YMMV: Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: You're trapped in a hostile valley filled with monstrous creatures. You've already lost one party member. You were captured by one group of hostiles only to get taken in by a second; you're out of your element and vastly outnumbered, and it's the middle of the night. But your friend has just been offered to a King Kong lookalike. Your response?
    Leader: Fools! You're too late to save your friend! He belongs to the Night Queen now!
    Glon: Did you hear that Cadugan? She just told us we have some Night Queen ass to kick.
    Cadugan: That's what I heard too.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The arc when trying to decide a new King. Looks like the Arthurian legend, until it gets hilariously subverted.
    King Lewistrom: The concept is sound, but Sauron was a boob.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Jone goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge visiting the man who had tried to turn her mother into a prostitute and one of his clients. She guts the bastard and the client and then turns to the terrified woman, who had been forced to strip, cowering in the corner. She then drops her sword and gives her a hug. (Although the girl was still terrified of her during that hug.)
  • Tear Jerker: Wolf is ordered to execute Arachne. He heads off to do his duty, tears running down his cheeks. Why? He won't stand against Arachne - either because he knows it's pointless or because he's loyal to her - and he really, really wanted to be King. No. Seriously. He's a male Drow in a society that uses them as (literal) footstools, and he has poured his considerable natural assets and willpower into doing whatever it takes to work his way up as far as society will let him go. He's finally got the unheard-of chance to get the highest position any male Drow could ever hold in society - and he throws it away rather than raise a hand against Arachne.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For all the crap she pulled, Jone didn't "officially" cross over until she stabbed her mother.
  • Squick: The massive quantity of interspecies romances (or even same species), but also this strip.
  • God-Mode Sue : Bob will always utterly devastate anything despite beholders really not being that powerful in any edition. If he shows up and there is an enemy, they are as good as gone with little to no actual conflict other than a petrify ray. Other beholders pale in comparison to his power for absolutely no reason or logic.
    • Sometimes he gets in over his head, but then the Beholder King pops up. The dude beat LOLTH!
    • While his being more powerful than other beholders makes no real sense, everything else is a pretty accurate depiction of the power level of the creature type in Dungeons & Dragons. Taking a fully equipped, buffed, and prepared party of 4-6 adventurers against even the lesser/moderate beholders directly is considered player suicide unless the part is about 3/4 of maximum level in every edition but fifth. They're one of the creature types that outscales even dragons.
      • To define this a bit more specifically, in third edition (the one the comic is based on), you have to be level 13 (out of 20) to cast a disintegration ray a few times a day. You can cast it once in a round. A beholder can cast it every round for eternity without ever running out of juice. And five other ray spells of equal power, every round. While maintaining an antimagic effect that strips your defenses and means your rays can't land on it. This is the _weakest_ beholder.
  • Ugly Cute: Most of the monster races. The "good" races are, as a rule, more conventionally pretty, but the goofy, cartoony style means that the monster races are actually very cute in their own way. Gren in particular is adorable.