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Straw Hat Pirates

The Straw Hat Pirates are a pirate crew that originated from East Blue, but have various members from different areas. They are the main focus and protagonists of the anime and manga One Piece, and are led by the main protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy. The "Straw Hats" are named after Luffy's signature hat that was given to him by Red-Haired Shanks, and are first referred to as the Straw Hat Pirates by Smoker in Alabasta. The crew sailed on the Going Merry, their first official Straw Hat ship, up until the Water 7 Arc. After the Enies Lobby Arc, they obtain a new ship called the Thousand Sunny. The Straw Hats currently consist of nine members whose combined bounties equal 1,570,000,100 Beli.

Following the events on the Sabaody Archipelago, all nine members were separated from one another. For two years, they trained in relatively isolated locations, becoming stronger for the sake of helping each other.

Following the events of the Dressrosa arc, the crew was also massively expanded; the main crew didn't change, but seven captains and their own crews joined the Straw Hats' ranks; forming the Straw Hat Grand Fleet.
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    As a group 
  • Above Good and Evil: For most of them, labels of "good" and "evil" generally don't matter. It's evident right from the beginning of the series, although various crew members took some time to get used to the label of "pirate".
    Zoro: Pirates are scum! Who would want to be one?
    Luffy: Does it matter? You're known as an evil pirate hunter.
  • Action Hero: Obviously, all of the Straw Hats are powerful fighters. Even Nami isn't afraid to use her weather abilities to slow her enemies down.
  • Almighty Janitors: The Straw Hats were a strong crew long before they actually started getting recognized by the world; during the early days, the government kept their exposure under wraps with various cover-ups and lies. As a result, they were often vastly underestimated and would shock the small groups of locals who witnessed their strength when they rolled into various countries and beat the crap out of whatever corrupt forces were there. Thanks to their undeniable rampage through Enies Lobby and Luffy's personal actions during their separation, their fame now matches their caliber and they're known as The Dreaded among most people. Their formerly outdated and disproportionately low Enies Lobby bounties (except Luffy's) still kept this trope somewhat in play for a bit after the Timeskip, but it's now fully averted by their most recent bounties following their role in the uprising on Dressrosa. Luffy and Zoro's in particular are now among the highest seen in the series.
  • Always Save the Girl: The crew goes before everything else. That level of devotion is where the Protagonist-Centered Morality comes from, as while the Straw Hats are genuinely good people, they tend to prioritize each other and their friends before everything else, even if it pits them against the laws and politics of the World Government.
  • Animal Motifs: They all have them. According to Oda, they are as follows: Monkey for Luffy, Shark for Zoro, Cat for Nami, Duck for Sanji, Armadillo for Usopp, Reindeer for Chopper, Crane for Robin, Bull for Franky and Horse for Brook. And for the ships, it's Sheep for the Going Merry and Lion for the Thousand Sunny. A cover also shows an alternate motif by showing the crew together with the animals: Zoro is a tiger, Sanji is a ram, a skeletal ostrich for Brook, a hawk for Robin, a rhino for Franky, and the rest remains the same.
    • Additionally, in One Piece Unlimited Cruise, each of the Straw Hats had their own animal-themed costume:
      • Luffy: Lion
      • Zoro: Dragon
      • Nami: Tropical Fish
      • Usopp: Owl
      • Sanji: Goat
      • Chopper: Dinosaur
      • Robin: Butterfly
      • Franky: Rhinocerous
      • Brook: Swallow
  • Anti-Hero Team: They don't really care about politics, and as a rule have a "live and let live" attitude when it comes to the oppressive customs of countries they visit. Barbaric cruelty towards the helpless and/or innocent WILL rouse their anger, but in general they only fight tyrants when It's Personal. That being said, due their friendliness and generally good nature, they tend to make friends wherever they go. As a result, they almost always inevitably come in conflict with oppressive regimes harming their new allies. When they topple said regime to save them, they earn the friendship of all the inhabitants of islands they liberated.
  • Badass Crew: They may be a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, but there's no denying that this crew considers each other family, and will break anyone who threatens another Straw Hat. Despite the Enies Lobby incident being a prime example of this trope, the World Government still hasn't learned this lesson.
  • Badass Family: The lineage of a few of the Straw Hats are undeniably awesome.
  • Badass on Paper: If you were to read half of the Straw Hats achievements over the course of the series, you would assume that they were a ruthless crew of One-Man Army pirates who could steam roll anyone they face. If you were to actually spend ten minutes with the Straw Hats, you'd realize that they're a bunch of nut jobs who are lucky to have made it as far as they did. However, they're still able to defeat any pirate crew they come across. Trafalgar Law played this trope straight when he made an alliance with the Straw Hats, and was left dumbfounded by their antics.
  • Berserk Button: Harming innocent children in front of the Straw Hat Pirates is tantamount to opening declaring war with every last one of them. Just ask Caesar Clown.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: They are one of the most amicable, fun-loving pirates who never try to instigate fights. But, they're NOT pushovers. Many villains who decide to push their Berserk Button above end up kissing the metaphorical pavement.
  • Beware the Silly Ones:
    • They are one of, if not THE most eccentric crews on the Grand Line. They are also one of the most powerful and legendary ones as well, having defied the World Government several times and have practically gotten away with it. They've broken into one of the most secure government facilities in the world, while Luffy, The Captain, has also broken into the other two. One of them, he broke into twice.
    • To clarify: The crew wages war on the World Government's courthouse and makes a mess of it, later nullified by the Buster Call out right destroying the whole island bringing down thousands of armed guards and the World Government's best assassins in the process. Then Luffy breaks into Impel Down, an underwater prison/fortress/hell and then breaks outwith 240 other prisoners (only one other pirate had ever gotten out ever), and then arrives at the Marine Headquarters in the middle of a war with said escapees. By falling out of the sky in a battleship. A few days later he strolls back into the Headquarters, makes a statement by ringing a bell and having a moment of silence and then walks out.
    • They've also defeated three of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, a Carnival of Killers who are some of the biggest badasses in the setting. Boosting the Straw Hats' ranks are three of those same Warlords - Hancock, Law, and Jimbei, two of which performed a Heel–Face Turn and are now fighting the opposition.
    • This is contrasted amusingly when the crew met Law, who's the captain of a formidable crew in his own right, and was highly shocked when the crew shows their very unorthodox tendencies.
  • Break the Cutie: All of the Straw Hats' backstories have shades of this, to varying degrees. Perhaps the most heartbreaking stories among them would be Robin's (hunted down by Marines just for being an Ohara survivor and betrayed by almost every single person in existence) and Sanji's (failed Tykebomb who was viciously bullied and abused by both his father and similarly enhanced quadruplet brothers for being a compassionate "dud" until he ran away from home).
  • Bring It: Essentially what the Straw Hats told the World Government during the CP9 saga: if getting back Robin was tantamount to declaring war on the World, then the Government can bring it on.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Not what they do, but what people do to them. Despite their fearsome reputation, there continues to be villains well below their league (like, let's say, Hody Jones and Caesar Clown) who insist on provoking them and/or people they befriend until they force them to kick their asses.
  • Bully Hunter: Not intentionally, but as of the Sabaody Archipelago Saga, the Straw Hats have become feared amongst tyrants and despots for being this trope.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: They're an utterly random collection of individuals, quirky as hell (even the relatively saner ones), and about as far from normal pirates in this series as one can get. Get on their bad side, though, and they'll show you just how they earned those seemingly ridiculous bounties. Here's the list, in the order in which they joined the crew:
    • Zoro, first mate, is obsessed with strength, training, and swordsmanship, cannot find south with the help of a bird whose head always points south, and can cut steel with a sword (and that was before the timeskip).
    • Nami, the navigator, is unbelievably competent at her job and guessing weather changes, can use well a weather-based weapon to call thunder upon any enemy, and is one of the two relatively sane members of the crew, but is also incredibly greedy.
    • Usopp, the sniper, is a liar, a pessimist and a coward, but is a skilled artist, his lies have proven themselves useful many times, when necessary he has done acts of insane bravery, he's an hell of a Combat Pragmatist who can take on far stronger enemies, his pessimism made him immune to the powers of an enemy who could turn anyone else in a depressed wreck, and he's the goddamn best sniper in the world.
    • Sanji, the cook, is a perpetual womanizer who only fights with kicks to protect his hands, but his hands are what he uses as a Supreme Chef and his kicks put him on the Monster Trio of the crew with Luffy and Zoro. He also possesses Observation Haki as well as Armament Haki, as shown during his fight with his father, Judge, in the post-Time Skip Totto Land arc, and a genius level of spanner-throwing intelligence which resulted from being given adult-level military training by Judge as a child.
    • Chopper, the doctor, is a shape-shifting, talking reindeer who is incredibly shy and unbelievably gullible and ditzy, and is both an incredibly skilled doctor and a fighter formidable enough to fight with the strongest opponents in the first half of the Grand Line and win.
    • Nico Robin, the historian, is a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, a former assassin and brutally honest, but is also the sanest and most mature member of the crew and possibly the best historian in the world, and a formidable combatant.
    • Franky, the shipwright, is a perverted, speedo-wearing cyborg with a penchant for crying out "SUPER!". He has also built himself into a cyborg after a debilitating accident in his past, and even built the Thousand Sunny for the crew after the Going Merry is wrecked beyond repair and dies from her injuries.
    • Brook, the musician, is a a living skeleton with terrible puns and an obsession for women's underwear. He is also a genius musician, a formidable swordsman and used to be the captain of his own crew.
      • Though it can be misleading to put it like that since Brook wasn't the original captain and only inherited the position after the first captain (and half of the crew) contracted an incurable disease and left in order to not infect anyone else.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Sanji is the most prominent example, but Usopp is one also, to a lesser degree. After the Thriller Bark arc, Brook is added to the list, what with his panty obsession.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Every single one of them, to varying degrees. Even Nami and Usopp, by far the most grounded members of the crew, have their moments: Nami's reasoning flies straight out the window and plunges down into the sea the very moment money is mentioned, while Usopp is a perpetual liar whose fear often gets the best of him, and frequently joins in on Luffy's antics. Sanity is in no way a priority with this crew.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Due to Luffy being Luffy, almost everyone functions as the voice of reason for him, including the similarly crazy Zoro. They usually fail to reign him in, more or less.
  • Color-Coded Characters: According to Oda, each member has their own color scheme. Red for Luffy, Green for Zoro, Orange for Nami, Yellow for Usopp, Blue for Sanji, Pink for Chopper, Purple for Robin, Light Blue for Franky, and Black and White for Brook.
  • Commuting on a Bus: Due to the Party Scattering in the Sabaody Archipelago arc, the Straw Hat Crew (minus Luffy) spends almost the entirety of the Summit War Saga Out of Focus. note 
  • Cool Ship: Both the Going Merry before her death in Enies Lobby and the Thousand Sunny.
  • Costume Evolution: After the Time Skip, the entire crew get entirely new clothes that symbolize Character Development and taking a level in badass.
  • Crime of Self-Defense: Their 'crimes' against the World Government are mainly for protecting themselves and their friends from either corrupt members of the Government, and/or the pirates on their payroll. Usopp even lampshaded it during the Fishman Island arc when he, Brook, Nami, and Zoro took King Neptune and his soldiers hostage by saying they wouldn't have done so if the latter hadn't attacked them first.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Don't let the Straw Hats' crazy antics fool into thinking they aren't dangerous. Many foes have made the mistake of Underestimating Badassery... and paid for it dearly.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Aside from Nami, they have rather jubilant reactions to their bounties going up, with Chopper being continually disappointed that his is always so low, due to constantly being mistaken for the crew's "pet". Indeed, to folks like them it can be as much of a benefit as a liability.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: All of the crew members have a painful past that makes you want to give them a hug, especially Robin, Nami, Brook, Luffy, and Sanji. The only one who averts the trope is honorary member, Vivi, who had a loving family and happy childhood.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Pirates in the One Piece world are generally reviled and feared criminals, which is justified due to the behavior of typical pirates. Luckily, the Straw Hats are not typical pirates and are generally nice unless provoked.
  • Delinquents: In the gag comic "Mugiwara Theatre: Red-Hair of Class 3 - Sea Time", all of the Straw Hats are portrayed as problem students - Usopp is a hacker; Zoro is a sword-carrying punk; Sanji is a chainsmoker; Franky and Chopper constantly coerce their classmates into bringing them soda and cotton candy, respectively; Robin makes shady dealings with criminals behind the scenes (with Vivi being a criminal she deals with); Nami wears very short skirts and charges anyone who looks at her legs 500,000 beri; and Luffy is an aspiring college student with an extreme Hair-Trigger Temper. Shanks is sent to discipline the Straw Hats by the principal, Bon Clay, and turn them into model students. Shanks inspires them to become pirates instead.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: As noted in Beware the Silly Ones above, when one of their own (Robin) was captured by the World Government, they reacted by burning the World Government's flag, saving Robin, and leaving Enies Lobby in ruins, taking down CP9 in the progress. Thus why all of them get new/improved bounties three days afterward.
  • Does Not Like Spam: In an SBS question, a fan asked Oda what each crew member's least favorite food was.
    • Monkey D. Luffy: A certain shop's cherry pie
    • Roronoa Zoro: Chocolate (It's too sweet)
    • Nami: Orangette (Prefers actual fruit)
    • Usopp: Mushrooms (Got sick once)
    • Vinsmoke Sanji: Konjac (Not nutritious)
    • Tony Tony Chopper: All things spicy (It's not sweet)
    • Nico Robin: Gum (Can't swallow it)
    • Franky: Marshmallow (It's not hard)
    • Brook: Lemon (Can't make a sour face)
  • Dope Slap: Or rather, "Dope Punch", and applied liberally. Luffy is the most frequent victim of this, due to being... well, Luffy.
  • The Dreaded: Following the timeskip, the crew has such an infamous reputation that only veteran New World pirates or vice-admiral class (or higher) fighters would dare to get on their bad side.
  • Dysfunction Junction: With the exception of Luffy at first, all of them have complicated quirks that somehow mesh together in a weird family bond unlike any other crew in the series.
  • Elemental Powers: Somewhat unusual version in-universe as none of them is a Logia:
  • Everyone Has Standards: For the most part, they care about their members and friends more than anyone else, even the entire rest of the world, in Robin's case. However, they're typically shown to be quite upset whenever their enemies callously harm their own minions, from Sanji and Franky's shock at Rob Lucci pulling a You Have Failed Me on Nero, to Chopper saving an Enforcer from Gedatsu's attack.
  • Famed In-Story: In the beginning, they're nobodies who get laughed at wherever they go, which is justified by the World Government covering up and lying about their exploits. By the Time Skip, they're considered one of the most dangerous pirate crews in the setting and are always instantly recognized. But it isn't until the Dressrosa arc that things really kick off thanks to Fujitora revealing to the entire world that it was pirates who defeated Doflamingo, not the World Government.
  • Family of Choice: As per one of the show's themes that "family is who you choose", all of the crewmen are detached from their blood relatives in some way, and found a new family in the crew.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Really becomes evident during the climax of the Arlong arc, and reinforced during the Enies Lobby arc. Their efforts in sailing the Grand Line turn them become the Badass Family that we know and love now.
  • Fisher Kingdom: Fisher Crew, rather. It doesn't matter if you grew up as a stoic, paranoid child as you betray crews after crews like Robin, a Creepy Child whose default expression is a Psychotic Smirk like Law, or an infamous pirate feared and respected through the seas like Jimbei. The longer you spend time with the crew, the more their zaniness rubs on you, and sooner or later you'll find yourself making facial expressions you never think you would. Vivi and Jimbei just learned to accept their antics, though Law is still resisting.
  • Flower Motifs: In an SBS question, a fan asked Yuriko Yamaguchi (Robin's voice actress) what flower would suit each of the Straw Hats. She gave the following combinations:
    • Monkey D. Luffy: Cosmos - represents a balanced universe (he opposes villainy of all kinds as well as the heavily corrupt World Government).
    • Roronoa Zoro: Thistle - represents nobility (a stern yet noble swordsman) and warnings (a deadly and absolute Blood Knight if suitably provoked).
    • Nami: Sunflower - represents, in Chinese culture, vitality and intelligence (Oda stated she was one of few people who had the most intelligence in the series).
    • Usopp: Daisy - represents innocence and loyalty, though it can also represent dishonesty (he's a Consummate Liar).
    • Sanji: Delphinium - represents passionate attachment and a huge heart; ironically, because of the plant's toxicity, he can mean "death" (either a villain's evil plan dies; hilariously, any attempt on his part to attract and form serious relationships with women dies; or a reference to his family of assassins, how his biological mother died trying to save him and his quadruplet brothers from being turned into emotionless Tykebombs by their father, and Sanji being sentenced to starve to death in the family dungeons for being a "dud" while still a child).
    • Tony Tony Chopper: Tulip - represents forgiveness (he accidentally poisoned his Parental Substitute with a mushroom thinking it'll cure his sickness, and became a doctor to rectify that mistake) and cheerfulness (a Cheerful Child and Genius Ditz).
    • Nico Robin: Casablanca - represents devotion (Undying Loyalty to the Straw Hats) and the restoration of innocence after death (she is the Sole Survivor of the Ohara incident and an extremely Broken Bird who had her faith in humanity restored by the Straw Hats).
    • Franky: Anemone - represents death of loved ones (Tom's Frame-Up by Spandam and subsequent execution by the Marines), forsaken/forgotten love (he was thrown into the seas by his pirate parents as a child), bad luck (was a gang leader for a time, and was indirectly involved in Tom's death), and protection against evil (he built many hidden weapons into the SUPER Thousand Sunny, for one).
    • Brook: Rose - represents passion, love (his passion for music and love for women's panties) and/or death, farewells, and rebirth (his death as a human to illness and subsequent rebirth as a walking skeleton due to his Devil Fruit).
  • Friend to All Children: The Straw Hats act as big brother/big sister figures towards the children they meet in their journey. Which means they don't take it very well when the Big Bad hurts one.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: To the world's eyes, Luffy started off as an overly-ambitious kid in a small town with no crew. Two years and a whole lot of adventures later, his crew is considered legendary par none, and the manga isn't even over yet!
  • Goal in Life: Going with the overall theme of dreams in One Piece, each Straw Hat has a dream that they want to come true someday.
    • Luffy wants to become the Pirate King, obviously.
    • Zoro wants to become the greatest swordsman, a goal shared with his deceased childhood friend, Kuina, and defeat Dracula Mihawk.
    • Sanji wants to find the All Blue, a sea where all types of fish gather from different parts of the ocean, and become an even better Supreme Chef.
    • Nami wants to make a chart of the entire world, and earn lots of money.
    • Usopp wants to become a better man and a hero like his father, Yasopp, who is serving as a sniper in Shanks' crew.
    • Chopper wants to become a doctor who is so skilled in medicine, that he'll be seen as a walking "all-purpose cure" for the afflicted.
    • Robin wants to find the Poneglyphs, which contain information about the "Void Century", a period in time that was heavily censored by the World Government.
    • Franky wants to build, and sail on, the greatest sailing ship of the seas.
    • Brook wants to find and reunite with Laboon, a baby whale his dead former crew befriended at the Grand Line, and whom the Straw Hats previously met before the Thriller Bark arc.
  • A Hero to His Hometown: Their friends and families all regard their Wanted Posters as cause for celebration (which is justified, as none of them have much love for the World Government.)
  • Heroic Neutral: They're pirates who do not commit acts of piracy. All around, they're the nicest crew in the series. When you closely examine their heroics though, you'll notice they very rarely go after any of the antagonists until one of their own gets targeted. This extends to people they consider allies as well.
  • Hey, You!: To Zoro, Sanji is "Cook", nothing more. To Sanji, Zoro is "Marimo" (ball seaweed, referring to his short green hair), nothing more.
    • In the Funimation English dub, Sanji instead calls Zoro "Mosshead", nothing more.
    • A fan in one SBS brought to Oda's attention that Sanji has used Zoro's name on a handful of occasions, while Zoro has never called Sanji by name.
  • Hidden Depths: Whether indicated in backstories or present events in the story, none of them are exactly what they seem at the surface.
  • Honorary True Companion: To the Straw Hats, Vivi, Jimbei, and Law are part of the crew even though they aren't officially members.
    • Vivi was given an offer to join the crew but had to turn it down due to her responsibilities in Alabasta. Despite that, she still remains a staunch friend and is notably the only person outside the crew to realize the true message of Luffy ringing the Ox Bell, though she lacked the context to understand what the message meant.
    • Jimbei was also given an invitation to the crew he turned down, but only to wrap up some business with Big Mom since he was allied with her and he fully intends to take up the offer if it still stands by the time he's free to do so. He eventually decides to fully leave Big Mom's service in the Totto Land arc and join the Straw Hats officially.
    • Law, and by extension his crew, makes a formal alliance with the Straw Hats and travels with them for a while; as a result, he is treated like a closer companion than the Straw Hats' usual one-arc allies... much to his own chagrin, since Luffy treats the alliance like a friendship pact as opposed to the business agreement Law envisioned. He nevertheless respects the Straw Hats, and gradually gets pulled into the crew's usual antics.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Everyone is this to Luffy. Unless it's fighting, eating, or personal/friendship related, Luffy sucks at it. Luffy himself has acknowledged this in the Arlong arc:
    Luffy: (to Arlong) I know! Of course I can't use swords, you idiot! I can't navigate! I can't cook! I can't even tell lies! This is why I need my friends if I want to survive!
  • The Idealist: A whole crew of them, unified by their unwavering desire to achieve their collective dreams.
  • Improbable Age: The crew as a whole qualifies, considering how powerful and well-known they are. Most of the crew are teenagers or young adults, and the oldest members of the crew are fairly young (even Brook, who is 90 post-timeskip, died at age 38, which isn't terribly old).
  • It's Personal with the Dragon: Since Luffy's opponent in each arc is the main antagonist, the other Straw Hats face off against the minions. To justify facing their opponents, sometimes the Straw Hats have a personal reason to fight them.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: As a whole, they are not physically stronger, faster, or smarter than other crews or the Marines. However, with each crew member falling under some varying niche, it allows them to exploit a weakness their opponents have, or one crewman cover the others when their weakness is exploited. For instance, when faced against Perona on Thriller Bark, only Usopp could stand against her as he was such a pessimist, her pessimist-causing ghosts became depressed by touching him.
  • Justified Criminal: Much like anyone who opposes the World Government, and their status as such tends to grow with every arc. Among the Straw Hats in particular, only Robin and Franky had direct, personal involvement with the World Government, since it screwed them and their families over in epically horrific ways.
  • Leitmotif: During their "eyecatcher" in the anime, they each have their own short, musical piece.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang: While rare in the beginning, after entering the New World because of the increasingly complicated problems they face, the Straw Hats frequently split into groups to complete different objectives.
  • Living Emotional Crutch: All of them are this to each other - remove one of them, everyone else falls apart. Case in point: Ace's death in the Marineford arc sent Luffy this close to the Despair Event Horizon and it was the reminder of his crew being out there that kept Luffy from said horizon. In the sixth movie, Luffy was a near-dead wreck, trudging like a zombie towards Baron in an attempt to save his friends from being completely devoured by Lily, despite being turned into a human pin cushion.
  • Lovable Rogues: All of the Straw Hats, especially Brook and Chopper.
  • Magnetic Hero: Due to their general combination of incredibly zany personalities with pureness of heart and big dreams, tend to earn the respect and friendship of many characters in their travels. Most notable during the timeskip, when they were all separated and resolved to train and become more powerful to tackle the challenges of the New World. All of the Straw Hats made fast companions during this time.
  • Mama Bear: The female members are fiercely protective over their fellow crew. Hurt them and you'll die.
  • Mysterious Past: The Monster Trio, all three of whom got the short end of the stick in regards to backstory. While we know the events that motivated them and inspired their dreams, their lives before that are virtually unknown. We know (or at least have idea) why Luffy ended up with Garp, but how and the circumstances surrounding it haven't be revealed yet. We have no idea where Zoro came from other than that once he decided he wanted to become a swordsman, he left home. We know Sanji came from North Blue, but how and why he ended up as an apprentice cook on a cruise ship sailing for East Blue isn't known. In short, the Monster Trio are both the strongest members of the crew and the most mysterious, in a way.
    • Right before the timeskip, we have learned more about Luffy's past: We learn that he was left to train under Garp and then ended up in the care of Dadan, a leader of bandits. Here, he met Ace and Sabo, how they became brothers and Sabo's supposed death. We are still left with questions about Luffy's mother though.
    • It seems that Sanji's past will be very important in the New World. Apparently he comes from a royal family of famous assassins. Famous enough to have arranged a marriage between Sanji and one of Big Mom's daughters, Pudding. It's also revealed that Sanji has four siblings in the form of an older sister, and three older and younger quadruplet brothers, all who were psychologically and physically modified by their father in an attempt to turn his children into utterly remorseless Tykebombs, especially Sanji and his brothers, whose modifications took place in utero. Sanji's mother died trying to preserve her sons' humanity, and only Sanji came out completely normal as his mother planned, and for that, he was viciously abused and bulled by his father and brothers for most of his childhood. Eventually, he was written off as dead and left to rot in the family dungeons. With the help of his older sister, Sanji escaped and ran away from home, after which a series of events led to him meeting Zeff and living in the East Blue as a Baratie chef.
  • Not Me This Time: In the gag comic "Mugiwara Theatre: Detective Loomes", the titular detective Loomes (Luffy) and his assistant Dr. Usotson (Usopp) investigate the murder of rich man Bronegie (Brook) and round up some notorious criminals - Sanjeen (Sanji), a professional assassin; criminal couple Robie (Robin) and Cholyde (Chopper); Namiron (Nami), a greedy maid; Hanzoru (Zoro), an Ax-Crazy samurai; and Frack the Ripper (Franky), an equally Ax-Crazy Serial Killer. Despite committing horrible misdeeds themselves, the criminals Loomes interrogates insist tney didn't kill Bronegie. Turns out they were right; Bronegie wasn't murdered, he knocked himself out by slipping and hitting his head. Namiron just so happened to discover him while he was out cold, leading to the murder investigation.
  • Older and Wiser: They have most definitely grown by the time of the New World saga.
  • One-Man Army: Or "One Woman Army". Each of the crew members are capable of kicking ass on their own, except for Usopp (and he is getting closer to being one).
  • Papa Wolf: The male members are fiercely protective over their mates. Hurt them and you'll die.
  • Parental Abandonment: Most all of them had adoptive families; Usopp's the only member so far who's even shown to have both biological parents (not counting Chopper, since his parents were just some average reindeer), and when he was a kid his father left and never came back, and soon after his mother died of an illness.
  • Party Scattering: At the end of the Sabaody Archipelago arc courtesy of Bartholomew Kuma, who defeats the crew easily and sends them off to faraway places at different ends of the world (though he was actually was being Cruel to Be Kind rather than outright malicious). They get back together after the two-year Time Skip.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: Their only legitimate act of theft was to steal some gold from the Shandorians... who would have given them far more if they hadn't run away!
  • The Power of Friendship: The mere hint that one of their companions is troubled or in danger by an outside force will make them rise up to defend the friend. Even making them withstand what should be normally fatal attacks or situations simply because their friends need them. It's what motivated them to rescue Robin from the Marines and declare war on the World Government in the Enies Lobby arc and later rescue Sanji and the Vinsmoke family from Big Mom's crew in the Totto Land arc. Sanji even tried turning down the opportunity to marry an attractive woman because of his loyalty to the Straw Hats - unfortunately, his asshole family blackmailed him into complying.
  • The Power of Love: Many of Luffy's actions are driven out of the intense platonic, friendly love he has for his crew — there is nothing in the world Luffy wouldn't do for them. Luffy's crew, in turn, are willing to do almost anything for him, putting up with his selfishness without a second thought.
  • Quantity vs. Quality: Definitely a win for quality. Despite being smaller than most organized crews, the Straw Hats have proven to be one of the most dangerous crews in the world. When Luffy declared he wanted at least 10 members for his crew, he knew he wanted them to be on par, hence the reason he chooses highly specialized members instead of just anyone he comes across.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits:
    • The story starts with a rubber man recruiting a swordsman as his first mate. Then, they recruit an ace thief and meteorologist, a hapless cowardly sniper, and a kick-boxing chef. When they enter the East Blue, they recruit a shape-shifting reindeer doctor, an archeologist, a soda-run cyborg shipwright, and a living skeletal musician. Around the time they enter the New World, they are joined by a fishman. Over the course of the series, the heroes eventually evolve into a Badass Crew.
    • This at least partially on purpose. Two specific examples are Chopper and Brook whom Luffy recruited just because they were notoriously weird, even for One Piece standards.
    • Combine them with the Straw Hat Grand Fleet and they take this Trope one step further.
  • Red Baron: "Straw Hat" Luffy, "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, "Cat Burglar" Nami, "Devil Child" Nico Robin, "King of the Snipers" Sogeking (also known as Usopp), "Black Leg" Sanji, "Cyborg" Franky, and "Humming/Soul King" Brook. ("Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper doesn't really count though, since his cute appearance led the Marines to believe he's the crew's pet). Usopp was later known as "God" Usopp and got a drastic bounty increase to match. All members have one to go along with their badassery.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot:
    • The entire male crew's mouths could use a serious scrubbing with industrial-strength disinfectant; somewhat justified in that they do literally "swear like sailors." The Taiwanese translation of the manga in particular give them vocabulary so foul and vulgar it would make Eminem himself blush in embarrassment.
    • Nami can be almost as rough as the guys, though she is not very fond of Toilet Humor and thus usually avoids words like "shit". She can be more than the guys in certain translations (like in the Danish and German ones), probably to compliment her Pirate Girl image.
    • The first volume of the Viz translation used profanity abundantly, but it was quickly toned down for the rest of the series. The Funimation dub has a majority of the male crew members (and Nami) swear rather frequently, with Robin and Brook being the least profane and Sanji and Zoro among the most.
  • Spanner in the Works: This crew is the main reason why several villainous plots on the Grand Line haven't succeeded. It's either because they befriended someone who just happened to be directly affected by said plot, or thwarted said plot unknowingly while trying to accomplish a completely different goal. Sanji in particular is very good at displaying this trope when his crew isn't looking, especially in the Alabasta arc thanks to the adult-level military training his father, Judge, gave him when he was still a child living in the Germa kingdom.
  • Tears of Fear: Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are quite prone to this in troubling situations.
  • Took a Level in Badass: They start out well enough with Luffy, Nami, and Zoro. But with each arc finished, they Level Grind to a stronger point of Badass and gain a new member, each one even more awesome than the last. Then there was their jump after the time skip, to the point a previous hurdle was taken out with a basic attack.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: In an SBS question, a fan asked what each of the Straw Hats' favorite food were. Oda gave the following as a reply:
    • Monkey D. Luffy: ALL KINDS OF MEAT.
    • Roronoa Zoro: White rice, sea king meat, and anything that complements ale.
    • Nami: Mainly tangerines as well as other kinds of fruit.
    • Usopp: Pike from an autumn island as well as other fish of the season.
    • Sanji: Spicy seafood pasta and food that complements black tea.
    • Tony Tony Chopper: Cotton candy, chocolate, and other sweet food and drinks.
    • Nico Robin: Sandwiches, cakes that aren't too sweet, and food that complements coffee.
    • Franky: Hamburgers, french fries, and food that complements cola.
    • Brook: Tea and takoyaki.
  • True Companions: The Straw Hat crew is the original Trope Namer, having had coined the term "Nakama" (before the page name was finally changed after 3 attempts). Despite their arguments, insults, and fists, their bond is so strong that in the Enies Lobby arc, when the Marines captured Robin for the crime of being the Sole Survivor of Ohara's Buster Call incident, the Straw Hats burned the flag atop the Tower of Justice and literally declared war on the world. Even Sanji, who is a Chivalrous Pervert par none, turned down Charlotte Pudding, a (supposedly) sweet girl he was forced to marry, instead choosing to stay loyal to his crew. Luffy, Nami, Brook, and Chopper were even shocked at the fact.
  • Two Girls to a Team: Robin and Nami to the guys. Vivi doesn't count, since she's only an "honorary member".
  • Underestimating Badassery: Can go both ways with this crew.
    • On the one hand, they'll happily jump to meet the next challenge, regardless of the danger posed (in fact, Luffy would have it no other way) which later resulted in Reality Ensues when the crew pre-Time Skip try to confront Bartholomew Kuma and turn out to be collectively massively unprepared to take on such a foe, resulting in a humiliating defeat.
    • On the other, many of their enemies have a pattern of seeing the Straw Hats as easy pickings... only to severely regret it later on when they see just how much trouble this crew can make when they set their minds to it, as lampshaded by Trafalgar Law. It's doubly so since some of the Straw Hats were born/lived in East Blue, seen by many as the "weakest" of the four seas.
  • Undying Loyalty: No matter whatever hardships they face, no matter the burdens they carry, not a single member of this crew will ever betray Luffy. Ever. Likewise, this crew is the main reason why Luffy bothers continuing to live.
    • This trope became a plot point for the majority of the Totto Land arc where Sanji was essentially kidnapped by the Vinsmokes, his own family, and forced to choose between marrying a beautiful woman who shares her interest, or escaping to rejoin his crew. Further complicating matters was the fact that his family. most who had been rather abusive to him in childhood for being "weak", blackmailed Sanji into going through with the marriage, and the reveal that the blackmailing was all for naught since said marriage turns out to be a sham and his bride-to-be's family (including the bride-to-be herself) wants to kill off the Vinsmokes and obtain their secret cloning technologies. The result is a Trauma Conga Line.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Possibly to Trafalgar Law, depending on what exactly his true intentions are.
    • Turns out they're more of Spanners In The Works since Law's plan isn't going as smoothly as he liked. For one, the captain felt the need to not follow it through because he got too pissed off with the target, and sent him flying.
    • Mentioned by Law himself. When Smoker confronts him about this after the battle at Punk Hazard is over, Law mentions he is not so sure who is using who. He is referring to Luffy's plan of fighting all of the Four Emperors. This makes sense as before we found out it was Kaidou, Luffy had plans to fight 3 out of the 4. Shanks because of their promise, Blackbeard for retribution and Big Mom to free Fishman Island. With Kaido being targeted by Law, this alliance serves Luffy's purposes to take down all of them, as long as Shanks is last.
      • It became evident in Chapter 700 that Law, despite being the one who's calling the shots on the plan they have to take down Kaido, is not the one in control, and probably never was in the first place. He's eventually going to realize that Luffy does what he wants and doesn't give a damn about the consequences. Then he'll realize that he's being sucked into Luffy's circle, just like Luffy's entire crew did when each of them first met him.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Read any chapter and you're likely to find one of them yelling at/slapping/hitting another one (Sanji and Zoro, though, take the cake on this one). Don't ever let that fool you, though, they're as close as family.
  • Weirdness Magnet: It's deliberate. Most pirate crews on the Grand Line carefully calculate their routes to avoid danger. This crew on the other hand goes on the most dangerous route possible for the captain's amusement.
    • It gets worse in the New World. The Log Pose there has three needles, and the ones that shake the most violently are the most dangerous. Nami has a major freak out about the possibility of Luffy finding out (which he does, mere moments later).
  • What Could Have Been: In-Universe example. In an SBS question, a fan asked Oda what each crew member's career of choice would be if they weren't pirates, and he provided a response to the question made by another fan, seeing as they were suitable enough:
    • Monkey D. Luffy: A Firefighter
    • Roronoa Zoro: A Police Officer
    • Nami: A Childcare Worker
    • Usopp: A Graphic Designer
    • Sanji: A Beauty Salon Worker
    • Tony Tony Chopper: An Elementary School Teacher
    • Nico Robin: A Cabin Attendant
    • Franky: A Pilot
    • Brook: A Detective
  • Wild Card: There exists a tentative stability between the pirates and the Marines, which most crews can be expected to abide by. The Straw Hats are not one of those crews. To put it in perspective, the crew or its individual members have fought and unseated three Warlords under various circumstances, gave the proverbial middle finger to the World Government, punched a World Noble in the face, helped stage a mass breakout from Impel Down, fought in war between the Marines and Whitebeard, and are on their way to taking on the Four Emperors.
  • Wild Take: Hilariously exaggerated expressions are a trademark staple in One Piece, but the Straw Hat crew does this a lot, especially when they're reacting to a crewmate's (usually Luffy) idiocy. Usopp does it the most when the going's getting good. Even the crew's former ship, the Going Merry, pulled one just after everyone discovered the only way out of Skypeia was a 7,000 meter drop!.
  • Women Are Wiser: Nami and Robin, the only female members of the crew that are permanent, often serve as voices of reason for their male crewmates, but sometimes their antics infects the girls.
  • Worth Living For: This crew is filled with misfits and (in society's eyes) freaks. There isn't much that many of them have to live for — but for many of them, this crew, their family, is enough. After Ace's death, Luffy was close to crossing the Despair Event Horizon. Yet in the face of such an overwhelming tragedy, it is ultimately his crew that gives him the strength to move on and live his life, as Ace would've wanted him to.
  • Would Hit a Girl/Wouldn't Hit a Girl: The male members of the crew, or more specifically, the Monster Trio, having this in descending order. Luffy would hit a girl because it really doesn't matter who or what you are; if you piss him off, he will hurt you. Zoro will fight women, but he has a tendency to use the bare minimum of force it takes to defeat them. Sanji, however, will never hit a woman, which is not so much the belief that they're weak than it is his upbringing in which he was taught that men not hitting women is an absolute iron-clad rule of nature written since the time of the dinosaurs that prevents him from doing so. Though it doesn't stop him from bluffing, like he did with Robin back before she joined the crew. And he was willing to trade defensive kicks with Kalifa of CP9.
  • You Are Worth Hell: Every single one of them would gladly suffer any pain and face certain death for each other's sake. Best exemplified in the Enies Lobby arc when they declare war on the World Government, so they'd carry the same burden as Robin.

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