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  • Accidental Innuendo: Luigi's infamous furniture shaking animation, which looks similar to humping. Doesn't help that he grunts or utters "oh yeah" while doing it.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: This video humorously addresses some of the game's Fridge Logic by painting E. Gadd as some sort of Magnificent Bastard pervert who captured Mario in order to lure Luigi into his place. Doesn't help that some of the music in the game wouldn't be out of place in a porno.
  • Annoying Video-Game Helper: In the Training Room, Gadd interrupts you every couple steps.
    • Even worse, every time you capture a Boo throughout the course of the rest of the game. Expect repeated, unwanted advice, lots of beeping, and closing out a save menu for all 50 of them.
  • Author's Saving Throw: In the remake, you're able to fight any Portrait Ghost again by viewing their painting, allowing you as many chances as you need to snag a gold frame. In the original game, your first run's fight results were permanent, meaning you'd either have to replay the game if you wanted to earn a gold frame, or else you'd have to save right before the fight and keep resetting every time you messed up.note 
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: To get Mario's Star, Luigi has to suck up a meteor and blow up the moon. Then a magical pathway appears for Luigi to walk out into space and collect the star from the remaining chunk of moon. This isn't treated with any fanfare, despite the huge repercussions of exploding the planet's satellite, there's no explanation given for why one of Mario's belongings ended up in the moon or where the pathway came from for Luigi to collect it, and the event is never referenced by the characters. Weirder still is that going out onto the balcony or anywhere else outside the mansion later on will still show the moon in the sky, as if nothing ever happened. Granted, it's possible it was all an illusion of the mansion, but the game doesn't make it clear.
  • Cult Classic: Has something of a reputation as such, considering that while it received flack at first for not being a true Mario sequel, it grew a fanbase and has been referenced frequently in later Mario games. It later got a 3DS sequel, a remake for the 3DS, and a third game for the Switch.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Blue Twirlers. Not only do they deal a tremendous amount of damage, they do it by slamming the ground and creating a huge area where you take said damage if you merely touch the edges. What's worse is that they debut in Blue Blaze form in the Safari Room, so you'll need to damage them with Ice before you can stun them - though, thankfully, the Safari Room is the only area outside of the blackout where you'll find that variant.
  • Difficulty Spike: The remake's Hidden Mansion is harder not only than the regular mansion, but the original PAL Hidden Mansion as well. In addition to the new enemy groups and boss gimmicks from the PAL version, as well as the double damage from both previous versions, the Poltergust loses its buff, Mario's Items and Speedy Spirits are moved around, every ghost with health gets a 50% HP buff, and most notably, hearts have been almost entirely removed. If you don't have amiibo, the only hearts come from sucking up multiple enemies at once and some of the pillars in the King Boo fight.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Ask an old fan who their favorite Portrait Ghost was and there's a good chance it'll have been Area-spanning ally Madame Clairvoya or pretty young Gamer Chick pianist Melody Pianissima. Special mention goes to Bogmire because of his inability to speak and feel.
  • Fanon:
    • No relationship is ever stated between Sue Pea and the twins Henry and Orville (or Chauncey), but fanworks frequently portray her as their cousin.
    • There is also no evidence Uncle Grimmly and Nana are related to this family in the Area 1 corridor, but the fact they have names referencing family relationships does leave the idea open. Tha Japanese version spares this conundrum by giving them different names that leave them unrelated to the family.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • The ghosts that appear in the hallways. They're annoying, often pop out of nowhere, yet technically have zero health points (normally you have to battle ghosts to defeat them, but a ghost with 0 HP will die the moment you attack). It becomes even worse when the power goes out later in the game.
    • White Grabbing Ghosts cannot deal damage to you, they can waste time by grabbing you. It's worse when there are other enemies in the room that'll try and damage you while you're in their grasp.
  • Goddamned Boss:
    • Nana, who vanishes if the player misses her with just one of her yarn balls. The only solution is to leave and re-enter the room, which means starting all over again.
    • Henry and Orville, who can only be vacuumed after winning their game of hide and seek...that and their vehicles can be pretty annoying to avoid and take out in equal measure.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Examining the telescope in the Observatory with the Game Boy Horror makes Luigi remark how he would love to visit outer space one day. His wish gets granted.
    • Luigi's Game Boy Horror has a camera on the back of it. Then in 2009 came the DSi...
    • How does the final battle start? Bowser inhales Luigi.
    • The game originally was going to have 3D effects before Nintendo scrapped the idea during development. A decade and some years later, the game gets ported to the Nintendo 3DS.
    • Years before it would become a meme, Luigi won a mansion through a contest he didn't enter, by doing absolutely nothing.
    • King Boo mocks Luigi for falling for a contest prize for which he didn't even enter. Good thing emails weren't as big back in 2001, or Luigi would have fallen for a lot of 419 Scams.
  • It's Short, So It Sucks!: A common complaint with the first game, as there are only four areas to explore and each of them (especially the very first) aren't exactly long.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks!:
    • Fans were disappointed that in the 3DS remake, Bowser still had the same roars from his Nintendo 64 appearances rather than actually being updated to reflect his more recent appearances.
    • For some, even with the changes in the Hidden Mansion, there were still some who felt the 3DS remake didn't offer enough new content for veteran players to warrant buying the game a second time.
  • It Was His Sled: Mario being trapped by Boos in a painting along with King Boo's usage of a Bowser suit were surprising twists that have since become common knowledge about the game.
  • Junk Rare: Red Diamonds are tied with Gold Diamonds as the rarest treasure in the game, with only two found, and one of them is literally King Boo's crown. However, unlike the incredibly valuable Silver and Gold Diamonds (2,000,000G and a whopping 20,000,000G [the game's highest] respectively), Red Diamonds fall straight-up flat as they are worth just 5,000G, the same as a coin no less!
  • Memetic Mutation: There's a glitch in the game where, during a blackout, once Luigi goes to answer the phone a flash of lightning will show his shadow as being noticeably off the ground, as if he were hanged from the rafters. Although it's just a bug with the shadow for Luigi's in-game model (which was fixed when the game was brought to the Nintendo 3DS), this "hanging Luigi" glitch became extremely popular among gamers as a suitably creepy Easter egg for a creepy game.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Luigi's "Ha-HA!" after beating a boss or finding a key/rare jewel.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Played for Laughs with Bogmire's description.
    A product of the mansion's fear and despair, he's not sure who to fear or what to despair these days.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • Some doors in the mansion are fake and will slam you into the wall while a ghost laughs at your pain. Some of the doors are more obvious, like a trail of coins leading to them. Others give no sign that they are a trap, and can startle the hell out of you if not expecting it. Luckily, you can spot them by either vacuuming the doornote  or using the Game Boy Horror,note  then destroy them with fire. Also, false doors lack doormats, and Luigi looks at them when he passes them (there is one fake door in the Laundry Room that is very easy to fall for the first time you play the game, however).
    • All those ghosts that show up in the hallways are likely to cause a Jump Scare the first time you go through them. As will some of the ghosts that show up when shaking furniture.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Poison Mushrooms are generally more annoying than challenging as they just shrink you and forbid you from using your vacuum (it doesn't help that the non-boss Portrait Ghosts drop these when low on health, and touching the 'shroom will break your lock on them automatically when you shrink, ruining your frame ranking).
    • Catching Boos can be a huge pain in the later levels when their HP is very high. If you don't stop them quick enough, they may run to another room by phasing through a wall. Sometimes, this can mean that you'll have to traverse a long way just to get to that room or even worse, the room isn't unlocked yet, so you'll have to make a mental note to catch the Boo later. Going on a constant wild goose chase for one ghost isn't fun.
    • Not having Luigi pulling directly behind a ghost while vacuuming can cause the ghost's pull to take over, dragging Luigi behind it and dealing damage before eventually breaking the pull. This aspect makes certain Portrait Ghosts very difficult to get gold frames for, and was noticeably toned down in the next two installments, removing the drag damage and making it easier to stay behind the ghost.
    • In the 3DS remake, playing without the Circle Pad Pro can be a bit awkward, since to vaccuum up and down, you have to actually move the 3DS itself. Not bad on its own, since the controls usually work well enough, but a bit cumbersome in certain puzzles. It's also been noted using the flashlight is a bit finicky when you have to point up, though it's somewhat mitigated by the inclusion of the Strobulb ability from the sequel, which can simply blast light at the ghosts regardless of your position.
    • Also in the 3DS remake, not being able to find hearts outside of sucking up multiple ghosts or scanning Amiibo in the Hidden Mansion. This makes the already tough Hidden Mansion changes such as the addition of more ghosts and boosted health even more problematic, to an unfair degree.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: Graphic-wise; this game started the franchise's current art direction, but compared to subsequent games, especially after Mario Party 4 finished establishing the art direction, it looks pretty dated, with many Early Installment Character Design Difference and a residual pinch of N64 left in.
  • Self-Imposed Challenge: Getting every last penny in the mansion and getting as little money as possible.
  • Spiritual Licensee: To Ghostbusters.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The portrait ghosts are living shadows of their former lives, limiting themselves to one basic activity rather than letting go and resting in peace. Their ranks include several children.
    • Pressing A at any time when not near an object will have Luigi call out for Mario. This is pointless and serves no real purpose, but as his HP drops, his cries get increasingly desperate and terrified. When you're down to 30 HP or less, Luigi will say "Mario" in a bone-chillingly terrified whimper. Sometimes he'll even scream Mario's name in an absolutely frightened voice. So his cries start off as cute and funny then move into heartbreaking. Especially the ones when he's about to die. Poor little Luigi just wants to find his brother and leave...
  • That One Boss:
    • Boolossus, the third boss. The Boos that compose it start off fairly easy to catch. You have to freeze all fifteen Boos and capture them to win. Once you hit a certain number (usually around 7 or 6), they begin to avoid your ice blasts and will make more of an effort to harm you. Those alone are difficult to catch, but when you're one on one with the very last Boo, it will continue dashing at you and dodging your ice until you hit it. You have to survive the fight without taking too much damage if you want the gold frame, (in most Portrait Ghost fights, it's determined by how long you hold them in your vacuum suction, but in boss fights, the picture frame is determined by how much health you lost during the fight). This one Boo will outlast your health and quickly deny you that gold frame (if you have not lost enough health already earlier in the fight), unless you somehow manage to hit it during its dash attack. The fight was given a re-imagining in the sequel and made easier in normal gameplay. It's slightly more manageable in the PAL version's Hidden Mansion as it allows Luigi to ride on the Poltergust while shooting ice (but only for this one boss), making him go faster. For those in the NTSC region... tough luck.
    • Vincent Van Gore. He can make trios of ghosts, which can either corner you or knock you out of a capture attempt. To make this even worse, some of these ghosts are either Goddamned Bats or Demonic Spiders (the grabbing ghosts and the blue ground pounding ones come to mind), which, if you're not careful, can easily drain your health. Thankfully, Vincent Van Gore himself is utterly pathetic (he doesn't even attack you), but it boils down to the fact that this is a fight you'll either quickly win or quickly lose.
    • Chauncey isn't quite a walk in the park either, especially if you're trying to get the highest rating on him. He can summon a lot of attacks after you. The balls he summons are the worst, since their paths can be a bit unpredictable. The horses aren't better, but you can goad them by running towards them and past them as they fly by, missing you completely. Also, when Chauncey flops about on the bed, steer clear or else kiss a huge chunk of your health goodbye.
    • Bogmire is the bane of any player's existence who's trying to get all gold borders. First off, he's a Flunky Boss par excellence, sending shadow clones at you that chase you all over the boss arena. He also summons around six at a time whenever he breaks free of the Poltergust, giving you very little room to maneuver. To defeat him, you have to suck up one of these shadow clones, turning it into a ball that you can then fire at Bogmire himself in order to render him vulnerable to the Poltergust. The problem here comes in two or three layers: he Teleport Spams all throughout the battle, making him a pain to pin down; his hitbox is incredibly skinny, making it difficult to land your shot unless you're practically at point blank range; and the remaining clones are chasing you the whole time you try to aim. Even if you manage to nab him, not only does he thrash around wildly, making it difficult to get a constant hold on him without godlike reaction speeds, but he seems to deliberately drag you into any remaining clones, causing you to break your grip and take damage (and since, like previously mentioned, boss fights are ranked based on damage taken instead of time, this will ruin your run). This leaves your only option being the tedious chore of sucking up each and every last clone before trying to tackle Bogmire himself, because otherwise you're just asking for him to ram you into his flunkies once you've got him in your grip. This battle is tough enough on the Gamecube, but woe betide the poor bastard who attempts this in the 3DS version without the Circle Pad Plus, since you not only have everything listed above to contend with, but you also have to fight the finicky motion controls while sucking up the shadow clones and aiming them at Bogmire, turning an already difficult task into an exercise in sheer hair-yanking frustration.
    • Sir Weston, when you're going for a Rank A. His icy room makes it impossible to get a good traction on the floor, so getting a large pearl to drop is mostly by luck. Oh, and you have the icicles falling from the ceiling constantly, so having one drop on you just as you're about to finish him with a perfect run can ruin your day.
    • The Clockwork Soldiers. Most Portrait Ghosts are a one-on-one basis. Imagine having to battle three ghosts of that level at the same time. All of them have the full health expected of a portrait ghost or boss ghost, totaling in at three-hundred health points (for reference, a handful of Boos match this figure and only King Boo has the most at five-hundred), and can knock you around with their popguns, which have a slight delay as to try and throw you off but still fire pretty quickly. Even worse, they're not particularly easy to catch. Being true to their name, they have clockwork keys on their back that you have to unwind by applying as much vacuum torque as you can to tear them off before you can start getting the ghost itself, which means, unless you're moving around and mindful, you will get bonked by their popguns...did we mention it takes a few precious moments to get the damn things off in the first place? Couple all of that with the fact that you have two equally powerful ghosts to avoid as you're being dragged around and all of the tables and crap around the room you fight them in, and you've got a trio of ghosts that have given many a player headaches. To add insult to injury? Only one of the ghosts actually drops the pearls (the blue soldier, the one in front of the elevator to the roof). Meaning without pre-requisite knowledge that it drops the pearls, you're gonna end up missing the gold frame the first time or so with the other two ghosts pestering you. That said, it does get easier to collect the pearls if you take out the other two ghosts first, but it's still Mister Luggs and Biff levels of annoyance to deal with all the obstacles around you.
    • Lydia: A little less of an example than the other entries, but considering she's the second Portrait Ghost you capture, she can be somewhat of a handful. By that, we mean that every time she breaks out of your capture attempt, you gotta go through the whole process of drawing back the curtains again and try to draw her in again. The fact that she is a bit more resilient compared to her husband Neville doesn't seem to help matters either.
  • That One Level: The first portion of Area 4 comes across as this, since the power ends up going out and Luigi is forced to turn it back on in the basement. What makes this frustrating is that, because of the lack of any light save for Luigi's flashlight, it's quite difficult to see your location unless you check your map every few minutes. Since there's no light, ghosts are quite literally everywhere, and avoiding them is rather difficult as the rooms and hallways are tightly spaced, along with the fact that they can appear in groups. Plus, actually getting into the basement requires a bit of tedious backtracking. To make matters worse? You can't save during this section because all of the Toads are gone, Boos won't spawn during the blackout, and the front door you can normally exit to return to E. Gadd's lab in the remake is allegedly locked by a "mysterious force".
  • That One Sidequest:
    • There are three Speedy Spirits hidden throughout the mansion during the blackout at the start of Area 4: one in the Conservatory, one in the Nursery, and one in the Hidden Room. The Hidden Room one is the most dangerous, as the room is filled with Grabbing Ghosts and Blue Twirlers, so the former can stun you while the latter deals severe damage. To make matters worse, the room can only be left by using the Game Boy Horror, so you'll have to either suck up all the ghosts or rush out of there via the mirror.
    • Five of the ten Golden Mice can randomly show up in five areas whenever you leave the room and pass their spawn point. While the first four (Kitchen, Tea Room, and two of the hallways) aren't that annoying, the last one is the most tedious of any of the Golden Mice or Speedy Spirits to catch. This mouse spawns at a random chance any time you enter the Sealed Room. Despite having the same chances as the other four random mice, the issue is more with the Sealed Room's placement and accessibility - the Sealed Room can only be left by examining a mirror with the Game Boy Horror to return to the Foyer. The terrible part about this is that the Sealed Room is, by virtue of how far you have to walk, the farthest room from the Foyer in the game, as you have to walk all the way to the Roof and fall down a chimney from there. In other words, if the mouse doesn't spawn, you have to go back to the Foyer and take two minutes to walk all the way back to the Sealed Room for another chance.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Not everyone was a fan of the changes in character models for the 3DS remake to reflect the later ones, with some preferring the old Off-Model Luigi of the original, and thinking the update made it lose some of its old charm.
  • Ugly Cute: The normal ghosts are this, especially the Garbage Can Ghosts due to how enduring they look when eating bananas. The Waiters even more due to them being completely harmless.
  • Vindicated by History: For years the game suffered from Critical Dissonance. At release, fans were disappointed that a spinoff and not a mainline Mario title such as Super Mario 128 was Mario's debut on the GameCube. Years later, it was deemed a Cult Classic and regarded as a decent launch title that was overshadowed by future GameCube games. The popularity of Luigi's Mansion increased as time went on until it was popular enough to receive a popular sequel. By the mid-2010s, the series was well-liked and considered one of the more enjoyable spinoffs by Mario fans.
  • The Woobie:
    • Luigi, much more so than usual due to being constantly on-edge with all the ghosts ready to pounce on him.
    • Also Sue Pea, who was a little girl that died in her sleep.
    • Shivers, who is hopelessly in love with a woman (Melody) who will never return his feelings.
    • The two unique waiter ghosts who serve Mr. Luggs don't appear to do so willingly, or only do it out of fear. When his food supply gets low, they rush in a frenzied panic to refill his plate. If you manage to vacuum up all of the food without vacuuming up the waiters, they will flee in terror as he flies into a blind rage. They're also completely harmless and will never attack you, even if you attack them. It's kind of hard not to feel bad for them.

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