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Recap: The Simpsons S 8 E 1 Treehouse Of Horror VII
Episode - 4F02
First Aired - 10/27/1996

This year's tales of terror include Bart meeting his long-lost Siamese twin who lives in the attic and has gone insane, Lisa becoming a goddess to a small civilization she created out of a tooth, some cola, and Bart zapping her with static electricity, and Homer trying to stop Kang and Kodos from posing as Bill Clinton and Bob Dole and running for U.S. President.


  • Anal Probing: Homer assumes Kang and Kodos want to do this, and starts to take his pants off before they make it clear they really don't.
  • Anticlimax: The ending of "The Genesis Tub"
  • The Bad Guy Wins: "Citizen Kang"
  • Bertha In The Attic: "The Thing And I"
  • The Cassandra: Kang and Kodos covered Homer with booze to make sure nobody would believe him.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Homer believed "Citizen Kang" would have a different ending had Kodos won.
    • Homer: Don't blame me; I voted for Kodos!
  • Downer Ending; Pretty much all three stories. Bart is thrown into the attic after discovering he's the evil twin, Lisa is stuck in the micro-city with no way of being changed back to her normal size (what's more Bart steals her project for his own and wins the science fair). And the U.S (possibly the entire world) is enslaved by Krang and Kodos.
  • Evil Twin: "The Thing and I" Subverted; Bart's the evil twin.
    Bart: Oh, don't look so shocked.
  • Gender Reveal: Kodos is apparently female.
  • I Have a Family
    Homer: (to Kang and Kodos) Please don't eat me! I have a wife and kids! Eat them!
  • In One Ear, Out The Other: While the miniature spaceships from the "The Genesis Tub" are attacking Bart one of them flies into his left ear and exits his right.
  • Stupidest Thing I've Ever Heard: The Frink look-alike laughs at Lisa's idea of unshrinking her.
  • Take a Third Option: The voters consider voting for a third candidate when Kang and Kodos are revealed, but get mocked for it.
    Kang: Go ahead, throw your vote away!
    • Ross Perot, Reform Party candidate in the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections, is then seen punching his straw hat open.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: The 1996 presidential election provides the basis for "Citizen Kang".
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