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Headscratchers / Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

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  • Wait, how exactly is Gordovan still rubble after a year passes between Maxim and Selan since said town/city's destruction? Gameplay and Story Segregation aside, even if the place wasn't completely built up in that timeframe there should've been signs of rebuilding like half-built houses and rubble cleanup. But despite this the town remains in its ruined state exactly as it was. It wasn't abandoned either since the townsfolk are still there.
    • Lufia: The Legend Returns may provide an explanation. In that game, several locations are destroyed, courtesy of Gades. A series of sidequests involves a carpenter that can rebuild houses, and later on even an entire town, using only a few specific types of wood. Unless you go out of your way to bring him the materials, they will stay that way throughout the entire game. One could assume that there just aren't any carpenters with access to such resources who are brave enough to travel all the way to Gordovan, in fear of being killed on the way there, especially with the Sinistrals running amok. Although why no carpenters join forces with Maxim and friends in order to at least attempt fixing Gordovan is a headscratcher in and of itself.

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