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  • Why is this game called Luigi's Mansion 3 if it's set in a Hotel? Wouldn't it be called Luigi's Haunted Hotel instead?
    • Because brand recognition. Besides, the previous game was called Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon even though none of the mansions that Luigi had to explore in that game belonged to him.
    • Even then, only the first and last mansions were actually mansions. The other three were a hotel, an abandoned clockworks, and an abandoned mine.
    • Also, hotels and Mario don’t have a positive connotation.
    • Maybe the hotel used to be a mansion.
  • Speaking of the Last Resort, was it an actual luxury hotel before the events of the game? It's established to have been built as a trap for Luigi but was it a functioning hotel before?
    • Maybe. The intro shows the bright colors of the hotel slowly fading, transforming the hotel into a dark and sinister one. Then again, that could just be part of the trap.
    • Hellen Gravely seems to consider the ghosts as part of her staff and the ghosts do react with sadness when it’s destroyed at the end, so it means more to them than the fake mansion of the original game did. It probably was a functional hotel for ghosts before Hellen decided to disguise it and use it as a trap for Luigi and Co. For all we know, it was a normal hotel that they lived or worked In while they were alive that they decided to haunt in death.
    • I picture the hotel as being something akin to Hotel Transylvania, with Hellen Graveley as a Dracula analogue. She clearly doesn’t hold much love for Luigi and E. Gadd, so she could run the hotel as a getaway and a sanctuary for fellow ghosts, where they can take refuge from any ghost hunters who might be trying to capture them.
  • What happened to Polterpup's eyes? In Dark Moon it had blank white eyes like all the other ghosts due to King Boo destroying the Dark Moon, but when the Dark Moon was restored, all the ghosts regain their pupils. Here its eyes are blank again.
    • Out of universe, because people mostly preferred how the Polterpup looked without pupils, as after so much time seeing it ingame it suddenly having pupils felt like Uncanny Valley. In-universe, it could be that he's far enough away from the Dark Moon now that it's no longer affecting him, but it likes Luigi anyway (and the Polterpup wasn't really evil in Dark Moon anyway, just annoying due to his playful nature; he even revives Luigi if you have a gold bone).
      • And even without the Dark Moon, it was said that the behavior of the ghosts in the second game was exacerbated by King Boo’s powers. If the Polterpup was also subject to this, it could explain why he’s still helpful to Luigi in this game even without the Dark Moon nearby, just so long as King Boo isn’t actively affecting him.
      • Also, considering that Luigi doesn't freak out in the bus upon seeing him without pupils, we can assume that it's not the first time it happened. He either took him on other trips outside the Dark Moon's range or the magic already wore off at home after a while.
  • E. Gadd mentions he was also given a fake invitation and he brought along his ghost collection only to be tricked and have his ghosts released. He even tells Luigi all the ghosts he captured from previous games are gone. So where are they? Surely they wouldn't hesitate for to challenge Luigi again for revenge.
    • The ones from Dark Moon would probably try to return home and the Dark Moon would calm them. The ones from the original were pretty chill; E. Gadd even states that he had caught them all before then they were released, yet we see them mostly just lounging around instead of going after E. Gadd. They probably just want to be left alone.
    • Alternatively, it's an early-game Sequel Hook.
    • E. Gadd says in Dark Moon that he sold King Boo’s portrait from the first game at a garage sale, so he might’ve done so with the rest of the portrait ghosts Luigi captured, which is why they’re not around. And he released all of the non-Boo ghosts that were captured at the end of the second game, didn’t he? Since they’re harmless now that the Dark Moon is back in place. If that’s true, then the only ghosts he’d still have contained are the regular enemy ones from the first game and the Boos from both the first and second games.
      • Speaking of the regular enemy ghosts in the first game, we don’t really know if and for how long they were still around after being captured, since they aren’t shown being put through the Portrificationizer and we don’t see them contained anywhere else in E. Gadd’s lab. Considering they were said to be artistic creations of Vincent Van Gore, maybe they weren’t really stable enough to survive being vacuumed up by Luigi, or they just phased out of existence after Van Gore was defeated. So the Boos mentioned below could be the only ghosts E. Gadd had by the time of this game.
    • There are at least two Boos in Luigi’s Mansion 3 who have the same names as Boos that were captured in the first game — Kung Boo and GumBoo. They, at least, could be the same ghosts making a reappearance.
      • Make that four Boos. There’s also Boogie and Booigi making a comeback from the first game.
  • The Boo names for the Great Stage and the Dance Hall are Boogie and Boosician. Given the stages' themes, shouldn't it be the other way around? It's been consistent for all of the other stages, but these ones seem like they were somehow reversed.
  • Most of the floors make some lick of sense but why is a castle inside the hotel? There are plenty of implications that this is a functioning hotel for ghosts so why a castle?
    • It's probably a reference to theme attractions, like the Medieval Times franchise of restaurants that put guests in a castle environment with jousting shows accompanied by a meal. The fight against the king tales place in front of a kitschy cardboard audience, suggesting it's just an elaborate tourist experience.
    • Consider also, that there is a real-life hotel in Las Vegas that has a small but fully functioning circus in one of its floors, and there is another one that actually is medieval themed. A fancy hotel with a hokey tourist attraction taking up a full floor isn't exactly unheard of.
  • How did the disguised ghosts appear opaque at the beginning of the game?
    • They're wearing clothing and face masks, so they aren't really "opaque" so much as they are "covered." Hellen, meanwhile, puts on a copious amount of powder in front of Luigi's face, which implies that her skin (and the other ghosts' skins) is similarly "covered" by a thick layer of makeup. You can find their costumes around the hidden areas of the first few floors, implying the costumes to be separate from their ghostly appearance.
  • I always wondered why King Boo doesn't just follow Luigi down the laundry shaft in the beginning of the game. He's a ghost and could've easily followed Luigi down the shaft just simply phasing through it. This is a guy who is hell bent on trapping Luigi in a painting after having his plans foiled by him in the first two games.
    • Likely because Hellen Gravely convinces him to let her capture Luigi for him and show how useful she and her staff could be to him. During the Final Battle, King Boo mentions how pissed he is that his minions were incompetent and he had to do everything himself. And considering how easily he recaptures everybody (except Luigi, of course) he can afford a few Bond Villain Stupidity moments.
      • The cutscene that plays after rescuing Yellow Toad confirms this; you get the normal scene of Hellen watching through the security cameras when a visibly-frustrated King Boo appears behind her. She tries to assure him that her staff are up to the task of capturing Luigi (even though Luigi is nearing the top floor at this point, hence King Boo’s impatience), and that she can prove that to him if he just gives her more time. And even then, King Boo is shown departing with the portraits of Peach and Mario, making it unclear if he intends to take her up on that or whether he will try something himself.
  • Most of the boss ghosts can be classed as hotel staff or hired entertainers and are pretty neatly justified. But where does that leave Ug, Serpci, and Johnny Deepend? Are the latter two guests of some kind being commanded by Hellen? How did Ug get there and under her thumb? The floors fit the hotel okay, but those ghosts don't.
    • Assuming the hotel is an actual hotel (for ghosts, of course), and not just an elaborate trap, Johnny Deepend could be a guest who frequents the gym. Perhaps he was offered an unlimited gym membership if he kept the button safe.
    • Considering Ug is fought in the museum(there actually are hotels with museums) and first appears possessing one of the exhibits, it's possible he was just stuck in those bones for some time until Luigi inadvertently freed the caveman.
      • He was given an elevator button, though, so must have been in on the villains' plans.
      • It was actually Toad who had the elevator button, implying it was hidden in the painting with him rather than given to Ug to guard it.
    • As for Serpci, she could be an important guest as well.
    • I picture the hotel as being something akin to Hotel Transylvania, with Hellen Graveley as a Dracula analogue. She clearly doesn’t hold much love for Luigi and E. Gadd, so she could run the hotel as a getaway and a sanctuary for fellow ghosts, where they can take refuge from any ghost hunters who might be trying to capture them. Serpci is seems like the kind of Egyptian (-esque) spirit who awakens from her slumber to subject people to the perilous traps of ancient ruins, so she’d probably have real need of a safe haven like the Last Resort, where she can literally rest in peace.
  • What was going on in the final cutscene? King Boo's been defeated and Luigi is holding his crown (which is a giant jewel). The ghosts escape from their containment cell, and then apparently they want to grab the crown for some reason, and then the crown disappears for some reason, and then...Luigi makes friends with the ghosts? I don't understand. These are the same ghosts who spent the whole game trying to beat up Luigi.
    • The jewel from the crown is heavily implied to be a power source like the one from Dark Moon (if not the same one), which among other things controls other ghosts. Exactly why the jewel disappears is unknown, but once it does there is a brief moment of the ghosts kind of shaking themselves awake before becoming friendly. It's harder to tell due to the retcon with their eyes, but outside of Hellen and Poulterkitty, it seems they were controlled in a similar manner to the Evershade ghosts, and the removal of the gem snapped them out of it.
  • What happened to the Boss Ghosts in the ending? Other than Hellen and Polterkitty, they're all conspicuously absent during the ending scene and credits montage. It seems a bit weird that they're not acknowledged at all.
  • So, what was the Polterpup doing when he was not aiding Luigi? Having his own adventure? Still trying to help him off-screen? Or simply screwing around, since the entire hotel has more or less become his playground of a sort? It baffled me somewhat that Luigi woke up in his room alone and investigated on his own immediately with his dog nowhere to be seen.
    • Helpful as he is, he's still a dog and a ghost. He's very easily distracted as a dog in a new place and right at home in the hotel as a ghost. The other ghosts seem to mostly ignore him, so it's not like he's ever in any danger before the end. He's probably just roaming around, enjoying himself and checking in on Luigi every so often in case he needs Polterpup's help or give him attention.
  • How exactly did Toad manage to get a driver's license? The opening cutscene shows he's barely tall enough to look over the steering wheel – and this also raises the question how he copes with the pedals.
    • If you look closely when everyone is getting off the bus, the pedals are indeed raised high enough for Toad to reach them. Of course, whether Toad has a license or not is another question but then these are the same people who have kart races through cities with heavy traffic, often carrying items including Bob-ombs that can send the vehicles blasting upwards.
  • Who was the angry golfer staying on the fifth floor?
    • The Toads were also staying on the fifth floor and looking at the colour of the luggage, the keen golfer is possibly Red Toad.
  • Why is the bus a model with left-hand drive? Since we know from the Mario Kart-series that the Mushroom Kingdom uses right-hand traffic, shouldn't the bus have the steering on the right? Of course there's no info if the Last Resort is even located there. But if that's the case, then it seems off that the Princess spent the extra money just to import and repaint one bus from around New Donk City. Unless she suddenly decided to change RHT to LHT between games.
    • This is one that's a bit tough to justify in-universe — it's probably a detail that just slipped past developers and thus is best just ignored as a blooper or something similar — but the out of universe reason is that the Mario series is usually Japanese-developed. This one was developed in the West. In both cases the Devs just used the driving orientation that they themselves are familiar with.
  • Why are there so many Strobulb-activated things inside the Last Resort? Hellen doesn’t seem like the type to be a fan of E. Gadd’s work, and ghosts are adverse to the effects of the Strobulb anyway. But her hotel features suitcases, safes, secret rooms, vending machines, popcorn poppers, and probably some other things that seem reliant on the Strobulb in order to function.
    • It's possible that Strobulb technology isn't just for ghost related stuff, but could be something E Gadd put out to market as a security system or something along those lines. After all, we do know from the Virtual-Boo joke that he does put inventions out there on the private sector. Maybe Strobulb security has gotten ubiquitous enough that it was needed to sell that the hotel was legit, or maybe as a play on Gadd's pride when they lured him over.
  • So, I know things like the museum and the medieval attraction inside the hotel can be justified, and even the Egyptian floor is referred to as a set of suites (although the traps and ruins seem a little out of place)...but is there any precedent for a film studio — not a movie theatre, an entire studio — being inside a hotel?
    • I don't believe so, a least not a permanent one as shown in game (I imagine movie shoots, depending on time and complexity, may take up some temporary space during the duration at times.). That said, if we consider the Hotel a Hotel Transylvania sort of setup as previously theorized, maybe the studio was made specifically for Morty in a similar vein as the Pyramid Suites apparently being made specifically for Scerci. He's a movie director to his very core, so it's likely that the closest thing he can do to resting in peace is continually making movies.
  • Now that Polterpup is officially Luigi's pet, the inclusion of gold bones seems to make less sense to me. I buy it that in the predecessor (and remake with an amiibo), it essentially helped the ghost to track him down, then eat it, revive him and run away before Luigi has a chance to capture him. The same deal in this game, minus the capture of course, only that Polterpup probably arrives too late without its scent to guide him. But what about the instances where he actively accompanies Luigi, like the second hunt for Polterkitty? Does he just sit there and watch him die if the plumber doesn't have a gold bone with him? Sure, the game would get too easy if he could be revived endlessly with no worse for wear.
    • Maybe Polterpup doesn’t realize that his actions help revive Luigi; he just does it because he likes and is grateful for the bone.

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