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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Boos on their own are basically harmless.
  • Besides the things they're seen doing on behalf of King Boo, we have yet to see a single Boo in the Luigi's Mansion series do anything remotely hostile. Boos for the most part seem to be lazy hovering jerks who'd rather hang around and scare people most of the time rather than cause any real dangerous trouble. King Boo just happens to be a psychotic lunatic among them who either convinces or scares them into obedience. Really, everything they do can be explained by either room for personal gain, satisfying a grudge, or fear/loyalty regarding King Boo.

Boos are cursed.
  • At some point, Boos became cursed. No matter how good their plan is, if it's evil, they have to leave a way for someone to defeat them. It's a compulsion they can't resist. Now King Boo being the smartest among them may be able to obscure his weaknesses, but at the end of the day, he still always seems to lose by his own hand.

There will be a Japanese or Eastern based mansion...

... with samurai and ninja ghosts, as well as ghosts based on Japanese Mythology. It will also parody Japanese horror movies and games!


Release Date

It will be released on February 2nd (or 22nd) to reiterate Luigi's status as second banana.

  • Jossed.
  • Actually, since it got delayed, you might be onto something.
    • Jossed again. The official North American release date has been given as March 24, 2013.

Who's the girl next door, living in the haunted mansion?
Ashley of course.This troper would be honestly surprised if there isn't atleast a cameo of Ashley, given the "Multi Mansion" setup and the like giving a easy way to do so.
  • Oh, great, thanks. Now I can't get that ERFing song outta my head.
  • I don't think this is likely, but I certainly hope so...
    • Jossed. Unfortunate, but ultimately expected since Ashley only ever appears in the WarioWare franchise.

King Boo's crown will be worth two gold coins in this game as opposed to one.
  • Jossed. In this game, it's absolutely worthless!

At least one pre-final mansion will feature Luigi finding an imprisoned Toad
Who will, naturally, say "I'm sorry Luigi! But your brother is in another mansion!"
  • Sadly Jossed. A shame too, it feels like a missed opportunity...
  • Still, the first Toad that he rescues hugs him and says "you're my hero!" Seems Luigi is getting some respect for a change.

The mansion from the first game will appear as either the final mission or as a bonus mission
  • Jossed. Sorry, mate!

King Boo destroys the Dark Moon
  • Well come on, that seems to be what the magazine scans and pictures show, and his crown looks awfully like a Dark Moon piece... And what better way to build a ghost army than to turn every ghost in the world evil?
    • Confirmed by the story intro.
      • His crown isn't a Dark Moon piece though... In fact, it's never explained what it is, much less where he got it.

The Dark Moon is not a Restraining Bolt
  • It's instead the sentience of every ghost in Evershade Valley collected into one big artifact, which is why the ghosts get so violent when it's destroyed.
    • Alternative theory, rather than restraining the ghosts or being the source of their sentience it acts as a sort of balance keeping ghosts stable by spreading negative treats or tendencies around to everyone (ghosts). For example, the Greenies without the moon are very mischievous but not hostile in of themselves and the slammers are somewhat volatile, violently so. By spreading negative qualities out to the whole group and adding a bit of everyone else's positive qualities, the whole group becomes more manageable which benefits the whole lot of them. The Greenies' mischief is more docile, the slammers become less violent and less destruction occurs to their mansion homes on the whole.
    • This would explain Professor E. Gadd's confusion at the three sisters suddenly becoming violent, considering what he says about the Dark Moon. If it was a Restraining Bolt, then E. Gadd would most likely have noticed the sisters were at least a little bit eccentric before they ended up in Evershade Valley, and if they weren't like that before, then why would it turn them evil unless your theory was correct?

Totaka's Song is hidden somewhere in the game
  • Despite Totaka not having worked on the project, it was included as an homage to him.
    • Where is it then?
    • Toraka did work on the game, as E. Gadd's voice actor.

E. Gadd's bunker and all his fancy new equipment was funded partially by a portion of Luigi's treasure horde from the first mansion and partially by finances generated by Starbeans Cafe.
  • The former to explain why Luigi's got a Rank D mansion—he gave a portion of his treasure to Gadd as a thank you—and the latter because why not.
    • The Starbeans part, at least, is confirmed. During the "Bowser's Minions" sidequest portion of Superstar Saga's remake, E. Gadd outright tells Captain Goomba that he created the Starbeans franchise as secondary funding for his ghost research.

It was the owner of the Enigmansion that bought the King Boo portrait from E. Gadd.
  • The Enigmansion owner then hung the portrait up at his skii lift as a decoration and left it alone from there. Finally away form the professor, King Boo took this moment to escape his portrait and trap the mansion owner at his work desk, while his guard was down, in it. He remained trapped in that canvas until Mario and Kersti came along and paperized him out, and the sneak attack allowed King Boo's involvement to remain a secret. King Boo also sicced his 50 Boos from the original Luigi's Mansion and 50 others (totaling 100) on the Enigmansion itself (without showing his face, again to keep his return a secret for the time being). Gadd eventually came along to find the Enigmansion in its current state and created the Book of Sealing based on the principals of the Portrificationizer, trapping the Boos inside it (where, of course, they remained until Kamek came along) but remaining blissfully ignorant to King Boo's involvement until he revealed himself during the Dark Moon fiasco.

Is it me..
Or does Polterpup look more like a Boo than a regular ghost? Then there's the fact that he causes you more trouble than any other ghost bar King Boo...
  • Well, it also helps you a lot too... The thing with the Bones, you know?
  • Also, I can't think of any boos that are transparent, which would make the Polterpup a very unique Boo even considering him being a dog.

There is an independent, unspoken horror story behind the Haunted Towers
While exploring the Haunted Towers, one can see several things:
  • Clearly, the original owners enjoyed gardening (that goes without saying really). There are plants everywhere, and laboratories set up to experiment with new types of plants.
  • The owners had at least one daughter, based on the rumpus room and the traditionally-feminine toys and decor therein.
  • There was a live-in gardener who likely was there solely to assist with the upkeep of the vast number of plants.
  • The gardener had a secret laboratory beneath the house.
  • Said laboratory is connected to a tunnel which leads to a dug-out room beneath the house's graveyard with a pair of coffins surrounded by lit candles, which re-light themselves when extinguished.
It is worth noting that the labs on the above-ground floors contain only harmless plants - the man-eating plants and dangling smashy-flowers seen around the mansion at various times are not initially found in the labs. However, both of those plants are found in glass chambers in the gardener's lab. This might tell a story about why the Haunted Towers are abandoned:
  • The gardener, who lives at the farthest possible part of the house from the family, became resentful of his/her employers and the happy family they had. At the same time, he/she had a passion for plants and plant experimentation that he/she felt was going unnoticed.
  • The gardener built their underground lab to prove their mettle at plant-breeding. Being a little... unstable, their experiments were rather out of the ordinary.
  • Eventually the gardener created his/her two favorite specimens: a man-sized fly-trap and a ceiling-growing flower capable of smashing things which passed beneath it. What the gardener's plans were for these plants is unclear - either to exact revenge upon the family for making him/her feel so alone in the world or simply to prove to the world at large that they have skills apart from tending to their employers' plants.
  • The coffin-room may or may not have been involved - perhaps the gardener exhumed deceased members of their own family with the intention of reviving them? Either as zombies or through their plants? It is possible that the spirits of those within the coffins now inhabit the plants seen in the gardener's lab.
  • The owners of the towers got wind of this eventually, and, fearing for their lives, they grabbed their daughter and left the house for good.
  • It's unclear what happened to the gardener after this, but it might be safe to say there was a mortal accident with one of his/her experiments at some point, especially given that there are untouched note papers and other equipment still in the lab - not items that would likely be left behind if the gardener wanted to take their creations elsewhere to demonstrate them to the world.
  • The plants, now unattended, have spread throughout the mansion, thus appearing in other rooms. It is possible that they released spores into the air which then spread throughout Evershade Valley, thus leading to their appearance in the Treacherous Mansion.
    • It's pretty well established in the game that the Three Sisters you fight as a Mini-Boss were the owners of the Haunted Towers when they were still alive.

The haunting of Evershade Valley is entirely the fault of the owner of the Treacherous Mansion
  • The gold banana-shaped thing on the rear balcony of the Treacherous Mansion is shown to be a base for a portal between the Mushroom Kingdom and the ghost dimension in one of the game's final missions. The owner of the Treacherous Mansion, being a globetrotting collector of just about anything, brought this thing home without knowing what it was and had it affixed to his balcony, inadvertently providing the ghosts with a portal into the valley, which, given the presence of such horror cliches as a house with a graveyard in the backyard and a factory built over an ancient tomb, was the perfect haunting ground.
    • Hmmm... Is it possible that this collector, upon seeing what he'd brought upon the valley, researched extensively into the paranormal to either locate or create the Dark Moon so as to pacify the spirits he'd inadvertently drawn in?

What happened to Luigi's original mansion?
  • At the end of the first game, Luigi builds a new mansion in place of the haunted one with the money he's collected. Yet when we see him again, he's living in an ordinary house. This means that either one of the worse endings is canon (Mansion D is used as the model for Luigi's house) or Luigi never wanted a mansion to begin with, so he donated most of his riches to charitable causes and built himself a modest dwelling with what was left over.
    • Semi-Jossed: Which mansion Luigi got after the original game actually depends on the writer - This game portrays his Mansion as the one he got within the D rank, but the A rank mansion actually appears in one of the Mario Kart games.

There was an Eldritch Abomination underneath Evershade Valley.
  • No, think about it. There are two mansions, what looks like a hotel mixed with a greenhouse, a mine and an old clocktower. It probably used to be a large town of some kind until something woke up and sent everybody mad. They started killing each other, which explains all the ghosts, and that left all the various locations empty of human life.

The Dual Scream introduced in this game and the handheld Professor E. Gadd uses in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time are one and the same.
  • They both appear to be based upon the original Nintendo DS model, and hints in the prologue imply the events of this game predates Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saganote  due to the professor mentioning that he hadn't seen Luigi in a long while. Therefore, it's not much of a stretch to think that these two are the exact same devices.
  • The game takes places after Partners in time, the final boss references Baby Luigi before the fight.

(Continuing an above WMG,) King Boo was the original owner of Treacherous Mansion when he was still alive.
It is possible that he was a regular person who became a globetrotting adventurer and collected multiple artifacts and mementos. One day he brought home something that was cursed, so after he died (possibly he was murdered by someone who wanted his wealth?) he became King Boo. Also, the mansion is certainly old enough for a couple centuries to pass at least, and the "strongest paranormal readings ever recorded" would make much more sense if that's where King Boo LIVES (well, exists).

King Boo's crown is a sentient Artifact of Doom.
Besides getting out of the painting he was inside of in the first game, all of his...remarkable actions were after he (re?)achieved his glowing crown. It's relatively easy to assume that the crown is sentient and was manipulating King Boo to become an Omnicidal Maniac just to spite Luigi, ala Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  • Original poster: According to King Boo's clear Sanity Slippage in Luigi's Mansion 3, the sentient crown is slowly shifting from merely taking control of King Boo to driving him to the path of becoming a frothing, feral lunatic. Not to mention, the crown's gem in the first game was red as opposed to the sequels where it was purple: meaning that some unknown evil had seeped its way into the crown between the first and second games, and thus King Boo never knew until he put it on. And since he lost the gem again in this game and is seen with it again in the third game, it could even be assumed that King Boo is addicted to the crown and hasn't realized it.

Luigi subconsciously sensed King Boo spying on him in the pixel stream.
That's why he kept cowering every single time the Pixelator was used and shivering anxiously when rematerializing. Well, that and probably all the talk of "largely untested" and "hope all your pixels make it back".

King Boo is aware of the other side of the this world, and I don't mean the after life.
Knowing that someone is controlling Luigi, King Boo decided to have a little fun messing with the player, that's how he and the Ghosts know what to steal, damage and sabotage anything the player needs to do. This also explains how he manages to pulls a Trick Boss on E-4 (making E-4 look like the end world boss instead of a normal mission like it actually is).

Evershade Valley is some kind of purgatory and the ghosts represent the people inside said purgatory
This WMG is pretty simple. Basically all the ghosts in the valley had some kind of sin in their regular lives and this carries into their ghost forms, while the Dark Moon prevents it from appearing in the personality of the ghost.

  • Greenies were people who were weak but used false strength, in reference to Greenies often equipping weapons instead of just using bare fists.
  • Slammers were pretty much textbook bullies, strong, mean, and generally somebody you would never want to get into a fight with. This is in reference to them being the strongest of the early ghosts and their mean-spirited personality without the Dark Moon.
  • Hiders were antisocial, anonymous and tried to prevent anybody knowing about them, in reference to their behaviour in-game, trying to hide from Luigi.
  • Sneakers had a tendency to pull cruel pranks that crossed the line, in reference to them jumpscaring Luigi in-game.
  • Creepers had no respect for personal space whatsoever, in reference to them trapping Luigi in-game
  • Gobbers were, as you'd expect, very greedy people in life, because of them being fat in-game.

Redoing missions is possible in-universe thanks to time travel.
The remake of Luigi's Mansion proves that E. Gadd can Pixelate things across time, as he does so with Gooigi. Therefore, when you select a completed mission, he's sending Luigi back in time to when the mission took place. He even addresses the fact that the Tough Possessor battle was a do-over after the fact when you redo that one.

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