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Comic Strip: Sherman's Lagoon
Sherman's Lagoon is a newspaper comic strip by Jim Toomey. Starting in 1991, it is about the adventures of a cast of sea animals in the eponymous lagoon. Sherman is a dimwitted shark who is also a Big Eater of epic proportions, and he has a control-freak wife named Megan. They have a son named Herman. There is Sherman's friend Fillmore, an intelligent but socially awkward turtle who can't seem to find a mate, and his adoptive son Clayton.

Other denizens include Hawthorne, an easily-angered hermit crab who wears a beer can, and Ernest, a bespectacled teenage fish who is also a computer geek. Up on shore, there's a polar bear named Thornton who hibernates down on the beach. They are ruled over by a deific Moai statue named Kahuna, who occasionally transforms the characters into other things.

Human characters include Captain Quigley, who has it out for Sherman, and an assortment of "hairless beach apes" who often get eaten by Sherman or pinched by Hawthorne.

This comic shows examples of:

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alternative title(s): Shermans Lagoon
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