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Creating Life Is Unforeseen
The Professor has some really cool experiment going on. Probably involving biology, computers, or something like that. The result is indeed cool. In fact, it's so cool that it has the unforeseen side-effect of being an actual person. Whoops!

This new person or species is benevolent, and quite obviously worthy of human rights. Obvious to the audience, that is. The creators might fail to understand this, thus causing all kinds of trouble. However, in some cases, rejection from the creators may lead the created character to resentment or worse.

If this trope leads to Deity of Human Origin, expect it to come with a dose of God Is Flawed. Contrast Playing God and Creating Life Is Awesome, where creating sentient life was the goal.

Supertrope of Instant A.I., Just Add Water and It Came from the Fridge: If the unforeseen intelligence is technological or culinary in nature, see that trope instead. Examples of ambiguous nature goes on both pages.


Comic Books
  • In the Lucifer chapter The Yahweh Dance, Elaine creates a new universe as a part of training to be a good God. While a carefully monitored intelligent species arises, these events distract this new and inexperienced God to overlook another continent, and the sentient species evolving there. The rest of the plot is spent by God trying to stop the chosen people from slaughtering this other people in God's name.

Comic Strips
  • In one Sherman's Lagoon arc, Megan tries her hand at the world's most complicated recipe, the final step is that it needs to be struck by lightning to be cooked. Once it cools down, the casserole gains a life of its own and starts walking around like a humanoid blob monster! However, what bothers Sherman isn't the implications of creating life from a collection of foodstuffs, it's the fact that he no longer has dinner.

  • In Queen Of All Oni, Kagehime created the first Shadowkhan from her shadow accidentally.

Animated Film
  • In addition to being able to create ice and snow, Elsa from Frozen can create sentient life in the form of snow people. This happen when she accidentally conjures up hers and Anna's childhood snowman Olaf during "Let It Go", completely unaware that her abilities mean she's even given him life, which Anna and Kristoff end up finding out first. Subsequently, when Anna does arrive at Elsa's ice castle and Olaf inadvertently barges in prematurely (after giving Anna a minute), this happens:
    Olaf: [off-screen] ....58, 59, 60!
    Elsa: Wait. What is that? [Olaf comes running in, having taken Anna's request of "give us a minute" quite literally]
    Olaf: Hi! I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!
    Elsa: [looking surprised] Olaf?
    Olaf: You built me! Remember that?
    Elsa: And you're alive?
    Olaf: Yeah, um, I think so? [Elsa looks at her hands in surprise and wonder]

  • In TRON: Legacy, Flynn creates life on purpose, and all is well. But then his actions cause a new species to evolve...
    • Heck, the whole franchise has a lot of this going on. The closest we get to an explanation as to what the Programs are is the scene where Encom's founder Walter Gibbs rants at Dillinger that "Our spirit remains in every program we design!" The old man didn't mean it literally; the Encom programmers had no bloody idea that they were coding up sentient beings.


Multiple Media
  • The entire point behind the BIONICLE story was that Mata Nui, AKA a planet-sized space-robot whose body houses the Matoran Universe, was meant to function as a sentient but "lifeless" robot, along with everyone living inside him. Instead, they built up cultures, began worshiping Mata Nui as a deity, developed relationships, formed alliances, fought wars... Sadly, this didn't prevent another creation of the Great Beings, Marendar, from seeing them as more than just robots, and began to carry out his task of shutting them off. Well, "slaughtering" would be a more fitting expression.

Tabletop Games
  • In Scarred Lands, the Titan Thulkas often created entire species, sometimes sentient ones, without even noticing. Goblins and giants are among his creations. It is implied that the humans are as well, since they were created before the Gods (thus by the Titans) but nobody knows for sure which Titan it was, and none of them claim credit for the deed.

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation
  • In a pastiche of an episode of The Twilight Zone, The Simpsons had a Halloween Special where Lisa manages to accidentally create a tiny living civilisation in a "tooth in cola" experiment, along with a convenient spark of static electricity.
  • Played for Laughs on Spliced in the episode "Bowled Over". Peri makes a sandwich, which then randomly grows insect-like legs and wings and begins attacking people. Later, he attempts to fix Patricia's car, but he ends up giving it sentience instead. Also in the episode "Living Hellp", Entree attempts to microwave a microwave, which results in the microwave coming to life and attacking him.

Real Life
  • Not all pregnancies are planned, after all. Some people handle the revelation that they accidentally created another human being better than others.
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