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Funny / Luigi's Mansion

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Luigi's Mansion

  • Luigi looking at the bright, cheery, illustration of the mansion on his map... then seeing the real thing.
  • The Easter Egg at the Bottom of the Well. "Hey Luigi! What's the hold up?"
  • King Boo taunting Mario gets pretty funny when he says the following line...
  • After Luigi finds out that the Boos have kidnapped Mario, E. Gadd has to calm him down and assure him they aren't going to eat the man.
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  • Luigi humming (if the room is darkened)/whistling (once it's lit up) the background music.
  • King Boo freaking out over Luigi, then realizing he ISN'T Mario.
  • Running Mario through the ghost portrait machine in reverse at the end. Poor guy can't catch a break in this game even when he's saved, can he?
  • What happens when you try to open a fake door.
  • Madame Clairvoya is also a source of funny moments:
    Madame Clairvoya: Ahhh, I see now. Well, I see everything, so I saw it before, but now I REALLY see it. So you are the brother of the famous Mario... and you have come to this place to find him... Well, aren't you a good little brother! HACK ka ha harf!... Excuse me, I don't laugh much.
  • This excerpt from the telephone room:
    Toad: ...He-Hello? ...May I ask who is speaking...please??
    Luigi: It's Bowser!!
    Toad: Eeeek!! (hangs up)
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  • Many of the Boo puns. Actually, many of the things the Boos say in general.
  • The... *Ahem* "song" that plays while you're capturing a normal ghost is just plain weird. It's so terrible and chaotic, you can't help but laugh.
  • Anytime you shine your torch at a ghost and start sucking away, the ghost will let out a - hilarious to watch - Oh, Crap! reaction. While just about every ghost will react in their own way, the highlights have to be the grabbing ghosts, Mr. Bones and especially Shivers the Wandering Butler. note 
  • Exclusive to the PAL Version: When facing Boolossus in the Hidden Mansion, Luigi sits on the Poltergust like a bumper car.
  • Using the search function allows you to hear what Luigi thinks of his surroundings. Much of what he says is hilarious, such as his interest in trying crazy outfits or his sarcastic remarks about the mansion.
  • There's something funny about the mansion's usual spooky vibe being broken by the music room, where you start up a very bouncy and fun version of the Super Mario Bros. theme.
    • Bonus from the comments section on YouTube pointing out that the well is right next to the music room. King Boo and Mario could probably hear this.
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  • For all the effort it takes to avoid enough money to end with Rank H, you're rewarded with Luigi's new home...a tent. Which still somehow costs up to 5 million G. Even the soundtrack is disappointed.

Luigi's Mansion - Nintendo 3DS Version

  • Mario's Hat is found in the dishwasher and is described as "freshly laundered" as usual. This gives the implication that the hat had been washed with the dishes.


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