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Tear Jerker / Luigi's Mansion 3

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  • Polterpup actually puts a sad face when Polterkitty rejects him. The puppy just wanted a playmate but the poor guy is rejected. Really makes you want to teach that horrid cat a lesson in manners.
  • Polterpup's possible fate if King Boo manages to defeat Luigi and capturing everyone. While he seems to have escaped the trap or is just not being worth the hassle, he is still stuck in hostile territory all alone in the middle of nowhere with no one to help him and unable to save Luigi and friends. If King Boo doesn't decide to come for him next, that is.
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  • You can capture Morty. You can do this right when he begins developing and editing his new movie, rendering it unfinished. It hurts a lot less if you wait until you defeat and scare off the Polterkitty for the first time, where he finally finishes it.
  • Just before the final boss fight, Mario sobs over Peach's portrait and begs Luigi to help her, and if you don't respond quickly he starts crying again. It's even worse when you remember that unlike most times there's literally nothing Mario can do to save Peach in this situation.


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