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All spoilers are unmarked!

  • The slam move. Just the thought of seeing someone as timid as Luigi fighting ghosts so aggressively is sure to give a laugh or two.
    • Special mention goes to the Boos, who can be slammed much faster and longer than regular ghosts to the point where it becomes both awesome and hilarious!
  • One could get a laugh at just how much is stuffed into the hotel. A shopping center, a disco, a pirate-themed restaurant, a medieval castle, a movie studio, a magician's stage, an overgrown garden, and an Egyptian pyramid? Sure, why not? All of this is visible from the exterior, but keep this in mind: this was all hidden early on in the game.
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  • At the hotel lobby before checking in, Mario can be found admiring the buffet. Interacting with him has him take a slice of cake and try to eat it, but just as he's greeting Luigi, the Polterpup snatches the slice and eats it, to Mario's disappointment.
  • The fact that Peach brings a whole bus full of luggage with her to what's implied to be a relatively short vacation (note that the Mario Bros. only bring one suitcase each), complete with her using the Toads as packmules and her not lifting a single finger to move any of it. Normally this gag would solicit a small eyeroll at best, but this is Peach we're talking about here. She's only ever been shown to be pure, and humble, and demure, and to even have some ever-so-slight tomboyish tendencies, so seeing her indulge to this degree is knee-slappingly funny. Even funnier when you remember that she survived a voluntary world tour in Super Mario Odyssey with only a regular suitcase.
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  • The laundry chute on 5F is obviously what a Poltergust-lacking Luigi uses to escape King Boo at the very beginning, but if you go over and inspect it before going to sleep for the evening, Luigi opens it up... and almost loses his hat down the thing, scrambling to save it and almost falling down the shaft prematurely.
  • The Toad driving the bus. He swerves over the road, hits the hotel front gate, and tumbles out of the bus when they arrive. You would think that Toads would be too short to reach the pedals, but as they exit the bus, we can see the pedals are long enough, so there's no excuse for their bad driving!
  • When the Toads are handling Princess Peach's luggage, Red Toad gets distracted talking to Luigi... promptly causing the precarious luggage he was propping up to fall over and knock down the other two Toads. He proceeds to go and help tug Blue Toad free while Yellow Toad attempts to pull up a suitcase by himself.
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  • When Luigi makes his way back to the lobby at the beginning of the game to find ghosts nailing the door shut, Polterpup is rubbing his butt along the floor like a real dog.
  • Just about every ghost boss getting beaten is hilarious in its own way:
    • Steward: Just as he's sucked in, his hat falls off... which he grabs.
    • Chambrea: After spitting out the suitcase, she tries to tickle Luigi with her feather duster, making a mess in the process.
    • Kruller: Tries to use his fat to clog Gooigi's vacuum, only to fail. And when Gooigi picks up the elevator button, Luigi cheers like he was the one who did it!
    • Chef Soulfflé: His bulk means nothing to to Luigi's Poltergust, then his hat gets stuck, then fish comes flying out before the elevator button comes out.
    • Amadeus Wolfgeist: Takes a final bow.
    • King MacFrights: Tries to flee, even sticking his sword in the ground... until it backfires, causing him to be sent flying into the vacuum.
    • Dr. Potter: His beard gets stuck on the vacuum, and he throws the elevator button away just to say "screw you."
    • Morty: Puts his arms out and makes a rectangle with his fingers, as if he's visualizing getting sucked up as a movie moment, right before he gets fully sucked into the Poltergust.
    • Ug: His big head gets caught in the nozzle. The large bone he tosses up while flailing hits him on the head, pushing him in.
    • Clem: He must really like rubber ducks; when he's sucked up, the Poltergust spits out five of them!
    • Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny: When the last of the trio goes down, she frantically attempts to crawl away, dropping her wand at one point.
    • Serpci: Folds her arms like she's going back into her sarcophagus.
    • Captain Fishhook: Attempts to crawl away on his hook before defeat. If you look closely, you can see Luigi reeling him in like a real fish.
    • Johnny Deepend: Poses and flexes his pecs before holding his breath and diving into the Poltergust.
    • DJ Phantasmagloria: Gets in a couple last dance moves before defeat.
    • When Hellen Gravely herself is defeated, just before she gets sucked up, she goes all, "One moment!" and does her makeup to revert to her beautiful appearance. Just because you're getting imprisoned doesn't mean you don't have to look your best, after all!
  • The Paper Thin Disguises of Hellen's staff; while she just has a pair of Cool Shades that hide her Glowing Eyes of Doom and a dress that strategically covers her ghost tail, her clerks wear masks with googly eyes. It is so easy to see the masks and yet everyone still falls for it! It's taken Up to Eleven with one clerk who floats completely off the ground when you talk to them, revealing their lack of feet, but still no one seems to notice!
  • The way Luigi crawls onto his bed, opens his book, and instantly falls asleep the moment he puts his eyes on the first page.
  • It seems the hotel staff aren't above pranks, as sometimes, when you open up something like a drawer, a spring-loaded Bowser hand will pop out. And in one of the bathrooms, there's one coming out of the toilet!
  • In most horror games taking place in a haunted building, the method of keeping the hero sealed inside is usually some black magic keeping the door from opening or just having the exit disappear altogether. What's blocking Luigi's escape? Some wooden boards bolted over the hotel entrance by Mooks.
  • The fact that the bellhop, Steward, ironically uses luggage as weapons by chucking it at Luigi! There's something laugh-worthy about how he does pretty much everything a bellhop is not supposed to do!
  • E. Gadd being so callous and indifferent to Luigi's plight that he repeatedly has to be reminded that the lives of Luigi's friends and family are being held hostage and need to be rescued. His insensitivity is so over-the-top that it becomes hilarious, as he's even outwardly annoyed at Luigi for not wanting to leave them to be imprisoned for all eternity!
    • This is echoed right before the climax. After defeating Hellen, Luigi's first course of action after finally reuniting with Mario? Attempt to leave. Mario, naturally, won't have any of it since Peach is still trapped and pushes Luigi in the other direction, urging him to follow.
    • When escorting E. Gadd to his car after saving him, if you flash your flashlight at him, he will do one of three poses, one being a Paralyzed pose like a ghost, but the other two are simply amazing. One being the famous Marilyn Monroe flying skirt pose and the other being a nod to the Coppertone Girl pose.
    • During the escort, when Luigi gets startled, Gadd chuckles at him.
  • Gooigi being The Comically Serious, especially so when a Goob tries to Jump Scare him... and then pouts when he doesn't react at all.
  • What's E. Gadd's Nintendo console device now? Those who've been following the pattern of the last two games (where E. Gadd communicated through a modified Gameboy and DS respectively) will likely be expecting something like a DSI or 3DS, or maybe a jump to consoles with a Wii U gamepad. Nope; it's the "Virtual Boo"! He plans on selling this on the market, predicting that it'll be a huge success. Anyone who knows their Nintendo history will no doubt be in hysterics over this little nod to Nintendo's most infamous failure.
  • Chambrea, the boss of the fifth floor, eats E. Gadd's suitcase to keep it from you. Not only does it make her fat, but she has trouble phasing through walls at first — and later ties into her boss mechanic, because the Poltergust can grab onto the suitcase with a plunger.
  • Chef Soulffle is shown grilling some fish on a frying pan when Luigi walks into the kitchen. The chef sees him and while distracted, the fish falls onto the floor. Cue one twitchy eye as the chef completely loses it in the most over-the-top way.
  • Kruller, the boss of the Hotel Shops floor, is an absolute laugh riot, from getting scared by a mouse to rolling on the floor to dodge your attacks. Sometimes, he ends up using Groucho glasses to replace his Cool Shades!
    • When he first spots Luigi in his office, he acts like he's in a 70's cop movie complete with music as he tries to roll into the lost-and-found for a weapon! Only he's so fat that he stops halfway across and the music stops. And his weapon of choice? A water gun! And then the music kicks back in! If he didn't know he was up against Gooigi, he'd look like a pretty dim cop. And when it's all said and done that the cop is retired, Gooigi picks up the elevator button, but it's Luigi who celebrates!
    • The irony of the floor's progression. You are breaking into every shop in the hotel and looting the contents specifically so that you can gain access to... the security guard, who is your actual target rather than the obstacle this scenario would traditionally entail.
    • The revolving-door entrance to the shops area take Luigi for a whirl for every time he passes through them.
  • The boss of Paranormal Productions is both awesome and hilarious! When Luigi finds and returns Morty's bullhorn, he cuddles it like a teddybear! But when notices the green-clad plumber, he tosses it over his shoulder and says he has "star potential" and ropes Luigi into completing his magnum opus. What is it? A kaiju monster movie, of course! Yes, we get the Glorious image of Luigi acting in a monster movie fighting some ghost in a cheesy monster costume and the ghost isn't even wearing a full suit! Their tail is clearly showing and Morty doesn't see this as a problem at all!
  • King MacFrights duels Luigi in an arena with ghosts filling the stands. Only thing is, the audience? They're cardboard cutouts! And despite being cutouts, they still cheer and jeer!
  • The fact that Polterkitty (when she's not viciously fighting, at least) looks so damn similar to a phantasmal Espeon. There's also her dainty stroll away from Luigi and Polterpup the second time you deal with her, refusing to pay them any mind. Polterpup almost looks disappointed that she wouldn't be providing a conventional chase (granted, that is exactly what he gets near the end of their pursuit).
  • Nikki, Lindsey, and Ginny in the Twisted Suites being general jerks to Luigi. You would think that every ghost would try and kill Luigi, since it's established that the hotel is specifically meant to be a trap, and yet here is a trio of magicians pestering Luigi the same way playground bullies pick on someone! Particularly when he follows them into the dressing room and the three magicians show off their magic by pulling something out of their hats. The third pulls out Luigi's own cap, and all three react like it's a smelly sock.
  • DJ Phantasmagloria's funkadelic Afro is revealed to be a wig! And her office is chock full of backup wigs! And before that, when Luigi is vacuuming up the dance crew trying to get the elevator button, she's playing the vacuum music on her turntables!
  • Sometimes the boss ghosts will go into some pretty funny poses when stunned. Johnny Deepend, for example, points at Luigi like he's posing for a picture!
  • Have we mentioned yet that the Toads Luigi rescues can also be stunned? How about the fact that you can use the Poltergust to pick them up by their big mushroom heads and launch them at targets?
    • When you free the Yellow Toad in the pirate ship, you can load him into the ship's cannon and launch him across the ocean. Where he promptly collides with the fake moon that makes the stage's backdrop and knocks it out of the sky. You even get an achievement for it.
  • Unlike other floors, the top of the elevator shaft on 15F has no walls, just scaffolding allowing you to see the exterior of the car itself. Which means you see it go back down every time you leave the car. But while the floor counter always goes all the way back down to B2, it's not hard to find angles from which you can see that the car is clearly sitting just below the rooftop, barely one times its own height down from the doors.
  • Just the level of devotion Hellen has for King Boo that quickly turns into obsession once Luigi reaches her penthouse is either this or nightmare fuel. There are images of the ghost king everywhere! And we mean everywhere! Statues, paintings, including a painting of the two of them on a sunset beach, Hellen even has King Boo pillows and slippers in her bedroom (never mind the fact that she doesn't even have feet!). Even the gemstones collected on this floor are little sculptures of King Boo! There's actually a statue of King Boo on the outside of the penthouse as well! If Hellen designed this place, then it makes her look like the most obsessive fangirl ever; if King Boo designed this place, then it shows he has an ego the size of New Donk City!
  • Through a hole in the wall on the 5th Floor, Luigi watches a ghost brush its teeth... and then use that same toothbrush to brush its butt.
  • Just after defeating Hellen, Luigi manages to rescue Mario and he joins in your ascent to the roof of the hotel to rescue Peach and face King Boo. True to form, Mario uses all his jumping abilities to ascend the stairwell and side of the building in a way that would make the average speedrunner proud. Luigi... takes the stairs. And a ladder. To be fair, he is hauling around a good few extra pounds worth of state-of-the-art ghost-hunting gear. Then again, Mario was similarly weighed down a few years previously and that didn't slow him down.
    • The juxtaposition of his vitality and urgency to Luigi's rattled nerves is also very amusing, constantly nagging Luigi to hurry the hell up. For Stars' sake, Mario, give your bro a break! He's got a heavy vacuum on his back and 18 floors' worth of scares in his brain, of course he's not hurrying!
    • While Luigi is walking down the dark corridors on the way to the rooftop, Mario occasionally jumps out in front to tell him to hurry up. This scares the utter crap out of Luigi so much, he spins in place and falls the second time it happens.
  • Gooigi can fire a plunger at Luigi (at least in single-player mode). No matter where you aim on him, it sticks to his head. You can't vacuum it up and it serves no purpose, but even Gooigi of all people is getting in on making Luigi a Butt-Monkey!
  • At the end of the game, King Boo proceeds to re-capture everyone in a large "ensemble painting," intending to capture Luigi as well. The only reason Luigi escapes the attack? Polterpup happened to be nearby, and inadvertently knocked Luigi out of the way. Polterpup literally saved the day by just being a dog!
    • During his prior speech, he mocks E. Gadd's Poltergeist inventions:
    • Following that, it takes King Boo a moment to realize what should be the obvious fact that Luigi is missing from his portrait. He has to count how many victims are in the portrait before he realizes that he's missing. For a terrifying black magic-wielding king of all ghosts who traps his victims in portraits and tried to destroy the universe before, he sure is bad at remembering faces.
    • Then after that, he angrily accuses Luigi of being Defiant to the End, initiating the final battle. In reality, Luigi froze up in fear while King Boo tried to bring the portrait down on them, and would have won if Polterpup hadn't pushed Luigi out of the way in a fit of dumb luck.
  • In an otherwise tense final boss battle, the look on King Boo's face after Luigi launches a bomb into his mouth is absolutely priceless.
    • Also, after he's been stunned by this, if you take a while to get set-up to slam him (but not so long that he recovers), he actually gets an even better Oh, Crap! face as he watches Luigi and Gooigi suction onto his tongue. He knows what's about to happen.
  • When the protagonists and the ghosts begin preparing to rebuild the hotel and don hard hats, the Hammer just eats his when given it. Cue a Face Palm from the nearby Slinker when he sees that.
  • In the battle against the dancer Goobs before DJ Phantasmgloria, Luigi apparently can't resist snapping his fingers and shuffling his feet to the disco music despite still being visibly terrified at being surrounded by ghosts. While Gooigi doesn't dance about as such, even he'll snap his fingers to the music!
  • In the first game, King Boo's crown was worth exactly one coin. In Dark Moon, it was worth absolutely nothing. In this game? It flat-out disappears.
  • During the credits, one picture of the gang rebuilding the hotel has a ghost screaming in horror at Gooigi having hammered a nail through the back of his own hand. His amorphous, nerve-free hand.
  • Also falls under Heartwarming, but there's nevertheless something amusing about Polterpup suddenly licking Luigi in the bus while the latter is reading the invitation and indulging in a daydream, only to wait in anticipation until the plumber has put the paper away. So what does he do immediately once he has Luigi all for himself? Cuddle him, of course!
  • Red Toad's hotel room on the fifth floor shows the chaotic aftermath of an attempt at putting practice, with golf balls strewn across the floor and the club somehow having ended up through the back of the armchair. Talk about a swing and a miss!
  • There's an entire Escort Mission dedicated to shooting Red Toad at various objects in the Boilerworks.

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