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Dare you take a look into dark unexplored depths of my mind? You Have Been Warned

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    Let's do some science 
  • In Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi novel Rendezvous with Rama the Centrifugal Gravity shouldn't work the way it does. There is really no such thing as centrifugal force - only inertia. Nothing wants to change its trajectory so it is constantly pushing on the inner side of the wall which in return is pushing the thing towards the center.
    • So unless you're in physical contact with the spinning object you shouldn't be subjected to pseudo-gravity regardless of your position. You (or any other object) could literally hover an inch "over" the surface and it would "run" beneath you as long as you wouldn't touch the "ground" or collide with some obstacle sticking out of it. Of course there's some atmosphere inside Rama and since it's affected by its rotation, the drift should eventually push you towards the surface.
    • Still James Pak wouldn't have to care too much about his altitude when flying the Dragonfly to Rama's "south pole". Sure he'll have to mind the air current but that should be quite low around the center. Actually the atmosferic pressure should be rather low there too, since most of the air is "being pushed" to the ground by its momentum/inertia. Which would have made breathing more of an issue than the risk of losing altitude and crashing.
  • In Portal 2 remember how you shoot the Moon, you see a twinkle and then the portal opens? This is wrong. Assuming the connection between portals is faster than light the pathway should open 1 second before you see the twinkle since the light is travelling in normal space. Or is it an incredibly slow portal?
    • Let's just go over this one step at a time. Assuming the ASHPD "projectile" moves at the speed of light:
      • t=0 you shoot the gun.
      • t=1 the projectile hits the Moon, portals are connected and the flash of light begins traveling back.
      • t=2 the flash of light reaches Earth surfacenote .
    • See how it works?
    • Also regarding the following events - Wheatley and the Space Core are sucked through the portal into outer space and after the credits finish rolling we see both aforementioned spheres happily orbiting each other. Except weren't they launched from the Moon?
      • Even though Moon's gravity is only one sixth of Earth's it is still a force to be accounted with. The push of the escaping atmosphere simply wouldn't give the cores enough momentum to even reach Moon orbit. Its gravity would promptly turn them back and probably with enough speed that they would smash against the surface. Sorry Wheatley but you should be dead now ... not that you were really alive in the first place.
  • Isn't it funny how in Strategy Games (especially real time ones) viewed from above you hear the sounds of your units exactly the moment they perform the respective actions? Have you ever considered that you're watching them from at least several hundred meters above? Now bear in mind that the sound also travels at a finite velocity - a very finite one (it varies with the conductor/environment but there aren't much strategies taking place underwater). In common Earthly air it's about 334 meters per second. So as long as you're floating at least 100 meters above ground you should certainly notice at least slight delay between seeing your tank fire its gun and actually hearing its noise, don't you agree?
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    What I expected/got 
Sorted in roughly alphabetical order:

  • What I saw: Long Riders! anime
  • What I expected: Girls riding bikes. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • What I played: The Sandmannote 
  • What I expected: Something at least a bit scary.
  • What I got: Nothing Is Scarier turned into comedic fairy tale.

  • What I saw: Soul Eater
  • What I expected: A bunch of Ax-Crazy teens slaughtering each other for the lulz.
  • Wha I got: BAKAME!

    Favorite Tropes 
Sorted alphabetically, YMMV and Trivia included.
    Tropes I absolutely hate 
I don't like posting this but these tropes just grind my gears too much.
  • Apocalypse Maiden - while it certainly does add drama to the plot, I'm not a fan of the "Law of Inverse Lethal Magnitude". In other words, this trope is an insult to all truly destructive forces which actually kind of earned their status.
  • Because Destiny Says So - I know that some things cannot be affected by free will and the universe is steered by far greater forces, but insisting on some specific outcome of events is just plain dogmatic crap. I rather prefer the universe being a total chaos.