Turg's Saga and Reflections in the Sand take place here.


Princess of Umbril, sister to Sahar and Kassim, and a skilled but good-hearted thief. First appears as a young child in Turg's Saga; she is a teenager in Reflections in the Sand. She is a stowaway on Kassim's quest for the Mirror of True Reflection, and allowed to remain by direct intervention of Ch'tier. She learns some maturity after stepping into the Mirror and being forced to deal with her reflections; she destroys the mirror afterwards. She travels the world to find a way to restore her father.

Kassim ibn Tambid al Umbril

Crown prince of Umbril. In Turg's Saga, he tries to get out of an arranged marriage with a gnoll (flind) girl. Something of an escape artist, but not nearly as skilled as Clover. The arranged marriage is canceled when it turns out the flind family intended to take over the throne. In Reflections in the Sand, he leads the quest for the Mirror of True Reflection, and falls in love with Fatinah, the elf servant girl of Kurassa.



Captain Safana

Sphynx of Temshutep

The guardian of the Tomb of Temshutep, where Turg's party came in search of the focussing stone, and Kassim's party came for information about the Mirror of True Reflection.


Caliph of Umbril, who has been transformed into a tree. Kassim searched for the Mirror of True Reflection to return him to normal shape, but this turned out to be a trap, and Adina destroyed the mirror. Adina has sworn to travel the world until she finds a way to restore him. Tambid is married to Vanessa, and to his son's surprise, he does not in fact have a harem.

Turg the minotaur

A lonely inhabitant of Black Mountain, because there aren't any others of his species around. In Lich of the Rings, he leads an expedition for Lewie to the Tomb of Temshutep, only to remain there as company to the Sphynx. In Reflections in the Sand, the expedition for the Mirror of True Reflection asks the Sphynx for advice, and the Sphynx sends Turg with them to ensure they do not abuse the Mirror. He is a powerful warrior, repeatedly shown fighting off multiple soldiers at the same time.

Vanessa al Saugren min Ch'tier

Wife to Tambid, mother of Adina and Kassim, and a powerful priestess of Ch'tier. In Turg's Saga, she is given Glon and Wolf as entertainment for the night, but declines. She later successfully fends off Izzix who tries to use mind control on her. She instantly (and correctly) has a dislike of Kurassa.

    The seven seas 

Fang the Dread Pirate

A living legend of a pirate, although it's doubtful he's actually aware of it. He is hired by Turg to transport his expedition in Turg's Saga. Turg is one of the few people to trust Fang, requesting to hire him again in Reflections in the Sand. Kassim declines, but as he ends up shipwrecked, his other captain commandeers Fang's ship.


Captain and sometime pirate, she started out as Matheson's second-in-command but took over his ship when he died.


He is hired by Owen Grayfort to rescue Glon from Black Mountain (which wasn't strictly necessary, but Owen didn't know that), and quickly turns coat, abducts Glon, Clover, and Gren, and holds them hostage for money. In the resulting melee, he wounds Glon and is quickly killed by Maula Bloodhand. He returns later as an undead pirate, in a futile attempt to get revenge.


Lord of the sea elves, first seen in the Elf Moot.

    Bards and other travelers 


The grumpy sidekick of Marion the bard, who strongly objects to being called her servant. In Wood Court, he believes he could be an equally competent faerie judge, but is quickly proven wrong.

Charla Firelight

Clover's sister, a bard

Gummer Groundpounder

A gnome with a penchant for explosives.

Marion of Heatherdale

An elven bard who turns out to be thousands of years old. She travels with Ben and is a welcome guest at the courts of the various kings. In The Great Bardic Challenge, she is one of the judges; also, in Wood Court, she is a judge in the faerie court. She is apparently a member of a secret society involving swan maidens. In The Players, she visits the court of King Runtherd.
  • While not a Cloudcuckoolander herself, she is quite capable of understanding them.
  • Aura Vision. She can perceive magical curses on people.
  • The Cameo. Based on the real-world musician Heather Dale.

Sidonie Falconheim

A noblewoman, falconer, and highly skilled archer. She joins her brother Idries to the kingship trials in The Axe In The Rock and fell in love with Catianus. In Wormhunter, she is abducted to Nordland by a people who mistake her for Astrid the Wormhunter, who she strongly resembles. She ends up remaining in Nordland, marrying its new yarl Harald.


A treacherous lady with a desire for power. She is first shown trying to seduce King Eric of Drostardy, but her background is exposed by Clover. She ends up marrying Sir Aiden, and has a son with him, then drugs King Runtherd so that he won't have an heir of his own, making Vivay's son first in line to the throne. In The Players, this plot is exposed, and she flees, pursued by The Fox.


A genie of the lamp, who grants three wishes to anyone in possession of his lamp. (Un)fortunately he can't count worth anything, and so ends up granting unlimited wishes. Now if he could only grant people what they actually wanted instead of what they technically asked for...