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Nightmare Fuel / Luigi's Mansion

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Luigi, being Luigi, usually hasn't run into his fair share of frights over the years, but when he's put on the front lines of fear in this game in order to save his bro, this becomes the exception.

Nightmare fuel will yield greater results if you listen to this theme on a loop while viewing the page. Or to a bigger extent, by listening to this song on a loop.

Examples Include:

  • Chauncey's expression when he starts crying.
    • Not that the music that plays when you fight him is any better.
  • The talking paintings in the first room after the foyer. They shake before they talk, which gives a creepy shaking door sound, they threaten Luigi, and then one says "Here they are now!" And the music is this too... Thankfully, this is after you get the Poltergust, but still...
    • Some Fridge Horror for you: we never find out who was talking here. Few of the Portrait Ghosts acknowledge knowing who Luigi is or having seen him before, and none of their personalities appear to match up with the voices speaking here. This is literally the only time in the game this happens, and it never gets any sort of explanation.
    "WHO put out my candles? YOU, Mr. Lime-Green?"
    "Well, dark rooms are dangerous around here... Yesss..."
    "THEY love the dark...and now THEY will get YOU!! Bloo-heh!"
    "Now you're in for it! Blugh-huh!"
    "Just like little Red-Cap before you..."
    "May you wander lost in the darkness...forever! Are you AFRAID of the dark, little man? Are you? Huh? Blah-hah! Here THEY are now!"
  • The giant Bowser mechanote  King Boo uses to attack Luigi. And then its head blows off when you fire a mine at it...
    • In addition, the Bowser suit is also terrifying in that it comes directly from nowhere. While there are offhand mentions of Bowser, plus the Red Herring in that he may have been the Big Bad, not King Boo, his sudden appearance — which proves to be a hell of a Jump Scare for Luigi — feels almost as if King Boo is personally digging into Luigi's greatest fears, Bowser presumably being one of them. In addition, King Boo's portrayal of him is also very disturbing; the typically hammy, Boisterous Bruiser of a king, depicted as a bloodthirsty, feral beast whose head can come off at will... not to mention, when his head does come off, it starts floating around with no pupils, and starts firing ice balls at Luigi.
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    • Then there's the music; a chaotic, demented version of the regular boo-catching music. There's this weird noise in the background, which one YouTube commenter described as sounding like Mario screaming for help, and another as sounding like King Boo laughing at you from inside his mecha.
      • Then there's the theme where King Boo is exposed, which is an even more warped and sped-up version of the final boss theme with these weird synth noises in the background.
  • The Boolossus rapidly approaching your TV screen.
  • Bogmire giving you a jump scare.
  • "Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... inside the painting!"
  • Some of the portrait ghosts are not just scary because of what they look like, but how they even became ghosts in the first place. For example, there's those two twin children who love to play hide and seek. It is stated that because they both like to hide, the game usually lasts a long time. Three guesses as to how they could have died.
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  • Reading Sue Pea's description states "What was supposed to be a short nap turned into eternal sleep for the young Sue Pea." This also gets a lot worse when you realize the Adult Fear of something happening to a child after they fall asleep.
  • Madame Clairvoya. Some would say that there's nothing really scary about her, but... Well, one would think that the idea of being trapped in a painting forever would be a case of And I Must Scream, but she actually asks to be put there. She likes that? True Professor E. Gadd did say that some of the Portrait Ghosts were portraits to begin with, but still...
    • Maybe she's so horrified of having to serve Bowser (except not) that she begs Luigi to give her the closest thing a ghost can get to a Mercy Kill.
  • The scariest part probably is when lightning strikes the mansion and cuts the power off. So every single previously lit room was now a miniature hell hole of never ending ghosts and can only be stopped by finding a portrait ghost looking at himself in a mirror and you're never told which room is he in. A little over half of the rooms of the mansion have mirrors.
  • The game itself is one thing, but this scene from the early version is quite another, due to Luigi looking literally scared to death, possessed by a ghost, or downright depressed that he didn't manage to save his brother.
    • The other ending pic. It's a bit less creepy, but Luigi looks just as terrified: see here.
  • Trying to capture Mr. Luggs, the ghost in the dining room, is downright disturbing. The fact that this enormous ghost is spitting fireballs, then calmly going back to his meal once the candles are relit, is just disturbing.
    • Before you find the key to the dining room, you can hear the very inhuman sound of his eating every time you pass by it.
  • There is a lighting oddity in which Luigi's shadow appears as if he were dangling from a rafter by a noose. It's mostly the fact that it's an almost unnoticeable effect that appears for only a split second that makes it scary. Thankfully, it was fixed in the 3DS version.
  • Bogmire. Seriously, the guy didn't even have any features that defined if he was alive or not, he looks more like a monster than a ghost, and the shadows...
    • How is he described? "Bogmire is a product of the mansion's fear and despair." THAT MEANS HE IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE WHOLE FRIGGIN' MANSION AND THE HORROR AND SADNESS WITHIN.
    • There's a mechanic in the game where if you push X, Luigi whips out the Game Boy Horror and can analyze things with it; one of these things are the hearts and inner thoughts of Portrait Ghosts, which can give you an advantage. Normal ghosts and Boos don't get any, along with King Boo and Boolosus. Who else? Bogmire. He's the only ghost Portrait Ghost, save for the Boo bosses, to never get a heart thought. You'll never know what he's thinking... all you know is that it is literally fear and sadness given form, and he wants to eat your face. Probably.
      • Adding to this, Bogmire is the only Portrait Ghost that has no programmed text or speech. And it doesn't help that you meet and fight him in a graveyard.
  • The painting of the helpless Mario? Seeing him banging his fists while King Boo was laughing in the background was terrifying.
    • How Luigi was sucked into Mario's painting for the final boss fight, as it transformed into Bowser?
  • Bowser's head going off his body when Luigi throws a bomb at him. Both scary AND unexpected in a Mario game.
  • Any scene with the Boos. King Boo gets special recognition, though.
  • What about the music? It may be extremely catchy, but it's the icing of Luigi's Mansion.
    • It gets worse when Luigi whistles the game music and the ghosts in the area whistle a dark version of the tune.
  • The first encounter with a ghost. You walk into a dark mansion on a stormy night, greeted by a pitch black room with only a few candles. You turn on your flashlight and walk up the stairs, and try the double doors. you find that they're locked and then suddenly a demented giggle comes from downstairs. You head down, and an orange floating orb holding a key appears and floats back and forth while bells sound in the background. Then it notices you, makes a little squeaky gasp noise, dropping the key, and floats up the stair and into the double doors, mysteriously putting out every candle just by the ghost being close to it, and then explodes into little orange clouds on contact with the door. A little finisher to the scene is a zoom in on the key on the ground, with a little jingle.
  • Dying in Luigi's Mansion is pretty creepy as well. Luigi falls to the floor while the screen goes black and white, and then the words "Good Night..." appear on bloody red letters. Which slowly go black and white themselves.
  • What about the Safari Room with taxidermy animal heads? At first they're fine, like any you've seen in your life, but nothing immediately happens in the room, so you vacuum everything. When you get to those heads, they start nodding. It doesn't sound so bad, but it looks disturbing.
  • After you capture Lydia, a cutscene happens where the camera zooms in on a door whilst a baby's crying can be heard along with a creepy music box tune...*shivers*.
  • The Observatory Room. Maybe it's the fact that it seems like you're actually in space, the fact that there is actually a fake moon in there, and that the outside music actually plays in the room, pretty much confirming that you're in an alternate space of sorts.
  • The pause menu too; it has a door with Luigi's shadow hanging on it, creepily.
  • The game select screen in the EU version. In the upper left corner, there's a text saying "Come in, the mansion is yours". Wait, and the text changes. "Come in, the mansion is ours".
    • The US version instead has "Welcome to your mansion" which fades to "Welcome to our mansion"
    • Also, there's the caption on the "Quit" Menu
      • "You'll be back" "And we'll be waiting"
  • The Nintendo logo screen. No, really.
  • King Boo's Laugh, 'nuff said.
  • If Luigi sprays ghosts with one of his elemental attacks without vacuuming them up, they fade away to nothing. Slowly. And their animations look like they're flailing around in pain while it happens. Sometimes they'll even whimper in fear just before they vanish.
  • The final boss music has to be some of the most disturbing final boss music ever heard in a Mario game, and certainly the most terrifying.
  • Getting the worst possible rank in the game treats you to this lovely tune.
    The haunted mansion disappeared without a trace...
  • Pressing A at any time when not near an object will have Luigi call out for Mario. This is pointless and serves no real purpose, but as his HP drops, his cries get increasingly desperate and terrified. When you're down to 30 HP or less, Luigi will either say "Mario" in a bone-chillingly frightened whimper, or scream Mario's name in an absolutely horrified voice. These cries can either be humorous or downright terrifying. Especially the ones when he's about to die.
  • King Boo's monologue at the end of the game conveys his utter hatred towards Luigi. What's worse, he remains completely calm, until he turns to Luigi... or since it's in a temporary First-Person Perspective for the entire monologue... turns towards you.
  • A good example of fridge horror is the Mansion's many attempts to stamp Luigi out or otherwise show that it's alive. Candles re-light themselves in hallways after Luigi puts them out, trap doors slam him into the wall violently, and one room even leads into an impossible mockup of the night sky. All of these support E-Gadd's statement that the mansion is in fact a malevolent entity, and it's out for Luigi's blood.

Meta Horror:

  • The fanbase for this game often adopts the horror aspect of Luigi's Mansion leading to all sorts of Meta-Nightmare fuel, the most potent variety there is, such as this video. Viewer beware, this video enters the realm of fan creations and is not subject to the same ESRB or regional equivalent rating as the source material.


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