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Headscratchers / Luigi's Mansion

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Although Luigi's Mansion is meant to scare us, there are some things that, frankly, confuse us:

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     Arbitrary Skepticism 
  • E. Gadd mentions that he can't ask anyone for help or try to expose his problems with the ghosts without being committed...This is despite the fact that the world he lives in commonly falls victim to, among stranger scenarios, two Italian plumbers having to use their spectacular jumping abilities in order to save a princess from a spiked turtle and his army of talking mushrooms. With this in mind, why would E. Gadd fear being thought of as insane because of his story - it should be completely plausible!
    • Whoever said it actually took place in the Mushroom Kingdom? After all, it's not like it's the only place where Toads live...
    • Well, the two places I've seen outside the Mushroom Kingdom - Isle Delfino and the continent Rogueport is on - don't seem all that normal, either, and it has to be somewhere near the Mushroom Kingdom, at least, right? Doesn't Luigi build his mansion on the site in the endgame? Or am I mistaken?
    • Well if nothing else these ghosts are very, very different then the standard boos and dry bones. In point of fact many of them seem human which is odd given how few humans are knocking about in the Mushroom Kingdom. Combined with his advanced age it isn't unlikely that a slightly crazed looking old man wandering into town screaming about bizarre ghosts who made a mansion appear out of nowhere might end poorly for Egad. That or this could be very, very early relative to the series proper with Ghosts being a rarity outside of Mario and Luigi's adventures.
  • Why is a different currency used? Does this take place somewhere outside of The Mushroom Kingdom?
    • That's most likely the case, frankly. Or the Mushroom Kingdom also uses bills in addition to coins, they just don't show up much.
    • It's either foreign an older form of currency, since evidently there's a sort of exchange rate that applies to it - each gold coin Luigi finds in this game is said to be worth 5,000G, and if it was a fake sort of money that the Boos made up when they made the mansion, then it wouldn't be worth anything.
     Going to the mansion together 
  • Why didn't Mario and Luigi just go to the mansion together?
    • Well, they weren't expecting it to be scary and haunted. And besides, the Mario Bros. have travelled through haunted locations several times. They had no way of knowing that this time would be different.
    • It's mentioned that Mario pretty much hurried right to the mansion. He may have been overcome with excitement (or he feared it would be haunted or a scam, and so went ahead of his brother), while Luigi decided to just go on his own time. That, or Luigi only went because Mario didn't come back after some time.
      • Luigi knew that he didn't really win a mansion. He was probably expecting some sort of "look how gullible you are" prank and that Mario would come back home and not want to talk about it because it would make him look like a dope.
    • When I was young I (thought I) remembered hearing about how Mario was waiting to meet Luigi at the mansion, and he went inside and explored out of jealously that Luigi won the mansion instead of him...I can't really remember where I heard that, though, but I thought it was somewhere in the game itself.
    • I read in Nintendo Power once that Mario went ahead to scout it out before meeting up with Luigi there. Given Mario’s tendencies to rush into danger without thinking and protective inclination towards his bro, this makes sense.

     E. Gadd's book in the study 
  • What is E. Gadd's book (about hunting ghosts, no less) doing in the study room? Don't the ghosts hate E. Gadd?
    • Maybe the ghosts stole it from him, and put it in the hardest place to find it - a bookshelf crammed with other books. Alternatively, you know how Luigi first meets E. Gadd in the mansion? Maybe he put the book there himself. As to why, I don't know.
    • He might've put it there in case someone became trapped inside the mansion without his help - that way, at least they'd have a chance at fending for themselves.
    • Mayhaps the ghosts put it there to catch up on what E. Gadd knows about them and their weaknesses, allowing them to compensate in case someone comes a-huntin'.
     Mario's things 
  • If Mario's hat and glove are hidden in other places in the mansion, then why does Mario have them on in his painting?
    • They may be spares, or King Boo gave them to him (for some reason) after trapping him in the painting.
     Redundant rooms 
  • From a developmental and in-game standpoint, why does the mansion have a fortune-teller's room and an astral hall? Couldn't those two theoretically serve the same purpose? Or am I incorrect?
    • In game, Madame Clairvoya's fortune telling may not involve stargazing whatsoever, so giving her her own room separate from the stargazing room could have been a favor once that realization was made. One of the other ghosts could even be an astronomer with no interest in divination or psychics, someone like Vangore the artist or Pianissma the musician might have stargazing as a separate hobby. Development wise, who knows.
     Imprisoned Boos 
  • If the Boos created the mansion to cause trouble, freed all of E. Gadd's captured portrait ghosts, and were responsible for portraficationizing Mario, what were they all doing locked in that cage in the storage room? E. Gadd thanks Luigi for "flushing them out", so he couldn't have locked them inside, and the Boos doing it intentionally to hide from Luigi doesn't make much sense either - most of the mansion was still dark at that point, so they could've hidden in a lot of places where Luigi wouldn't find them.
    • They were clearly sleeping until Luigi woke them up. Of course why they sleep in a cage under the floor could raise further questions, it could be that boos are vulnerable while sleeping and have gotten paranoid since they had been up to no good.
     Upside-Down Bedroom 
  • Why was the Guest Bedroom upside-down, and why or (how) does it go back to being right-side up after you capture Sue Pea?
    • It's possible that it was Sue Pea herself, as it made it more complicated to wake her up. When she was caught, everything reverted to normal.
    The Phone Lines 
  • During the blackout, you can enter the telephone room and receive phone calls from Toad and E. Gadd. How can the phones work without electricity?
    • The same way a lightning bolt hitting the roof of the mansion and not an exposed power source can shut off electricity to the entire mansion and implicitly to E. Gadd's lab as well: it's a video game.
    • A lot of older phones didn't actually use electricity - they've been around as recently as the 2000s. I had one in my house growing up. I remember it being the only thing that still functioned during blackouts.
      • Correct. Older-style line phones are technically mechanical, not electronic, merely turning line noise into audible noise by passing electric signals through magnets. As long as the line is intact, they require no electricity.
    • Similarly many land line phones actually run on a separate circuit system from main power which is why the older ones don't need to be plugged in to a wall outlet just a telephone jack. So generally speaking an older style land line, even up to the 1990's in some places like the continental United States, would still operate in a black out so long as phone lines remained intact.
     Powered Candles 
  • How is it that the lights in the mansion's hallways go out during the blackout if the only source of light from said hallways comes from lit candles?
    • Mostly likely the ghosts took the blackout as the chance to darken everything else too- though this makes one wonder why the hallways can get brighter or darker at all. Could be they can darken things with their powers?
    • I recall the hallways all having proper light fixtures built into the ceiling in certain spots. They might only be visible in first-person view, though.
     The Second Floor 
  • Why is there no door connecting the Area 1 portion of the second floor with the rest of the floor? It makes it kind of annoying when you have to go from one to the other (while chasing Boos or to fight Henry & Orville and Uncle Grimmly) since you have to go through the first floor to get there. They easily could've made it so the door is locked at the start with the key somewhere in Area 3.
    • Looking at the map, I guess it's a fair point that they could've put one at the right side of the foyer on the upper level. Maybe had you burn up some boards that were covering the door on the other side, since I don't know how they'd work in an actual key — it's been a while since I played, so there might be a spare room for it that I'm not remembering. I'm not really sure why they didn't think of this, other than that it just didn't occur to them. There are only a few rooms where the Boos are in proximity to Area 1, and with the mirror shortcut, they might have just not realized that going back and forth would be that big of an inconvenience.
     King Boo's crown 
  • If you get King Boo in a silver or bronze frame, the portrait shows him with his crown even though Luigi took it after capturing him.


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