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The final boss will be Princess Daisy, possessed by King Boo.
It would be the ultimate cruelty to Luigi—having to fight his one true love.
  • Or perhaps Mario could be the one being possessed? Having to fight his brother after going to all the trouble of rescuing him before would be just as sinister.
    • Jossed. It's just King Boo. Again.

The final battle will be against King Boolossus.
King Boolossus will be a fusion of King Boo and Boolossus with King Boo in control.
  • Jossed... But you were on the right track. Boolossus is the boss of the Scarescraper after all.

Daisy will be involved Maybe as a co-op player
Yeah a long shot. But with the inclusion of a two player co-op for the first game on 3DS. There is a slight chance Nintendo could come around to letting her be a player two characters for this ghost stopping adventure. Considering Luigi's mansion is back in the public spotlight and her now playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it could be likely?
  • Jossed - see below.

If not Daisy, then another Mario character could be Luigi's co-op parter.
For example it could be Waluigi could getting his turn in the spotlight, Professor Elvin Gadd could help Luigi in the field, Nabbit after the Mansion's treasure, one of Gadd's Toad assistants, Metal Luigi from Smash Bros or Gooigi.
  • Confirmed as Gooigi.

Mario, Peach, and Toad will be playable.
This is Gamexplain's theory based on the four photos in the lobby of the hotel.
  • Expanding on that, the mansion will be divided into four areas like the first game. Mario, Peach, and Toad have all been trapped in portraits that are hung up at the end of each area. Luigi will free one of them after defeating an area boss. In an ironic twist, Peach will be the first to be rescued, and Mario will be the last to be rescued. Each character will have their own special ability:
    • Peach can float in the air for a short period of time after her poltergust lifts her up.
    • Toad can run faster.
    • Mario can go up higher with his poltergust.
      • All Jossed.

Daisy is the game's Damsel in Distress
Hellbent on ruining Luigi's life, King Boo has also captured Daisy and turned her into a portrait. She's the final person Luigi needs to rescue. To expand on the first WMG, King Boo will trap Luigi, and Luigi alone, in Daisy's portrait where King Boo will possess her and force Luigi to fight her in a nightmarish final battle. Finishing the game will unlock a co-op campaign where one player controls Luigi and the other controls Daisy.
  • Co-op is already Luigi and Gooigi, so that last part is most likely Jossed.
    • Completely Jossed.

King Boo's plot was A Fête Worse Than Death.
Going by the pizzas everywhere, King Boo hosted a fake reunion party/vacation for Mario and pals, then sent a legion of ghosts to kidnap them. Luigi immediately recognized the Hell Hotel for what it was and faked being sick or late, and thus he's now the only one not in a portrait and using the latest Poltergust.
  • Reunion party? Reunion for what? The Super Mario Bros. Super Show?
  • From the looks of things, all four of them arrived at the same time. Doesn't mean the plot is as suggested though.
    • New details from the official site somewhat Jossed this some more - as apparently it's not King Boo who brings the group here, but whomever did was doing so to help King Boo.
    • Turns out, Gravely (the owner) invited the group to the hotel so that King Boo could capture them, so the A Fête Worse Than Death part is confirmed, but the rest is Jossed.

The bosses will be possessed Mario characters.
The abducted Mario and friends will be taken over by their own Boo guards and forced to fight Luigi in dark parodies of their norma thematics (Mario's possessor will be huge and Playing with Fire, Peach's controls a Garden of Evil, etc). The final boss will be a Battle in the Center of the Mind when King Boo tries to take over Luigi and uses the Poltergust against him.
  • From the Nintendo Treehouse segment, it seems this is Jossed - in fact, one boss is a ghost in a monster outfit which Luigi and Gooigi have to work together to defeat to appease the ghost film director in order to progress.
    • Fully Jossed

King Boo's crown will be worth -1 coins in this game.

  • Nope, it's worth absolutely... Nothing! So Jossed.
    • Though at least in Dark Moon, Luigi kept the crown, even if it meant nothing for the in-game currency. Here, it flat-out disappears into nothing!

Nabbit will also make an appearance.
If playable, he specializes in collecting collectibles. He cannot attack enemies, but in return, he cannot be damaged.
  • Jossed

In an ironic nod to the original Luigi's Mansion, King Boo will be the Big Bad / Final Boss' Monster Suit.
Although, due to his ghostly form, it may be a holographic suit or a magical representation of him.
  • Jossed. It's the real King Boo, with no monster suits.

Gooigi will make an appearance/be related to Luigi's tank of goo backpack
Smash did tease the new Polutgust ahead of time after all it only makes sense that the sudden appearance of a giant wad of emerald goo in the remake of an older game might be related to the tank of emerald goo in the sequel. It would also make sense if the plot included Gooigi being trained in the past during Dark Moon as a reason he's being added to the Polturgust now instead of in Dark Moon.
  • Adding to this, Smash Ultimate reveals that the new Poltergust model is designated "G-00", "Goo".

This game will contain a few sarcastic references and Take Thats at Hotel Mario.
"If you need instructions on how to get through the hotel, check out the enclosed e-manual."
  • This trooper hasn't seen any at all through his playthrough, so most likely Jossed.

Bonneters, or the Bonneter, Cappy, will get a nod.
They're a pretty significant ghost race introduced to the Mario universe, so maybe they could be Gadd's assistants or just have a Freeze-Frame Bonus background appearance as Luigi is exploring and investigating. Otherwise, they could appear in a graphic on something or be alluded to in dialogue.
  • Seemingly jossed, unless such a reference is just really really well-hidden.

Chuggaaconroy's prediction for the plot setup will be true.
In his words, before a third game was even rumored: "If [Dark Moon] happened all because E. Gadd had a garage sale where he sold off the painting of King Boo, I'm calling it right now. Luigi's Mansion 3 is only gonna happen because he sat on the remote one night and hit the Boo [release] button."
  • Or he put something on the switch.
    • Jossed. Apparently, it was Gravely who freed King Boo instead of E Gadd doing so. Sorry, Chugga...

We're going to get some The Shining references or other hotel based horror jokes.
The Shining, Psycho, and others. Take your pick.
  • Confirmed. The fire helmets in Paranormal Productions are emblazoned with the number 237, the infamous room from The Shining, and the carpet pattern in that film is referenced by the hallway rug in the Twisted Suites.

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror will get a Shout-Out.
In the form of an Evil Elevator that will transport Luigi to Another Dimension as well as the hotel's various floors.
  • Well, the elevator is how he gets from floor to floor. Only time will tell if it also leads to another dimension...
    • Nope, it doesn't. So Jossed, sadly.

There will be references to other horror games.
Particularly indie ones. Considering the official Undertale content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, they might consider making a quick reference to some indie horror games. Maybe Luigi will encounter some spooky animatronics or watch some black-and-white cartoons. It doesn't have to be licensed or anything, but Nintendo has been acknowledging indie games more and more lately.
  • None of those show up as bosses or normal ghosts, so Jossed.

There will be more character-based boss ghosts.
To expect the admittedly jarring level of realism of the first game' Portrait Ghosts is unrealistic, but they could easily go with more abstract human caricatures like the Three Sisters to use as regular minibosses. It's a hotel setting; that's practically begging for colorful resident ghosts, given all of the guest rooms and event spots within the hotel.
  • Seemingly confirmed!
    • Completely confirmed. Many of them are hotel staff, but some just seem to be there for the themed rooms they're fought in.

The hotel will have a casino area somewhere, if not The Very Definitely Final Dungeon.
While casinos and hotels often go together (in high-class hotels, at least), casinos are sometimes associated with King Boo as well, such as the Playing Card Motifs in the first Luigi's Mansion and King Boo being fought in the hotel casino in Super Mario Sunshine. Since this game is in a hotel again, this might be a great opportunity to make King Boo, or maybe other ghosts, The Gambler again.
  • Part of the hotel's exterior, near the top, has neon and other colorful lights, and definitely looks like it could be the exterior of a casino. And with the return of unique ghosts similar to the Portrait Ghosts, maybe we'll get a new gambler ghost.
  • Partially Jossed. As shown here, at least part of the neon area is actually themed after a nightclub, complete with a disco floor. There may still be a casino room somewhere, though.
  • It's worth noting that the King Boo in Sunshine isn't the same King Boo and actually has a different name in Japanese.note  So the connection wouldn't be as strong for the Japanese audience.
    • Fully Jossed. None of the hotel floors are casino-themed.

Halfway into the game, Bowser will have a supporting protagonist role.
Having known that Mario, Luigi, Peach and the others would come to the hotel tower, Bowser wanted to take the opportunity to take it over and imprison everyone inside...but instead finds himself locked in.

With Bowser Jr. having been sealed inside of a painting, Bowser was the only one able to escape the now utterly insane King Boo's clutches: but now he has no choice but to perform another Enemy Mine with Luigi to save his son and the others, even though Bowser would only care about saving Peach and Jr.. If not sharing the deuteragonist role, Bowser could even be a second playable character - fighting the ghosts with his brute force and fire breath.

  • Alternatively: King Boo captured Mario, Peach, and the Toads as part of a deal from Bowser. Bowser's intention was to let King Boo keep the Mario Bros. and the Toads while Bowser gets Peach's portrait, where he will release her and marry her. That way with the Mario Bros. out of the way, there would be nobody stopping him from marrying Peach and taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately for him, King Boo ultimately betrays him and seals him too, along with Bowser Jr., inside of their own portraits where Luigi must save them.

    • Both Jossed. Bowser doesn't play any role in the game.

King Boo has officially lost his mind.
After having been imprisoned, twice, it is very safe to assume that King Boo is pretty much done with any subtleties and is just wanting to destroy Luigi in the most horrific ways imaginable. And considering that he had tried destroying the universe and beyond in Dark Moon, imagine the depths he would stoop to now if his demeanour is already this angry and malicious.
  • Considering how he acts when he sees Luigi for the first time without the Poultergust? Most likely.

It will fix all the mistakes Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon made
It's unknown at this time if there will be a ranking feature, but this will likely avoid the situations the previous game had.note  Among other things:
  • It won't tell you how much damage you took.
  • There won't be a part where there's a random path, with a ghost laughing at you as fall helplessly back to the start.note 

    • For what it's worth, going back to a single free-roaming location rather than several mission-based locations seems to be an attempt at addressing THAT particular complaint, as well as having humanoid ghosts that the prior title lacked. Correcting issues with Dark Moon seems to be a priority.

    • Confirmed. Your ranking is entirely based on how much money you collect as you play, just like the first game.

This game will at some point have a non-ghostly or unpossessed enemy and/or boss that cannot be sucked up to take advantage of the suction shot mechanic.
This theory goes off the new mechanic of the suction shot: It allows Luigi to break physical objects, and draw items away from ghosts. A potential extension of breaking objects would be a boss or enemy that’s not a ghost, or simply a possessed item. This type of foe wouldn't be likely to give up it’s ghost unless it’s body is too badly broken, or it was forced out. This theoretical enemy or boss could be some type of sentient and malfunctioning machine, or something like a possessed suit of armour. Although we don’t know where they’ll fit in what we know, we haven’t seen all the floors yet, so the first type could appear in a workshop, or even in E.Gadd’s new base, while the second type could pop out from anywhere. Although it’s unlikely due to potential problems for new players, this type of opponent would be a surprise and able to encourage the use of the new suction shot move, and a boss using it as a key weakness would be an interesting challenge for both old and new players.

  • Confirmed! An early boss can only be harmed through the Suction Shot, and a few others also need it before you can start to catch them.

The Portrait Ghosts from Luigi's Mansion will make a cameo appearance.
They will appear as portraits around the hotel or photos of previous guests.
  • The music hall themed floor, which has a poster resembling the mad piano from Mario 64, is also a great opportunity to give Melody Pianissima a potential comeback, or at least a cameo. She's a fan favourite after all.
    • Sadly, not this time.

The final boss is Not King Boo...
Okay, so this is a theory based on a very large strawgrasp based on the appearance of King Boo in a couple of trailers. In previous games where he was the main antagonist, he was concealed in the trailers, and never made an appearance, let alone two. Something about his appearance in these trailers feels like Nintendo is trying to draw the fanbase's attention to him... And therefore off whoever the real villain is this round. There is also the fact that the mysterious antagonist has captured multiple innocents as well as Mario, and imprisoned them without seemingly having a target. There has never been any evidence that King Boo knows about Princess Peach, or her relationship with Mario, so why would he capture her? Besides... It would be just too predictable to have to face him once again.

The trouble with this WMG is who would replace him? A king of ghosts would feel like a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to the king of Boos, so it would have to be either a new character ghost, or somebody we've met before. A non-ghost boss would be hard to fit into the setting, unless he had the ability to disguise himself, meaning that they're unlikely to happen, but you never know.

  • Split the difference: They'll bring back Dry Bowser (undead version of a previously-existing character) as the final boss.
    • Jossed. It's King Boo.

The final boss will be a duo of King Boo and another, possibly non-ghostly character.
This theory is again a strawgrasp based on the fact that it feels like we're being drawn away from the real villain. As we've seen King Boo, and he seems to have completely lost his mind, he may be vulnerable to a new character taking advantage of his grudges to bear out one of their own: Why would King Boo bother capture everyone, when he could just deal with Mario like he's done in the past? Working off the evidence in the above WMG, it could be said that he's having influence from an unknown villain applied to his plan, making it possible that there's somebody we don't know about pulling the strings this round. This could be very, very interesting indeed if it's true, since we don't know what their motivations are to get at the heroes.
  • The other villain will be revealed as Bowser.
    • To be more specific (and more fitting for the theme of the series), he will appear as Dry Bowser.
      • Jossed.

There will be a circus or carnival-themed area, and with at least one ghost clown.
Considering that the Monster Clown trope just keeps getting more and more prevalent in media, maybe they'll do a more silly take on it? (On the other hand, Yoshi's Crafted World had some monster clowns played surprisingly straight.)
  • From the preview of most of the floors - which this trooper assumes is Basement 1 or 2 through Floor 12 - none of them are themed like that. Unless one of the currently as yet unexposed floors is that, which this trooper feels is unlikely, this will most likely be Jossed.
  • Yep, it's Jossed.

The purple-skinned woman who invites the heroes into the hotel is working for King Boo, but will make a Heel–Face Turn.
Also, if it wasn't obvious, she's probably a ghost.
  • Well, given how she speaks in the trailers, she sounds a lot like one. And given everything she's done so far, this trooper suspects that she might be the one to set them up ready for King Boo to go after. Also, her name is Hellen Gravely... Make of that what you will.
    • The magenta skin, layered voice, and vitality status of the rest of the hotel pretty firmly establish she's a ghost. Promo art of her without her glasses shows she had pupil-less yellow eyes as well. Calling this confirmed.
    • Her name is Hellen Gravely. She's totally a ghost.

Alternatively, King Boo will be usurped by Hellen Gravely
It will turn out that Hellen's mostly working with him to open a chain of hotels across the world, but she gets frustrated and upset with how he keeps using her staff as undead shields. Eventually, near the end, she turns on him, calls out his behavior - and also reveals that King Boo is such a Bad Boss she's won over the Boos, who help knock him out and stuff him into a painting. She then possesses the Last Resort itself to attack Luigi, wanting to keep the portraits of Mario and Peach as tourist attractions for the Koopa Troop (to laugh at).
  • Given how she calls King Boo her love? Possibly Jossed. Although that is while he's nearby, so she could just be saying that so that he doesn't suspect a thing...
    • Yep, jossed indeed.

The hotel was not the only illusion.
When Luigi and his friends arrive at the hotel, we can see that Hellen has a decent disguise but the staff? They are literally wearing paper masks that anyone could see through! They were probably disguised through the same magic that hid the true form of the hotel in their eyes and it's just shown as masks for comedy's sake.

The final boss will be...

Going off the "King Boo is possessed" theory, he is Fighting from the Inside.
As stated in my Dark Moon WMG, the reason why King Boo is so unhinged in that game - as well as this one - could not be on his own volition, but due to an unknown evil possessing his crown between the first game and the second (hence its color change from red to purple, and the red crown not being retconned out in the 3DS remake of the original game) - which could be why he ended up trying to destroy the whole universe just to get back at Luigi. Here, while he does not try to destroy the universe, he does do quite heinous things, deeming his minions worthless and trying to suck up the entire Last Resort - with everyone in it. However, he does make a Call-Back to his rant on how Luigi sucked up his fellow ghosts; back when he still bore his fiercely loyal-to-subjects personality. To top it off, his Me's a Crowd attack shows his clones taking on a similar appearance to his design from the first game - also before he was corrupted. Which means, at the end, King Boo is starting to very slowly fight off whatever's possessing him. Which could be...

Dimentio was possessing King Boo.
As a last ditch effort before his demise, Dimentio had used the Chaos Heart's power to send his soul outside of the Paper Mario realm and into the main Mario dimension, to try and find a 'vessel' to possess in order to try to destroy the universe once more - and thus, he found King Boo's crown jewel to be the perfect one, capitalizing on his hatred toward Luigi and mitigating whatever redeeming qualms he has for his own benefit. And while King Boo's finally showing resistance, it isn't quite enough just yet. It doesn't help that King Boo seems to continue putting on his haunted crown, although it isn't hard to speculate either.

Regarding the different kinds of Game Over possibilities in the game...
...both how King Boo captures the remaining people and why he turns to the player and laughs changes.
  • If you let Luigi get caught during the prologue, he's laughing because you helped Hellen's plot go smoothly, just as she intended. King Boo is happy with her as a result, and may make her his second in command.
  • If Luigi runs out of life before freeing E. Gadd, he's possibly laughing at the fact that without E. Gadd's help, Luigi is useless. He does berate Hellen a bit for letting Luigi escape at first, but he points out that capturing that annoying scientist first paid off, so she still becomes his second in command.
  • If E. Gadd is freed, but Luigi loses to the Steward in B2, both Luigi and E. Gadd are easy pickings to be stuffed (back) into paintings. Hellen also still becomes his second in command
  • Once the Lab is setup, if Luigi gets a Good Night outside of the below events, King Boo most likely finds the Lab after capturing Luigi and does what he does during the start of the final boss - except sticking E. Gadd and any Toads there into separate paintings. The odds of Hellen becoming his second in command depends on how many of the key bosses Luigi had defeated.
  • If a ghost successfully captures a Toad while Luigi is escorting them back to the elevator, while Luigi is trying to find them, he gets ambooshed - either by some ghosts, or by King Boo himself - and stuffed into a painting, because there's no way King Boo would keep the recaptured Toads anywhere but with him. The rest are caught the same way as mentioned before.
  • If Hellen, when she fights Luigi herself, defeats Luigi, she would stuff him in a painting and gift him to King Boo. The King would clearly accept it, but would then task Hellen with proving herself by catching the rest of the group before he could forgive her.
  • If Hellen is defeated, but Luigi doesn't follow Mario and ends up being taken out, King Boo would stuff him into a painting, before using said painting to lull Mario to the roof, where he would be recaptured, along with the Toads and E. Gadd like explained above.
  • While this trooper hasn't seen what the Good Night screen is like if you lose to King Boo, he suspects that if Luigi loses by running out of health in any of the three phases, King Boo will simply stuff him into the painting with Mario and co. Running out of time in the final phase... Unless King Boo moved out of the way, it'll mean that Luigi, King Boo and The Last Resort would end up in the painting, making it a Pyrrhic Victory for the King. If he does though, it'll just mean he's not in the painting of the group and the hotel.
    • Unfortunately, turns out the Good Night ending is the same there, a clear case of Gameplay and Story Segregation. That is, unless a future patch adds in a new game over screen for that...

Dr. Potter was the original owner of Haunted Towers from Dark Moon.
Both Haunted Towers and the Garden Suites and filled with all sorts of bizarre, dangerous plants, so there might well be a connection.
  • If not the owner, he was probably the gardener who created the weird plants in his lab.

Johnny Deepend is related to Biff Atlas.

Although unseen, Luigi had released and made peace with the Portrait Ghosts of the first game, giving them the Rank A mansion as their new home.
This is why both Rank A and D mansions are seen outside of their original game; the latter belongs to Luigi while the former belongs to the ghosts. Both sequels end with Luigi on good terms with the ghosts of the game, with Luigi repairing their Dark Moon in the second game and helping to completely rebuild their destroyed hotel in the third. Given there appears to be a trend here, the trend may have already started between the first and second games, with Luigi rebuilding the first game's mansion for his former enemies. Despite being called "Luigi's NEW Mansion", Luigi lets the owners of the original it replaced keep it.

The reason Polterpup doesn't have the pupils in his eyes is because...

...the Last Resort is outside of the range of the Dark Moon. Remember, the Dark Moon only covers Evershade Valley and the surrounding area, and Luigi's D Rank mansion is close enough to the Valley to be in range. And Polterpup has grown so used to Luigi and co, plus, unlike other ghosts in the valley, (who were under King Boo's control) he only was a nusiance to Luigi who didn't attack him, and even could help him out if Luigi had a Gold Bone but ended up falling asleep.

Hellen Gravely sent Polterkitty to steal the elevator button acquired from Morty, because she saw Morty willingly give it to him.
Tracking Luigi's progress from the surveillance room, she refused to let Luigi get off that easily when her screens showed Morty just handing it over. And so, Polterkitty was sent to swipe the button and further hinder Luigi's progress.

The Boss Ghosts' causes of death
Come on, they're ghosts. Yes, it's morose to think about death in a Mario game, but so long as we're making Wild Mass Guesses here, we may as well speculate what caused each of these phantoms to join the land of the dead in the first place. Any ideas?
  • The magician trio dying in a trick gone very wrong was my guess on how they became ghosts.
  • Serpci is an actual ancient queen and was poisoned by a relative who was after her throne. She only haunts the hotel because Hellen Gravely bought her sarcophagus.
    • The poison, of course, being a venomous snakebite.
  • King MacFrights on the other hand was never a real king or knight. He was a Fast Food mascot who died in an embarassing accident while in costume.
    • The whole floor seems like a cheesy tourist attraction, so maybe King MacFrights was a performer playing the role of King who died in a jousting show when the weapons turned out to be all too real.
  • Kruller was shot when trying to stop a robber without having any real training for that kind of situations. He is actual a pretty nice person when not under King Boo's control and had no idea about Gravely's evil plan.
  • Dr. Potter could have been eaten or constricted by one of his own plants.
  • Johnny Deepend could have drowned after getting caught on a pool drain, Final Destination-style.

Amadeus Wolfgeist was the original composer of the famous Library Piano tune from Dark Moon.
Wolfgeist has a player piano in his dressing room that plays that tune when repaired. And the fact that he's clearly meant to be a piano composer makes it likely he wrote that song himself. The Poltergeist of Gloomy Manor who plays it is most likely a fan of Wolfgeist's work.

Luigi's Mansion 4 will take place in the TV World
Luigi will have to venture into the TV World and explore several (obviously toned-down) parodies of famous horror movies to rescue his friends.


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