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Twilight, A Grim Tango and Raiders of the Lost Ruins) are video game and/or movie titles.
  • Finally, Chapter 12 is titled At the Mountains of Madness, already foreshadowing the Lovecraftian chapters to follow in the The Stars are Left DLC.
  • The King who, in a conversation with a soldier right next to a pit says "Madness?!?... Well, yes, now that you mention it, I suppose you're right..." Though you can throw the soldier into the pit yourself. (For an aptly named achievement: "This is Magicka!")
  • A knife of Counter-Striking which makes you run incredibly fast.
  • The achievement for killing 20 enemies with one spell or Magick (harder than it sounds), is appropriately named "MU-MU-MU-MULTIKILL!".
  • The achievement for winning 20 matches in a row is called "Nothing but a man, who can never fail"
  • The Yeti from SkiFree didn't forget you; it just patiently waited until you decided to play Magicka.
    • Fittingly, the first time you encounter a yeti (or "Snow Troll") is at the beginning of the snow chapter. You see a soldier skiing down a snowy mountain, jumping off a rainbow-colored ramp shortly before the yeti devours him. Also, while the other trolls are very slow and the Cave Troll's instant death attack takes a long time, the Snow Troll is really fast and it devours your wizard in less than a second.
  • "Remember: The safety word is banana!"
  • The Vietnam expansion DLC added even more.
  • The DLC Challenge map, Marshlands, boasts the following description: Left for dead, your party must fight to survive the unrelenting hordes of the undead and all their friends."
  • The entire Final Frontier DLC is an obvious reference to the Star Trek series. Even the new robe is based on the Star Fleet uniform.
  • The chests in versus mode walk around on hundreds of little legs and try to eat you
  • The live-action trailer for the new Player versus Player mode is a straight shout out to the "nicknames" scene from Reservoir Dogs.
  • The fifth boss, an Orcish warlord, is named Khan. The developers admit in the commentary that the sole reason for this was so the king could do a KHAAAAAAAAAN! scream.
  • The broken hourglass from the front cover of Braid can be seen in Chapter 10.
  • In Chapter 2, there's a house that if you knock on, a person inside will say "Go away! I'm... not dressed properly!".
  • The Mace of the Molten Core's name is a nod to World of Warcraft. The Epic Wizard could refer to any of the end-game raids.
  • The map at the start of Chapter five has an island named The Lonely Island and there's a boat right next to it.
  • There is an achievement for pushing someone off a cliff called Wingardium Leviosa
  • The Gamer Robes DLC pack added three new robes: a zombie with a parasite on his head wielding a crowbar, an epic equipment set, and a purple tentacle monster.
    • Didn't recognized where came the three sets from the Mega Villain Robes? It's three of the most famous Robot Masters, Iceman, Fireman, and Elecman.
  • The free community update added a space marine armor set and a cyber robes set.
    • Other robes include the "Reddit Robe", whose staff is topped with the Reddit mascot's antenna and wields and a "Votal Sword" (shaped like an Upvote arrow), the "Which Dr." robe, who wields a "Sonic Tuning Fork" and wears a fez, and the "Epic Sax Robe", presumably named after Epic Sax Guy.
  • There's a skeleton wearing brown shorts and a teal shirt lying on the floor of a tomb. Upon examining it, you're told that it "seems she was raiding this tomb".
    • The developer commentary / Let's Play elaborates that this reference was meant to go even further by having "milk jugs" on the floor as well.
  • James Bond gets an obvious reference in Chapter 4, both in dialog and in the way the boss decides to kill the king using a ridiculous contraption.
  • Chapter 3 gives us a twofer in the form of a stone circle with some druids and the corpse of a knight in blue. When engaged in combat, the druids shout "Shrubbery!" and "Ni!". The description for the knight says that he looks like he's had a really hard day. The sheer amount of blood and gore in the game is very much reminiscent of Moonstone as well.
  • The bosses of Chapter 8, the goblin ruling body, are referred to as The Aristocrats. The achievement for defeating them is called "More like The Aristocats".
  • One shout out doubles as a Stealth Pun - at one point you encounter a goblin archer wearing a green shirt and a hat straight out of the Errol Flynn film, making him of course Goblin Hood.
  • One of the bosses is introduced as Fafnir, the Burninator.
  • If you go into "cover mode" in the Vietnam game mode, you start to regenerate health.
  • Gram (of Gram's Workshop) quotes lyrics to the Iron Maiden song 'Run To The Hills' when the goblins come. "RUN TO THE HILLS! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!"
  • You have the checkpoint fairy following you around, constantly interrupting with "Hey! Listen!"
  • In the area where you pick up the Nullify spell, the goblin shaman shouts Kah-lee-mah!
  • The Steam achievement "Ice Age" mentions in its description that "It's what killed the dinosaurs."
  • When the troll breaks through the encampment gate near the start and the captain yells "Vid Balder's Balle!" ("By the ball of Balder!" - and yes, it's the genital kind of ball), it's a shoutout to the Swedish viking sitcom Hem Till Midgård.
  • The first boss of "The Stars are Left" is a giant spider. It's name? Parker.
  • "The Stars are Left" has the Enderman from Minecraft, another Swedish game. And it's a much deadlier foe here, as it can teleport to you and pull a One-Hit Kill!
  • The Wurstmacher in Dungeons and Demons DLC is a pretty obvious one to the Butcher from the Diablo series.

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